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What is Solskjaer thinking about?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has gone from strength to strength since retiring from playing football, firstly when in charge of our Reserve team and then as manager of Molde. The Norwegian side had never won the league before his appointment, a stretch going back 100 years, but they won it in both of his first two seasons at the club. At the end of his third season, in November, he won the Norwegian Cup.

It is no surprise that Solskjaer has gone on to make a success of his managerial career as, by all accounts, he was a great student of the game when he was still playing. He used to take down notes after every training session with thoughts of a future career in management already on his mind. Sir Alex Ferguson revealed he kept Solskjaer on the bench because he was such a great reader of the game that he could be brought on with ten minutes to go and expose the flaws he had witnessed from the sidelines.

United fans will dream that one day Solskjaer, our hero, will return to Old Trafford as manager. However, before that’s possible, he has to have a bit of Premier League experience.

It is likely that Solskjaer has been offered the same advice that Sir Alex Ferguson has offered others he is close to. In his autobiography, he reflected on a conversation he had with his former number two, Steve McClaren, before he went in to management.

What I told Steve was: you should make sure you get the right club, the right chairman. Essential. Always.

Aston Villa were keen to appoint Solskjaer as manager but the timing wasn’t right with the commitments he had in Norway. He reportedly also didn’t feel that the right structures were in place for him to make a success of his time there either.

When he was first linked to the job at Cardiff, working for Vincent Tan, you presumed he would have more sense. This is an owner who changed the club’s colours from blue to red, who storms the dressing room to have a dispute with players over bonuses, who tells the manager he wants the players to be instructed to shoot from the half-way line more often, who is keen to sign players with the number 8 in their birthdays because that number is lucky in Malaysian communities, who sacked their head of recruitment and replaced him with a 23-year-old who had been at the club on work experience and was friends with his son (before leaving the club after it was revealed he didn’t have and couldn’t obtain a work visa), who joined in the booing of the team after they threw away a 2-0 lead late on, and who the fans protest against on a weekly basis, amongst other things.

Solskjaer’s former international team mate, Jan Aage Fjortoft, took to Twitter to dispel rumours of the Cardiff job: “I have been told that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘will be picking an owner, not a club’.”

This afternoon, after attending Cardiff’s defeat at the Emirates yesterday with Tan, Solskjaer was named their manager. “It’s a fantastic challenge for me,” he said. “Cardiff City are ready to take the next step up, I hope I can help them. I’ve always dreamt of being a manager in the Premier League and I’m delighted to get the opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the challenge ahead. I’m going to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the club.”

Solskjaer then confirmed that Ferguson’s hadn’t instructed him to turn down the Cardiff job, but had given him some advice. “He has wished me the best and given me some good advice as he always does,” said Solskjaer. “I had a good conversation with him. It it absolute nonsense [that he told me to turn down Cardiff].”

I’m just so desperate for Solskjaer to come good and have a great career, that I can’t help but feel gutted he’s taken on this position. Maybe he believes that Premier League jobs are hard to come by and he can’t afford to let this opportunity with Cardiff to pass him by. He might be right, but at the rate Premier League managers get sacked, he surely could have attracted a better club than this. Tony Pulis, Paolo Di Canio, Ian Holloway, Martin Jol, Steve Clarke, Andre Villas-Boas and Malky Mackay have all lost their jobs at Premier League clubs since May, so there’s a regular opening in this country. But maybe he is thinking that this situation is win-win for him, as if he fails then he will be forgiven, as nowhere could do a good job under Tan, and if he succeeds, then his stock rises all the more, for doing a good job with a ridiculous owner.

Still, whatever reservations we may have over him taking this position, it’s undeniable that it’s great to have him in the Premier League, the sixth former red from Ferguson’s team to do so, and his return to Old Trafford with Cardiff in a few weeks will be special for us all.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Also whilst you may laugh and you may scoff at him coming from Crewe, belive me Dario Gradi at Crewe has one of the best reputations for developing young players in the entire country. Every club wants to send their young players to Crewe for that very reason, Although hes now stepped aside as manager after 20 odd years their, beliveve me he was coached by one of the very best at a young age!

