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What Makes A Football Supporter

Manchester United supporters have been spoilt over the past couple of decades. You go to Old Trafford expecting a win, regardless of the opposition. You start the season in August expecting at least one trophy come May. In the 20 years since Sir Alex Ferguson’s first trophy with us in 1990, the only seasons we haven’t won something are 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2005. Do we have stupidly high expectations? Yes, of course we do. Rivals fans can blame that on arrogance or whatever else, but the reason is we have become accustomed to winning something almost every season.

Now, I am not pretending I have never heard our fans give the players stick or boo the team, because I have, and it embarrasses me. This season against Sunderland, for example, we went in 1-0 down at half time. The whistle was met with some boos from around the ground, which I found hugely shameful. Thankfully, a chorus of “we love United we do” was sung in response sharpish as the players walked to the tunnel, with far more fans understanding what the role of a football supporter is. Six minutes after the restart, Dimitar Berbatov scored.

You aren’t always going to like what you see at your football ground, regardless of how much money you’ve paid, but as a supporter, your job is to support the team.

Charlton Athletic finished 7th in the Premier League six seasons ago, just 7 points away from the top four. In the season just gone they were in League One and finished 4th, 11 points off top spot. Still, they drew an average attendance of over 17,000. A season tickets can cost £425 at The Valley.

Nine years ago, Leeds United were playing Champions League football. In the season just gone they were in League One and drew an average attendance of over 23,000. A season ticket can cost £480 at Elland Road.

A season ticket at Old Trafford for next season can cost £513, to put in to perspective just how much these two examples of fans pay to support their team.

If you pay for your ticket, are you paying for your right to boo if your players don’t perform? Your hard earned wage goes on spending the best part of one day of your weekend on a ticket for the football, whilst the players you are watching play earn several times the amount you earn in a year in just one week. The best doctors in this country earn in a year what Wayne Rooney does in a week.

Yes, the money in football is ridiculous, but then, the money football brings in is equally ridiculous. Our Champions League win alone in 2008 saw us collect £80m and Ronaldo earned £5.3m from us that season. So yes, footballers earn stupid amounts of money, but believe you me, the clubs can earn a hell of a lot more. But more often than not, when the team doesn’t play well and the fans moan about how much money they’ve paid to watch that performance, it’s the players they whinge about, on their massive salaries, not the clubs for ripping you off… or in the case of England supporters, the FA.

Last night, England put on a truly awful performance against Algeria and finished the game with a poor 0-0 draw. They now have it all to do in the final game of the group and may not get through to the next round, where they would have to play either Germany or Ghana. Let’s be honest, even with a few beers down my neck and “Vindaloo” playing full-blast through the pub’s speakers, there wasn’t much to enjoy about what we saw yesterday. With Rooney, the only player I was interested in, playing like dog shit and his team mates following suit, I was left wondering what on earth I was doing there.

The City fans were calling Rooney a twat, the United fans were giving as good as they got reminding the bitters that Rooney was their only hope and slagged off Shauny Wright Wright Wright and Gareth Barry, and everyone called Lampard a fat bastard, Terry a Chelsea rentboy and Gerrard a scouse bastard. Mmmm, one big happy England family. The anger and frustration built as the game went on and more alcohol got drunk. When the final whistle went there was total disbelief. As if England had played that badly and as if they couldn’t even come close to scoring against Algeria.

We carried on drinking and I milled about until I found company more willing to talk about United’s debt than England’s woeful performance and then I got a call. “You see what Rooney said after the game? Had a pop at all the England fans who were booing!”

I hadn’t heard any booing, although it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that’s what England fans had been doing, but I couldn’t quite believe that Rooney had openly come out to criticise them.

England fans will believe that because they’ve travelled all that way and spent all that money, they have the right to voice their displeasure at such a dire performance. I totally agree they have the right but it depends how they view their role as a “supporter”. I ask of them the same I asked of the individuals who ripped Berbatov to shreds at Ewood Park last season: what are you trying to achieve? Is booing the players going to make them play better? Are they playing like shit out of choice but now you’ve booed them they are going to make the choice not to play badly? Or are you totally demoralising them? Are you making them angry and frustrated and like they have nothing to play for? If their own fans hate them so much, then what is the point?

I sat in my seat for ages after the final whistle following our 4-1 defeat against Liverpool the season before last. Maybe I was just stunned or numb, I’m not sure, but there were quite a few of us around. We had applauded our players off the pitch and sung of our love for them, despite the agonising feeling that losing to your rivals, and possibly gifting them the title, brings.

