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Wes: Foster’s Big Toe Kept Us In The Game

At 1-0 down, Ben Foster made an incredible save from a Robin van Persie shot which should have meant game over for United. I’d argue everyone had that sinking feeling of ‘this is a goal’ only to see the ball still in open play and not in the back of our net.

Wes Brown has today hailed Foster’s save and is chuffed with the great result.

“I don’t know how he stopped it,” said Wes. “He kept us in the game. I think he got his big toe in the way of it! He said at half-time that he felt he should have done better with their goal, so to come out and make some good saves in the second half was fabulous. We came out in the second half and got straight back at them. I think we deserved the goal that Rooney scored although we were a bit lucky with the own goal. But you take anything and everything you can get. It was a great ball in from Giggsy. I’m not sure there was any real danger – I think Diaby just misjudged it and headed it in. It was a really important win. With Chelsea winning early in the day against Burnley we had to keep that gap as small as possible. Beating Arsenal was a great result – we need to keep going now.”

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  1. Red Dave says:

    nice reaction save
    VDS would have saved arsharvins
    but im not sure he would have saved van persie’s
    swings and roundabouts
    dosent change the fact its the same old arsenal, always cheating

  2. BlackBabyJesus says:

    Exactly. VDS freaky long arms would have saved Arshavin’s shot no problem but I can’t see him making those super quick reflex saves from close range.

  3. Dark massiah says:

    VDS is tall and exprienced to save Arshavins goal in the match.Foster is doing great and he is Man utd’s and England’s future GK. But overall game he was great, Valencial was a bit dissapointing…..ummmm, Fosters rating from me is 8/10

  4. keano99 says:

    Any chance of haveing a word with the boss Wes and get us a creative midfielder by tomorrow because do we need one Mr Ronaldo papered over so many crackes in our midfield and everyone in the stadium on saturday said the same thing we have the best squad in the league but prob the 4th or 5th best starting 11 we are gona strugle away from home and lets hope we get more luck like saturday against the big teams. thank god for Rooney and Fletcher but dont expect any league title or champions league final this season because were simply not good enough and i feel like a right cunt being a red and saying that in august but its true.

    sorry had to get that off my chest really pissed off with our midfield.

  5. Macheda is GOD says:

    if only we could combine VDS’s long arms with bens reactions..

  6. evras left boot says:

    That was a great save . But he got two hands to arshavins shot and saw it coming for 20 yards , should have done better! Our midfield is seriously lacking and fletch cant be expected to carry it every week :(

  7. aig alex is god says:

    that was a instinctive save.brilliant reflexes.arshavin goal was hit with gr8 power.ben also has to improve his punching ability.some of them were shocking.he can make sme great saves but is poor sometimes with his decision making.anyways he is just 26.he wil improve

  8. alinaabbamancesterutd says:

    That gud reaction from Ben,u always improving.wish u the best.

  9. Mopbucket says:

    Even if we dont buy a new mid-fielder… SAF please drop Carrick and give young Gibson a good run…. @aig alex is god.. your so right he is only 26 and will improve.. he is a decent keeper…

  10. Costas says:

    Ben has fantastic reflexes. Given that he hasn’t played a lot, it’s understandable that he has a problem with high balls. I think that over time, he will learn to become more dominant in these situations. I think that by the time he is 29-30, he will be a complete goalkeeper. As far as Arshavin’s shot is concerned, i don’t think his hight was the problem. It just caught him off guard. So, maybe he needs to work on his positioning bit more. Casillas isn’t taller is he?

  11. aig alex is god says:

    @keano 99.those concerns are understandable mate.but dnt wrry SAF must have sme plan in his mind.thats why he has so much faith in this squad.hargo wil be back and running by the new year.that wil make the midfield look stronger and control these big games

  12. aig alex is god says:

    @costas.casillas is 6ft 1.ben is 6 ft not a major factor

  13. Sean says:

    Lucky lucky united

  14. Costas says:

    @AIG: Thanks for the info. It’s just a matter of experience then. Casillas played a lot of football early in his career. Ben has to do it now. I hope he can improve his kicking too.

  15. keano99 says:

    Hope ur right Aig its just very frustrating watching us create so few chances and being passed to death like that and the amount of stray passes from midfielders and wingers who get paid 80 grand a week and have the honor to wear the red shirt.

  16. aig alex is god says:

    costas.remember casillas cmimmg on as a sub in the 2002 champions league final.made sme gr8 saves to help real win.he has lived up to expectations since.ben has made sme blunders after that carling cup final wen he was praised so much.long time to go in his career though.sure he wil improve fast

  17. aig alex is god says:

    keano99.actually i m also bit wrried but i m sure we can get over this period.carrick and giggsy have had a massive dip in form since the inter 2nd leg last.ando has been poor for whole of last year.fletch on the other hand has gone frm strength to strength.hope carribk and hargo can hit top form and we can start dominating games again and creating loads of chances

  18. CROoney says:

    please don’t play this guy as the CB EVER AGAIN !
    so fuckin unreliable ! he made my heart stop like 3 times – with that disgraceful sliding tackle, and on 2 more occasions where he failed to deal with the cross – one of those occasions is on the picture above

    play him as the RB or don’t play him at all

  19. CROoney says:

    yeah – that occasions where he made that poor fucking pass – he always does it

    get 5 games per season as a CB, makes 3 blunders that makes your heart stop

  20. Jack says:

    brown was quality for me, not many defenders around like him who can play rb and cb and still play brilliant.
    our midfields fine in my opinion this remember aswell we did have giggs in there at the weekend..i would of preferedd anderson carrick flecther in the middle but we won so not bothered

  21. Tony Starks says:

    Yeah but he pushed a shot into the goal and looked dodgy at those crosses… Jury is still out I think…

  22. berbatov is a fucking rolls royce says:

    jesus, so much negativity and we are only 3 games in.