  2. John says:

    Tommy says;

    “I mean he clearly knows more than Moyes haha ledts be honest whether you like the man or not Moyes knows more about football than me, you or any other United supporter that mate is the truth!”

    Mate, so whats the point of debate, discussions and expressing opinions here??…You can defend Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis and so on as well with same DESPERATE line of defensive statement, if they were the “Chosen” instead of Moyes!!!..

    Now, you may put forward same DESPERATE defensive statement to put forward Fergi’s choice moyes!! What can I say to you is even with Sir Alex Ferguson as our manager, we didn’t win everything every year..He did sign players those didn’t live upto his/club expectations..He as well made mistakes tactically sometimes…My point is NOBODY is perfect and moyes is just one of those mistakes imo!!

    Mate, your point to defend re tactics is well addressed in that article itself and I can paste links here to support my point if you want.

    Being one of the good posters here, I hope you come up with better way to defend moyes! Because that DESPERATE way proves that THERE IS JUST VERY FEW or NONE!! Except HOPE!

  3. John says:


    The key point is not whether one loves/likes or hates/dislikes David Moyes, it’s NOT the point, it never never will be!!

    The key point here is:
    Is David Moyes the right man for the job? Is David Moyes the man who can be trusted to live upto the expectation said by SAF which is CONTINUITY? Is David Moyes the right man for taking us to the next level?

    How you analyse above key point then?…@Tommy below is the way:

    Whats the football philosophy, style of play did David Moyes adopted in Preston and Everton?

    How much he adapted his playing style based on the varying circumstances he had on those clubs?

    How did his team EVOLVED in terms of the vision laid down by David Moyes?

    Whats the VISION of David Moyes?

    Was the change/adaptation of playing style at last 2 years in Everton just coz he might had got the whisperings from Fergi he is the next united manager? (for the record, I honestly believe had we not lost the title on goal difference to City, SAF would have retired then!)

    What TYPE of players he signed at Everton during his about 1 decade tenure there? [ You have to look from his early years till the end.

    Has David Moyes team EVER won against the TOP CLUBS away from home in Primere League?

    How many trophies has David Moyes won in his time as a manager?

    What was the excuses he threw regarding the lack of trophies and PLAYING STYLE? [Transfer budget and thus forceful adaptation was his excuse!]

    What he did when he got 30 millions?

    Who he Signed for what position he said he was signed for?

    How is his style of play after whole pre-season and after 20 games in 1st season as our manager?

    How he deals with media?

    Bottomline is:




    Thing is imho “Manchester United Football Club and David Moyes is like a round hole in a square peg’. The reason is we are bringing someone as our manager and expecting and hoping and waiting for him to change and become on par with the level of expectation of our club when we can/could bring others with same stature but with lot, lot better vision than him!

    A proverb comes to my mind:


  4. John says:

    20 LEgend says:

    “Maybe im the only one, but im strangely optimistic about this team. We were on the back of a good run, comprising of unlucky defeats to Everton and Newcastle(where we had to play a makeshift spine), 5 good victories including a great win at Hull who had let in only 3 goals at their home prior to that, a determined victory at Norwich, and the game against Tottenham where we put in a really good performance and couldve easily won with a bit of luck. Its just a case of Glass half empty or half full. Looking forward to the next game…”

    Mate, its NOT a case of Glass half empty or half full, it is just called the ” HANGOVER of Fergie era”!!
    You just need few lemons!!

  5. John says:

    Tommy says:

    @Mark Hamer

    I thought it was more of an assault than a foul, anyone else but the keeper and its a straight red, simple as that, awful decision.

    It was a bang on penalty! However, isn’t it getting boring to come up with such excuses after every draw or a defeat?