“I am disappointed with the behaviour of those so-called fans,” said Evra after being booed off the pitch for France following their defeat to Nigeria in a friendly a few months after that Liverpool game. “They should be supporting their team instead of whistling. Manchester lost a big game at Old Trafford against Liverpool 4-1, however the fans still applaud us off the field. They understand there are off days in a football team’s life. After that defeat we won the league.”

Rooney’s outburst will be criticised. They’ll question his professionalism and they will wonder whether he is in a position to talk of the fans this way. But the point is, Rooney was subjected to something he is not used to. He played badly, likely saw the fans shouting all the abuse that comes with playing badly for England, and was booed off the field. At United, he is untouchable, but last night he experienced something pretty shocking.

I for one applaud what he said. England fans are out of control. If they want to boo, that is their right, but they will contribute to their own team’s downfall. Maybe that is what they want? Maybe they enjoy having something to bitch and moan about? But if you sit there booing your own team and slagging off your own players, don’t expect them to come out fighting for the shirt in the following game. I’d love Rooney to score in the next game and stick his fingers up at those mugs in the stands. Really give them something to boo about, lad.

Alternatively, just retire from International football and leave them to it. We’ll sing your name louder than ever next season because we appreciate you more than that lot ever will.

Being a football supporter doesn’t mean you never get fed up with your team and you’re never critical of your players. You obviously don’t become a robot stripped of emotion but you should be able to bite your tongue and get behind your team. If England’s campaign ends at the group stage, then booing the players off in that final game against Slovenia is more understandable, whilst still not a tact I would go for with my team. But to boo them now is madness. That is not a motivation to do well. When England go home, whenever that may be, the players and the manager will be blamed, but it is those fans out there, who’ve paid a shed load of money and who paint their faces, who have contributed to their own team’s demise, which surely totally contradicts their role as a football “supporter”.

United fans have high expectations, put in place by the all the trophies we’ve won, yet it is a rarity to see such a negative reaction from our fans. No set of supporters is ever perfect, but by and large, we get behind our lads, regardless of the performance or the score. The recent 4-1 defeat at the hands of Liverpool is a prime example. You look at England fans, whose team have won one trophy ever, and that was 44 years ago, and you think why do they expect to win. Why do they demand such highs from a team who have repeatedly disappointed them? Yet whenever the team fail to meet their expectations, they boo and berate them. Can you imagine if England lost 4-1 to Argentina? To Germany? Our ears would be ringing for days following those boos.

Regardless, we love you Wazza and like Ferguson has spoilt our fans with success, we’ve spoilt you with support. So, White Pele, come home soon and let us remind you what proper supporters do.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Linvoy says:

    Interesting read from paddy evra. Wonder who the rat is?

  2. willierednut says:


  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    come on Mexico I mean Ireland

  4. Fze123 says:

    @ GoatinaUnitedShirt, thats why England’s football on international levels will continue to look inferior to the football played by weaker but more technical sides, which results in disappointing in big tournaments. The bullish outlook is a problem and won’t change. There is a need for acceptance that other european sides produce better talents because of superior youth development. There are quite a few young players who have natural talent but others who aren’t naturally gifted but have physical attributes must be coached on technique. After what we saw from England this WC and previously, the development system is crying out for a change.

  5. Fze123 says:

    @ Linvoy, it’s definitely Henry. He is the bully and the leader of that pack.

  6. Linvoy says:

    I agree it’s gotta be Terry Henry…

    … The leader of the Rat Pack

  7. sprite says:

    Nah, don’t think it is Henry.. He is a twat I know, but I really doubt he’s the traitor..
    My gut feeling tells me Gallas.. he is prolly ur man Evra. He or Henry, atleast…

  8. Costas says:

    Henry. It was the only way he was going to get a start in this tournament.

  9. sprite says:

    good point, Costas.. Didn’t think about that… of course, this will give him a better chance of starting.. I thought Gallas could be bitter since he lost the C. to Evra.. So imo it could be either really..

  10. Bajan Red Devil says:

    Has anyone else heard about the rumour that Ribery and Gourcuff threw fists on the plane after the Mexico match? Supposedly the coach wants to build the team for the S. Africa game around Gourcuff. Why don’t the majority of the players like Gourcuff? Is it becuz he don’t like banging 18 year old prostitues? Anyway i think it is Gallas or one of the quiter ones in the squad. The French set up is a soap opera and i’m enjoying it. Hope the Irish are too!!

