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Arsenal Boss: I Am Convinced Of Park Ji-Sung’s Quality

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, has sung the praises of Park Ji-Sung.

Park scored the opening goal in what Wenger called “the most disappointing night” of his career, when United thrashed Arsenal at the Emirates in the Champions League semi-final last year.

We repeated that thrashing this season at the Emirates, with Park on the scoresheet again.

Wenger has praised Park for his hard working nature and good skill.

“I know that some of the Korean players are doing very well in England and of course it excites your curiosity,” said Wenger. “There are very few Asian players playing in Europe and especially in the Premier League but the Koreans look to have adapted very well here. Park has started very well. I think he has made his name at Eindhoven first and in the Champions League has convinced. When you play against him, he’s a very hard working player who sacrifices for the team but as well has good skill and scores important goals, unfortunately, against us. I’m convinced by his quality. He has a top level attitude.”

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  1. Park likes dags says:

    rofl GHTT, that’s a classic!! definately agree with Welbz19
    think about the nursery rhymes idea mate!(if u’ve seen my comment on YT..)lol I reckon with a marketable concept (eg DVD with emily chants/nursery rhymes) the club would hop on it! maybe do it after the glaciers subside! and maybe pick out some politically correct ones.. only for the presentation of course!! ;O)

    @ AIG, I know!! I hate people that are never happy with what they’ve got! Which surprisingly means a lot of fucking people!lol but at United we are so spoilt. we should appreciate it at every moment. especially bad ones…

    I regularly visit this blog, (O: it’s my home page! :O) and has been for years now.
    what can I say, I fucking love a bitter (absolute) beating here. they come on when we lose or from newsnow with their one-time-*ohspunkinpants*-pathetic-idea of ‘wit?’… No, Utter bloody nonsence!!
    unfortunately even our own ‘fans’ at times..
    thankfully stallwarts like yrself GHTT, KEric, Costas, RCWIS, ABClosing, Willi, Denton Davey, hell even Boogeyman sort em out before I can even get my laptop open!haha

    Much love! …for today! … there was FINALLY an article about Tri Lung Park! My fucking Hero!
    Hey, Where did Lassie go!?!?!?!?!?!?!ha

  2. Park, Park, wherever you may be says:

    for he eaaats dogs in his hooooomee cooooouuntryyee!!!

  3. Park's Dog's Dinner (aka P Diddy) says:

    it could be worse

  4. Park on the drive says:

    He could be a scouse!? (*bluuugrhhahhrggh)

  5. Park likes dags says:

    eating rats in his council hooooouse!!!

  6. timwed says:

    Wenger isn’t so myopic afterall it seems… on second thoughts

  7. Park likes dags says:

    I have had far too much time & beer tonight!haha

    Hope we go top tomorrow! And stay there!!!!! :O)

  8. King Eric says:

    Fuck England Wayne, concentrate on United. Bit of a concern this:

  9. steamdigit says:

    park is good simply because fergie says so and thinks so. he uses park well in most games, and park responds. to fergie thats great. consistency and carryong out team orders is what fergie expects from the players. you dont have to be the best in your department all the time, just the best when you play with the team fergie puts out.

    consistency is the most underrated aspect of a player’s skill set. everyone wants the glam factor and the skilled tricks etc. but fergie does not need all that from everyone. that is why park is there. that is why fletcher was given the time to be there. fergie knows what he is doing with the players, and he makes sure they understand too. in your department, do what you are expected to do at the right time.

    consistency! thats what park brings. how many players are overrated because of their skills in one off games, and are not chosen because of lack of consistency? look it up, you have loads of players like that world over – how many players get to play game in and game out, and why? simply because they are consistently putting out performance of 7/10 and above on a more than regular basis :)

  10. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    GHTT and Costas carricks dad’s on the dodgey goal commitee so am not suprised he got his goal
    bet emily can’twait to see the game next week can she matey,
    fort i met you the other week GHTT, i was in london for the arsenal game. and got chatting to a big united fan for ireland(dublin if i remember rightly), he had to dash but gave us £20 for a round of drinks, top fuckin guy :)

  11. Costas says:

    @vidic will get ya 15

    Really? Haha! Conspiracy! Nah, he deserved it anyway.:D

    @King Eric

    Capello isn’t innocent in this. Rooney didn’t exactly twist his arm to play 85 freaking minutes. Fergie couldn’t stop him from going(even though he gave him a good platform by saying he felt some pain) and Rooney loves the game so much he will always want to play. Capello was the only one who could have stopped this. After today’s game we will know how costly this decision was.

