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Well Bred Welbz

Following on from last month’s design, Sir Alex’s XXV, Bearded Genius’ “Well Bred” is available to buy on Mancunia Merchandise with all profit from this design going to The Christie in February.

The t-shirts are available for £8.70 ($13.40) although because they have to be shipped from America, the p&p takes the overall price to around £17 for deliveries to Europe (more on p&p). The shop ships to: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan.

Buy the Well Bred t-shirt at Mancunia Merchandise.

Of course, you don’t have to buy a t-shirt to help out The Christie, so donate here.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. smartalex says:

    A genius T-shirt! Love it!

    No shirt for this poor African’s back. Come on Mancunia Merchandise, sell us a T

  2. jayrannasaurus says:

    Nice to see South Africa on the shipping list, haha!

  3. Jeet says:

    STR, any hopes of getting stuff over to India? There are over a billion of us out here and most are Reds!

  4. Pratyush says:

    Is the Middle East on the mailing list?

  5. Pratyush says:

    I mean shipping list.

  6. smartalex says:

    Sir Alex on the Hernandez and Berbatov penalties:

    “It was a very good penalty, but he takes them for Mexico so it wasn’t a problem. Dimitar thought he was going to take the first one so he took the second one and he scored too so we’re pleased with that.”

    Very pleasing indeed!

  7. sheppertonni says:

    Who let the pog out……….. woof…….. woof……..woof.

  8. sheppertonni says:


  9. CedarsDevil says:


    Interesting quote by the boss. It was strange that two different players took the penalties in the same match

  10. smartalex says:

    “There are a lot of players here who can take penalties here,” Hernandez told MUTV. “Sometimes it’s Wazza, sometimes it’s Ryan Giggs. Today it was me and Berbatov. I take them for Mexico and I’ll be ready if [United] ask me again. If they want me to shoot one, I’ll shoot.”

    Hernandez has now notched four goals in four matches against Stoke:
    “I just try to do my best and help my team with goals,” he shrugged. “I always say, the most important thing is the points. It doesn’t matter who scores. Against Stoke we did a great job against a very difficult team. It was a great night for Manchester United, with City dropping points and us winning against a very difficult team. Will it be very significant [in the title race]? Maybe not, but it was a very good night for Manchester United fans.”

    Sir Alex said:
    “I thought Javier did very well. His form’s come back. Over the last few weeks he’s been very good in training. It’s just a matter of getting the opportunities because Danny Welbeck has been playing so well.”

  11. smartalex says:

    CedarsDevil – It was unusual! Has it happened with us before?

    I think it’s great, and if we had been awarded another one, I was hoping that Pat would take it
    He’s due a goal. Even at 2:0 and totally dominant, I guess we the Pea would have shot next.

  12. smartalex says:

    Oops! There’s no ‘we’ in Pea!

  13. CedarsDevil says:


    Not sure if we have faced a similar situation before, we need Costas on this asap. I remember when Bruce was the regular penalty taker, then it was Irwin and later the King Cantona and so on. These days and when playing it seems to be Rooney. would not mind Giggs taking them as well, do not think he has ever missed one!

  14. gaz says:

    will rio shake that vermin racist Cunt terrys hand Sunday?

  15. smartalex says:

    “We’ve done very well away from home this season and we need to be good from now on,” the boss tells Inside United.

    “We’ve got some really important away games in the run-in – Chelsea, Tottenham and City. They’re going to be crucial games. Games at Chelsea in the last few years have been tough and we’ve had terrible luck there which has caused us disappointing results. The players know what they need to do. They know their responsibilities and the standard and expectation at the club, and they have to carry those things with them when they go into games.”

  16. mufc4life says:

    @ SamrtAlex IT’s the 1st time in premier league history two different players on the same team have scored a penalty each in the same match :)

  17. smartalex says:


    Put Costas on the spot! Penalty if he fails is a red cardigan with ‘Spot the fail’ on it.

  18. smartalex says:

    @ Mufc5Laff

    Thanks mate! Dyslexia Lures, Yako!

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    That is an interesting one. Ever since the Wayne Bridge incident the media have only focused on hand shakes. Someone posted yesterday that footballers should act like grown men and move on.

    Should Rio shake CLLC hand that he would come across as the bigger man, but should he? After all CLLC racially insulted his own brother. Its the whole hype around the issue which is disturbing, CLLC gets off till July whilst the other dipper racist gets punished immediately.

    Not sure where I personally stand on this hand shaking issue, seems like its just something the media want to feed on.

    If I was Rio I would just spit in his face and let the ABU’s have a field day

  20. mufc4life says:

    Haha sorry about that mate :) It’s still early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet :) But ya I think it was on the premier league website I saw that stat yesterday

  21. gaz says:


    Fair point id be more inclined to think Rio will shake his disgusting rat infested racist paw. That would just be my opionion through gritted teeth of course. Rio prob wants to play at Euro 2012 at not shaking that cunts paw would make sure he doesnt go because Cranky Kong Capello eats the rat infested shit from Terrys Cunt. id imagine hed get Antons take on it first i hope your right he does spit in his face. Personally i cant wait until we get that dirty racist cock from wizard kennys klan to OT and fucking destroy him.

  22. zelh says:

    I hope De Gea can get his confidence back and start a run of games while Lindegaard is injured and make the goal his spot again.