  11. Fze123 says:

    Apparently Henry and either Anelka or someone else, were persuading Domenech to drop some players (Gourcuff, Govou rumourdly ) and pick them instead. Maybe Henry betrayed Anelka by encouraging Domenech to bring him off against Mexico, which happened, and then after the game things got violent between the 2, then Domenech decides to send Anelka home… my scenario for this issue. I cannot believe how corrupt that team is!

  12. rooney the new king says:

    Fze123 – you said all of what I have been pissed about, barry lampard and gerrard sum up of how the english coach their players. and compare those 3 with xavi iniesta and fabrigas and see how they develop their players.

    also on MUTV when england beat mexico I was shocked when paddy said mexico were awful did paddy watch how mexico knocked the ball about brilliantly. I thought mexico outclassed england on the football side of things they passed england to death, england got lucky mexico struggled to cope with set piece goals, and look at englands goals? very much stoke and bolton type goals, no quality just set piece goals where they hoofed the ball, the english coaching are a a complete shambles they are a disgrace, and there should be more debat on these subjects, ppl criticice barcelona but they are the heart of the spanish national team and they win titles, yes many overate them but would we have any complaints if we were developing players like they do not a chance, we would be bragging on how we develope so many talented players.

  13. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:


    Im not totally with you there when it comes down to England not producing enough talent and that the continent are in definition streets ahead. I mean look at Scholes, he has the talent and expertise that easily rivals Xavi of Barca. Despite all of Englands bullish attitude we also have another problem and that grumpy old moaning shitheads. How many here play football in the back alleys or a quick kick around in the road anymore. 40 – 50 years ago there was never a problem, no its not the kiddy fiddlers aas they thank god are few and far between its the bloody old and disenchanted who need to whinge at everything. I used to play football on a green just down the road from where i lived and an ex copper didnt want us to kick the ball around because it made to much of a thudding sound. When we rightly told him to piss off he called the rozzers and they moved us on. A park for playing football wasn’t even being used to play football. There are too many fuddy duddies that have fucked up England with their intolernace and general anti social attitude, claiming that the slightest noise by youngsters is anti social. On the continent its generally excepted that kids will be kids. Thats why they have developed skills, because they are allowed to play. Acuracy is made possible by using a small garage door, controlling skills is possible because you dont want the rebound to hit the neighbours car, keepy uppy is developed because their isnt enough room to swing a cat, head tennis and trapping the ball was common place at the end house in the street.
    Today its all Gucchi fucking hand bags and frapacockingchinos.
    The bullisattitude wasn’t a problem in the past and a good combo of toughness and skill was always englands strength but now we have to pretend that we have more skill than we have just so fernando poofta doesnt get too hard of a blow when tackled. In my world he shouldnt be fucking 7 stone and 5ft4. Its not in the Duncan Edwards spirit this namby pamby football. I mean if we arent alowed to tackle then there is a legal injustice that women arent allowed to play with the men as long as they are good enough. I say Stuart Pearce gets up from his sulky look on the bench punches Fabio in the fucking gargoyle face and takes control. First job take Gerrard off and fucking rape him for all to see.

  14. rooney the new king says:

    GoatinaUnitedShirt – paul scholes came from an era of by gone when clubs were very much british and there were far more players coming through, we know scholes is class but its not him we are talking about when he has near;ly 2 decads of football behind him, scholes is the dying breed like giggs.

    Compare england’s squad of the 90′s and compare it today they do not even compare, but FA’s disaster choices of england managers after italian 90 was a complete joke which never served england justice on the talented players they had at their disposal, and you add the corupt path the english game has gone down the chickens have come home to roost, until our english game is sorted from top to bottom, from outrages money contracts of all levels like? the TV contracts, too much wages given out, building your clubs entire future on staying on top which could see the clubs bankrupt if they faill too perform is unexceptable, and dodgy owners who are destroying our clubs and even the game itself, then we may never see a talented english team put out again. Too much money has turned england into a talentless squad with only a phew exceptions.

  15. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Im not one to believe that money is the root to all evil. The talented players from abroad are under exactly the same influence, Juve, Milan, Madrid and Barca all splash the cash. The only difference is they wouldn’t pay a cunt like Gerrard 100000+ pounds per week. To be fair a lucky champions league final and a league cup or two does not warrant a wage that should be reserved for those that have won leagues, and world cups with their countries.
    Your right when it comes down to the list of rediculous english managers weve had down the years. It never ceases to amaze me who gets pulled out of the hat next time round a no hoper fails. I wanted Brian Clough but then thats going back a bit, lol. I think it was funny Capello wanted to talk about his future and secure his contract just before the world cup started, he obviously knew something the money grabbing bastard.

