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What Is Confident… Where Did This Ronaldo Go?

Remember that geeky, spotty teenager that came to Old Trafford in the summer 2003?

Whatever happened to him…

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  1. Messiah says:

    Awww bless him, the c*nt. Ahh I remember them days, where Reyes was supposed to be the better winger, to be fair, he was very good, Wenger just couldn’t handle him, imagine Ronaldo at Arsenal, Wenger would’ve caved him and sold him for like a tenner!

  2. jsos says:

    Odd to think this is the same person.. it does confirm for me though that we just need to wait for the final decision rather than keeping ourselves on edge – boiling blood over his supposed departure and lack of gratitude. Look at him after the Champions League final with the lads.. he’s so happy there.

    And now, we wait 3 more weeks while he’s on holiday. I really think CQ will be the man to sort this, tbh. I’ll try to hold out (too much) judgement til then

  3. Tom F says:

    Good ol’ Gary Neville! Legend.

  4. james f says:

    CR was just a teenager back then, but Gary Neville was already a Red Legend!

  5. Greek says:

    …talk about his English improvement, you’d think he’s lived in England for 10 years now


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