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Where To Put Your Money vs Chelsea

Stamford Bridge hasn’t been a pay hunting ground in the league for United in recent years, but they look overpriced at 2.9 with Betfred to beat their arch rivals Chelsea and bag a vital three points to maintain their title challenge.

Having played Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool in quick succession, and with Liverpool coming up again, United are now at a crucial stage of their season having hauled themselves level on points with Roberto Mancini’s men at the top of the Premiership.

It’s vital that they keep up the pressure on their neighbours who are now beginning to wobble after a terrific start to the season, and three points in this is a must.

United have actually won five of the last six matches in all competitions against Chelsea, but their last win in the PL against them came 10 years ago.

However the home side come into this in shaky form having lost three out of their last seven home games, and they will once again be without their key striker as Didier Drogba is still away on duty in the Africa Cup of Nations.

John Terry, who has been making the headlines off the pitch this week, has also been ruled out due to an knee injury and I am convinced an on-song United will prove too strong and bag all three points.

As far as the United teams news is concerned, Tom Cleverley is available for the first time since October, while Ashley Young, Wayne Rooney and Nani are also fit.

Sadly Anders Lindegaard faces six weeks out with an ankle injury, so David de Gea is set to return in goal.

Rooney has scored four goals in his last seven Premier League appearances against Chelsea and also netted on his last two visits to Stamford Bridge, one in the league and one in the Champions League.

He is a top priced 7 with Boylesports to net the opener, but I would far rather back him in the anytime scorer market at a generous looking 2.6 with the same firm.

I fancy United to win 2-0 or 2-1, and those scorelines can be backed at 12 with Betfred and 15 with bet365 respectively.



  1. dannysoya says:

    I am under no illusions about chelsea’s current form. they always raise their game when United come visiting. Considering that we have not won there since 2002 in the lge this game is truly THE mountain test psychologically and physically. We MUST be alert at all times. we can’t afford to go to sleep for a second. If we do this then we should be fine. Rio must be in tip top form on sunday no crazy mistakes this time. Same goes for Jonny who has been in excellent form anyways of late. Valencia do the business up front. Rooney takes a bit of time to get back up to speed so i would pair the in form welbeck with him upfront so that Welbeck can make up for his little lapses here and there is he has them. If rooney plays like the rooney i know then I am in for a GREAT performance on sunday.

  2. devil without a cause says:


    3-6-1 formation??????? dont think we have opted for that ever……..

  3. Sandeep1878 says:


    I think we cant afford to make sit Danny on the bench in such form :)

  4. 3Generations says:

    Just got my tickets for Ajax. Woop Woop.
    great to see players back from injury especially little Tom C. Would love to see him and Scholes play… or him and Carrick…
    @Sandeep thanks for posting the Tony V clip. I could watch him turn defenders inside out all day.
    He’s got an awesome outside of the boot pass that seems to make up for him not having a left peg…

    Bring on Chel$ki…

    GGMU 20

  5. lebomanc says:

    Devil without a cause
    That’s very true… but that is like a really strong mifield, or we could just omit one of these to make it a 4-5-1
    Still strong

  6. Red Nation says:

    Paul Scholes looked exausted after 75 mins at the Stoke game…although the fella does look like he has another 2 years left in the tank.

    He has recreated himself once again into an even deeper role in the midfield and still be a playmaker.
    He stays just a bit in front of Carrick but enough to easily drop in to the front of centre back to create a
    4-1-3-2 formation with the deadly Carrick charging at the opposition.

    Scholes is 1 in a trazillion, I’ll even go to the extent of saying that Charlton,Giggs,Robbo couldn’t even replace Scholes in the middle of the pitch past or present version of Scholesy.

    Can’t wait to see this side, I reckon we’ll win 19-0 with this side.

    Jones Smalling Rio Evra
    Nani Carrick Scholes Cleverley
    Welbeck Rooney

    with Valencia,Giggs,Javier,Rafael,Park & Berba on the bench….very exciting.

    (I don’t like Young & Anderson….not my slice of pie tbh, don’t rate either as good as Gibson+Obertan)

  7. Utd4life says:

    Sandeep.. Thanks for posting that Valencia video mate. I only wish Valencia could do 2 more things- Smile more and use his left foot. Valencia- The Beast from Ecuador.

  8. lucio says:

    - Man Utd
    – Supposedly broke, in debt etc.
    – Had unbelievable injurys, the best defender in the league out for the whole season, etc.
    – So-called poor squad with a weak midfield.

