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Wes: Yorke And Welbeck Advised Sunderland Move

Much to the disappointment of lots of reds, Wes Brown left the club for Sunderland earlier in the transfer window.

Having played in just seven league games last season, Brown realised it was time for him to move on.

“I spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson,” said Brown. “I decided it was probably for the best that I moved as it didn’t look like I would be playing much this season. It has been a lot easier with John coming here. I knew some of the other lads here and Danny Welbeck was here last season. They told me what a great club it was. I also spoke to Dwight Yorke as well and since I have been here it has lived up to what everyone said.”

Brown was linked with Everton, amongst other clubs, yet Brown claimed former Manchester United captain, Steve Bruce, helped convince him Sunderland was the right club.

“A few clubs came in for me and I spoke to Steve,” Brown continued. “He is someone I have known for a long time as well and the way he wanted to take the club forward impressed me as well. I also like the players he was wanting to bring in and thought this was the right move for my future. Other clubs were offering similar deals and it would have been easier for me to stay in the North West but what Steve said helped me make up my mind.”

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  1. sahil says:


  2. Giggsy11 says:

    Good Luck Wes…..

  3. Rai says:

    Good luck again Wes. A fantastic player for the club. He’s big, he’s bad…..

    Oh and Sahil – well done

  4. Kings says:

    Good luck Wes. The signing of Jones sealed his exit. A great servant to the club and will always be remembered for his valued contribution to our success. Top lad.

  5. mattos says:

    im still sad you and john have left wes.. but i hope you all the best and ill always remember what you and john put into united. thanks for everything.

    ps. beat the fucken scousers on matchday one

  6. Kings says:

    Rai – Hello my friend.

  7. drizzter says:

    All the best wes on destroying chelsea, arsenal, citeh and liverpool next season

  8. bobkoh says:

    Thanks for playing for Utd & good luck! Just a teeny request:
    Be in the team & Sunderland to takes points off chelsea, l’pool, citeh & arse…that’s all I ask Wes..;>)

  9. Fred says:

    On topic (United):

    NFL to introduce a salary FLOOR in addition to the salary cap. Has this been posted on here? Apologies if so.

    “Eleven teams are at least $30 million under the NFL’s proposed salary cap of $120 million.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the way at a whopping $59.2 million and will need to spend $47.2 million just to reach the new salary floor ($108M).”

    I wonder what this means for United. :roll:

  10. coomy says:

    good luck wes now we need to replace him with another wes
    the wee wes crew rule

  11. Rai says:

    Hello Kings, and as our mate Cedars says….”afternoon all TRUE REDS”. It’s going to be very strange seeing JOS and Wes wearing another teams colours next season. I always thought they’d both stay until they were ready to retire. Obviously the Wes situation was different if we believe all the stories from last summer, but JOS was still trusted in many of the big games this season…still a bit surprised by it – but then again none of us could have foreseen Jones signing for us!!

  12. Fred says:

    Out of interest, $59.2m is roughly £36m. MOTWYW.

  13. 0161-Jon says:

    can’t wait for Sunderland at O.T. Hopefully we all give Wes n John a great reception and some of their songs.

    YOU got Wesley Brown,
    YOU got Wesley brown….
    YOU got Wesley,
    YOU got Wesley,
    YOU got Wesley Brown!

    Wish we still did :(

  14. Fred says:

    They’ve got Wesley Brown, they’ve got John O’Shea
    Sunderland is dreaming of silverware in May

    #ooooff! 8)

  15. 0161-Jon says:

    yes Fred love it!!

  16. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Say what you want about Sunderland being our B-Team, but like Everton, they’re doing shrewd pieces of business everywhere. Not only the United players they buy, but their other buys in general and the way Steve Bruce has built upon Roy Keane’s success is just incredible. Anytime I see them play, I genuinely want them to do well and it has nothing to do with the amount of ex-United players they have.

    Anyways, good luck to Wes and John. They are two true servants of United and have literally shed every drop of sweat they had when they played for us. It will be sad seeing them in another jersey, but I hope they do well nonetheless.

  17. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    “Basically I got a really nice pair of slippers and a boss pipe for Christmas and thought to myself- where can I make best use of em? Sun’lun fitted the bill perfectly”

    He’s STILL the hardest man, in all the town.