    For you @Tommy:

    Read this slowly and go through the article I have pasted the link for above once more:

    “A fourth home defeat of the season has left Manchester United languishing in seventh place in the Premier League and the title defence in tatters. While David Moyes blames the referee and fans look to new signings, Adam Bate wonders whether the manager’s tactics are the real problem…”

  6. John says:

    wayne barker says:

    “IamMatty you’re a troll and a fucking idiot fuck off.”

    hahahahahaha, No surprises there! Thats how people defend David Moyes and are up against destruction of MUFC with long term agenda playing a true red!!

  7. John says:

    goat08 says:

    I think that the old guard does not have inner motivation to give 110% for Moyes.

    It is not that they don’t want to. He dose not lite that fire in them to get blood-lust.

    Or (I underline that this is highly unlikely but I just write this as a scenario – highly unlikely scenario) the older guard does not like new training methods and is just not giving their best. All of us would under perform if we would have cool boss that would spark fire in team preparing for next project and then new boss would just make you work as in all standard companies. If I am correct there is more running and working without the ball under DM, players said that training are harder – what is even worse harder trainings do not come back as great performances.

    Having on mind that RVP once said that it is great working under Rene I am willing to believe that he is not happy under Moyes. There is this great technical player that has great control over the ball and new boss is making him run more without the ball.”

    BANG ON!!

  8. martin the nairobian says:

    sometimes i wonder whether some of the posters here have ever been on the football field ever in their lives due to some of the stupid comments posted here.
    How anyone can say we dominated spurs is beyond me.
    Imo domination involves restricting a team to their own half,creating countless chances from open play,keeping possesion in their final third and your goalkeeper having nothing to do the whole match.
    What i saw vs spurs was hoofing of the ball forward at every opportunity,a million attempted crosses aimed at no one,only hope of scoring was from a setpiece if not for januzaj’s moment of brilliance,keeping of possesion in the centre circle and in our own half.
    Zero attempt was being made to play the ball through the middle when u have players like kagawa and januzaj who thrive centrally.
    Moyes philosophy seems to be pass to valencia and hope.

  9. John says:

    wayne barker says:

    goat08 don’t address me you fucking tit and don’t address Utd as us there’s no us you plastic cunt

    wayne barker says:

    IamMatty I’m not getting involved with moronic troll cunts like you when was the last time you was on the blog before the loss?

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Absolutely PATHETIC BULLY TACTICS by people who love moyes as a person and don’t care about the long term future of Manchester United!

  10. John says:

    iamMatty says:

    “Normally I wouldn’t stoop as low as humouring ur retarded games, but surely even inbred like you could do as much as to check the statistics post where u stupidly suggested that tony.V’s crosses were the best thing since monseiur beckham’s, and even took your stupidity to new heights by blaming our attackers for not making the most of tony.V’s masterpieces. Wasn’t that a few hours before the spurs game? yes? now how stupid do you feel?.
    Its cos of thick imbeciles like you that opposing fans credit other good united fans as been stupid and arrogant.”

    SO TRUE! Couldn’t have put it any better!

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WilliamAr – development of a player comes in different stages. Your idea is a player’s development ends at 18 or less but that’s false, it carries on beyond that depending on the buying club. When bayern bought thiago and if they had felt he was not yet ready despite the fact he is 21 (let’s be honest, that could easily have been the case, bayern have a very strong central midfield) and was farmed out on loan, that would be a continuation of development to his understanding of play physically, technically and mentally. United bought powell as an 18 year old, he was playing regularly at crewe, it was up to united to either stick him straight into the team or wait.. They decided he needed regular game time in order to push on and be ready.. That in a way is development, it is powell gaining more experience and being prepared for the big time.. Yes he has gone past youth development but parts of his game at 19 and into his 20s even will need to keep evolving, progress is never over. All clubs have different philosophy and united have always bought potential in order to develop them in a different manner, ronaldo from sporting a prime example.

