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Where To Put Your Money For England vs France

France v England (5pm KO, Live on ITV1)

England kick-off their Euro 2012 campaign with a really tough clash against the tournament third favourites and as far as the bookies are concerned it won’t be a winning one.

They are 3.2 chances with bet365 for victory, with France general 2.5 chances and the draw quoted at 3.2.

The Three Lions have become a disciplined, defensive unit who protect their goal above everything else since Roy Hodgson took over as gaffer, and are going to be severely tested by a quality packed side who have a potent striker in the shape of Karim Benzema.

They will be relying on counter-attacks to score and Ashley Young and Danny Welbeck have too pacey players capable of causing the French defence problems and bagging that all important goal.

Welbeck scored a sublime goal in their recent 1-0 win against Belgium in their final warm-up for this, and much now rest on his shoulders with Man United striking partner Wayne Rooney suspended for the first two games.

However you have to feel that England will really be up against it to win this, and I am sure that if you gave Hodgson the option now he would settle for a draw.

France are unbeaten in 21 coming into the tournament and have only conceded four goals in qualifying.

Laurent Blanc’s side have too much quality in their ranks not to capitalise if England are careless with the ball, so it will be vital that the England midfield keep things tight.

If they can there is every possibility that they could get something out of this despite the fact that they are without a win in five against France in all competitions and have lost their last three.

No side scored more goals in the opening 15 minutes of qualifying games for Euro 2012 than England (6), and if they can get off to a flyer then you would think that one goal could be good enough.

If anyone is to get it then my money would be on Welbeck, who is a 9 chance with bet365 and Betfred to net the opener.

England in the draw/no bet market at 2.1 with Boylesports and Paddy Power looks the best punt for patriotic punters, while if you are planning to back them to win outright a small bet on 1-0 at 7.5 in the correct score market with Paddy Power makes plenty of appeal.



  1. EricCantonaToldMeToTweet says:

    Seriously how on earth he could miss that?

  2. Vilhelm28 says:

    I read somewhere that Chelsea were considering selling Sturridge. Anyone heard or seen that?

  3. MG says:

    Anyone checked out that French left back?

    Shall we sign him?

    Oh wait.


    As for the French striker what a pile of shit.


    Is Papii on Cabaye overload yet?

    (lust for life playing in the background)


  4. MG says:



  5. Keyser Soze says:

    Pfff, the Klingon scored :D

  6. MG says:

    From an Evra foul

    Forget it did I say sign him? I mean wtf.



  7. The team that wouldn't die says:

    Hard to cheer a scouse-Arab goal.
    France are not that good. They lack a leader. England could go through.

  8. MG says:

    Cedars will love this.


    Very ex Wolves defender


  9. Keyser Soze says:

    Gerrard with a passionate presentation of “Headless Chicken” case study

    What a cunt

  10. DEVILisRED says:

    Very obvious somebody up there dont like United in 2012. Evra foul, rio’s replacement & city defender scores. & a great save from hart.

  11. Henke17 says:

    hahahaha are england fans singing “we’ll do what we want” hahahahaha

  12. DEVILisRED says:

    Forget to mention freekick from stevie-me

  13. DEVILisRED says:

    Yeah!!! Nasri scores!!! He’s from city too ya? Lol

  14. MG says:

    Nasri did that to Hart

    Un fucking believable

    It’s Rio fault you heard it here first in an MG world exclusive


  15. Mash says:

    The lad has alot of forehead that even gerrad couldn’t miss lol

  16. Keyser Soze says:

    Maybe Hart got blinded from David Gill’s camera flash :D

  17. Indian Devil says:

    Hart is fucking Shit beaten at the near post but no one will say this as he doesn’t play for united. Cunting cunts :x

  18. RedRich says:

    Hodgson’s managerial genius shining through.

    Who else on the planet would pick that fucking carthorse Milner?

    Usually playing attack v. defence can be quite interesting but not in Hodgson’s exciting world. Zzzzzzz.

    A fucking dull game ruined by the imbecile Townsend’s fucking shit comments

  19. keane16 2wice better than gerard8 says:

    terry cunt fouls karim in the box and wibewy tucks it in the bottom right corner………. meaning both chelski and shitty leaders (terry and hart) whacked.

    would never support england. Go ze jhermans.

  20. Robbo says:

    Not sure who the commentators are (Australia Setenta) but they said it is ok to go down if you feel contact!

    So it’s ok for England but not ok for United, I’m confused.

  21. james21 says:

    Come on England.
    Fuck Fish Face Nasri.

  22. EricCantonaToldMeToTweet says:

    I just can’t believe Milner is still on the pitch let alone got picked.

  23. TonyBee says:


  24. james21 says:

    Fuck off Gonzo.

  25. jeet says:

    Scholesy on form would have had this midfield sunny side up

  26. EricCantonaToldMeToTweet says:

    OH MY GOODNESS MILNER! what an EFFIN joke!

  27. Cristianophan says:

    Lol Hendersson ? Seriously ?

  28. thedonmassawe says:

    bring on the cavalry!

  29. The team that wouldn't die says:

    Henderson on the pitch!!!!!!!!! OMG!
    Glad to see Evra giving Milner what he desreves…

  30. TonyBee says:

    Fuck me gently… Jordan fucking Henderson…
    Woy you useless cunt

  31. RedRich says:

    I take back my earlier rubbishing of shit Milner.

    A football giant by the side of spazoid Henderson – Liverpool reserve.

    Some twat’s woken me up and …’s still fucking boring…….YAWN YAWN YAWN..

    yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn

  32. james21 says:

    Allez le Blanc.
    Allez le Blanc.
    Allez Allez Allez le blanc.

    Not a bad defender is our Danny.

    Great play actor that Gascon nosed frog eating garlic muncher. Should get an Oscar.

  33. denton davey says:

    Keyzer Sose @ 17:54: “Maybe Hart got blinded from David Gill’s camera flash”

    Look at the replay – StevieGBH gets in the way and, after blocking the keeper’s sight, doesn’t offer the body to block the shot. CaptainCourageous.


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