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Wes: Drogba Was Holding Me And Pulling Me Down

Wes Brown speaks out about Didier Drogba fouling him in the lead up to the goal that never should have happened.

“It’s very hard to take, we played really well,” said Brown. “I thought we played really well as a team and passed the ball brilliantly. We were the better team and had more chances. We should have done better with our chances, but we definitely didn’t deserve this result and it’s tough because we go home with no points. I don’t think the referee played well and we’ve been let down by that goal. The decision to award the free kick was harsh. Then Drogba was holding me and pulling me down, obstructing me from challenging for the ball when the free kick came in the box. The ref didn’t see that either – what can we do about it?”

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  1. Billy Meredith says:

    I am still numb. I know it will pass but I feel like I’m losing faith in the game, y’know, what’s the point!?!

    The best part? I’ve got two whole weeks to dwell upon it. Great!

    I fucking hate you John Terry, Chelsea and co. You cheating fucks!


  2. Gandalf says:

    Outside of Rooney offside and Valencia penality – the great chances of the game fell to valencia [I think around 83+] and he hit it wide – that would’ve been 1-1 and Giggsy had another at his left and chose to pass instead of shoot. We need to capitalise on such instances.
    Oh and well done Jonny Evans, it was worth it. HA HA

  3. aig alex is god says:


    thanks.atleast you agree.surprised that some united fans dont have more sense.and i am not ruling Arsenal out at guys ahve more than just an outside chance to win the guys are looking great and if Cesc stays fit throughout the season you guys have a great chace because he is creating as well as scoring goals this year.


    you have to be hopeful.anything can happen.these ifs and buts are not big ones either because there are still 26 games to go and not 6 games left.chelsea will drop many more points.we just have to ensure we dont drop those many.despite ronaldo struggling last year we still came back from 8-9 points reason why we cant do it again.

  4. Gooner77 says:

    @aig alex is good

    I take issue with you saying we always blow it against the big teams. Last season we beat you at home and drew at OT, we drew with Liverpool home and away and beat Chelsea at the Bridge and got battered at home by them on the 10th of May. So in 6 games we lost one when our season was effectively over. We lost to you in the CL because you were much the better team than us – simple as. We lost to Chelse in the FA Cup Semi possibly because they were better than us but as mainly, as most Gooners feel, because Arshavin was left on the bench. Our title challenge last season was over early due to losses against the likes of Fulham, Stoke and Hull early in the season. It’s simply not true to say that we batter the small teams and crumble against the big boys.

  5. Wakey says:

    @That Boy Neville

    Evans hardly ‘kicked’ Drogba in the chest. He was jumping for the ball and Drogbas chest got in the way of his foot. And I would suggest you look at Drogbas actions again, the only reason his chest is in line with Evans foot is the reckless attempt by him with his running jump towards Evans in an attempt to play the man.If he had gone for the ball his chest would not have been at foot hight

  6. aig alex is god says:

    @That Boy Neville

    make what you want to of that.i have faith that we will bounce back soon adn thrash teams like we did 2 years back.Its not only the games during the ACON but the travelling,chances of picking up an injurya nd the players have to play every 3-4 days.all these things matter.and i repeat again we dont need to buy.valencia is imporving with every game.Owen will get bgoals.seems you forgot the city winner.we would have been in further trouble hadnt it been for him.

    I have faith in this team.LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN MAY

  7. Muggaz says:

    I think another important factor to consider is that teams raise their bar when they play United – it’s the glamour of the situation, when you play United, you know millions of people around the world are watching, so you play accordingly, when you play London, you know some Boyze in Norf London are watching in some community housing – this is the only reason Arsenal have scored more goals than us.

  8. King Eric says:

    “With Ronaldo we would have won”. Oh please do fuck off and watch Madrid then. Some of the comments about missing Ronaldo actaully make me sick. Like aig says he would still be climbing out of Coles arse pocket.