  12. John says:

    Also, another point I would like to say “STOP IT AND COME UP WITH SUPPORTING REASONS INSTEAD OF VOMITING VILE HERE” to people who accuse True Reds here by calling glory hunters/trolls/plastics and so on (tbh these are Low Life People!) just because those innocent and honest and selfless posters are thinking about the long term future of Manchester United FC and are NOT interested on love affair with David moyes like some low life people here…

    Thing is even if we had Roberto Martinez doing like in Everton and us in 5th position right now ALL of us would have compromised few barren years because the vision is visible, the philosophy is progressive and appearance in media is optimistic of Roberto..Its not that fans are impatience just because for trophies…ITS JUST THAT SOME FANS ARE WORRIED WHETHER OUR CLUB IS ON WRONG HANDS NOW!! THEY ARE THINKGING ABOUT LONG TERM FUTURE OF MUFC AND WORRIED!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!

    David Moyes may prove us wrong because Fergi is still in and around the club and its ok, I am going to eat my words as it will be good for United!
    However, will Felliani prove us wrong as a central midfielder because Paul Scholes is still in and around the club?????????????????????????
    SELF-SAME CASE WITH MOYES AS A MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. iamMatty says:

    I’d dare to put it too you mate that powell is as much of a prospect as januzaj if not better.
    When a player is sent to the championship, he’s not there to do stepovers and flicks, but to develop physically for the gruesome demands of the english game. A player that fergie described as the natural heir to paul scholes, remember he scored a belter just minutes into his debut, that was even faster than januzaj did. The problem is that we always seem to forget the other one when the new flavour emerges. You seem to have forgotten alll the praise he got for excellent mature performances he put in at difficult away games in europe last year. Not taking anything from januzaj but right now powell is ahead in development. When he was 18 too he was carrying a team of thugs to promotion in the big stage of wembley in the most physical league england has to offer. You think the championship is a stroll in the park? Maybe you should ask new english messiah ross barkley how hard he found it there last year, lad couldn’t even get a game there. If powell develops into what his technical and physical prospects suggest then we may have the closest thing to a complete midfielder we have ever had. Lad sprays them 60yards, has the vision to thread defences open, can score with the head, both feet, 40yard scorchers, can hold his own physically, defend, attack etc. He was already getting first team football before the major injury took the last half of the season from him.

  14. John says:

    asktheking says:

    “main thing- January has started and yet there is no sign of us signing any player. If this remain like this come Jan 31st, I for one wont mind provided we sell some dead woods. Yes I am asking Our club to cut some players without adding one.”

    “Now to Top 4. Mark my words we have a good chance of finishing in top 4. We lost to tottenham because of two mistakes. That has happened many times this season. We can do it. ”


  15. WilliamAR says:


    again you’re re- wording everything i’m saying. as I said earlier, yes clubs do develop players into their 20′s, so no it’s not my idea that development ends at 18. what I said was, (read carefully) the BIG teams of WORLD football, DO develop players into their 20′s like every club in the world but they NEVER BUY a player approaching 20 to develop. It’s only us that seem to try and do that. so there is something not quite right there. the reason for that is simple. lets use the examples we’ve been talking about. Januzaj for example was bought at an age where he could learn the philosophy of our club in terms of football as well what it means to be a man united player. that takes a minimum of 2-3 years of development. we bought powell in contrast to the idea of developing the united way. we bought a guy who was at the age where he should’ve at least learned what it means to represent united, instead we buy the guy and give him no time to even do that and loan him out to a championship team because we was not at the required grade to play in our first team. that’s not development of a player into a clubs philosophy. the guys barely wore a united shirt. United are regarded as one of the worlds super powers of football and rightly so but we seem to be the only team up there that would buy a players with powel’s HYPE to practically immediately loan out and not learn the ethos of the club. you buy players of powel’s age and HYPE to deliver not develop, same as neymar goetze and thiago. I understand fully about the development system of teams and I also understand why clubs at certain levels and standing in world football BUY players at certain ages.

  16. John says:

    Tommy says:

    @I am matty

    “What I meant about Moyes nothing more than us is hes managed for a decade in the premier league on a shoe string budget with barely a penny to spend but got Everton consistntly top 7, you dont do that if your not more knowledgeable than the fans, If we knew more than him it would be us managing in the premier league.”

