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What do we have to do…

…to make Old Trafford be like this again?

Realistically, what are the options to allow Old Trafford to return to the noise levels of a Jumbo Jet taking off? All football stadiums are quieter, and even the Liverpool Echo conceded last season that the home of the ‘best fans in the World’ was dead last season and even their fans agree.

Football has changed now and so have the people walking through the gates at Old Trafford. So working with what we’ve got, what can we do?

1. Singing sections

Enforce two proper singing sections, in the Stretford End and Old Scoreboard End. Only fans wanting to sing should be able to get tickets here. If one end starts a song, the opposing end can follow suit, and hopefully drag the two stands in between along with them.

2. Song sheets

Each week there will be people coming to Old Trafford who have never been before and maybe won’t ever return again. Whether we like this or not, it’s going to happen. If song sheets were left on the seats for songs like the Calypso then maybe these people could at least join in with the singing and raise the noise levels.

3. Standing sections

There’s no denying the atmosphere is a lot more lively when you’re on your feet. Whilst I’ve heard some fans complaining of stewards chucking them out for standing, there are already some pretty lenient sections of the ground where that is concerned. The atmosphere against Barcelona last season was hailed as special, and that was a night where large sections of the crowd were on their feet for the last 15 minutes or more.

When all the stadium problems occurred, they were decrepid old things. If stadiums pass quality checks, then why not allow standing areas. Even if the seats are still in place to stop crushing, just being allowed to stand would make a difference.

What else?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. james f says:

    Mmmm, not win the premiership for 26 years, perhaps? It’s the thirst for success that drives fans to shout louder.
    Impressive video, though. It should be shown to everyone questioning our fans.

  2. FailsworthDevil says:


    I was at United v Arsenal game at OT earlier this year… and one red was chucked out by the ‘Nazi’ stewards as he was trying to get everyone going with the songs… yeh he stood up…. yeh he was making lots of noise(good).

    What was he actually doing wrong that was deemed as dangerous?? Nothing at all……….

    I remember going in the Stretty Paddocks as a 10 year old, and climbing over into the Stretty End… blokes used to help us over … and and my mates were well looked after !!

    The atmosphere and noise used to give me goosbumps down my neck.. still get them now thinkin about it… these are the days we need to get back to… when OT was a Fortress of Noise, never mind it being the Theatre of Dreams… the noise would actually carry a ball into the net…

    Something needs to be done… to hell with Trafford Council… David Gill… the top man he is… and he does have the best interests at heart of united… unlike that prat Kenyon… needs to be putting it to Trafford Council at just how much revenue they get every year from United… and they need to be a little more relaxed with how we are in the stadium…

    There just isnt any noise from North and South Stands… there needs to be more… Keano was right about the Prawn Sandwich brigade…

    To sum everything up……. United isnt a day out… its a religion… its life…..and OT needs life … without the fans being suffocated about Health and Safety… the real United fans breathe, sleep, talk, think, United… let us do that in our home…

    Come on United !! Come on the real fans!! Come on Trafford Council… let us turn our home back into the fortress we once knew it !!

  3. Haakon says:

    I’m a die hard United-fan – from Norway. I try to get atleast one match each season, and I really love the culture of the supporters. The first time I was over and experienced the atmosphere at especially the Blaize (even though its quickly becoming a tourist attraction), it really got both me and my mates. I knew a couple of songs, but far from all of them – and its not always easy to hear what the lot is singing. Asking around, you’d always get the words though. Many of my mates are true Reds, however, not all of them know the lyrics of the songs.

    Handing out songs sheets would be perfect for all those global Man United fans who come over to Old Trafford occaisonally, but dosen’t know the words. Believe me – many of them wanna sing, they just doesn’t know the words!

    As you mentioned in this post – its a fact. Even though they’re (we’re) not born and bred a Mancunian, many of us are born red (my whole familiy of 4 uncles and 3 aunts, 10+ cousins, grandmom and grandpa are United-fans), and we want to support United.

    Song sheets for the global United fans might be commercial, and break with all traditions. But in my humble opinion – I think its the way to go.

  4. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I think you’re on to something with those singing sections alright, but I would think that The Stretford End and the East Stand (certain sections) are already decent, and the real problem is the rest of the ground. If there were maybe 15 or 20 sections of 500 hardcore fans that wanted to make noise for 90 minutes, scattered through the North Stand and the South Stand, that would get the whole ground rocking. Thats only 10,000 fans, out of the 50,000 odd that we’re talking about in those two stands, I dont think thats being too optimistic. But something needs to be done, especially for the less ‘glamourous’ games. Theres nothing worse than getting stuck in a quiet part of the ground with 2 or three mates, and when you turn around and attempt to get something going, theres 1000 faces looking at you, half amused and half disgusted, but not interested in starting anything. At least if you could gather up the 4 or 5 lads here, and the 7 or 8 lads there, and get them together, that’d definitely help generate more noise. It should be Barcelona 08 every second week, and we’d scare the living sh1te out of the aways…

  5. Robin says:

    Those singing fans are a lot cooler than spectators in Oasis concert.

  6. BESHER says:

    unfortunetly i cant see the video youtube is forbidden in my country but i guess Standing sections is the most important i didnt now that u arenot allowed to stand (i thought the fans were too lazy to stand) well i cant imagine sitting in a staduim to sing for my time it’s not a theatre.
    also i noticed that not alot of ppl wear red to games that’s bad making the stadium all red would be nicer .
    the thing that i dont know if u have is that we have few men get paid by clubs to make all the fans sing and not let any one without singing that really works every man takes a section and makes the fans sing >

  7. FailsworthDevil says:

    I like your style Besher…… why dont we just flog the people that dont sing.. !!