  9. Xyth says:

    Most british football journalists are simply pathetic. Rather than stating the obvious that United were robbed yesterday and Fergie is absolutely right and joing him in slating incompetent refereeing, they are campainging for Fergie to get further punishment that already awaits him for his outburst after the Sunderland match.

    If they had spine, the FA would stand up to referees. If nothing, you’d expect a fair play from an englishman. After United’s last two away matches, it looks like the English referees have thrown fair play out. If they continue like this, they risk losing the whole integrity of the Premiership this season.

  10. cantona192 says:

    does any one know what rooney mouthed to the camera after the game?

  11. King Eric says:

    Xyth – Yeah I know mate. However the FA have stated that no action will be taken against Fergie for yesterday. Too fucking right! Why would they take action anyway? Seems every manager other than Fergie can make comments.

    aig – Alright mate. You forgot to mention the fact there are still 26 games to go and 78 points to play for.

  12. Gooner77 says:

    Have to say I am amazed by comments such at those from ‘That Boy Neville’
    - You team is incredibe and has been throughout the Premiership years. You’ve won 3 titles on the trot as well as the CL and if my memory serves me correct a couple of domestic cups? And that’s just in the last 3 years. If you don’t win the title this year it will not be a disaster. Regardless of that 12 games have been plaed and your still up there and still with everything to play for. Your manager is the greatest manager ever to operate within these shores (possibly the world) and you are ranting on here?

  13. That Boy Neville says:

    @King Eric

    I’m not saying it was wrong to let Ronaldo go, and I’m glad he did. But I have a huge problem with the replacements being Valencia and fuckin Owen. The money from the Ronaldo deal should have been spent on quality players. We created fuck all against Liverpool and Chelsea, and very little against Arsenal. We’re not playing well this season, I think vereybody can agree on that. That’s why we are five points adrift, not the referees.

  14. aig alex is god says:


    i am saying that Arsenal have the ability to self destruct from winning positions.thats your problem.You should have won both at Old Trafford and the Wastelands.but you lost it.You have got massive games against liverfool and chelsea that may determine how much you have learnt from your mistakes.take into account the 2 goal lead thrown away against West ham.You guys are in with a great chance but you could have been top already.

  15. That Boy Neville says:

    @ Gooner77

    Well, maybe that’s the difference between Arsenal and United. You’re probably still purring from your unbeaten season some ten years back.We want to win EVERY year. And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. If we would have spent the vast amount of money we got for Ronaldo wisely in the summer we would have been top by now.

  16. aig alex is god says:

    King Eric

    hi mate.good to see getting tired of some fans who have no faith in the team.lets see what these people say in may when we lift no 19 and create more history.yes 78 points is a lot and things can change drastically.

  17. aig alex is god says:

    @That Boy Neville

    so who should have we gone for

    60 million for ribery.
    50 million for kaka
    45million for david villa
    35 million for David silva
    47 million for that argie cunt
    50 million for Aguero
    35 million for benzema
    cant you guys see what SAF is doing.he is waiting for things to calm down so that we dont have to play over the top prices for players with madrid and shitty in the market.why are we looking in the short term.lets look at long term.same things were being said in 2003.eventually ronaldoa nd rooney stepped took time but it eventually happened.

  18. Gooner77 says:

    @ aig alex is good

    Yeah agree with you 100 percent with regard to our self destruct, that has been the most frustrating aspect of our team over last few years. Glad that City are starting to show the collection of misfits and mercenaries that they really are now…..although imagine if they sacked Hughes and got Mourinho?

    @ That Boy Neville Said

    Errr no I’m not still purring over that unbeaten season and it wasn’t 10 years ago and maybe you are right with that being the difference between us and you but I would beg to differ as we go into each season with the intention to win things. You clearly don’t remember the pre-Fergie years when you went a very long time without winning the title. I think its simplistic at best to try and argue that you just go out and spend 70 mill to replace Ronaldo and you would be top of the league, didn’t Fergie develop and nurture Ronaldo over a number of years to make him the player he was?