  23. smartalex says:

    mufc4life – that’s all good, buddy! Thanks for taking my comment as it was meant, a joke!

    I guess that the prize money and other perks earned by Premiership teams for finishing even one position higher on the log, ensure that every goal is lusted after.

    I do like the apparent system at United, where players dictate the penalty takers, but a strong Captain’s hand on proceedings is also required. Remember Nani’s miss?

  24. CedarsDevil says:


    You have a skill, one that I personally admire. The way you use foul language cracks the fuck out of me, your last post had me in tears.

  25. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    I do mate it was Fulham away 2-1 up with five to play. He missed with a pathetic attempt then Fulham score an equaliser.

  26. Costas says:

    As far as I can remember, the Stoke game was the first time where we had 2 different penalty takers in one game.

  27. smartalex says:

    ex BBC

    Torres went past the 1,000-minute mark since his last goal. The Spaniard drew a blank in last night’s 1-1 draw with Swansea on the anniversary of his £50million move to the Blues.

    “The confidence is there and we believe a lot in the player,” said Villas-Boas. “If we need to create more opportunities for him to score then that’s what we need to do.”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! ! !

  28. smartalex says:

    Giggs6’4″Gerrard0 – That’s right! Most of us watching thought Giggs should have taken it.

    Easy to moan after, I guess. Nani did rush the pen, whereas Ryan would have placed it.

    Live and learn, we hope!

  29. zelh says:

    I remember carricks miss against – was it burnley? – and we lost 1-0.

  30. smartalex says:

    “I can remember speaking to Rio Ferdinand and he said Saha was the best forward he’d played against,” said Redknapp.

    Didn’t that mumbling bumbling bulbous beetroot quiver his jowls about Rio’s opinion on another recent acquisition? Adebayor, I think it was. Come on Rio, recommend some more plonkers to arrogent ‘arry the artful tax-dodger.

  31. mufc4life says:

    smartalex I’ve been reading this site for long enough now to know when your joking. You seem like a genuine guy who doesn’t pick on people unless its warranted

  32. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    It was aganist Burnley mate, i was there for both Carricks and Nani’s penalties. The worst I have ever seen though Berba’s pitiful effort against Everton in the semi final of the FA cup.


    Has the rodent been banned again now from RoM? I did the like the name he called you it made me laugh. I hope he is gone for good now!

  33. Jeet says:

    Marro’s got mail!!

  34. zelh says:

    wtf is wrong with our youngsters?!

    another one snubbing our offer.

  35. kanchelskis says:

    If one of those strikers took a pen when he wasn’t the nominated penatly-taker, bet on him being dropped from the squad for the next game. Fergie hates that kind of stuff.

  36. King Eric says:


    zehl – Hello pal. As per usual it will be fucking bullshit. Ravel was a different case. Sky Sports “understands”. In other words, made up.

    Giggs12 – Morning mate. Ooophh. THAT Berba miss against Everton. Remember the abuse?

  37. mufc4life says:

    @zelh I was just about to post that link. These young lads would really wanna get their priorities right and try and get a more regular role in the first team before they go holding out for better contracts. Were would they be without Manchester United. Someone needs to sort these lads out

  38. King Eric says:

    kanchelskis – Ha. Yes he does doesn’t he!

    Anyone see Frazier Campbells goal last night? Fuck me. Always liked the lad just a shame injuries fucked him at United.

  39. King Eric says:

    Off topic but what the fuck are those glasses permatannned Cundy is wearing these days? Like fucking jam jars.

  40. smartalex says:

    mufc4life – I only point angrily at those who attack United, or RoM, or the defenseless.
    Even while doing so, i retain a sense of humour. Laughing really is medicinal!

    Giggles12 – ‘aving a laugh? As long as I bring a smile, i am happy!

  41. smartalex says:

    ps – I didn’t get to read the ‘smarty’ comment. Deletions were done in my absence.

    It’s great! The arrows were erased before they reached their target!

  42. zelh says:

    In fact I just can’t believe it.
    Zeky always supported United, has been here for 6 years and already had 6 appearances for the first team.
    that started in the people. I just hope Sky copied it.

  43. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    Dont worry mate we put him right in his place, Willie and i gave him dogs abuse.

  44. kanchelskis says:

    @King Eric

    I seem to remember that the Carrick/Burnley debacle arose partly because it was right at the start of the season and they hadn’t assigned their 2nd/3rd choice takers! Rooney was playing, but cant’ve been our taker at the time, and nobody knew who was taking it. Eventually Carrick stepped up, totally unprepared, and the rest was history.

  45. smartalex says:

    Jiggy12 – Thanks mate!

    … and thanks willieRedNut!

    I suppose that all the posts containing the freaks username were deleted. Great!

  46. Sandeep1878 says:

    Evening reds,

    Hello Cedars and Smarty,

    yeah 2 different players taking penalty created history that day..

    the first ever time 2 strikers scoring through penalty in thew history of premier league..

    how many firsts we gonna create? :)

    this is Manchester United..

  47. smartalex says:


    Once United, all becomes one. We are United. We are 1st.

    How many firsts we gonna create? Our first is unquenchable. Ever firsty, we are to be.

  48. five says:

    Ah penalties, they always make for a good visual…two of my all time favorites are Ruuds famous one against Arsenal, the celebration afterwards was pure passion and another one was Hargreaves in the Champions League final no fussing about he just smashed it into the top corner


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