  12. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    these internationals are fuckin ridiculous, be better off having another round of league fixtures, then finish the league earlier and have another friendly before the world cup, common sence i’d say, as for england and capello don’t give a fuck about them, green and gold in the summer to me thinks, brazil brazil, although be funny in the argie cunts won it as the money grabbing whore said he’d retire i if he won the world cup, funny to see the smug bitter blue if that happened

  13. Aig alex is god says:

    Wayne rooney cant be blamed for wanting to play for england.he knows his body condition best and if he wants to play so be it.

    Easy to say ‘who cares about england’ and ‘club is more important’.try telling the players that and they will tell you that there is no bigger achievement than playing for your country.

    Rooney was playing for england after 3 months.its up to united to ensure he stays fit,not england by resting him for one friendly

    anyways why are people worried,when i said a few weeks back we would struggle without rooney i was ridiculed saying we have berbatov,diouf who can do the job.surely we can cope

  14. King Eric says:

    aig – No need for sarcasm. Owen was part of that equation then. United pay Rooney’s wages not Ingerlund mate.

  15. Bobkoh says:

    Don’t fcuk with Park, or he’ll eat your dog for a lark!
    Hey, is Wenger hoping to buy Park?

  16. aig alex is god says:

    King Eric

    United pay Rooneys wages so United should do better to ensure he stays fit, not England.Rooney spends most of his time with United, not England Rooney hardly plays 8 -10 games for England in a year compared to 60 games for United so he is at united for most of the time. When you play for your country its about pride not who pays your wages. You may not care about England but not all english fans think that way.

    I had also said then that we cant trust owen to play regularly given his injury record and i was told he has had a couple of bad injuries in his career thats about it.My doubt was never much o do with Owens quality but i had my doubts about his fitness and his ability to play consistently for a long time.

    Not saying i was right or anything like that. I am gutted for him and it is a blow for us but we have to admit Rooney is our main man and without him we will struggle. Not saying we are a ‘one man team’. Rooney is our main man means the team is built around him and when we need inspiration we look to him which is fair enough.

  17. Fos-who? says:


    Park is by far my favourite player…I cant care less for flair players who can win games, what i want to see is the blood and sweat and so fletch parko etc win my vote!!

    Forza Utd!!!
    Fuck ingerlund

  18. Red Devil says:

    @ AIG

    I get what u’re trying to say mate……But common sense should have come into it…. Rooney did not need to play for 86 mins in that game. Its a worthless friendly bang in the middle of the business end of the season… should have been used by Capello to test other players to see if they are good enuf to go to the world cup, not to just keep playing his best 11 all the time…
    With all due respect I think Capello acted like a right twat by keeping him on for 86 mins…… I still dont think resting rooney for a couple of games would not have been a problem if Micky Owen was around because that guy would be bursting his lungs trying to prove a point to Capello as he was during those 41 minutes in Wembley…..

  19. 6 days till she's Manchester bound says:

    i think your putting to much taught into the importance of a pointless game for someone like a stating man like rooney
    asscole is out so it shows who should play there
    rios out so its a chance to see who can play there
    rooney,who sir alex said on sunday shouldnt of played, played 86 pointless minutes . nothing good can come from it and with what happened to micheal owen(fuck sky sports news) hammy he should know what thaqt pitch can do

  20. MUFCforever says:

    He is a great player,united dont sell him :)

  21. aig alex is god says:

    @Red Devil

    It looks like needless friendly but Capello cant think that way. this is the last game they play before he announces his squad for the finals.Rooney is a guranteed starter but Capello intentionally played Defoe and Crouch because he wanted to see who can do better with Rooney. heskey did not play for that sole reason. That is also the reason Rooney played 86 mins. Capello wanted to give Rooney-Defoe and Rooney-Crouch patnership time and see how they perform.

    It wasnt just england all the major teams like France,Spain,Brazil played their full strength teams

  22. jespermoses says:

    never lets the team down,and a big game player thats for sure.could do with some shooting practice but he’s not in the team for his goals

  23. manchuchu says:

    One should never doubt THE PARK KNIGHT

  24. manchuchu says:

    James Gordon Jr.: Why’s he running, Dad?
    Lt. James Gordon: Because we have to chase him.
    James Gordon Jr.: He didn’t do anything wrong.