    -Man City
    – Richest club in the world, spent a billion pounds on players over the last 3 years, offer players whatever wage they want to join them.
    – Best injury record in the league.
    – Incredible squad full of big money superstars in every position.

    City should be miles ahead of United on paper, but in reality united have a kind of strength and determination that keeps them going. United are vastly underrated by all, including myself who didnt think they had a chance a few months ago. They deserve a lot of credit. Imagine they had no injuries and Citys spending money, they would never lose a game.

    My money now is on Ferguson, he’s the best there is.

  9. Utd4life says:

    Is it me or is anyone else looking forward to a midfield combo of Scholes and Cleverley? The Master and the Protege.

  10. lebomanc says:


    Ya you’re him
    And btw loved the valencia video

  11. CedarsDevil says:

    I fancy 7 nil on Sunday with DDG getting a brace from goal kicks….

    Soy Sauce – Many thanks my friend…

    Evening all

  12. CedarsDevil says:


    Hello young friend….. I cannot really see a combo of Scholes and wee Thomas. Either with Carrick would work nicely. We need the Rolls Royce man, he is on fire

  13. Utd4life says:

    Hi Cedars, Belated B’day wishes mate.

    A midfield trio of Scholes-Carrick and wee Tom. You have got everything in that midfield-flair, composure, energy and passmasters. I bet the passing between Scholes and Wee Tom would be orgasmic.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Hmm, you make a mouth watering point! Would work in a 5 man midfield with Nani & the Beast on the flanks and one up top…. Orgasmic indeed!

    Thanks for the wishes

  15. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening all.
    Couple of things I’ve noticed about K K Kenny. 1) his face is melting 2) when lierpool score, his face looks like he’s squeezing a melon sized starfish out of his ass!!

  16. iced earth says:

    agree with you carick is on fire
    he is the most uder rated player in the world he is far better than busquets for example
    de gea will be our man of the match

  17. Mikekelly12 says:

    I’d have Nani Valencia Carrick Jones Tom/Scholes in my 5.

  18. JC says:

    Red Nation – not only is Young better than Obertan hes much better looking as well :D

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    Another mouth watering midfield 5, should be horrific for any opposition. Jones getting in their faces while wee Tom orchestrates the little one two’s at the edge of their area and Mr Rolls Royce keeping things neat and tidy….

    That KK Kenny post cracked me up pal!

  20. Utd4life says:

    Mikekelly12.. “Squeezing a melon sized starfish out of his ass” LOL.

    As for your midfield 5, I would put Jones in place of Scholes. He would provide additional energy in the midfield. That midfield would be a force to reckon with, not only in England but Europe as well.

  21. CedarsDevil says:

    iced earth

    Carrick is indeed underrated and sadly by some United fans as well. He is a gem of a player

  22. Utd4life says:

    Red Nation. I would not put Valencia on the bench. I reckon Valencia would be the first name on the team sheet right now given his defender-ass-ripping-form. The beast will tear a new one for the rentboys this Sunday. Cole will be thanking his lucky stars that he is not facing him. The guy just flies past defenders as if he is they are non existent.

    As for the Ando-Young comparison with Gibbo-Obertan, if Ando gets a proper run without getting injured every third game then I definitely see him regaining his early season form. The same goes for Young.

  23. Elliott says:

    Its gotta be 4 4 2, wellbeck and Rooney up top. How we play best, and on Danny’s current form it would be silly not to.

    On the DDG vs Amos issue, it would wreck DDG completely if he was dropped, so I fear we will be seeing him starting.

    Ah well, with no Ashley Cole to tame Valencia it is well within our reach to get 3 points.

    Hope the Stamford Bridge back luck is lifted this year :D

  24. CedarsDevil says:

    The renties better watch out, Tony the beast and co are coming to get ya!

    Come on UNITED

  25. Mikekelly12 says:

    It’s true, luck at his mug next time he’s on! In actual fact he pisses himself laughing when they score…. Don’t know what’s so funny? He’s probably not believing what he’s seeing!!

  26. Mikekelly12 says:

    I’m currently watching Borrussia Dortmand v Nurenberg. That Kagawa looks handy. They bought him 18months ago for £400k. Probably looking at £25m now. Not a bad investment!

  27. CedarsDevil says:


    And to think some so called experts compare him to Sir Alex? Ya right….. What a bloody tool

  28. CedarsDevil says:


    Kagawa, the Japanese player? I remember seeing him when they played the gunners in the CL. Gave him a mention at the time, looks the real deal

  29. Sandeep1878 says:

    3G, Lebomanc, Utd4life,

    cheers pal..

