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What Do Liverpool Fans Think Of Owen’s Return For Carragher’s Testimonial?

It was announced several weeks ago that Michael Owen was planning to feature in Jamie Carragher’s testimonial at Anfield and the press have picked up on it today. The match is set to be played at the beginning of September against Carragher’s boyhood team, Everton, who he supported whilst on the books at Liverpool.

Owen was booed by his former fans when he returned to Anfield with Newcastle, so it came as no surprise that was turned up a notch when he went back as a United player.

So ol’ Mickey will be donning the scouser’s shirt once more, much to their disgust no doubt.

Tony from Anfield Red had a chat with us about Owen’s imminent return.

“Owen won’t get booed this time around,” said Tony. “It’s about Carragher and his testimonial, anyone who aims anything at Owen will get told to shut the fuck up. It will be strange, he left 6 years ago, had a decent season at Real Madrid, then went to Newcastle where he had a torrid time, but he’s lost the respect of so many Liverpool fans simply because he went to United. There’s no doubting his input to our successes in the early 2000′s, but to sign for your biggest rivals is a no no. It’s the same with Tevez going to City – he won stuff at United then rubs it in your face, although its worse with Owen, he knew all about the rivalry etc before he did it. You’d never see Giggs, Scholes or Neville sign for Liverpool.”

Owen will know he’s got the possibility of facing a lot of stick but is showing up for Carragher regardless. Does this make any difference to feelings for Owen?

“No, Owen can do one now; you don’t sign for your biggest rivals.”

They’re not overly impressed over at Red and White Kop either.

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  1. Evratheking says:

    Who cares what murderer fans think! I personally
    booed own all last year but more because I don’t think
    he is united class and would prefer welbeck&kiko,little pee
    to get a chance! Hope he gets injured again which is pretty
    much a cert!

  2. Anon Payn says:

    Mate, you just made Sir Matt turn in his grave with that one. Grow a pair.

  3. HayleyWakkawakka* says:

    as a united fan… im glad he played in carras testimonial today! he was and still is a LIVERPOOL LEGEND regardless of where hes played elsewhere. When he played for liverpool you could tell his heart and soul was in the game and the club. He did drop a huge bollock leaving.. but thats something he will possibly always regret!
    However im glad hes at united now because to have someone like michael owen playing in your side… with his history etc… you cant knock it… perhaps owen just thaught… my careers coming to a hault.. i need to go somewhere where im going to win something… and at the time he joined… only united were really winning anything! so you cant blame him.
    Because tbh even tho he tries at united… he dosent play with pride and passion like he did at liverpool… regardless of age.. i think liverpool will always have a special place in his heart!


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