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We’ll Take The Laughs Wherever We Can Today

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. costas says:

    That’s better Scott.I didn’t know he had a new girlfriend.

  2. Anon says:

    No Costas, thats not his new gf, its the new Chelsea manager. Now the ass kissing becomes obvious? :P

  3. Dennis from Malta says:

    Good one….i didn’t know Gerard liked to kiss backsides……..why didn’t u put Benitwz instead of the elephant…hahahahah

  4. costas says:

    Chelsea are winning by the way.It’s Shity,what else is new?

  5. Red-Manc says:

    his celebration proved what a media whore he is.

  6. spencer says:

    Oh tell me about it Red-Manc

    most players would just do a usual ‘yesss’ celebration etc. gerrard had to make a big show and go right up to the camera and kiss it and all he scored was a penalty. sad, sad celebration.

  7. StenhousemuirRed says:

    thats my new screen saver sorted, he kisses the elephants arse stevenotsohard, fucking cock

  8. costas says:

    Gerrard:The SUN and SkySport’s number 1 darling right?Don’t forget fellows that he has a court hearing this week.He will need the media on his side.

  9. StenhousemuirRed says:

    @costas its obvious some fool will take the fall for him if theres no cctv of the incident “there you go lar theres a few grand for you when you come out of the nick, keep your mouth shut and ill send you my new address once im settled in knightbridge with my new chelsea team mates”

  10. bruce thomas says:

    Teacher: And what team do you support?

    Little Johnny: Manchester United, miss.

    Teacher: And why do you support Manchester United?

    Little Johnny: Well miss, my mother’s a United supporter, and my Dad is, and my broth…

    Teacher: Wait a minute. You can’t just copy your family. You’ve got to think for yourself. I mean, suppose your father was a drug dealer and your mother was a whore.

    Little Johnny: Oh… then they’d be Liverpool supporters.

  11. Its in my blood says:

    Two scousers in Ladbrokes, they decide to pop out for a smoke. As they’re lighting up, a hearse drives slowly by, coffin on show. One of the scousers takes his cap off and bows his head. The other one looks at him and says “thats really touching” to which the scouser said ” well, she was a good missus for thirty years”.

  12. 7seagulls says:

    ah come on liverpools not that bad. i like to go occasionally to visit my hubcaps

  13. Rob the Red says:

    Is that his missus?

  14. Rob the Red says:

    Apparently the elaphants arse complained about his breath!

  15. Canadian Red says:

    FYI in case you missed it:

    LOL! ROFL!

    Let the clowns loose with their comments to the above! LOL!

  16. Paul the red says:

    At the end of a tiny deserted bar is a huge scouser bloke 6ft 5in tall
    He’s having a few beers when a short, well dressed and obviously gay man
    walks in and sits beside him.
    After 3 or 4 beers, the gay fella finally plucks up the courage to say
    something to the big Liverpudlian.
    Leaning over, he cups his huge ear “Do you want a bl*w job?” he whispers
    At this, the massive Merseysider leaps up with fire in his eyes and
    the man in the face.
    Knocking him off the stool, he proceeds to beat him all the way out of
    Finally he leaves him, badly bruised, in the car park and returns to his
    seat as if nothing had happened.
    Amazed, the bartender quickly brings over another beer. “I’ve never seen
    react like that” he says “Just what did he say to you?”
    “I’m not sure” the big scouser replies. “Something about a job.”


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