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What Would You Ask Duncan Drasdo?

Last season ended with the climax of the green and gold protests, with MUST providing ‘GO – Glazer Out’ cards, whistles and flags.

MUST have launched their new anti-Glazer campaign ahead of our first game of the season tonight against Newcastle.

The support of MUST grew at an incredible rate last season, with many more United fans reaching breaking point as far as their tolerance of the Glazers went.

Then the Red Knights came about and opinion amongst United fans was split again, just as it had when discussions over former a break away team became a reality in 2005. Was it a case of out of the frying pan in to the fire? Better the devil you know? Or was this our chance to get rid of the Glazers with the hope of having owners who cared less about the support. It all petered out in to nothing anyway, when the Red Knights conceded they would not be putting a bid in this summer.

I have caught up with Duncan Drasdo, MUST’s chief executive, and he has agreed to answer your questions. Whether you are a supporter of MUST or not, this is a good opportunity for you to direct any concerns or criticisms to someone in the know, as well as have any information about MUST and their point of view clarified.

Simply post any questions you want Duncan to answer in the comments section below. Not all questions will be answered but we’ll try and get through as many as possible.

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  1. Giggsys chest wig says:

    Why do Must quote the number of people they have signed up on their website as members? its nothing more than a list of email addresses. Nobody has paid up and people can sign up with numerous email addresses.

    How much money does Drunken make himself off the back of must through tv and media work, plus taking the profits from reds in business events. Is this more about Drunken’s own interests than that of Utd?

  2. aj says:

    Why not promote a full-on boycott of season tickets?

  3. Wakey says:


    MUST have 162k members in total. Paid up members is only in the thousands though.

    On the worldwide fans, the problem is turning these people into financial contributors. People can be included in the fan count but would they be willing to or able to give anything. Again as I said only a few thousand actually pay the MUST membership fee, the rest are non-fee paying members.

    Mind you I’ve never thought Fan Ownership is all its cracked upto. When fans are owning a club there is too much pressure on the board to please them which sees ticket prices reduced but money spent like its going out of fashion. Just look at what happens at Barca and Real (infact for their board to get and keep their jobs they have to promise and deliver ott signings). Fans may care about the club but their priorities sadly rarely fall in line with ensuring its financially sound until ots too late

  4. redseven says:


    again cheers for the info, and your right on your insight of the fans, and true madrid and barca have fan ownership and there both still in debt, spending money like its going out of fashion just to keep up with jones’s so to speak. and to qoute another adage to many cooks spoil the broth

  5. brett1985 says:

    That is a really good point wakey. I must say that fan ownership would be a worse option than the glazers by a long way. If our apparently most vocal fans leave the club on a whim to start a rebel team and the others are in MUST I would rather trust Peter Ridsdale with the whole operation.

    Sadly the impression I get from this site is that a lot of our fans are idiots. I’ll bet if I started a rival organisation to MUST which promoted shutting up whinging fans and telling them to just get on with supporting the club it would get an almost universal following in the end. People are sheep.

    I’d much rather people just acted like the Glazers aren’t there, got on with supporting the team and forget about the doomsday scenarios which lets face it- aren’t going to happen.

  6. Wakey says:


    I’m not sure you can call them all idiots (There are a few who are) I just think they let their hearts rule their heads and as such the emotions get in the way. Couple this with a complex situation like international business finance which most have no clue about and media, supporters trusts and the likes playing on the emotional side then its easy to see why so many seem like sheep.

    My biggest disappointment with the fans is how many do take the emotional stance and won’t question it or consider alternate view points. We saw on here with the Red Knights that the only people who questioned them were the same people who get labelled ‘Glazer apologists’. Even now despite their stance changing on a daily basis and them using the fans and then not coming up with a bid that so many still think they are the answer and those who have shifted position have only done so since the bid failed to come

  7. parryheid says:

    Duncan is Must a business rather than an supporters organization,and do you issue an annual balance sheet?Does an actual chartered accountant sign of the balance sheet or is it the inventive Andersred?

  8. RedScot says:

    I hope I am not too late having quickly read the article last night to post my question to Mr Drasdo.
    I thought I would let the heat die down.
    All respect firstly to the people who have posted such great and serious questions.
    My question is quite simple in a way.
    What do the Glazer have to do to get the support of MUST and still remain in charge of Manchester United.

  9. Daniel says:

    How well connected are you with people inside the club? Would you ever be able to have a friendly chat with someone in power (maybe Sir Alex or Mr. Gill) regarding MUST:s and many fans concerns?


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