  16. Fze123 says:

    @ RTNK, agree with you. In that game, Mexico set a general example of good football being played – good composure and control, comfortable on the ball, accurate and neat passing, unhurried buildup etc. I honestly think if they had certain finisher up front from the start he could have put away their chances and they would have been able to win the game. There’s little talk about this topic because I assume the common belief is that players like Xavi and Iniesta got to where they are now solely because of their talent – without being coached excellently under a exemplary system they wouldn’t have got to where they are now.

    @ GoatinaUnitedShirt, my point isn’t about how England don’t produce enough talent – I was stressing the need for an imrpovement in the system/structure of youth development, so the players produced match other european players qualities in terms of technicality. Someone likes Scholes doesn’t come about very often, he is a very rare jewel. I don’t think the combination is there anymore, the toughness is the superior attribute in an average England player now. You’re spot on about the old whingers, ephebiphobia is very common amongst the eldery, sadly. Kids can’t play football on the streets anymore, cars parked left and right and neighbours always complaining. The advance in technology played a big part in this too, kids are now more occupied with TV and X box. They don’t fancy a kickabout every now and then, lazy generation this.

  17. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    I think a relatively simple and effective way to sort out or help sort out the problem of dwindling interest in the game is for sports centres to organise indoor football drop in times. Just come along and theres bound to be others interested in a kick about. But I have never once heard of the possibility of playing the worlds game at your fancy, when you want. It always has to be an organised thing and if half your mates cant be arsed then its a no go. Im 35 now and i would love to just drop in at my local sports centre and play a quick half hour or hour when it suits me.

  18. rooney the new king says:

    GoatinaUnitedShirt – in the premiership unlike others, owners are using loop holes to buy clubs on tick like united so pressure to win is more greater so academys no longer are a priorety so owners and tv money are the big problem. But coaching at academys are a disgrace add FA’s rule that where you can get players then thats another problem facing england.

    one player all england fans should be shitting themselves is not performing is wayne rooney and this is why? he looks misreble, tired, he looks talentless on the field and there is nothing left in the engine of wayne rooney, the key factor that makes rooney the player he is? is energy, which gives him that drive to go box to box, he has non of that which says too me? his injury in april could be the critical factor in the terrible form of rooney in the world cup, he has never been right since his injruy, and if injury is not the problem? this is my final theory, he is not happy, is the england midfield formation, the wide players, and players positioned of not giving him the ball, because he has not got valencia nani scholes to deliver him the ball. And is the entire set up of england with capello’s italian style also pissing rooney off which does not make england a fluid system, where its one dimensional and inflexible, where its too ridget and outdated when you see some of the top sides in the world cup.

    Also david james interview was a fascinating interview which give everyone the camp is not right.

  19. rooney the new king says:

    Fze123 – there is something at barcelona that gets these players through. xavi and iniesta have been coached on a certain structure because its now more than average coming through at barcelona, especially when we see how fabrigas has developed no way did arsenal develope him it was barca, now messi rooney ronaldo they I feel were self taught ,obvious barca helped get messi strengthened, but these 3 are so damn insane on a individual level its how they see the game their style.

    these barca players all seem alike apart from messi on how they come through, stunning on the ball take the sting out of the game at key moments and find ways of opening teams up at devestating ways when on form. exactly how spain and barcelona play the game barca’s blueprints on how they play the game has been in affect on spain for years, very diverse very simuler almost identical, has for england they cannot pass the ball no matter what the ball is, ful backs pumping long balls and even united’s CB’s were at times been pumping long balls also. and yes spain lost but look at how they played, they did not hide, they wanted the ball and they tried to open the swiss up, but they suffered has mexico done never had a cutting edge.

  20. Fze123 says:

    How much money have the FA spent on the horrible Wembley pitch? If they sorted it out first time around they wouldn’t have had to spend yet more millions on improving it. If indoor sports centres have to be built to encourage kids to play football then so be it, the FA should use the money on that, or use it to hire better coaches. Otherwise this will seriously affect the future of England’s national team, no exaggeration there. I don’t care if that happens, I don’t give a flying shit about England anyway, but I would rather see more English players representing Utd in the future than see a starting line-up of foreign players when we’re playing in the CL against say an Italian club, it wouldn’t seem like we’re an English club playing against them.

  21. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Never saw the david james interview. Got a link?