    Lt. James Gordon: Because he’s the hero United deserves, but not the one it sees right now. So we’ll slag him because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero.

    He’s a silent guardian.

    A watchful protector.


  25. arijc says:

    @aig alex is god
    Completely agree with what you’ve said. I think representing the country is an honor for any sportsman, be it football or any other sport. Also Capello has to determine his best combination and decides who makes the final 23. That would explain him trying out different combinations.

  26. Red Devil says:

    @ AIG

    fair enough……but if Capello is going to make those kind of decisions on the basis of just 45 mins each with rooney in one game, then I’m pretty sure he’s off his rocker and England are fucked!

    These kind of decisions aren’t taken on basis of a stupid friendly when the other team is probably not even fully up for it…… I hardly think Egypt players were giving their 110% as they were in the African cup of nations….Also if that was the case why did he take off Frank lampard —-surely its not gonna be Barry and carrick and Gerrard in the midfield, more likely to be Lampard+Gerrard+Carrick, so he should have subsituted Barry and not lampard….

    Also, other teams played their full strength but all made huge changes at half-time…..For eg — David Villa, Cesc Fabregas and Puyol all came off at half time for spain..

  27. aig alex is god says:

    @Red Devil

    Egypt were at their best and had their best team out. 9 out of 11 players who played the final of african cup of nations started

    Capello gave a good 40 minutes to both partnerships to try and make an impact. Thats the best he can do because he has no more matches until he announces his final squad

    Spain pretty much know what their starting 11 will be and hence dont have to try too many things unlike england

    Lampard was removed because he was awful, not for any other reason.missed a few sitters

  28. Red Devil says:

    @ AIG

    fair points again yaar…..
    But you missed the point, which was that if Capello is having to wait till the final competitive game to make that kind of important decision, then he’s not doing a very good job of it….. Besides what if Rooney gets a prolonged spell on the sidelines now, say 3-4 weeks (hypothetically!!) and loses the red-hot run of form he’s in…. Capello will be kicking himself to play a player for 86 mins who was not fully fit (remember he was declared fit to play at the last minute…) Besides to play any player for more than 45-50 mins on that dreadful pitch is inviting problems…. Who knows if Owen could have scored a few goals for us and been selected for the World cup, He could have ended up saving Capello’s and Ingerlund’s ass in some big game coming of the bench!

  29. aig alex is god says:

    @Red Devil

    It depends on form. Since the last game England played Defoe has done well and scored plenty so he had to be considered. He and Rooney couldnt combine very well hence Crouch was thrown in the mix. As i said earlier england played their last game over 3 months back and a lot of things can change in that time including players getting back in form. They have to be considered.England dont have 2 out and out world class forwards like Spain and hence have to do more research to find the best partner for Rooney

  30. kel says:

    Finally someone realize. I been convinced Park quality and quantity.

  31. Red Devil says:

    @ AIG
    I guess you’re right….its just my passion for United I guess which just wants to bash everyone in Ingerlund setup for overplaying rooney!! :)
    I think Sir Alex wouldn’t mind throwing a few punches and hairdryers also ! :D

  32. ManchesterBlue says:

    Don’t delude yourselves. He’s as average as they come.

  33. united84 says:

    i was so excited signing Park and couldnt wait to see him put a United shirt on, been one of his biggest fans since day one and i couldnt believe how well he fitted in and how he turns it on in big games …also Arsene must of had a few drinks before before being asked that question, i dont think ive heard so much praise for a player that isnt in a Arsenal shirt haha

  34. bchilds says:

    Park is a good player.

    He’s never going to be good enough to start a run of games but he’s a good option.

  35. Corea says:

    I don’t see how Park is worse player than Nani, Obertan on the left.
    Never going to be good enough to start a run of games but who is ?
    I love Park.

  36. Anon says:

    Corea i think the difference between Park and Obertan is clearly 8 years of age. Obertan is going to be class.

  37. Anon says:

    and Nani has already showed what he’s capable of.

  38. Woo jin PARK says:

    PARK JI SUNG … JJang !!

    PARK Is BBiyong ..yongpark haha

    BBiyong is sandfly( blood-sucking insects )

  39. Gunners says:

    First great Asian player in europe?
    You forgot CHA BOOM from bundesliga


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