  19. Wakey says:


    Fergie has screwed us a bit when it comes to Refs. Ever since his outburst they have been out for United blood (Highlighted perfectly by Nevs sending off in the Carling Cup, sure he caught the guy on the follow through but when the Ref justifies the sending off in his report as Neville making no attempt for the ball. A ball that he did win so how can he have made no attempt)

    There has been some poor decisions going in our opponents favour in every game since.Penalties/fouls aren’t given for us that should be, players not sent off that should have been and some really harsh decisions against us.

    Not sure yesterdays comments will have helped either

  20. Corea says:

    “Fergie has screwed us a bit when it comes to Refs.”

    oh cmon! he won us numerous titles and the name. don’t even dare to question him in this circumstances. he wanted to take the pressure/attention away from our players and i am proud of him.

  21. Jayunited4eva says:

    Fletcher told the Manchester Evening News: “It was clearly not a foul. I knew at the time and I have watched it again on the replay. I back-heeled the ball and Cole just jumps up in the air and the ref gives a foul.

    “I think we are starting to see Mr Wenger’s comments starting to influence referees which is a shame really. Now we have to raise our game and ensure these decisions are not affecting the game.”

    Precisely what i thought.I truely feel for Fletch.Mr Wenger, though i do respect him and his team,was simply talking rubbish about Fletch after the gunners game at OT.At that time,you’d probably understand his agony of being the better team but still losing at OT.However i thought his comment on Fletch was total nonsense.I’ve not seen a more honest, hardworking and driven player like Fletch.Wenger’s comments are indeed affecting Fletch nowadays i feel.Well, even though i may agree that the gunners were the better side at OT,at least neither side cheated.Unlike the daylight robbery yesterday.

    So like what Fletch’s said,we’ll just have to raise our game and fire away.

  22. willierednut says:

    Always positive pal, on alan hansen i was watching mothd 2 last nite he said 3 defeats is 2 many for united which i thought was a strange comment, considering arsenal and chelsea have lost twice already this season. We hauled in the dippers from 10 points back so 5 points is nothing.

  23. Costas says:

    Hi everyone. Despite what went down this summer,i vowed that i wouldn’t make any critisism on our transfers until next summer. And i truly believe that Valencia,Obertan and Owen have done very well so far.

    That being said, i am sorry but we must not the lousy officiating mask our own recurring problem for the past year and a half. And that’s that we can’t kill teams off. Especially in these big games. In recent seasons, we have made fun of Arsenal being all pretty passing and no end product. Well that was us yesterday. It’s easier to accept a derby defeat when you play crappy. But defeats like this are harder to stomach. And this is a problem that could come back to haunt us later on.

  24. That Boy Neville says:

    @aig alex is god

    All the palyers you mention are worth considering. And shut up with the ‘calm down’ nonsense. It’s not as if City or Chelsea are runinng out of money. On the contrary new teams will start spending soon. Even small teams like Birmingham have money now and that will keep prices high across the board. We have always paid over the odds and set transfer records. The Glazers says the money is there to be spent and Sir Alex should have done so in the summer.

    Of course it would be extremly difficult, impossible even, to replace Ronaldo straight away. That dosen’t mean we should capitulate and settle for Valencia and fuckin Owen. We also lost Tevez, while Giggs and Scholes can not be relied upon as much as last season.

    You can talk all you want about the squad looking good, neither performances nor results back you up and you know it.

  25. The Binocular says:

    United didn’t get the rub of the green.

    Terry tackle was a clear penalty.

    However, Evans should have been sent off.

    Arsenal projected to score more than 100 league goals?

