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What went on with “suicidal” De Rossi?

As the transfer window drew to a close, Manchester United reportedly put in a £12m offer for Daniele De Rossi. Ed Woodward had promised us a world class talent and De Rossi seemed to fit the bill. He was 30-years-old, so obviously older that we had probably wanted, but he ticked all the other boxes.

Unsurprisingly, nothing came of our interest and United settled for Marouane Fellaini instead, who’d had plenty of good games against us and had done a decent job for Everton. He was hardly the superstar that we had been told would be joining us though.

De Rossi joined Roma when he was a kid and is nicknamed Capitan Futuro (Future Captain) by the fans, with the expectation that he will one day replace club legend Francesco Totti as club captain.

Roma finished 6th last season and missed out on the Champions League, prompting De Rossi to consider a future away from the club. However, in an interview this week, he has claimed he would have committed suicide by now if he had left Roma for Manchester United.

“It was a good thing that I didn’t go to Manchester, now I would have committed suicide!” he told Corriere dello Sport. “Last summer I didn’t feel comfortable, I didn’t recognise myself in the relationship with my team-mates and with the fans.”

Whilst the translation of this is fairly harsh, those with an understanding of Serie A and Italian media have claimed that this statement was more to do with his happiness to be at Roma, than any slight on United and our current position.

Roma are currently 2nd in the league, 5 points behind leaders Juventus and 5 points clear of 3rd placed Napoli, so having never won the league with his boyhood club, he certainly would be kicking himself now to see how well they are doing.

David Moyes was asked about De Rossi’s comments yesterday but claims that United came in too late for the player.

“We certainly did think in the summer about bringing him here,” he said. “I don’t think it went as far as a bid, because I think there was something to do with a deadline on his contract. But yes, he was a player we thought was a good player.”

Roma’s coach Rudi Garcia has confirmed that United made an approach for De Rossi but it came too late for the club to accept.

“I said to him that I couldn’t lose him at the last minute so we fixed a date after which he would not move,” Garcia told L’Equipe. “The first league match came and a few days after Manchester United called the club, called him, but the date had passed and he didn’t move.”

So, basically, if Ed Woodward had put in a bid for De Rossi at the beginning of the summer, the club were ready to sell him and the player was ready to leave. As it is, he waited until the last minute, and we missed out on signing a world class midfielder. Cheers, Ed!

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  1. ashtheking says:

    I respect De Rossi but his comment are bit childish. So now he says Roma is a better club than Manchester United. It seems he is making a dig at United. Many are happy we are struggling . Good for them. I am happy many have written us off so soon.

    As far as ED goes, less said the better about him.

  2. wayne barker says:

    it’s obvious Woodward was thrown in at the deep end,losing Sir Alex meant monumental change but losing Gill as well was the icing on the cake.Utd should have persuaded Gill to stay on through the summer to make the transition a lot smoother.It is was it is so i really don’t see the point in revisiting what happened but i’d like to stress don’t see how this can be put on Moyes.There’s been a awful lot of nonsense written on this blog since the Spurs defeat mainly aimed at Moyes which quite frankly i find disgusting.Some fans just don’t understand loyalty and Utd fans rallying around the manager and players when everyone else is reveling in our struggle, a lot on here also seem to be enjoying it making fun of Moyes and calling Utd Deadwood Utd,What kind of fans these people are i’ve no idea but clearly not Utd fans.Utd fans stick together and rally around the club not get some perverse enjoyment from the struggle

  3. Ross Kelly says:

    guys deadwood should be replaced! as sponsorship deals goes he is great pulling in thw shite brands in the us who bring us extra income…. Personally with Gill leaving same time as fergie is a stand against the glaizers…. htey are now laughing at the club as they are at almost every game. they is some shit we do not know about but fergie and gill do….. how they cando this to us is beyond me and my puff….

  4. Gazzer says:

    Nothing perverse about it.
    The club put woodward in a position of responsibility.
    It’s not just that he was thrown in at the deep end. It’s that by his public comments everyone could see what a lightweight he was. He himself was too stupid to know his own limitations. Just look at his comments concerning wayne rooney.
    I’ll care about the players, I’ll care about the team, I’ll care about ex players managing other teams, I’ll care about youngsters coming through, but I will NOT sit idly by while the club gets wrecked.

    Remember, the liverpool slide started pretty slowly too. Once it’s big enough to notice, you’re probably too late

  5. Tommy says:


    His comments are taken out of context mate, He never meant it as a slight on United


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