Tottenham Hotspur’s Gary Lineker was the division’s top scorer.

Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, was the highest grossing film of the year.

Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, was almost two months old.

Call me” by Blondie was number one in the charts.

Manchester United’s assistant manager, Ryan Giggs was yet to make his Manchester United debut.

Mr Bean, One Foot In The Grave and Drop The Dead Donkey all aired their first episode.

Jamie Carragher was an Everton fan.

Roberto Mancini, Jurgen Klinsmann, Diego Maradona and Marco van Basten were among the highest scorers in Serie A.

Sir Alex Ferguson was yet to win any of the 49 trophies he’d go on to claim as Manchester United manager.

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

Frank Rijkaard scored the winning goal in the European Cup final for AC Milan against Benfica.

Plans for the Channel Tunnel were being finalised.

Millwall, Luton Town, Charlton Athletic and Wimbledon were all in England’s top flight.

Jordon Ibe was five years away from being conceived.

Radio 5 didn’t exist yet.