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Wes Brown Song T-shirts

Wes Brown - Manchester United tshirt

The Wes Brown song is proving to be as popular at home as it has been away.

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About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tufty says:

    People need to realise that they can sing other songs apart from the Wes Brown song.
    Yes, its a good song, but its in danger of being killed by people who think they have to sing it constantly for 90 minutes and that its the only song they can sing.
    I wouldnt mind, but Wes Brown isnt even playing games.
    Players such as Evra need a decent song.

    Perhaps its a ploy by Fergie, as soon as someone comes up with a crap song for a player, they dont feature anymore or for a while.
    Hargreaves and Anderson being the victims of poor songs that are not up to the standard that Utd fans have set.

  2. Adam says:

    I love the Wes Brown song…and the Anderson & Hargreaves ones, dunno what you’re on about Tufty!

  3. Tufty says:

    Anderson and Hargreaves songs are embarassing to say the least.
    Leave muppet songs like that to small clubs such as West Ham.
    United have the best song book about, we dont need to delve so low to sing that sort of rubbish.

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Tufty click my user name and youll get a good evra song played straight away

  5. Paul the red says:

    i know Owen Hargreaves song is in tune to the old andy williams classic but i think it is quite fun. i do admit that up in the stretford on sat the wes brown song did carry on for ages and ages and did get a little tedius.

    I have read a story about how Anderson loves his his song, he heard some kid singing it and asked him over to hear it and he loved it.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Paul the red that happened at a brazil traning sesion that was open for the public

  7. terry08anelka says:

    alway negative tufty, im starting to believe ur really a city fan the way you go on

  8. Corea says:

    who cares if he plays or not ? he played the highest amount of games for us 07-08 season and helped us win the double.
    i love the player.

  9. Tufty says:

    In what way am i being negative?
    I want our support to be the best, not infultrated by muppets and the songs and atmosphere being ruined.
    As stated, the Wes Brown song is good, but we dont need sections of fans singing it constantly all game, we have hundreds of songs, not just one.
    Furthermore, half the people singing it, sing the wrong words.

  10. stretford972 says:

    evra does need a song. Berbatov’s is the worst

  11. Tufty says:

    Why is your username Terry08Anelka? Are you a Chelsea fan?

  12. andsolskjærhaswonit... says:

    The big bad Wesley Brown, just love the lad. he might get a chance at Moscow, i guess.

  13. andsolskjærhaswonit... says:

    Everyone just jump on Tufty’s back, even if he tries to be positive. rofl. :D

  14. Paul the red says:

    GHTT, i thought i had read it on here……. also i reckon that if i played for united and thousands of fans were singing my name i would not cares less if it was in tune with the Mr blobby song.

  15. Jack says:

    fergie been charged

  16. theboogeyman says:

    Um,Tufty,I don’t know if you noticed,but Terry and Anelka are the 2 Chelsea players who missed penalties in the 2008 Champions League Final penalty shootout,thereby giving us the cup.

    I agree with you in that our fans should sing different songs because as you said,we have plenty of songs in our songbook.I wouldn’t know how irritating it would be,seeing as I’ve never been to OT in my life.

  17. Tufty says:

    Strange that, as I thought United players won the cup.
    The goal by Ronaldo in the first half, the excellent play being unbeaten all through the European campaign, thats what gave us the cup.
    The excellent composure from Giggs as he took his penalty, thats whats gave us the cup.
    The excellent pen save by VDS, thats what gave us the cup.

    Only a muppet would put the credit on the failings of the opposition.
    Manchester United won the European Cup in 2008, not Anelka or Terry.

  18. berbatov is a fucking rolls royce says:


  19. Jack says:

    F – Fiorentina

    A – Aston Villa

    C – Chelsea

    T – Tottenham

    S – Sunderland

  20. willierednut says:

    Ireland got france in the world cup play of, oshea versus evra.

  21. King Eric says:

    The Wes and Hargreaves songs are excellent. Admittedly the Wes song is sung a bit too often but then again I love it when “George Best World” and “twelve Cantonas” are sung for twenty minutes at a time at away grounds. Not too keen on the Anderson song, I don’t like the Kleberson line, it doesn’t fit in right.

    Jack – Nice one mate.

  22. Tony Starks says:

    Talksport need something to talk about, that’s why they exist.. they almost dedicated a whole program to the possiblity of replaying the Liverpool game – even though their own fans phoned in saying they don’t want it replayed!