    Love him for that floated cross to Ronnie in Moscow and so many glorious crunching memories- 12 seconds of heaven for your enjoyment:

    Also, Jonesy, look back on some Wes footage after you got done on that header in Chicago and you’ll be fine lad.

    You and your golden-shred marmalade barnet will be missed, nice one fella.

  18. REDHOUND says:

    you’ve got to admire how reporters worm headlines out of prominent figures regarding this Sneijder stuff, all it takes is asking someone what he thinks of something and anything he says in the affirmative will give birth to a blaring headline akin to an endorsement. Henry appeared to have beaten the trap when he said that question wasnt for him, but he answered it and thats good enough. Even with scholes- Reporter- Do you want to see Nasri at Old trafford Scholes: I hope so. Next day-” SCHOLES HANDPICKS NASRI AS HIS HEIR”.
    I guess if they could get into the white house and ask a clueless obama about sneijder they could manage to get a headline like-”OBAMA-UNITED SHOULD SIGN SNEIJDER”

  19. smartalex says:

    Good luck Wes! Thanks for the memories.
    Beat our challengers, and pick up any trophies that we don’t win.

  20. kanchelskis says:


    That Brown tackle on fucking donkeyface Suarez was the one thing that made me smile in that L’pool nightmare match. Even Chico’s goal didn’t stir me. But that bonecruncher was fuckin sweet. It’s how I’ll remember big bad Wesley.

  21. Zibbie says:

    Cool the Pres wants him to Costas.

  22. kanchelskis says:


    Hahaaa! I nearly creased up in my office when I got down to the pic of Young. Wtf is he wearing?! Did he forget to pack his suit?

  23. Zibbie says:

    Wes had that good run at rfb and then he got hurt, O’Shea and Raffa stepped up and he barley got a sniff after that.

  24. Zibbie says:

    LOL and Evra with his style and his shoes are awesome.

  25. 0161-Jon says:

    some terrible tunes,
    some quality challenges,
    some even better late challenges,
    and a few goals thrown in from Big Bad Wes here:

  26. RedPharoe says:

    Still heartbroken to see those two guys leave. Wish them all the best at Sunderland…

  27. denton davey says:

    Time waits for no one – it didn’t stand still for BigBadWesleyBrown. He’s lucky to have found a golden parachute for the remaining years of his – sadly – unfulfilled career. He could have been great but all he has is two CL medals and a fistful of EPL medals and a few FA trinkets, too. Just imagine what he would have if he could have been healthy.

  28. Kings says:

    Rai – Yeah it’s definitely going to feel strange seeing Wes and Sheasy playing for a different club next season, seeing that they were both with us for over 10 years. Let’s hope Wes smashes that goofy cunt Suarez on the opening day.

  29. Fred says:

    @Zibbie, kanchelskis – Young’s outfit, deary me! Most of the watches are terrible too imho. Evra looks cool though. :D

  30. willierednut says:

    See ya, big bad! Give em hell up there. :)

  31. bayobuya says:

    @ Redhound
    -”OBAMA-UNITED SHOULD SIGN SNEIJDER” LMAO!!! Well said! And to think the whole summer we have been hanging on the words of these tricksters! Coz if I think of the number of times we have been frantically following such headlines hoping and praying to find a reliable source quoted. Anywhere IMO SAF has spoken nomore signings dont matter what headline I see from here on.

  32. TonyBee says:

    Shame he had to call the gaffer a cunt within earshot …..silly bugger would still be playing for us now…..

  33. smartalex says:

    As this thread is about Sunderland players, here’s something about Arsenal. The whinger seems set to lose Arshavin who has yet to taste any success with the Gunners since joining from Zenit St Petersburg in 2009, with United taking home two league titles since his arrival.

    The Russian, who has been linked with a move away this summer and is reported to be a target for Galatasaray, told Sport-Express: “First of all you have to ask Alex Ferguson about the secret of the victories.

    “I think Manchester United have everything (to win) for 20 years – the players’ quality, the team spirit and the psychology of winning.

    “In the team one can discover the mixture of young and seasoned players and also Alex Ferguson’s strictness in how he builds his team as he thinks it’s important.”

  34. scan74 says:

    all the best wesley batter that donkey teeth twat on the opening day mate!

  35. mdimec says:

    I wish you all the best, and I hope you do well and play regularly.
    Good Luck we will miss you

  36. GGR says:

    All the best Wes and John you will do well with Steve Bruce…..


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