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Welbz is dat guy

Danny+Welbeck+Norwich+City+v+Manchester+United+Dk5Mz2g9vE8lThere’s something rather wonderful about a local boy from Longsight becoming the saviour of Manchester United, even if the circumstances by which his importance emerges are less than agreeable.

Following Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, this season has felt like one long wait for some transformative individual to spark off a grand revival under David Moyes. In the summer, it seemed as though such a player would arrive from the transfer market as talk of Cesc Fabregas and Ander Herrera swirled about the gossip columns.

Later, it was the turn of a rejuvenated Wayne Rooney and newly emerged Adnan Januzaj to take on the role of potential messiahs. Come January, Juan Mata stepped out of a helicopter and onto the pedestal of being hailed as the playmaker who would singlehandedly reinspire the team back to their title-challenging best.

Yet the all-star quartet of Rooney, Januzja and Mata, completed by last year’s catalyst Robin van Persie, is yet to deliver on the hype that preceded its assembly. Rather than clawing back United’s season and lost prestige, they have been found wanting as a collective, their impotency brutally exposed in Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Old Trafford.

But if these celebrated names aren’t answers to United’s attacking dilemma, who is?

It seems strange, given the presence of Rooney and van Persie, to suggest that this foursome lack a striker, yet that is precisely what was missing against Martin Skrtel & Co. For all the fluidity in the attacking third—players dropping deep, switching sides and roaming into the centre—there was surprisingly little movement going forward to actually challenge Liverpool’s defenders. No one was making the necessary runs for Mata and others to feed.

Substituted on for van Persie in the previous game against West Bromwich Albion, Danny Welbeck added some much needed pace and selflessness off-the-ball to stretch the defence at the Hawthorns. Perhaps Moyes had hoped his first choice Dutch striker might have observed his replacement’s impact, working the channels and providing an outlet on the shoulder of his markers?

Any such observations must have passed by van Persie, who continued to play more like a creator than a finisher against Liverpool, much like Rooney. And Januzaj. And Mata. With so many parallels being made between United’s current plight and Liverpool’s fall from grace (and perch), it’s tempting to suggest that the on-field comparisons are being made with the wrong club. Given the number of players wanting to play playmaker and add another pass rather than go direct for goal, it could be said that United’s attack has contracted Arsenal-it is; a strain of the North Londoners at their dithering worst.

Of course, the counter-argument for Welbeck as the remedy to this malaise is that for a centre forward he doesn’t score enough, and that remains a fair criticism even with his improved strike rate this season. For all the pain it may cause, it’s worth looking again at the chief antagonists of United’s demise on Sunday for an unlikely source of hope: Daniel Sturridge.

Underplayed at Manchester City and under loved at Chelsea, he has flourished having been given the platform at Liverpool. Similarly, it may be time to throw Welbeck into a more regular role as soon as possible, if only to ensure he is a sharper finisher for next season and the seasons ahead. For while his finishing needs improvement, he is already a supremely intelligent footballer for his age, with a wonderfully imaginative style to his game. If he can add a solid scoring record to his abilities, he’ll once again come to overshadow his Anfield-based international teammate.

Yet Welbeck’s value will always lie in more than just finding the back of the net. He has always worked hard, chasing down defenders and pressing from the front, not least in the two-legged Champions League tie against Real Madrid last season. It’s become cliché to label the less heralded products of United’s academy for their “big game” mentalities, it was always an indelible hallmark of almost every Ferguson-era graduate, Welbeck included.

Around a decade prior to those clashes against Madrid, Sir Alex told a post-match press conference that he thought Raul was the best in the world after the Spaniard helped his side to a 3-1 home win. That team alone featured the likes of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane but Ferugson wasn’t mistaken. Welbeck may never reach a similar calibre to Madrid’s legendary striker but he can replicate his importance to anothr star-studded line-up.

Throwing him on after 75 minutes of indecision against Liverpool wasn’t enough. In the land of the No. 10’s, a No. 9 is king, and to borrow a phrase from a former red: Welbz is dat guy.



  1. UnitedFaithful says:

    I am closer to the edge on Moyes but I get a little frustrated when everything he says gets over analysed and ultimately gets turned into a completely negative aspect which becomes a stick to beat his personality with,he is no Sir Alex or Mourinho,I can take divergent opinions about how he hasn’t proved himself worthy of a United manager.But when he is castigated for the type of wording he uses that really spawns a personal vendetta against him.