    I think what the problem is with England at the moment is the team that was taken to the world cup is the easy pick team. The players that if you polled people up and down the country thats who would have been picked. Its the same bloody team as the last 3 or 4 competitions baring 1 or 2 players. During the qualifiers we used players such as Young, Agbonlahor, Lescott, Jagielka …… and as soon as the competition starts its back to the comfort zone. There are players that aren’t even considered that i cannot understand. 1 is Phil Neville. Ok dont let him into our own box or theyll be a bloody penalty but he can cover a multitude of possitions and when a player like that is on the bench who multiroles it gives your more options to bring other players, instead of one reserve LB, and one reserve RB and one reserve DM you have phil Neville and two others, more exciting prospects/youngsters. I mean if you have a look at our squad thats gone to the world cup, add 4 years to their age and you name 4 players that will be able to travel to the next world cup. Its a fucking disgrace.

    Rooney wont perform because he hasn’t got the players behind him. Your right when mentioning the likes of Nani and Valencia, They are orthodox wingers who spread the defence and take markers with them. England has no width and Rooneys gets squeezed tight. It doesn’t help that Gerrard has a hair trigger. Most of the players look for Gerrard in midfield a bit like we use Scholes but as soon as Gerrard is 30 yards from goal he lets rip. It doesn’t matter to him if three are in the box, 2 others in a better possition, or we arent even chasing a game or panicing for an equalizer. The twat just shoots. He is the white PaulInce, a fucking charlie. And when it comes down to the money thing this is exactly why he does it. Notice next time Gerrard shoots and misses, watch him because i bet my arses virginity that the cameras will be on him in a split second. He doesnt hold his head in shame its the same fucking pose. Its this exposure that sponsors are after. He keeps shooting the sponsors keep paying. In that respect in view of the money your spot on.

  22. Fze123 says:

    @ RTNK, agree about the trio, they are examples of players who will not benefit from a well structured system as they are exceptional anyway, but they’re a rare kind. There are other players who have a lot of potential but good coaching is needed to strengthen their weaknesses. Spain underestimating the Swiss played a part but even when 1-0 down their passing and composure didn’t falter, and if it wasn’t for the Swiss’s excellently flawless defence then they could have got the 3 points. England’s passing if that’s what you can call it was erratic and the players were visibly frantic at 0-0. Maybe if there were better technical players in the team one could have produced a moment of magic and scored. If there was emphasis on control and on the importance of keeping possession, rather than being taught to pass the ball quickly and hoof it up then England would be a much better side.

  23. Fze123 says:

    Gerrard and co are a selfish bunch more than anything else, passing the ball to Rooney who is in a better position may well result in a goal, rather than deciding to wildily shoot Scholesy style from distance hoping it’ll go in so basking in glory and praise awaits. Too many problems in the team, the attitudes, player’s abilities, the manager. Not World Cup contenders for sure.

  24. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Ball control and swift one twos isnt very easy when everyone is boxed in tight to each other. Without wingers, spreading the defence, then there isn’t any space to control the ball, space to run into. If you look at United or Arsenal its plenty of width and spreading the ball about. England is are too narrow on the pitch and this doesnt give us the chance to tire out the opposition instead we get tired and make an even bigger mess of it.

  25. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Nice speaking to you lads ive got a head off now 3 in the morning. Keep your chins up and United starts soon so theres always something else to worry about, just blessed its in the hands of a bloody genious. Sir Alex.

  26. rooney the new king says:

    GoatinaUnitedShirt – exactly and arsenal are the same is well, they play 2 narrow and their passing is not has good as it used to be which is a glorifyed midtable spanish club. united now to this day are the wing play masters and rooney has 2 david beckhams with pace on either flank I still sometimes under apriciate valencia, partly because of how united have played in their last 3 title winning teams of 07 – 09. when fergie is going back to basics of the 90s wing play football.