    @ crooney and keano99,

    i see your points but don’t you think you are over reacting a bit? we are playing a different style of football this year and its going to take 10-15 games to sort out the glitches (pre season doesn’t count for shit, its all conditioning and no competition) and build up new partnerships. so just take a pill and wait…………in SAF we trust.

  23. KVN says:

    I think that Foster will b a great goalkeeper, the issue here is first team experience, regular big match games,and confidence.this will take time,but Foster is a quick learner so he will get there.
    Where I am concerened is our good as Giggs was in the 2nd half he was poor in the first.Carrick for me was non exsistent. He really needs to step up.I feel Anderson is chomping at the bits to get on along with Gibson. Then there’s Tom Cleverley who will be as big as Gerrard.this guy can play and score goals and uses the ball intelligently.
    The positives I take is that we won playing poorly and especially in the first half being outplayed. I thought that the team especially in midfield lack creativity and tacticle discipline. We need to gel more and SAF needs to find a settled midfield .
    It was a game we needed to win and we did it.
    The players who stood out were

  24. Wazza says:

    Reflexes (check)
    Bouncing-back from mistakes (check)
    Big game temperament ( ______ – needs more big games)

    Consistency remains the only major issue for foster.. But since he’s never had a lot of games at the highest level, this is his chance and I’m more than sure he can replace VDS!

  25. CROoney says:

    absolutely wonderful save but he’ll never be our number 1 material – reminds me of barthez – capable of producing world class saves than conceedes to his near post or against opposition goalkeeper and don’t even get me etarted about his dealings with the crosses

    the other day he dropped the ball 2 times in the first 25 minutes – his failure to pick upo a cross costed us a goal against chelsea in comunity shield, the same thing saw us conceeding last season against sunderland’s kenwyne jones – unreliable and united must not gamble on that position

    besides – he’s 26 now, if he hasn’t learned to deal with the crosses by now he’ll never do it

  26. Sharath says:

    For me Wes didnt look upto the mark,
    may be few more games then he will be ok.
    We really miss Rio.

  27. Sketch says:

    No need to be so negative. Give him a chance. Yes i do admit he has made stupid mistakes but as long as he is improving thats fine. He should of done better with Carvalho’s goal but you cant really blame him, he was getting crushed by drogba so couldnt put enough force into punshing the ball further out.. but something you should be asking yourself is where were the defenders? Huh? Nani should of kept up with him and headed it out but he didnt unfortunately. What happened can not be changed so Get over it. Stop bringing on the past and get behind the lad.

  28. ji says:

    The one thing that is bothering me is that everyone is saying that Foster is young keeper. We may divide keepers in two types. Those that always make good decisions, have great positioning and can foresee what is going or happen more or less, and there are those with great reflexes. There are also diamonds that combine both (I would say Casilias).

    To the first type I would count VDS, Cech, Buffon to the other type I would say goalkeepers like Khan, Foster, Kuszczak.

    The other type with age are loosing the reflex, which makes them with every year more ordinary goalies. Can you all remember mistakes that were made by Khan by the end of his career. Yeah he had some MoM preformances but overall he had more worse days than better.

    Foster and Kuszczak both having some incredible reflex skills in my opinion lack the X Factor that makes them incredible keepers. They are really good but I don’t see them as long term no.1 at Man United (Kuszczak even less then Foster).

    We need keeper of the type that is 110% focused for full game. Cech was great example of that type at Chelsae when Murihno was there. Bored for 89,5 minutes and making match saving saves. When other teams attacked he was always looking that apart from the ball nothing else exist.

    The worse part imho is that I can’t see those super type goalkeepers (like VDS, Buffon etc.) The german dude (that was gosspied lately), akafieiev (how ever you spell it), and all other hot prospects, are those reflex type keepers. And I am not saying that they are not good, they are brilliant, but with each year reflexes will always fade more, and more.

    That is why at Man United I would like to see dominating figure like Schmeichel was and VDS.

    Sorry for spelling etc. Will try fo better next time.

  29. DanS says:

    Four games in and yet still so much negativity. Lets lose it and concentrate on what we have. Give Foster a chance. Give him the games until VDS comes back and let him build some confidence between our sticks.

    My last word on the Arsenal performance. The name of the game is to get the result you want – mainly 3points. That is what Utd got on Saturday – I’d take that against Spurs (in their current form).

    In Fergie we trust

  30. audiods says:

    couldn’t agree more with sketch here..remember 2 years a go when we ( again ) have a problem with our right back and how wes did brilliantly for the whole season??
    it’s not fair to judge him like that m8..give him time and support the lad..
    must admit i’m starting to like nani..he’s improving a lot altough still needs to improve his passing timing..he still likes to delay thing, just like ronaldo in his first 2 years at old trafford..
    in fergie we trust

  31. Buliwyf says:

    That was the best leg-save I’ve ever seen in Football. Top ten if you include Ice Hockey in this evaluation!


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