  26. Costas says:


    Hi mate. Fergie spoke his mind after the Sunderland game. But now he has to take it under the chin. The moment he questioned Wiley’s fitness, I knew that we would get biased refereeing from then on. And Fergie should have known that too. Nothing more we can do now. That’s the kabal known as referees…

  27. aig alex is god says:


    yes.i did criticise the team after the sunderland draw but we have to remember a few things.firstly we wont get everything our way.secondly because we are so sucessful the fa and everyone is jealous of us which is normal and it is affecting us to some extent.WE all know United are a big team and will bounce back.It is not about how much you support when things are going your way but how much you support your team when things are not all hunky dory that shows what kind of a supporter you are.thats why i hate some glory hunting fools who slate the team when things go a bit wrong

    I love is my passion.even if United get relegated i will support the club and think postive.


  28. Muggaz says:


    Well said mate, I said the exact same thing to a mate at the pub yesterday after one of the many occasions the lads tried to walk the ball into the goals a la Arsenal… Carrick should have put one of his shots on target, and it would have been nice for Fletch to score one, but we are severely lacking in that killer instinct that helped us destroy teams… after rinsing my Gooner mates for so long, it’s upsetting to see United play like this, and them score for fun!!!

  29. aig alex is god says:

    @That Boy Neville

    This is manchester United,not real madrid or Chelsea to pay over the top money for silly players.we make legends,dont buy them.just wait and watch as 2 or 3 players become world class in the next few years and United start dominating again just as Ronaldo and Rooney have done in the last few years.

    Remember what Maicons agent said.players whow ant trophies will join United.
    “One day it’s Real, the next it’s United and more recently it has been City. The player has already said he wants to remain at Inter. If Real or United knock at the door then that’s one thing, but City? What would Maicon do at City? Let’s not joke around…”
    Maicon’s agent was not too happy about his Brazilian international client’s rumoured move to City.

    shitty,birmingham will never be the club United are.players like maicon,etoo,kaka know its not about money,but trophies

  30. Gooner77 says:

    @Muggaz and @Costas

    Actually our problem has never been scoring goals, it’s been converting the number of chances we get. Even now having scored a lot of goals already we could of scored plenty more, Spurs should of been hit for 5 or 6 last week. If you look at goals scored last season we actually scored the same number as you lot, it’s just we let in a lot more.

  31. King Eric says:

    That Boy Neville – Tevez? Are you serious. Even the bitters are wanting shut of him.

  32. Corea says:

    @ Costas

    yes, it’s true. but Fergie is a human after all and he isn’t getting any younger. he knows he made the mistake and he apologized for that.
    this world is cruel and you have to have strong personality in order to survive. he has done just that all of these years and it is one of the reasons we’ve been so successful.
    i made one huge mistake in 2005 when i questioned him and i won’t do it any time again.

  33. Wakey says:


    I’m not questioning him, I’m stating what seems to be a fact that the ref fraternity is punishing United to get back at him stating an opinion

  34. King Eric says:

    I see that cry baby cunt Terry is saying to United and Arsenal “catch us if you can”. He reckons they will open up a bigger gap. Their arrogance and premature celebrating will be their downfall.

  35. Corea says:

    @ Wakey

    no offence, mate. just thoughts. we are here to change the opinions.

  36. Corea says:


  37. Costas says:

    @Gooner77: I wasn’t talking about the Arsenal team of this season. I think you have actually become more deadly this season. I think though that over the years Arsenal have been wasteful in front of goal despite the fact that they had huge amounts of possesion. A nasty habit we have picked up in recent months.

    @Corea: In 2005 i questioned him too. And i was ashamed to admit it in this blog. There is no doubt in my mind that he can get the team right. The problem i had was that he got into a war with the referees. He would never come out a winner in this one.

  38. willierednut says:
    Looks like wazza cud get charged this time.

  39. Corea says:

    @ Costas

    in the past Fergie always said what he thought of refereeing. maybe times have changed.. maybe he is getting older. but i can’t blame him for that. he is like he is.