    Fze123 – again right all the way and there is what I call lack of invention and suttle cold heads in englands midfield. I have said over and over again about england too many PPL before the WC started, many told me why did I not bet on the games because ppl thought I already seen england before the game’s started. I look at scholes he gets the ball and takes the sting out of the game and keeps the ball moving which helps the team function its basically like humans with a brain without it you do not work and england are brain dead, you look at argentina they have tickers in the midfield who keep it moving so it gets the best out of the forwards they have so much talent in messi and co wingers are not a huge problem if messi is fit, england have no discipline team players who will do a job engalnd dont haver any, and they lack what I said on previous post flexibilty, they are very ridget subbuteo style, and england are a outdated squad, who like beckenbauer its kick and rush with england there is no identity with england what is their game what are they trying to do its a mess.

    lampard gerrard and barry are england’s worst enemys, because they do not offer what england need that class and guile in the middle like a scholes pirlo xavi and iniesta, who do what gerrard and lampard never do for their clubs control and dictate the 90 minutes, and when lampard plays deep for chelsea he is awful and gerrard plays off torres so non of them play in that batle area, when you play 424 if you do not have a balanced midfield pair make sure the front 3 of the 4 can get you out of jail, when you have heskey lennon and gerrard trying to supprt rooney, and gerrard is out of position, add heskey who does not score and lennon has no end product then are deep problems with englands strength in dept of their squad and structure of their formation

  27. rooney the new king says:

    I was so annoyed I could not talk about my pridictions before the WC started, damn PC virus and I am off thats my 2 cents with the catastrophic mess of the england squad its a shambles and I am not suger coating it.

  28. Ted Perechalli says:

    Rooney should let his boots do the talking and not shoot from the mouth as he seems to be doing these days. There is still a chance for England to qualify for the next round. Just zip up your mouth and play on. The supporters deserve more than the team has hitherto dished out. Shut up and play … there’s no point in boasting when you are not man enough to accept criticism, and legitimate ones at that.

  29. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    Briliant post.The last 2 lines were perfect.While in my opinion,i’d think if you’re a supporter,you never boo.Boo-ing, in my opinion is stupid and doesn’t make sense when you call yourself a supporter.Obviously being a supporter doesn’t mean you can’t be disappointed with your own team,probably every one of us here, have shown sort of disappointment over the course of every season.Why do the Ghanians stlll cheer happily despite their team losing?Same so for many other countries’ fans?That’s cos they’ve got a bond with their team.This statement doesn’t change:England fans are a fickle bunch.Ok, let’s say the atrocious display against Algeria was a valid enough reason for the fans to boo the team off the pitch.But haven’t we see this same bunch booing so many times before,for reasons that we don’t even know?They boo all the time.Bunch of fickle minded people.I still stick by Wayne.I agree wholeheartedly with what he had said,but knew he was going to have a backlash.Wasn’t too good for him to say what he said, especially after that performance which can’t prove the fans otherwise.Although,it’s good that he’s apologised,the rant from the media won’t stop.Bloody can’t understand why all the england-bash is all about rooney.The fact is that gerrard and the rentboys are absolute rubbish.

  30. Ted Perechalli says:

    You are right KIngOfStretfordEnd when you say that ‘Gerrard and the rentboys are absolute rubbish’. It’s personal glory that the players are after and not the glory of ENGLAND! If the latter mattered most they would have passed the ball when Rooney was in a better position than they were. I think that playing for England means forgettin old rivalry (for the duration of the World Cup) and the I-am-better-than-you syndrome and fighting tooth and nail, as one, for England and the throngs of people that support the team. Merely mouthing “God save the Queen” is not enough: show it in action as the teams from Algeria, the Cameroons, Japan, Nigeria and others are doing and the fans will not boo.
    Till the team shows urgency and the intent to succeed the public has a right to be a baby.

  31. kel says:

    I do agree Scott. But sometimes you see how much they earn and you spend your little money to watch them play. It’s okay to lose but you must lose with pride. If you dont see the desire and willingness to win, no matter how you want to support, you just cant keep your mouth shut. I still think that Rooney is wrong to say those things about the fans. I know he is angry and in a state of anger but to say those things to the nation is really bad. If one day, Rooney say those words to united fans can you still protect Rooney? What if something like Terry did happen to Rooney? The fans has the right to boo. You cant expect everyone to be like you who are kind to players. I for one will not scold or boo all the time but if something like adebayor stuff happen to me, i believe i will not hesitate.

  32. Ash says:

    I think rooney is falling to the trap of the media.Capello should have known that the media would be targetting rooney.I think capello should let rooney speak to alex fergie.He is the best councellor.Rooney himself knows that he is not playing well he should think calmly and give some time to himself.England badly needs rooney.

  33. willierednut says:

    So it has begun, Rooney being targeted by the red tops and in particular, Paul McCarthy, who SAF can’t stand the sight of. Lets not single out Gerrard, or Lampard, but single out Englands best player and try and destroy the kid when he’s playing at the WC.

  34. ZGirl says:

    Oh Scott, your words came true.
    England did lose against Germany 4-1 :(


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