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Anomander, well today Moyes talked about tomorrow’s game and said “if we can get past them, it’d be a massive lift for us” it’s a big “if” David, and he obviously thinks so as well. He also said “I’ve got ideas to put in place when the time is right” the time has been and gone this season ufortunately for us. Obvipusly the time wasn’t right.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Moyes CL Presser:

    This is the biggest club in the world. It might not feel like it today, but it is. And it will rise again,’ Moyes said, addressing the media at the pre-match press conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League second-leg tie against Olympiacos,
    ‘My future has not changed one bit. I have a great job, I know the direction we want to go in. It’s not been the season we want but I have ideas to put in place when the time is right.
    ‘The biggest assurance is that they (the club) let me get on with the job, we are making big plans, I have a six year contract. This is not a club that works on a short-term vision, the club works on a long-term basis.’

  4. Gary Mitrovic says:

    It’s because I’m tired of his timid, dull post and pre match interviews in which he sounds and look completely helpless.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Anomader – well if your point is resting januzaj then start kagawa or even welbeck. United dreadful performances this season have come with valencia and young in the side, I think there’s 5% chance united may have played well with him starting, that’s as high as I would go added with the fact if he was in the side, united would have relied even more on the cave man tactics of just crossing the ball aimlessly. Putting all these aside, the issue really the players, the problem stems from the top and that’s the manager lacking ideas as to how best to get the best out of his top players.

  6. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United, hate Moyes..? The #MoyesOut movement is growing. If you think that the club deserve better management and better coaching staff to get us out of the mess Moyes has put us in then please SIGN this petition and SHARE IT with everyone you can

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Of course every word that comes out of moyes will be analysed.. He is at manchester united, his every word will be scrutinised and rip apart.. Too often this season, he has come out with limp dull excuses, no coherent explanation as to how he plans to turn it around and on the pitch, that clear failure has shown.. If moyes did not want the pressure, he should not have accepted the job.

  8. Fletch™ says:

    I posted this last night, but it didn’t get much of a response.

    Maybe cut Rafael a bit of slack, he was a bright spot at times after the handball.

    Congratulations to Rafael and Karla da Silva on the birth of their latest.

  9. Fletch™ says:

    Another top read from yesterday.

    Andy Mitten:

    “Match-going ManUtd fans have praised for their support..after 20yrs of winning everything least can do is give bit back”

    “United will remain, by a distance, the best-supported team in Britain next season.”

  10. UnitedFaithful says:

    Not every word he uses has to be used against him to determine whether he is Manchester United quality or not.If the press wants to leap on to his every word then let them,United were never media darlings but from a supporters point of view I don’t think what he says determines whether he is cut out for the job,this is not a PR contest at the end of the day he will be judged on results.

  11. Gary Mitrovic says:

    United are not media darlings? Who exactly are the media darlings in this country then? Every single big club is scrutinised when the tough get’s going. The treatments of Moyes has been very soft when you consider what other managers had to put up with.

  12. Fletch™ says:

    Gary, too right mate. United are a corporate entity that moves at the pace of a 3 toed sloth on steroids ;)

    Some perspective:
    Busby finished 11th in his final season he after winning the European Cup the season before with the same team.
    Best, Charlton, Law, all there.

    Ferguson inherited a team that finished 4th previous season – and he finished 11th. Robson, Strachan, Whiteside in that side.

    My personal view is that Moyes will be given time.
    Ofcourse I have views on who the successor might be if it came to that. But don’t think it has.

  13. UnitedFaithful says:


    I said United not Moyes.If you think the success that United have had in the past 20 years have made the media pro United then I do not know what to say.Wouldn’t be illogical to say most of the English press always hoped for a United downfall.There is a reason why Fergie tried to foster a We vs Them mentality.

  14. mjcRED says:

    There is clearly the danger, given how the season has gone, that over analysis of every word uttered by Moyes is happening. That is just the world and the level of hype and profile that the club and manager of United demands.
    A fair portion of this has tipped over into the personal and has been unfair. At the same time comparisons between Moyes’ words and his manner/demeanour has mirrored the dreary, uninspiring performances on the pitch. This is what most of is have picked up on since day one. If he isn’t inspiring the fans from the relatively few occasions we are hearing his words, it makes you wonder what on earth he is saying and is coming across to the players.

    It is isn’t a personality contest but one of his main requirements is to inspire. So far we’ve seen scant evidence of this. The guy quite simply comes across as being dull and lacking in ideas. It becomes a problem because you cannot tell me, should by some miracle that Moyes is still at the club next season, that a possible targeted player doesn’t take this into account, combined with style and manner of our performances this season before he decides on whether or not to join us. With the highly unlikely prospect of no worthwhile European football next term, we’re going to need all the razzmatazz we can get to lure players to join us. I reckon there’s a greater chance of getting gary glitter to host apple bobbing at a kids party. Just my thoughts.

