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We’ve Won It Three Times

Both available from Mancunia Merchandise for £9.90.

19 Times

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. hesselbom says:

    Not really in the mood to buy that one right now…

  2. Ali pee says:

    thats pretty shit considering the scouse bastards have got it 5 times..

  3. Mahesh says:

    Really? Really?

  4. lil' k says:

    not a good time to see this

  5. mladen man.utd says:

    I m not SO impressed ……

  6. Arindam@KOL says:

    stupid timing

  7. Jim says:

    Ali pee, don’t forget…..nobody died

  8. Jim says:

    But, agreed, poor timimg

  9. gez says:


  10. Robbinhood Savage says:

    i would rather see 19 stars on the shirt with the tagline- ‘knocked them off the perch!’

  11. Red Devil says:

    hey people chill…

    If you dont like to see this right now, then don’t see it and comment…
    Wasn’t the headline of the post clear enough? Why did you come to read this if you dont like it?

    Scott has a website to run and business to do…Sheeesh!

  12. Poello Gauteng Sa says:

    Football is lyk that: u loose some draw some and win some. B t i wil never 4get this FINAL ALL OF MY LIFE…BT I LOOKED at the bettr side. Wayne Rooney, i salute u ma bra…we gonna be stronger than ths year….bt things wil get better next year..

  13. Whiteside says:

    Yeah this is some kind of self-deprecating shit. Three times is nowhere near enough for the great Manchester United.

  14. forever red says:

    I totaly agree with Red Devil

    We HAVE won it 3 times and the english league 19 times (once more than anyone)…………we ARE still the best in England and at LEAST second in the world.

    Nothing wrong with the timing, just stating he facts!!!!

  15. time says:

    If you want to be better than Barcelona then you need better players. if you think gibson, obertan, bebe, carrick, park, scholes, giggs, anderson, are anywhere near the same level as Barcelona’s midfield or even real madrid’s midfield then your crazy. moderic, schnieder young, sanchez we need all four

  16. ed says:

    Bad timing.

  17. ed says:

    @ time

    Wow, never thought of that: United need some new midfielders.. who knew?

  18. Legolas says:

    I hate the context in which people are referin to Giggs and Scholes. ’37yr old Giggs’ cant match Iniesta or Xavi, not Giggs. and they are better because they have better support from ‘world-class’ players!!

  19. Zulu-Malta says:

    It is the nature of the Tshirt that is wrong coz with those 3 E.C. L. Cups there should be another 2 Champions of the World Trophies with them. We are falling for the scoucers arguments when we don’t mention them coz those are major honours that the scoucers never won and they will never win ! 19, 3+2. wether they like it or not !

  20. Greenhoffthegreat says:

    A newbie here (but a regular reader of this blog, and I remember those ” You Will Never Win the League Again” taunts ). Zulu-Malta makes a good point. United is the only British team to have won World Club trophies , and is also in an elite group with AC Milan, Inter Milan and Sao Paulo to have won both versions (Intercontinental 1999 and FIFA 2008). Oh, and if this trophy ” doesnt mean anything” , ” is worthless “etc, why was Steve G crying at the end of the ” means nothing “2005 World club game …Its great that two of our three ECL cups have World Club Champion crowns…

  21. Norbert Bugeja says:

    the scousers won it 5 times… we won it 3 but how many World Club Cup did they win…were the scousers ever called WORLD CHAMPIONS in their history ….no…So each time a scouser says that they won it 5 times…we can simply reply that WE WERE WORLD CHAMPIONS TWICE they never were …..


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