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Wes and Rio In Nightclub Scuffle

There have been reports this morning that Rio Ferdinand and Wes Brown, both of whom played against Blackburn on Saturday, and have been picked for Fabio Capello’s squad again, were involved in a bit of bother last night. Enjoying a night out in a member’s only bar in Manchester, the Circle Club, they ran in to a group of blokes who wanted to rub them up the wrong way.

The lads were being pestered by a group of businessmen, before Wes Brown left his seat and started pushing them.

Could these be cocky City fans, by any chance? Despite losing their past two games, you hear more from those bitters now than you used to. Now they seem to go looking for trouble, any wind ups they can find.

It amused me reading Red Issue ahead of the Bolton game last week, mocking City for celebrating the fact they could become everything they’ve criticised and hated United for, in terms of commercialisation and big money spending.

Whoever these business men were, they wanted to wind up our lads, but the evening escaped any punches being thrown

“The guys in the booth next to them were these loud, cocky businessmen,” said a eye-witness. “They started goading the Man United players. Wes Brown was pushing one of them a lot. It was all over without any punches being thrown. No one was hurt. The bouncers ejected two of the other group and the players were able to finish their drinks.”

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  1. mickey mouse owen says:

    shitty cunts

  2. TK 99 says:

    God,i can’t stand Man shitty ..

  3. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    richest club in the world

    11th best so far in england after playing 1 more than the 17 time champions

  4. Gazza says:

    wes brown is hard


  5. OTRed says:

    I wish Evra and Tevez were present, i think it’d have made for a more interesting scuffle, lol


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