  40. Corea says:

    And anothe thing. In 2005 i questioned him, in 06-07 season i felt ashamed of myself becaue he built the team that played great attacking football. it’s a shame that during the next seasons we lost the flow of our game. game by game.

  41. denton davey says:

    xavifamilia @ 4:49: “it feels cheap. referee-decided matches happen way
    more in football than in any other sport” – except, perhaps figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics during the period of Russian-dominated judging.

    I agree with your call for video replay – the amount of time lost for “goal celebrations” and “injury-related spasms” is more-than-enough to cover the time that would be spent on video replays.

    What I find even more shocking, though, is the absolute stupidity of the 19th-century offsides rule. It’s almost always “interpreted” incorrectly and, in truth, replays show that linesmen continually favour the defender which is the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to do. I favour a “zonal” offsides system like that used in ice-hockey – much easier to judge and has the added bonus of spreading out the field of play. But, realistically, it will never happen in my lifetime.

    So, the best sport in the world will continue to be tarnished by incompetent refereeing. I don’t blame the referees = they work under incredible pressure and are required to make split-second judgements. It’s an impossibility. That might have been justifiable in the 19th century when the players were “amateurs” and the stakes were low but now the game is a gigantic business and it’s simply idiotic to continue with outdated methods of refereeing when other sports have proved that they can change with the times.

    KING ERIC – I am not dissing Valencia but I would like to see Nani given simiilar opportunities to play on his stronger side when/if Obertan is given the chance to play on the left.

  42. Fze123 says:

    @ Ivan

    No, I am thankfully not thick and perfectly able to read the league table. I said what I said on account of the previous seasons. They might be doing well now, they started the season pretty well and are scoring plenty, but their players are young, lack experience, won’t be able to handle the pressure of competing for the title and have blown it before, so it’s likely to happen again.

  43. trevor says:


    To be honest do we all think fergie cares if the FA fine him or give him a Touchline ban?… I honestly dont think so!

    What the FA have to realise is that Referees are accountable also for their actions and decisions.

    For me i would have had massive respect for the Referee to come on Sky Sports review the incident and say.

    1 – I got a little caught out with my positioning and didnt move quick enough when ashley cunt got in my line of sight.
    2 – I didnt spot the Pull on Brown, If i had i would have given a free kick and disalowed the goal.
    3 – From The replay i dont think Drogba was offside and if the brown insident didnt happen would have given the goal.
    4 – Terrys pen Challange – Looking at from that angle i would or still would not of given a pen!.

    Refs are human and sometimes make mistakes, i really understand this. The FA talk about respect but for me respect has to be earned! Why should Referees not make statements after seeing replays! Why not own up to mistakes they have made. They dont have to appologise but at least acknowledge!

    I dont think goal line officals are the ultimate answer atlhough for the premier league and champions league and from the semi finals of our cup competition. I recon that we should have the ability to dispute 1 decision each match for each team and the captain or manager can use it….. Sort of like Rugby but limit them to 1 per match! – Even limit what they can be used for, bad tackles, Goals that where ruled off side etc…

    The other angle on this could be Goal Judges, who review each goal scored and determind if their is an infringment. Is it offside, Was the ball in… Then Display a goal or cumunicate this to the ref!

  44. trevor says:

    The main thing that really rattled me yesterday was the failure to add on 30 seconds for the Substitution in Overtime.
    We had 5 minutes overtime, chelsky bring on a sub and only 5 minutes were played!.

    I accepted that the ref didnt spot the infringment on Brown although not happy but these things happen from time to time. Some go for you some go against!

    I think the refs are against us at the moment. Although that Cunt Cole doesnt help but i will give him credit he certainly can act! 10 out of 10 for conning the ref for the free kick!…

  45. Squiddy says:

    What a whiner Brown is. If Drogba had gone down in the area as Brown did he’d have been slated for diving.

    Brown dived under a non-existent challenge. What a pansy.



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