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Were United Captains More Honest Than Chelsea’s With FIFA Vote?

Lionel Messi was rightly named the FIFA World Player of the Year this week with a record breaking number of votes. Cristiano Ronaldo was voted second, Xavi third, Kaka fourth and Andrés Iniesta fifth.

The coaches and captains of international teams are given the opportunity for this prestigious award, with the first round of voting taking place in October.

Dimitar Berbatov, Park Ji-Sung and Darren Fletcher are their countries’ captain, so who did they vote for?

Dimitar Berbatov
1st – Messi
2nd – Ronaldo
3rd – Torres

Park Ji-Sung
1st – Messi
2nd – Ronaldo
3rd – Xavi

Darren Fletcher
1st – Ronaldo
2nd – Messi
3rd – Torres

I wonder if Park wins any prizes for getting it right?

It comes as no surprise that Terry, with all the morals of his drug dealing father and shop lifting mother, who himself has been exposed this week as taking thousands of quid to give behind the scenes tours of Chelsea’s training ground behind the club’s back, couldn’t bring himself to be quite as honest with his votes.

He voted Didier Drogba, the 53rd highest scorer in the Premiership last season, as the best player in the world, and Michael Ballack as the second best player in the world.

Instructions on the voting form circulated by world football’s governing body reminded those taking part to ‘take into account not only the players’ on-field performance but also their overall behaviour on and off the pitch’.

For most, Drogba’s awful outburst following their elimination from the European Cup would have constituted as ‘bad behaviour’, but not for the England captain, who was “fully behind” Drogba’s reaction. Oh dear.

Regardless, a big congratulations to Messi, who really was the best player in the world last season. Anyone care to explain to me what Kaka did last season to be voted the fourth best player in the world though…?

Argentina’s coach, Diego Maradona, voted Wayne Rooney as the second best player in the world, France’s coach, Raymond Domenech, voted him in third, as did Ireland’s coach, Marco Tardelli and Thailand’s coach… Bryan Robson!

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  1. King Eric says:

    Brio the Kenyan Red – great question to the Portugese Princess. Was wondering the same myself mate.

  2. Costas says:

    @King Eric:

    Phil Neville hey? Well, there are some days that i miss him too. Makes you wonder what would have happened if he had stayed at United in 2005.

    To be honest i am happy that the rumors for Di Maria were true. He is a left footed winger and under Fergie could blossom. However, i wonder if Benfica are asking too much. Nani and 10 million euro should have been enough.

  3. King Eric says:

    Costas – My thoughts exactly. It may have been you who said this morning the last thing we want to do is lash out 20 odd million on him and him turn out no better than what we have already. Certainly looks good from what limited games I have seen of him and he has expressed his desire to play for United.

  4. Costas says:

    @King Eric: He said he wants to play for us? That’s good news. Waiting for the World Cup might be risky. If Maradona takes him along, he could be one of their hidden aces. But at this moment there’s nothing more we can do. We can’t make a better offer for someone who seems talented, but is unproven in the English game. At this point, he could turn out like Cristiano. Or he could turn out like Nani.

  5. aig alex is god says:

    Costas. Hi mate.

    Here is the link to the article. Di maria has said he wants to play for us. But there is a difference between plating for United and playing for benfica. Some like nani fail the test, some like ronaldo pass it with flying colours. Its a gamble but i am sure we have monitored him for some time, so we will know how much we can pay maximum for him.

  6. aig alex is god says:

    King Eric. Hi mate.

    Dont think pep will ever leave Barca but you never know in football.A lot depends on their elections to be held in the summer. Also the rentboys will try for him. Their game of managerial circus dosent end,does it? oh and dont count out massiveeeeeee Man Shitty to make a move as well.

  7. Costas says:


    Thanks! Good to know. You are right. There is a difference. And i have only seen him live once, against weak Greek opposition. I just have a good feeling about him. But then again, i had a good feeling about POborsky after Euro 96 and look how that turned out!

  8. Chris20LEGEND says:

    @ read carefully what i said,

    Bleedin quality..


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