    Mate, is that enough requirement to manage MUFC??…Everyone who is more knowledgeable than the fans is good enough to manage MUFC??…Why are Evertonians happy now and sung “you’re sacked in the morning in OT” if they were loving the football served by Moyes??..May be it was just financially good for the club and it will be self-same here with Glazers provided we atleast finish 4th every year?…

  17. WilliamAR says:


    no offence but physicality has nothing to do with it. Januzaj is pretty light and hardly physical, he’s just better. and i dare say he’s getting a better education and learning curve at our club than some championship team. also as I said to @samuel, januzaj was bought at the right age to develop and mould into the way united play also what it means to be a united player. Powel hasn’t really had the time to do any of that. he’s barely worn a united shirt in comparison to adnan. The picture that I’m seeing is different to you completely. powel was bought at an older age and hasn’t really been given time to learn all things united. they’ve basically looked at him on arrival and said, we understand the HYPE but he’s not quite ready for us, so instead of him learning to be a united player they send him to championship football where he’s still no idea what it means to be a united player or a premiership player for that matter.

  18. 20LEgend says:

    @ iamMatty

    United DID play well against Everton and shouldve got something out of that game just as Tottenham. Even the Everton fans think so. As for Hull, we scored 3 at a place where no other team managed more than 1. As i said, its just a case of seeing the bright side.

    You said – “For a club with shoe string budgets moyes should have surely had everton churning out local players and talents, but instead 95% of his teams are still foreign players. They martinez relies on loan signings, hahahaha I’d need to sheet of papers to write down moyes’ loan deals too. Anybody remember pienarr? he got him on loan TWICE!, vandermeyde anybody? Landon donovan that almost singlehandedly gave them europa league football 3yrs ago? Graveson back from madrid? Etc not to even start on the free quality players fergie gift wraps and sends to him almost on a yearly.
    In his 11 years at everton the only players from the academy to come into memory would be wayne rooney and jack rodwell. . .even at that its highly debatable to give him credit for wazza’s development. His grossly overhyped ability to produce young talent is a myth.”

    So according to you all clubs with a shoestring budget should be churning out youth players? Then why dont all the clubs from the bottom half of the Premier league till the 4th division do that? They all should be full of players that light the world up with their potential right? Its not at all easy producing youth. It takes time, patience and immense belief and determination. If it was that easy, Sunderland, Hull, Norwich, etc wouldnt have gone out of their way to spend so much and buy so many players.

    As for the players Moyes has deveoped from the Everton academy – Rooney, Barkley, Rodwell, Osman, Hibbert, Vaghan(career sadly ravaged by injuries at an early stage), Anichebe, etc.
    Not so bad for a manager whose ability to produce youth is overhyped isnt it?

    Nobody minds loan signings as long as they are just pieces of the puzzle here and there. Fergie himself signed Larrson on a loan when we were desperate for a striker. The thing is, Martinez’s Everton’s entire spine is made up of people who wont be there next year. Again, not saying he’s a bad manager, but its difficult to envision his team next year when they lose 2-3 of their best players. The thing which can pull him out of trouble would be very shrewd calculated signings(Like Rodgers at Pool) for which he is not very well known for. So their next season is entirely down to his activity in the transfer market.

    Im not even going into the “95% of his teams are still foreign players” argument.

  19. John says:


    I think the pilot of Twin Otter may learn to fly Boeing Aircraft but it takes lot of training, study, practice and time as well…

    But the thing is there is something called SIMULATION sessions in fly schools that they teach a LOT before the student is allowed to enter the cockfit and make trials with real aircraft with captain/tutuor on the side.

    The thing is moyes could have proven himself in club like Tottenham size first, won few trophies and come to Manchester United after having won something…i.e. after SIMULATION of whats coming next..

