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Wes: Bruce Deciding Factor In Move

After securing a four year deal with Sunderland, Wes Brown has explained the reasons behind his move were lack of playing time at Manchester United and the influence of Steve Bruce.

“It was disappointing not to have played as much as I could at Manchester United over the last couple of seasons so just to know that I’ll be back in, playing, I’m focusing on that really and looking forward to it,” said Wes. “Last season, I couldn’t get into the team and that was frustrating but that’s football and you move on. Sunderland is a big club and Steve Bruce was a big factor coming into it. That’s what it came down to really. When I was younger, I used to watch Steve and I’ve known him a bit as well so it was fine. I know a couple of lads who have been here and they say it’s a wonderful club and I thought this was the place for me to come.”

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  1. CROoney says:

    costas – they were absolutely raped….when he scored that screamer against carroll(through the middle of the goal) 30 meter out …the things he did to them in that match was beyond pathetic…every defender does make mistakes but it’s the number of the mistakes and the size of it that makes the difference between good and bad defnders…and wes’s had plenty of those for someone who is not a regular…if he starts 10 games in a row i gurante that he’ll make at least 3-4 big fuck up…as the CB that is..he’s in the gabriel milito league for example…you can’t rely on any of them…

  2. fergie is the boss says:

    WHAT ??? – WB has been the best ROB behinf GN. We should all say good riddance to the trolls who have the nerve to call themselves united fans

  3. MG says:

    Oh look King Eric came


    crooney plastic tits fan says Wes Brown is shit.

    Have fun King Eric ;)

  4. willierednut says:

    Cometh the hour, cometh the shark…

  5. CROoney says:

    lol at people pointing out at his success and the factor we should use to rate him..the thing is, had it not been for other players ( rio,vida primarly) he wouldn’t have been half as successfull..the secret of his success is that he was a quiet squad player..a back up who contributed very little…

  6. King Eric says:

    Fucking CROoney never has anything decent to say. Always slagging players off. Infact he did say we should sign Nico fucking Krankjaer. Nowt to do with the fact he is also Croation.

  7. Costas says:


    The O’Shea bit was a joke. The Brown one wasn’t. That’s what Skysports reported earlier today. That Sunderland got him for 1 mil. The fee was supposed to be undisclosed, so take it for what it’s worth.


    No, the blog definitely doesn’t need any more of them., but that’s a lost cause. :lol:

  8. CROoney says:

    he should than rio and vida for keeping him out of the team and allowing him to become that successfull

  9. MG says:

    Even better FITB pops in

    Well Reds – have fun – go ahead crooney – give it your best shot see how the balls stack up now.

    Till later when Cedars and smartalex and the rest come

    Time to ape!!!


  10. willierednut says:

    Too many hot heads on here. Need my mate Cedars to calm everyone down. :mrgreen:

  11. Costas says:


    We remember the game differently then, because I remember the Highbury game as the one where Wes regained his form that year. He handled Henry pretty well I thought. The ling range effort was the only way he could score. And lets not forget that we were playing at the home of the invincibles. ;)

  12. CROoney says:

    King Eric – i’m not a croation, i’m a croat or a croatiAn…as for not having anything nice to say – i guess you didn’t see my sheasy comment then…

    as for niko – i’ll tell you this – he’s been the best croatian player for the national team ( by faaaar) in the last year, he has the talent just like modric ( who i adore) but costs nothing–you do the maths

  13. MG says:


    Make sure you don’t play the Jaws soundtrack – crooney isn’t scared of the water – though he should be when everyone is done with him –

    I really need to go – hello and goodbye to all my friends

    And no crooney they are not in my head – have fun you bastard – come back later if you still want to carry on like the bluemoon sighting that you are


  14. CROoney says:

    costas – find the highlights, they were all over the place

  15. fergie is the boss says:

    Well RB I mean

    MG – hahahaha thanks, great to see u on here more often on here now

  16. Fred says:

    @CROoney – yeah and if Giggs had been playing for City for the past 20 years he’d have won fuck all. So what?

  17. WHAT ??? says:

    @ King Eric FITB – You know what I mean? Whats he smoking?

    CROoney says:

    saying that wes brown on his day is better than rio,terry,vidic,carvalho,lucio,nesta,cannavaro,maldini,evra,cole,maicon,alves,pique,puyol etc is fucking retarded and a person who thinks like that should grow a brain cells…


    WES BROWN had a better game than Cole, Terry and Carvaliho in the Final and he had a better game than Puyol, Abidal and Zambrotta in the semi. Those two games are up there among the most important we’ve EVER PLAYED. Thats why people are calling you a Cunt, cos you don’t know what the fuck your on about. You are confusing opinion with fact, when the fact is, nothing said on a blog can change the glorious career Wes Brown has had. Its quite simple really.

  18. willierednut says:

    MG – Go cool down mate. Get that bloody novel finished! :)

  19. fergie is the boss says:

    WHAT ??? – the only season with wes that made me angry with him, when he seemed to be brainless was replacing Rio in jan 2004 during the ban rio had. But we all knew wes was not match fit in that second half of the season

  20. Costas says:


    Ha, loved your final paragraph.

  21. Corea says:

    Until i hear what Sheasy’s thoughts are i won’t call his move bordeline on stupidity.
    Cared for Wesley more. Good luck for both. Forever in our memories and heart.

  22. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Well thats that then. Thanks for the memories Brown and O Shea, especially those goals vs the vermin!!!

    Understand the Brown transfer am more perplexed about O Shea. He was our utility man. Means the gaffer has faith in a lot of our young defenders.

  23. CedarsDevil says:


    You called?

  24. willierednut says:

    Cedars – My old mucker! Some of the lads were getting worked up by CROoney. I knew what he was up to and didn’t bite. How goes you this evening?

  25. CedarsDevil says:

    I am very well my Irish buddy

  26. Fred says:

    COREA!!! Welcome back friend! :)

  27. Fred says:

    Although your comments on O’Shea are a bit harsh! :? :lol:

  28. Fibes says:

    CROoney – prick, Wes was a brilliant defender. Great right back, brilliant centre back. I’ve always felt defenders need consistent game time to really get going, centre backs particularly. When Wes got that he was the best bar none. If you’re too young to remember his best bits, then shut up and fuck off. If you’ve forgotten his best bits for the last few seasons (injury/lack of game time) then maybe you need to get some videos out. In the meantime, shut up and fuck off

  29. Sachu says:

    @CROoney says
    “the supposed job he did for us is the kinda job even i could do – get in the team and fuck it up”
    I doubt you could even fuck your Gf.You could do nothing.I bet you can not even clean your own shit properly.
    If you think wes was a rubbish player then you Ain’t know nothing about football.
    CRonsucker there is something called squad player.They eventhough may be so great players but are very important to a successful campaign.
    Terry maybe a better defender but dare praise That cunt here.He is a cunt who should be kicked in his balls so that he could never stand straight.

  30. RedDevil4Lyfe says:

    GOod luck with ur future endevours Wes and Sheazy and hope u guys help do ur part in stopping our title rivals :)


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