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Unitedfaitful, absolute nonsense. This is when football supporters annoy me with this mentality that they’re hard done by compared to the rest. United are a media favourite along with the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal and co whether you admit it or not. Countless documentaries and so on are done about us. We’re England’s glamour club and that’s where a lot of the resentment came from regarding the scousers because even during their dominance we were still refered to as England’s most famous club. Yea the media give us shit as well, but that’s no difference to what the glamour clubs of Spain and Italy get in their respective countries.

  16. UnitedFaithful says:


    Don’t know I feel there are more friends than enemies in the Media,And that Siege Mentality is exactly what the players need right now to lift themselves up from this situation.

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Every top manager installs that “us against them” mentality, they all bloody do it. That’s human nature in general and not unique to us. Humans generally are envious and enjoy seeing any industry or institution that is hugely successful collapse in certain cases. It’s always been like that in any walk of life and always will be. I expected a decline to some degree after the departure of Fergie, but I thought it would be slow rather than instant. I guess I was wrong.

  18. tallestreD says:

    One thing a person can deduce from this blog is everyone has his favourite players, that can possibly do no wrong. Samuel falls in this bracket as he just calls some players out and then calls the Manager incompetent and also leaves Rooney of any blame. Evra has said it well, “we win and lose together”.

  19. The_red_devils says:

    they are soft on moyes not united, may be some want a british manager get succcess at top level and may be some are enjoying our decline under moyes, they want it to continue, so they are soft on him.

  20. tallestreD says:


    I don’t understand you, why can’t talent be bought? And then again quality and talent doesn’t mean they are “twinkle toed”.

  21. midfield-man says:

    @fletch “Of course I have views on who the successor might be if it came to that. But don’t think it has.”

    So you’re saying that Moyes should be here next season?

  22. UnitedFaithful says:

    How many United players were branded “not good enough” by the media,Look at De Gea,Chicharito and even Ronnie at one point was called a one trick pony.

  23. Gary Mitrovic says:

    The press and media lay into any player they want and the club doesn’t make a difference. You could give examples of any player at any team. Demicheles is getting enough stick fom every quarter this season so does this mean the media have an agenda against City as a club? I personally don’t remember anyone having a go at Hernandez? Maybe a minority because I never really heard that. The same for Ronaldo, people often talked about his end product but I don’t remember people denying his talents. The media were much the same with Hazard last season when talking about his end product, everyone knew he would get better and better. De Gea was targeted yes, but he really showed a lot of metal considering his age and foreign surroundings.

  24. shaan says:

    relax guys. I think we r panicking without any reason.
    mr. genius said that he has a plan and is waiting for the right time. let’s all wait for that right time.

  25. UnitedFaithful says:

    Alright mate we”ll just agree to disagree on this one,but even you have to admit that the 90 percent rumors surrounding the club are false and have no credibility,remember the Zaha rumor,it was the most despicable thing I’ve ever heard and RVP’s being unhappy with Moyes and also the Manager ignoring his tailor made training regime.Now they are pitching in with a Moyes Giggs bust up.Brilliant.

  26. Gary Mitrovic says:

    UnitedFaithful, yea true lies are always instigated by the media, but again it’s not unique to just us. They get their claws into anyone and everyone who is famous because it sells papers. Anyway we’ll agree to disagree like you say. We have more pressing issues at the club anyway. I can’t say I’m looking forward to tomorrow to be honest with you. We’ll win on the night, but it won’t be enough is my prediction.

  27. UnitedFaithful says:

    Ye like you said this season hasn’t left a lot for optimism,but I am in a positive mood for tomorrow,with the right attacking players and with a plan B I believe we can give the greeks a clobbering.Hope Nani can make the bench we have missed his unpredictability and he can also give Moyes a different approach to what we are used to seeing,I can’t imagine United without wingers,floating players are fine but a flying winger always does the trick for me.

  28. UnitedFaithful says:

    Ye like you said this season hasn’t left a lot for optimism,but I am in a positive mood for tomorrow,with the right attacking players and with a plan B I believe we can give the greeks a clobbering.Hope Nani can make the bench we have missed his unpredictability and he can also give Moyes a different approach to what we are used to seeing,I can’t imagine United without wingers,floating players are fine but fast wingplay always does the trick for me.