    However, he has come directly to Boeing Aircraft from Twin Otter and although Captain is there, the co-pilots like Mulensteen isn’t there and now its risky situation here!!

    To make it clear, Aircraft won’t crash, however, Old Captain may have to eat his ego for the sake of Aircraft!

  20. 20LEgend says:

    @ John

    Mate youre just spouting nonsense on here. There are plenty others who arent believing in Moyes but theyre giving reasons why. And all you can come up with is “you just need a few lemons” or “Fellaini is not as good as Scholes” or “PATHETIC IDIOT”. Its just utter crap. Atleast tell me why you disagree with any post in a sensible way will you? They would try and explain it back to you.

    @ Wayne

    Absolutely spot on mate. I wondered at the beginning of the season about how many of us were gonna jump ship. Theres quite a long queue.

  21. 20LEgend says:

    @ WilliamAR

    Agree and disagree with you. Agree that physicality is overrated nowadays and disagree on the Powell topic. Powell was bought by United at the age of 18yrs, the same age as Ramsey and Gibbs went to Arsenal and Walker went to tottenham. Real Madrid bought Varane at the same age for the future. Half the season through, they saw his meteoric development and started to play him more.

    United sent Powell out on loan to give him game time. If he stayed here, he might have gotten games here and there but he would have had to wait in line behind Cleverly, Carrick and Fellaini. It was a better idea to send him out so that he gets regular game time, just as we did with Tom Cleverley and Welbeck. I think United value him very highly and are being vare careful with his development. It spoke volumes when Sir Alex himself called him the next Paul Scholes. Gotta agree with Samuel on this, each player has their own rate of developing which is probably the only reason why Macheda is still at the club, as Italians are traditionally late bloomers.

  22. John says:


    Mate, I don’t put statements like unlucky defeats against Everton, Newcastle and Tottenham here as the excuses and accuse others of spouting nonsense here to others when the stats clearly proves others…
    Mate, I am not full of myself and deluded to proclaim myself with much sense and vomit true red agenda here when facts clearly doesn’t support me:

  23. John says:


    Look man, the thing is every team have to put up with injuries. However, don’t tell me the team we put up against Tottenham, Everton and Newcastle wasn’t good enough to get a result.

    I don’t know what you are on about but sometimes it is good to give other team credit as well and look at faults on ourselves and try to acknowledge and correct them..Don’t forget it is already a game more than half a season.

    As for jumping ship, judging by the delusional comments you come up with, I think you are of those digging hole on the ship you claim to be itself!
    Try to get realistic man!!

  24. John says:


    squad to choose from

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WilliamAr – Powell hype came whilst playing league one football, you cannot compare him to mario gotze and neymar
    Who have played more games and have in a way proven their capabilities at an higher level and have pushed on further both development wise and experience… Like I said, it was up to united to deem powell ready or not for their first team (in my opinion, I would drafted him earlier) and clearly and with the injuries he had at the time, they felt he should go out on loan and play games which is what improves a player’s game and he’s doing that really well on loan in a competitive league. I think he will return ready to step up and be an integral part of the united team. Regarding januzaj being better, I would point at ravel.morrison who westham could easily have put in their first team but he was sent on loan to continue developing certain parts of his game and maturity. Same goes for paul pogba, juventus… A big european club bought him aged 19, it was up to them to send him to torino or whatever but they deemed him ready straight away.. Same goes for united and its ways of progressing players.. United tend to take players in as some form of project and they try to progress them towards the first team, this is united’s method and perhaps it isn’t similar as others but it is the way.

    My point on powell is, just because he currently is in the championship on loan does not neccessarily he can’t push on ahead of a januzaj, nick could have easily sat on the bench at oldtrafford and getting less games or go out there and improve.. He has gone out to wigan and is becoming a better player.. His development may take a while but no reason to say he can’t be a top player down the line.. All the attributes are there. Januzaj on the other hand had a lot of things his way, with his contract drifting towatds an end, moyes had to sweeten him up and get the deal done plus the lad showed quick progress on the pitch.. As i’ve said, all players improve at different rate.