  8. badger says:

    Definitely introduce standing sections! Funnily enough I had the same thoughts about the song sheets, the day trippers need some encouragement so telling them the words to the top chants/songs could help?

  9. BESHER says:

    well FailsworthDevil a lot of times police intervene to broke fights between ppl that dont want to sing and ppl that r here just to sing for the team

  10. Riisboll (DK) says:

    I promise you guys, that when i get rich enough to buy the club from the americans, the first thing i would do is to lower the ticket prizes and invite all the old fans back.

    and then i will do something offensive towards the city scums

  11. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    The song sheets would be something that could easily be posted up on a website that any United fans could go in and print out, and maybe have a video link like the one above with songs being sung in maybe The Blaize, or from The Stretford End. They could be printed out and on any random home game handed out to the United fans that need them. Even get the official website have a link to the page, and recommend people to it. It might seem a bit sad or whatever, but ANYTHING that helps the atmosphere inside OT must be at least discussed…

  12. Scott the Red says:

    We’d get a lot of “Oh look, United have to hand out songsheets to get their fans singing” but to be honest, I don’t really care HOW we get the volume back in to Old Trafford. It’ll be harder to mock us when we’ve got the loudest ground in the country. The potential is there with all those seats.

    There have been games over the past few seasons which have really impressed me… but it shouldn’t taking playing Barcelona or Liverpool for it to get like that.

    PS. I’m glad nobody suggested bringing in a fucking drum! :)

  13. Kunal says:

    Or a recorded noise over a PA system…

  14. FailsworthDevil says:

    Why dont bring in a drum Ha Ha :0)…..

    I wouldnt mind though but we are the only club with any decent songs… and its just a shame we cant get everyone to participate in the stadium, coz the humour in some of ‘em is mint.

    Thats it we can ask the Glazer’s for a cut on sommat they can merchadise….. “ULTIMATE UNITED KARAOKE”

    Track Listing

    1. My Oh My, To be a city fan…..
    2. Busby Babes Calypso…
    3. Anderson Song
    4. Take me home United Road
    5. Build a Bonfire..
    6. Park Ji Sung Song
    7. We are United the cock o the north
    8. Vidic Song
    9 When Johnny goes runnin down the wing.
    10. Berbatov Song “F*ck Off City”

    Could do it with East and West Stand (This is the vocals)

    And then with North n South Stand (No Vocals inc)

    … im sure the yanks would go for it !!

  15. john says:

    lol failsworth, no viva ronaldo :P

  16. FailsworthDevil says:

    lol…. we can hold the viva ronaldo, until United Karaoke Classics vol.2 is released…. we can see if he deserves to be put on the list then mate, :0)

  17. Drew Vader says:

    I’ve stumbled across a few matches in the German league recently and have been very impressed by the fans. I am sure that even though they have large sections of fans standing, and jumping up and down like mad, that people aren’t getting crushed every week. Premier league clubs should look at the german game for some lessons on safety I guess.

    The last Bayern game was on recently and the crowd put OT to shame. There was one end behind a goal that looked fucking awesome as the whole section was jumping up and down in unison, all in bright red and waiving flags, it looked awesome.

  18. Daniel says:

    Yep I sat in the Stretty Tier 2 for Barcelona last season, we stood the entire 90 minutes, was the best atmosphere I have ever experienced at OT. It was like being at an away except on a much larger scale. Old Trafford needs more nights/days like this.

  19. FailsworthDevil says:

    I reckon we should still a bed of nails to every single seat in OT… that way if anyone does sit down, it wont be for long and they will be making one hell of a fuckin noise then lol

  20. FailsworthDevil says:

    “Stick a bed of nails”…. ffs my spelling is shite today

  21. socamad689908 says:

    The most recent game for me was the 3-2 against Milan, Scholes flick and Rooneys goal the whole stadium erupted. the whole game the East stand stood and sang, my throat was gone the next day.

    Less corporate tickets.
    More affordable tickets.
    Standing areas, it encourages you to sing and get more animated.
    Dont agree with your song sheets idea on match days, maybe the club could produce one and put it in the one united packages etc.

    Part of the problem is getting people excited about Boltan as much as Barca. the comment about the noise getting the ball into the net is right.

    Interestingly Kaka said in anews conference sometime after the game that the atmoshere that night was incredible.

  22. socamad689908 says:

    We are one of those teams that you see now and then
    we often score six
    but we seldom score ten
    we beat em at home
    and we beat em away
    we kill any bastards that get in our way
    we are the pride of all europe
    the cock of the north
    we hate the scousers
    and cockneys of course

  23. An Irish MAN UNITED FAN says:

    sing for your team
    sing loud
    sing proud
    sing with heart
    sing with passion
    sing with history
    sing with the future
    sing with the champions just
    sing with safe standing

  24. Red-Manc says:

    Singing and Standing sections are the only way to get the atmosphere back to its best.

    if people dont know the chants, we could have them engraved onto a sheet of gold and it still wouldnt make them sing. people will get to know chants over the internet/pubs/in the ground, stretford end is always bouncing and 99% of the time is standing same goes for the East stand but north and south stands need to wake up id put a singing/standing section their to help the atmosphere because the Stretty and east stand dont need any help.


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