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Where To Put Your Money vs Wolves

United travel to Molineux to take on woeful Wolves on Sunday and look bankers at 1.36 with Betfred and Paddy Power to come away with another valuable three points.

Sir Alex’s side were not at their best when getting knocked out of the Europa League in midweek, but you can’t help but feel that competition was a  distraction for them.

They can now focus on winning the Premiership, and the stats suggest that they will prove too strong for Wanderers.

The home side have have won just one of their last 14 Premier League games (W1 D5 L8), a run which started with a 1-4 defeat to United.

They are languishing in 19th and already look doomed to go down.

By stark contrast United are sitting top of the pile and come into this on the back of wins over Norwich, Spurs and West Brom.

They have won seven of their last 8 matches and have a striker in Rooney who is banging them in for fun.

Wazza has scored seven in his last four PL matches and is understandably favourite to score first at 4 with Betfred. But a safer bet is surely to take the 1.73 on offer with Boylesports to score anytime.

If I was forced to take a punt on who will net first though my money would be on Ashley Young who has been in good form and looks value at 8.5 with bet365 and Betfred as many firms go two points shorter.

I think United will win this with plenty to spare and expect them to go for the jugular right from the off.

I can’t see Wolves being able to contain them in the first 45 minutes, and that makes the 1.83 with Paddy Power in the HT/FT market look a great punt.

I fancy United to win 4-0 or 50, and those scores can be backed at 17 and 34 respectively with Betfred.



  1. fergie is the boss says:

    the games begin once we get the wolves game is out of the way

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    MG – Nightnurse! :P

  3. fergie is the boss says:

    until we beat wolves shitty do not even enter my mind

  4. slim says:

    Slow day on ROM it seems. Been offline for a little while.moving homes and stuff.
    How’s it going fella.

  5. Pratyush says:

    I think Fergie isn’t spending ATM because he wants the Glazers debt to be wiped out before the next manager takes up the reins. Less pressure on the new gaffer to perform under constraints then. However, if that doesn’t happen, there’s always Moyes ;-P

  6. MG says:


    That’s a very good idea – I could do with Cedars nurse ;)


    Let’s not even think about city until it’s all but relevant to think about them at the end ;)


    Okay slim just a cold mate – hows that going – house move? Where have you moved to?

  7. Whiteside says:

    I’m just a little bit concerned about a slip-up against Wolves – it’s always a tougher game after a midweek Euro encounter and while we cope with that better than most – nay, anyone – there is a chance things can go pear shaped. It’s a crucial one – having just hit the front and with Shitty playing the Renties next, 3 points would be huge. Go on United!

  8. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    RoM been quiet of lately, less readers too…hmmm?

    My Team for Wolves; We should play Fabio more often, its like he’s getting the Berba treatment too.
    He’s been on the Bench fit for over a month now, with no appearances.

    De Gea
    Fabio Rio Evans Evra
    Nani (or Valencia) Carrick Scholes Giggs
    Rooney Chicharito

    Bench; Amos,Smalling,Rafael, Pogba,Cleverley, Young, Welbeck

  9. WillieRedNut says:

    It’s all about our mentality tomorrow. People talk about a potential banana skin in this fixture. Well, I don’t like banana’s. I’m an apple guy. So, with that information now world wide, this is my team for Wolves away?

    DDG, Smalling Rio Evans Evra, Valencia Carrick Clevs Nani, Rooney Welbeck. We’ll take some 25 minutes to get going, but end up winning this 3 0. Wazza to dazzle the pack!

  10. Lebomanc says:

    i would start with berba and cleverley though! and agree about fabio…

  11. Lebomanc says:

    ye its definitely not going to be easy, and since we have a bad record there! but once we score an early goal i think the players’ confidence will rise. will go for a 3-1 or as you said 3-0

  12. Whiteside says:

    It’s hard to argue with your line-up Willie, it’s a toss-up on the left between Nani and Young and for some reason i’d be surprised to see Smalling at right back, awesome as he is there.

  13. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I think its safe to say its going to be long time till we see Berba on the pitch again especially when SAF has publicly said he is on his way out.

    Nani has a bruise so he should be back for this one, but we all know how a bruise affects Nani, its the equivalent to a broken collarbone for that fella. :lol:
    I reckon Valencia was taken to Spain for training purposes and starting this game maybe be too soon, perhaps a surprise bench spot can be expected at most.
    Young,Rooney,Clevs,Park,Rafael played 90 mins, with Clevs returning recently, I expect him to be also on the bench, perhaps Young aswell if Nani/Valencia return, Park will be dropped as usual.
    I stick by my chosen side, think that will do enough for an hour then subs can be made to maintain fitness levels and competitiveness.

    The break during the week will do us well, Europa has been a distraction because of the Thursday-Sunday fixtures, so SAF will probably sort out our issues in that week in preparation to tackle a difficult Fulham side. Another Bogey team there, with Pogbynryak (?) they’ll trouble us.
    The Wolves game is a Must Win – we win this and we’ll go 4 points clear, putting pressure on Shitty for a must win on Wednesday against Chelshite. I’ll be rooting for them especially now that JT is manager & their form has turned around.

    We should put this terrible week of Europa league behind us with a convincing battering of a relegation team, but you never know, this may turn out to be a slow,fatigued,boring game 3 days after Bilbao, 3 points is crucial.

  14. MG says:

    I love JT

    Leader Captain Dad of the Year Affair to Remember Sequel to Traffic

    Now Chelsea manager

    Go on lad get stuck in


  15. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:


    I love JT too !
    He is such a charitable man. Gave us a CL trophy on 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster. He didn’t have to but we cherish the sentiment. He could teach Faggie a few things.
    Leader of men, Captain, Legend among mortal men. Sincere, Humble,Honest…Selfless.
    The Peoples Champion.