  26. United says:

    John, hear hear! Absolute belter of posts from @John! and @20LEgend, go suck up to moyes you crazy deluded cunt! you must be the utter tosser the way you stood up for that bully from canada when everyone here knows he is vile animal. Fuck off @20LEgend.

  27. John says:


    Whats up mate? How is Tromso?

    Thanks mate, but not getting into personal E-war here with deluded keyboard warriors who try to gang up and pick fights..

    Anyway, you are free to do so, however! LMFAO

  28. Marq says:


    I have a better example. Beckham was sent out on loan to Preston, and he came back well and truely ready for United’s first team.

    And I think you have to look at Spain to have a better comparison of how youth players are through. The likes of Xavi and Inesta were in the Barca B team before upgrading to the first team when they were around 18~19yrs old, and this B team is playing in the equivalent of the Championships. So in a way, sending Powell out on loan to the Championships is an exact replica of how Barca is bringing through their youths. Considering the EPL is a physically tougher league, I would consider a young player coming through when they are 20~21, as just about right.

  29. WilliamAR says:


    that is exactly the point. why on earth are we buying players too close to 20 if all we’re going to do is loan them out. most footballers at his age are getting to the point where regular football was what they want, just ask paul pogba. secondly why would we buy a player that age with all that hype if they hype is coming from league one football. are they trying to tell us that they didn’t scout thiago or lucas moura for years and either one of them had a better pedigree on the field? If we bought powel at 16 i’d say fair play buy we didn’t, and making a project of a guy at his age which is further along than youth football is ludicrous and bad judgement. as clearly pointed out, united does have a different method and maybe it’s time they started looking at the current model out there that works the best and as far as i can see, bayern and barca have a better policy for development. buying a guy close to his twenties and hoping he becomes a good enough player by sending him out on loan to lower league football without having properly tried to make him a top player by giving him no experience at all at the top level, especially for a club as big as united is nothing short of flawed and backwards thinking. we bought phil jones at a young age to play in our first team and we’ve reaped many rewards from it as he’s done a bloody good job to be fair to him. If we buy top quality over this window and the next I can’t see how Powel will break through with no experience. given our current situation i would be surprised if we don’t buy some quality players, which makes powel’s job even harder to make it at a club of our size, that’s why big clubs tend to buy players at powels age to deliver and not develop. We got luck with the class of 92 having so many gifted young players in one go but since then have we really produced anybody anywhere near as gifted? no not really but we do try to produce which is good. but that can only happen when you buy players young enough to develop properly and not when they are nearly in their twenties. pogba bought to produce, morrison bought to produce, goetze, thiago, neymar all bought to produce. all at the general age between 18 and 21. to develop you buy younger.

  30. 20LEgend says:

    @ John

    Im definitely giving credit to the other teams. Im just saying that those games couldve very easily swung our way. We definitely deserved to lose the games against City and West Brom. Southampton deserved to draw against us. Nobodys making any excuses. Just focusing on the positives.

    Also why did you put up the links to the Tottenham and Everton game stats? Nearly all the stats there emphasise our dominanace.

    @ United

    Speak what you want, but nearly everybody in Manchester is supporting our manager, singing his songs at Old Trafford even when the team is down, giving unconditional support. I sure am happy there arent people with your mentality at the stadium.

  31. WilliamAR says:


    i’m not saying loaning out for experience is bad, beckham was a developing product of our youth system so it’s not the same as buying a guy at an older age and then practically straight away loaning him. that’s two different things. recruiting at a young age locally is very different to forking out money for a player at an older age.

  32. Tommy says:


    Rules in England are different to Spain/Germany, If you want an English player to join your acaademy you have to be from an hour from the training ground, Forgin players can be signed no problem but the days of signing Beckham from London into the academy and Carrick going to West Hams academy are over so basically we dont get to chose the best of the young talent anymore

  33. WilliamAR says:


    yeah thats true and thats why spain and germany are favourites to win the world cup and the big spanish teams and bayern are favourites for the champions league. The FA need to seriously get real with their rules if they want to produce the best players again.