  29. UnitedFaithful says:

    Apologies for the double post.I always make a point of reading the entire post before posting,

  30. adam leszczak says:

    Me as well. Tomorrow is the only game that matters this season. Can the squad we have come out 3:0 against Olimpiakos? Certainly. We’ve played absolute shite so far and had abysmal leadership, but for some reason I’m positive for tomorrow night as well.

  31. UnitedFaithful says:

    Don’t think Olympiakos will have that much of an ambition to attack us in our own turf,they’ll probably sit back and try to hit us on the counter,in case our usual approach of slow build ups don’t work a fast winger like Nani could well open up their defense.

  32. adam leszczak says:

    I would love to see Nani start tomorrow and be subbed if need be vs coming on late.

  33. adam leszczak says:

    We need to be encouraged to take lots if shots from distance tomorrow, the box will be packed and we have players that can put them away from distance, but we haven’t seen much of that at all this season.

  34. adam leszczak says:

    I’d like to see Nani Kagawa Wellbeck With Rooney on top tomorrow to start with.

  35. Marko Maric says:

    When a one of the best players, in the one of the best clubs in the world, say something like this: “”I’m not telling you we’re going to qualify, but I can promise you we’re all going to fight and respect the shirt and make sure all the fans will be really proud of us after the game.” And you play against Olimpiakos…then you know that you have bad manager. I mean, first thing that manager need to give to plqyers is SELFCONFIDENCE, it s all about head!

    Gerrard said today that Brendan knew what he was doing, players could see that. You could see that he is putting puzzles in the right place. But with this claun Moyes, you see opposite. He destroyed Kagawa and now Mata. In 21st century when we know all about football, he dont know what to do with Rooney. Guy is a striker. how you can give him Mata s or Kagawas place? So why players dont wanna come to United? We destroy players. From great players we make average, and from average players we make good squad players. Period.

  36. Fletch™ says:

    I don’t really think my opinion matters a whit. It’s down to the Glazers to make the call.
    Would I pull the man at this point, given the ramifications to the club, YES.
    Do I think he could overcome the obstacles placed in front of him and build a dynasty, erm not convinced.

  37. TywinnLannister says:


    You are correct, United under Ferguson’s first season finished 11th, but correct me if I’m wrong though wasn’t Atkinson sacked because United were second or third from the bottom around November the following season?

    The squad under Atkinson never won any league though, the situation is quite different now. The backbone of our current team have been the same for the last few years, and with this we managed to win the title last year, and the season prior -minus RVP- we managed to be at the same level with City on points. My point is this squad has been working closely together, they are gelled enough to understand how to play as a team. Now, in my opinion, it should have been close to difficult if not impossible to dismantle this closeness / system / proven methodology. But somehow Moyes can do it with ease, -not by his choice I know but nonetheless I’m shocked / surprised to see how this team falls apart so easily.

  38. Mark Reid says:

    Steven Gerard has no Preimership medals and he’s never ever getting one.

  39. Marko Maric says:

    When great player lose selfconfidence, then something is very, very wrong. One manager said: “when one player, make mistake and you lose game, it about player. But when 3 or more players play bad, then it is about manager.”
    Mo won champions league with Porto. With bloody Porto! And he is shit because, he love attention. Moyes won nothing, from good makeing average and he needs time. Thanks God for capitalism and Glazers, coz they won t wait to long. This experiment is failure, and i hope we aint gonna gamble again. Moyes-next Ferguson would be nice story, but it is fairytale.

  40. Karl Young says:

    If Danny Welbeck is our only hope for a saviour we are screwed.
    The reply of “he runs a lot and puts a shift in”….Sounds a bit like James Milner.

    We’ve got Macheda and others scoring important goals on loan. Chicharito, who has the best goal to minute each of the last 4 seasons, yet we need a goal and Welbeck is our first point of call. No wonder we are playing like Everton under moyes…our supposed saviour is an everton class player

  41. Isaac inCabo says:

    This is the first time i have ever commented on this site, but been a follower of this blog for a few years now and i simply cannot understand how not one single person on this blog (full of biased experts) has failed to remember a player named Chicharito who is simply put a natural goal scorer. I dont care, about holding the ball, defensive capabilities and whatever some may say! Forwards are meant to score and will score with his a ss if given the chance. He has proved it over and over again and still so many people prefer Danny who is only an ok player. But yeah, keep telling yourselves that “Welbz is dat guy!!” Unbelievable!

    Wellbeck 130 appeareances and 29 goals. Joined 2007
    Javier Hernandez 142 appeareances 57 goals. Joined 2010


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