    The likes of JT + Stevie G have eclipsed has-beens like Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore. Their contribution has been significantly more influential and have paved the way for the next generation.

    CMON JT, Nail those Shitty Men !

  16. MG says:


    Steady on

    Carragher said Gerrard is second only to Sir Bobby


    Still let’s keep them where they belong – especially JT

    Beat shitty win the CL – job done can retire in peace on a boat – beat that Gerrard!

  17. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:


    No Doubt Aboot it, Stevie G is better than Charlton, more hair, more cups, longer legs, a clean criminal record, a good man. People just misunderstand the “Five Finger salute”, he’s just friendly by nature, he wants to High-5 the whole crowd.

    Aww isn’t that sweet!

    Unlike that Bobby !


  18. MG says:



    An outstanding leader of the game

    So devoted to Liverpool that once upon a time his head was turned when Chelsea came calling.


    That never happened to Giiggs or Scholes – and Sir Bobby!


  19. MG says:

    One can understand the lure of Russian money though

    If you go against them – they get sinister on your ass with a lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome injection.

    Gerrard got Luis Suarez instead.


  20. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Torres and Shevchenko Both moved to Chelsea & became identical form-wise and in ability.

    Both looked unhappy, had negative body language, turned into play makers, had bad movement and looked like they wasn’t part of the team.

    Perhaps both was threatened with Extinction Via Nuclear weapon, if they didn’t sign, its the only reasonable explanation, how else does a player perform so bad without drawing any kind of criticism even constructive from that team? Maybe they understand that both players was traumatised during negotiations and the repercussions are/was oozing on to the pitch.

    Neither are terrible players, with Owen,Macheda,Diouf,Berbatov on the way out at United. It would be great of United put in a £5m bid for Torres, so Chelsea re-coup some of the £50m plus we gain a bench warmer.


  21. says:

    Morrison coming on for west ham now with 10 minutes left

  22. Devil310 says:

    Morrison who?

  23. says:

    Ha ha….he was pretty anonymous in the match as well devil310….the leeds fans booed him when he touched the ball..

    Anyway west ham with an equalizer at the end..

  24. MG says:



    If Torres moved to OT – he’d win everything

    Score some goals too ;)

    It’s all in the head :D

    At United we like dealing with complicated heads – ;)

  25. MG says:

    It’s so quiet

    I can hear pins drop

    No really I can



  26. Singh7 says:

    I’d take a punt on him but cus of his links with the dippers maybe not ..

  27. brosif says:

    a bit harsh on wolves despite their terrible record in the last 14 games as mentioned.
    we lost 2-1 last time in this fixture at Molineux (if im not mistaken). on top of that the team are going to be fighting sooo soo hard to stay in the premier league. playing the teams which are in the relegation zone at the end of the season is usually so much more difficult than playing teams which have guaranteed safety for next season.
    hope we play well tmr. if we play well, the goals will come

  28. MG says:

    I don’t know whats happened at the Spurs game

    But Fabrice Muamba – hope you are ok


  29. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    shocking scenes at the lane. Let us hope Mamba is alright. God please save his life. cases like this puts football in perspective. very sad scenes.

  30. Legend22 says:


  31. WillieRedNut says:

    My bro law was watching the spurs Bolton game. He said when the lad collapsed, some fans on both sides were in tears. Terrible thing to happen on a football pitch. Hope the lad pulls through. Praying for it anyway.

  32. dominick says:

    Man United supporter, don’t comment often – 20 and onward and all that, but best to Muamba and his family.


  33. Rotegzy says:

    Please God, be well Muambe.

  34. kungfoocantona says:

    fabrice muamba i hope god is on ur side son…terrible wen this sort of thing happens, puts the rivalry and shite in football to the side…hope u get through this kido but i fear the worst as wen the dfib is used then chances of survival are not on his side. hope u are on the other side of ppl that do pull through…il b prayin for ya. this could mean uniteds game tomorrow could be called of if the worst is to happen and to b fair rightly so

  35. kungfoocantona says:

    i meant the same side…sorry

  36. MrKirie says:

    Hoping all is well with Fabrice! Always gut wrenching when a player goes down off the ball like that. Hope he’s ok!

  37. juan says:

    Praying that Frabrice Muamba pulls through. Please God!

  38. Ironbrand says:

    You’ve got to hand it to ‘em Tottenham fans. Baited breaths, prayers and all for a black man who isn’t even on their team. I am mega impressed with them and the players too who also agreed to call off the match. One minute into the incident, wikipedia had the dude as dead from a heart attack already. What wouldnt people do for a story? Glad they have had the sense to change it now anyway. #PrayForMuamba

  39. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Was watching the game, Shocked. It taken me a while to get my eyes off the screen.

    Hope Muamba pulls through. Sad, nearly brought me to tears. Hope he recovers.
    Its sad to see this happen, the football world is praying for good news.

  40. James21 says:

    Keep your money. Come on Reds!

  41. Redhot Concepts says:

    Torres at £5 mil… Gd snuff for our bench?? Wazza + Torres hmmm just a thought!

    Keep fighting Fabrice! Keep fighting. Our prayers are with you! God bless!

  42. Hans says:

    Come on United. We should win this tie comfortably. Mind you I said the last time around only to leave Molineux bitterly disappointed. I could not believe we threw the match after the early lead we took. anyway, I hope the lessons are learned and we stay focused the whole match.

    I agree with Rooney, alongside the first Fergie title in 1993, No 20 would be the dearest one, so I hope other lads are also aware of this and deliver!


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