  23. Jack says:

    weird that dont you think king eric??? you use the first letter of all the teams that have beaten them and it spells out facts, not sure how were going to fit m in it after sunday

    willierednut: evra hatrick

  24. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @willierednut thanks
    let evra score 3
    oshea to score 4 :)

  25. Jack says:

    …….owngoals, lol.

  26. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    André-Pierre Gignac 4 goals Thierry Henry 4 goals Franck Ribéry 3 goals Karim Benzema 2 goals Sidney Govou 1 goal Nicolas Anelka 1 goal Yoann Gourcuff 1 goal William Gallas 1 goal are frances goalscorers during the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification and do you know why…… cause they havent played against John O’ fucking Shea yet

  27. STOP .... Fergietime says:

    Great!!!! I’m off to work now and I will have the Wes Brown song in my head for at least the next 10 hours

  28. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    stevie me in running to play tomorrow but torres is out
    what that means for sunday i dunno

  29. willierednut says:

    Its a hard match for ireland but i dont think they shud fear france. The fa are fcuking joke fsw can say a ref needs glasse’s and gets away wiv it, saf says wiley’s not fit enough and probaly get a 4 or 5 touch line ban.

  30. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    rooney giggs evra park and fletcher unavailible for tomorrows match

  31. Jack says:

    ghtt isit tomorrow? or wenesday?

  32. willierednut says:

    Wednesday jack.

  33. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    jack mate its wednesday
    sorry it was a brain fart getting mixed up with the liverpool ladyboy news

  34. ibrza says:

    why hasnt wes hardly featured this season?

  35. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    maybe sir alex doesnt like the song

  36. Tony Starks says:

    why is peoples surprised/upset at the FA charge?
    if anyone had said that they would have charged them surely..

  37. theboogeyman says:

    Well,Tufty,if they hadn’t fluffed their shots,Terry more than Anelka,because VDS psyched out Le Sulk,while Tiny Tears’ bad kick taking style cost Mr.Chelsea the European club.

  38. Tufty says:

    But if Tevez, Carrick, Giggs hadnt fluffed shots, it wouldnt have even have gone to penalties. If Drogbas shot hadnt hit the post etc etc etc

    United won the European Cup, yet some try giving the credit to Chelseas mistakes rather than Utds class.

    I bet if Chelsea had won it, they wouldnt have been obsessed with Ronaldos pen miss, they would have credited their own players.

  39. Fze123 says:

    Tufty, why are you still talking about something that has happened last year. Quit analysing everytime someone says something you disapprove of, some people give credit to chelsea players for their mistakes and others credit utds class, while others like me give credit both. It’s all mockery, utd fans ain’t saying that the chelsea players won us the damn cup, some people just get a kick out of doing something like having a terry08anelka username and the likes. Its up to them to credit whoever they want to creditfor fucks sake.

  40. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    who doesnt love the feeling of winning a trophy with the added joy of a rivals saddness
    like been so happy when jimmy greenhoff scored the winner against liverpool in the fa cup final
    its fantastic that united won the fa cup
    thou you can be happy that united stopped liverpool winning a historic treble
    I was so proud to support United last season and getting behind edwin vidic and the rest of the defenders for the history they made on there way to winning 3 titles in a row
    but to go head to head with liverpool even with them takin 8 points away from united united made it 18 makes laughing at liverpool all the sweeter
    manchester united 07/08 was an amazing season with the ronaldos goals the Rooney work rate and the whole colletive team doing wonders making it the second most sucessful season in the history of the club but the fact that mr ego mr chelsea slipped and fell on his balloon knot taking a peno that he should of let a striker taking is funny as fuck and the fact that I want to laugh at liverpool fucking up Terry fucking up etc doesnt give you the right to say I dont get behind Manchester United players

  41. Fze123 says:

    On topic, I love Wes Brown, terrific right/centre back. I wish he doesn’t get injured as often as he does and is able to feature in the majority of games this season like he did in the 07/08 season. Hopefully we’ll see him in action on wednesday

  42. theboogeyman says:

    Thank you,GHTT.

  43. theboogeyman says:

    And Fze123.

  44. man united says:

    wes brown is wesly brown is the hard man old the town orgainge hair everey were come and have go if you der


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