  34. iamMatty says:

    Hahahaha people singing his songs? Hahahaha Deluded!!! And making up non-existing facts to backup up daft arguements.
    Maybe we sing his name when we leaving and trooping out of the stadium 7minutes before the final whistle.

  35. John says:

    20LEgend says:

    “Also why did you put up the links to the Tottenham and Everton game stats? Nearly all the stats there emphasise our dominanace.”

    haha, mate, does it shows we were unlucky not to win, however?…It was fair result, isn’t it?..You just have to look Possession against Newcastle and no. of desperate crosses we put in against Spurs to look at it was fair result..Thats the point of it!!

    Don’t forget it was at OLD TRAFFORD!! ,,All three matches you claim to be we were unluck!!

  36. United says:

    @20LEgend….me thinks no lovely feelungs is their either. n the resun of not boo is sir fergu senti bcase of which even I got senti senti. how fool I was? You are a bit of dirty cunt, aren’t you @20LEgend?
    d way u poke ur nose into @wayne barker ass n tried to smell it says it all about u n y u stick into Davey moyesy? U lieing about manchester love story to Davey is false. R u gay partner of moyes who comes to ur ass after every lossings?

  37. Marq says:


    Yea, Tommy answered it. We can’t go after kids below 16 who live certain distance away. I’m not sure have they removed that stupid rule, but it is seriously a stupid rule. That is like telling kids you can’t go to school because there is non near you, too bad for you.

  38. Tommy says:


    You could argue that the rules in place to stop the bigger clubs stealing lower league clubs young players, ceertain clubs and Crewes the prime example survive on producing home grown players and selling them for a profit. If you take that away from them a few clubs could go under

  39. WilliamAR says:


    yeah it’s a shocking system. but on the flip side to that we do scout very young players all over the world so the potential to make our own team produce great players is still fairly high. it’s crap for the england national side but united are such a big club that attracting young players abroad shouldn’t be a problem.

  40. WilliamAR says:


    yeah it’s a fair arguement but at the same time you could say that the people who own football clubs at any level chose to go into business and it’s the same in all busness. The FA don’t owe football club owners a living and it’s really up to them to invest in order to grow their respective businesses. the money they get from big clubs for young player could be reinvested into a better product. to be able to really be successful you need to pay the people qualified first and make success, in this case the players and coaching staff of the respective first teams. look at city and chelsea, they have gone from no history to investing and becoming very successful. sure that’s at a higher level but everybody has to start somewhere like all businesses and that’s exactly what football clubs are epecially in todays world. if you ask any kid in the country if he’d rather develop at his local team, say port vale for instance or have the chance to develop at man united i think pretty much every kid would choose united. a classic example of that would be darren fletcher. he was asked as a boy to sign for rangers even though he’s from dalkeith near edinburgh but he opted for united instead and he has come on and scotlands national team are a better team with him in the side.

  41. goat08 says:

    Isn’t there also rule in England that you cannot have longer training for youth than couple hours per day?

    If I recall correct I think I read somewhere article that something like this is in England and for example not in Spain so their youth system has more time preparing and training youngsters.

    And since this is development period and learning comes easier and you “program” good movement and skills techniques youth is better developed because of such rules.

    But not sure and can’t state the source.

  42. Marq says:

    @Tommy @WilliamAR

    Well, it may be true that some clubs might go under if big clubs are able to poach teens, but other clubs will fill its gap. Not that I am heartless, but this is a business more than a sport, so if some clubs are unable to survive, then that is the reality of life. If the FA wants progress for the England national team, it is not about having 100 academies across the country training up their own kids, it is about having that good 10 that produces quality.

    Case study. Spain allowed B teams of clubs to play in their 2nd tier, and Germany have clubs’ B team in the 3rd tier, both cases, they sacrificed some smaller clubs that could have held those positions to fit in the big teams’ reserve.


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