    Valencia is a beast…:)

  30. Red Nation says:

    Tony V is a BEAST….but Nani is immense down the right, he’s like my 2nd fave player at the moment.

    If it was not for Berba,Nani,Vidic & Edwin we would have been 3rd last season Lol. They was our spine and led us to 19th. Therefore if Nani can get a run out on the right again, he’ll shine.

    However I get a feeling Nani is now our new left winger and is only a month away from making it his permanent position if he can adjust.

    Anyways going back to Young, he’s not in the same bracket as our other players. I wish the fella luck but I reckon he’ll be decent for us and then shipped out within 2-3 years. Nothing extraordnary and looked like a bargain at the time.

    Him,Downing,Milner……all big fish in a small pond, big price tags and not worth half the valuation.

  31. JOE MUFC says:

    Red Nation – I agree 100%

  32. JC says:

    The thing with Young is he started off clicking on all cylinders and then faded and then went off hurt so we’ll see in the run out if he proves his talent though I think with that start maybe we all got spoiled a bit as it usually takes a bit for someone to fully bed in at a new club. That said we have 3 quality wingers in their primes in Nani, Tony and Young. Nani probably has the most god given talent and creativity and while he works hard he tends to get sulky and frustrated at times if he ever goes full superman it will be scary. Tony while having a load of talent too though not quite as much natural creativity is the hardest worker on the pitch and it shows. A Young hasn’t been able to prove his mettle yet but Ive seen sparks of passing creativity and he does have the speed outside if he puts in as much effort as Tony he can be just as valuable on the left or even inside.

  33. King Eric says:

    Not a cat in hells chance would I bench Valencia. Fuck me he is on fire at present and can skin any full back. No thrills,step overs, histrionics just a proper fucking winger. Works his arse off too and is great at tracking back. One of first names on team sheet. Young will prove his worth. He is better than fat fucking Milner and Downing. The latter aint even scored has he OR assisted save for an fa cup goal. Its his first season for god sakes and has been unlucky with injuries. Which is odd (Costas) ! Considering his record at Villa. He can play in a variety of positions too. Obertan better? Is that a sick joke? He was truly awful and didn’t have the strength or courage or fight. Very weak man imo.

    MikeKelly. Alright pal. Don’t get me started on dogleash`s childlike celebrations. I detest them. Just for the way he always turns toward the stand waving his fists about getting all giddy. Calm your skin down Kenneth.

  34. parryheid says:

    Nani a great player part of most games think if he didn’t start fannying about he could surpass Valencia .Trouble is he cant help himself,always got to be fannying about mores the pity.

  35. slim says:

    Its simple really. All Ashley needs to do is watch Tony V’s highlights and do the same thing on the left. He’s just as quick off the blocks, not as strong but the key thing is his pace. He’s got it and he should be using it more.
    Lest he turns into another, God forbid, Theo Walcott

  36. nemzthered says:

    This is the best time ever to get the right results. TV should get the best from the right flank now that the sniper wannabe is missing thru suspension
    I fancy 0-3 welbeck rooney and nani all to score with the assist of giggs

  37. King Eric says:

    “sniper wannabe” Quality.

  38. smartalex says:

    United have suffered 107 defeats in the 20 seasons of Premier League football, or 107 in 756 games to date since 1992. That’s an average of only one defeat for every seven games played.

    The next best club at avoiding defeat in the long term, Arsenal, have totted up 151 defeats, which much closer to one defeat every five games.

    Chelsea lead United in Premier League contests, with 13 wins to 12, and 14 games drawn, from 39 meetings so far. They are the only Premier League club currently to enjoy the distinction of having more wins against United than vice versa. So on Sunday United have the opportunity to being back on par with Chelsea.

    (The only other club to be able to claim the distinction of having par Premier League status with United in this way is Burnley, who two years ago famously beat Man Utd 1-0 at Turf Moor and then lost 0-3 at Old Trafford)

  39. Booch says:

    Hello Everyone I thibk Rooney will score first 2moro at the match and Hernandez will have a good game 2moro 2 Anyone knows when is young back i think the final score will be 4 1 to united 2moro Anyone Agree or disgree i think De Gea will be in goal 4 united 2moro anyone think that De Gea is 2 good 4 the biggers games

  40. bbqbod says:

    as usual I suspect the ref or linesman will rob us again.

  41. JC says:

    or maybe even the side judge… :P


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