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Which countries are the Premier League players from?

Find out where Premier League footballers are from

Where Footballers are from by Jacamo

With the World Cup just a few weeks ago, here’s an interesting infographic showing how the Premier League’s squads are broken down by nationality.

There has been much debate recently over whether the England national team is paying the price for having so many foreigners in the league. The proposal to play a ‘B’ team league, as is done in Spain, has received mixed reviews so far.

Last night, United played in the U-21 final for the third time in three years.

They lost to Chelsea, whose last successful youth team product to get a regular run in the first team was John Terry, who broke through in the 1990s. Out of their 11 man starting line-up, less than half of them were English. If this is happening at youth level, then it’s even worse in the first teams.


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  1. Egill Dadi Axelsson says:

    According to that website 3 players come from Manchester United, that’s just bullshit.

  2. Tommy says: Speaking of foreign players, sad to hear this man, Ji Sung Park has hung up his boots, I always rated him, Woy Hodgeson should have watched a video on how to deal with Pirlo like he did

  3. m09538061 says:

    MUFC to LVG – “Do you want to come to OT?”
    LVG “YES!”
    MUFC “How much?”
    LVG “£Amount”
    MUFC “OK.Sign here”
    How long should that take?
    Woodward is a complete tosser!

  4. Tommy says:


    Giggs has been spotted in Holland in the area LVG is staying in today, Dont now what that means maybe discussing his own future but I think its just a matter of time before the ammouncement really

  5. OpikBidin says:

    Tommy says: Speaking of foreign players, sad to hear this man, Ji Sung Park has hung up his boots, I always rated him, Woy Hodgeson should have watched a video on how to deal with Pirlo like he did

    hmmm, no,

    Roy Hodgson, similar like SAF, can’t resist to play a certain someone and a certain way.

    It is Welbeck or Jones who can comfortably mark a player out of the game, but Rooney will get the nod to do it.

    Just remembering how Rooney marked Pirlo against Italy and Busquets against Barca makes me mad.

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Expecting an up tick in representation of Holland personally ;)

    Reports that Giggs and van Gaal are meeting in TalkSport and Guardian.

    AD reports Giggs met Van Gaal in Noordwijk LVGs holiday home and near the World Cup training camp for the Oranje

  7. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:


    In the CL final Wayne Rooney wasn’t tasked to “mark” Sergio Busquets.

    Sir Alex Ferguson cleared this particular frustration in his book. Wayne Rooney was tasked with attacking the ball back areas. I guess he meant after they had been vacated.

    Unfortunately you cant attack dick when Barca have the ball and Sergio Busquets had the freedom of the city like a player that talented needs it.

  8. wayne barker says:

    Off topic but every time I hear Spurs fans on talksport they do my head in,why do they consider themselves a big club.Have a old stadium that holds 35k and haven’t won anything in 20 odd years
    Over the last several seasons have done good business in reselling and making profit on players,Modric,Berba and Bale comes to mind but unless the club starts winning trophies or qualifying for CL don’t have unlimited funds to keep spending a fortune every year
    Have to be the most deluded fans ever

  9. Neil Moore says:

    Wayne. Ha I know mate, fucking pretentious wankers who think they’re a huge club. Don’t like Beetroot cunt Harry but they were miles better under him.

    Good luck under 21′s tonight against Rentboys.

    Some fucking bizarre comments on here from Opik. Especially the Keano ones.

  10. Neil Moore says:

    Dannysoya. That was a belting article you linked on Ste

  11. Neil Moore says:

    ……. Stevie Me.

  12. Neil Moore says:

    And people harping on about why Louis not appointed yet. Relax , as he said its a process. Takes time. It will be done soon.

  13. wayne barker says:

    King Eric agree mate Levi dropped a bollock getting rid of ‘Arry but the fans are fucked talk like their one of the top teams in Europe they’ve got a poxy little ground and haven’t won fuck all in 2 decades
    Remember all the bollocks on here in the summer about how Spurs were doing the business and all the signings would make them a powerhouse,did any signing pan out?
    Another thing i’ll never get my head around is the Director of Football position goes and signs players the manager didn’t want then the manager get’s the blame,just don’t understand the point to that job at all

  14. Fletch™ says:

    Ryan Giggs has been offered a role at United by NYTM* Louis Van Gaal

    *not yet the manager

  15. Fletch™ says:

    Tom Lawrence Goal 1-0 United!
    U21 Final

  16. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Saidy Janko is SUPER FAST. That was like Valencia in his prime with the set up for the goal. Wow.

    He and Ekangemene look the most ready out of the lot right now. Would not be averse to seeing them in some cup games next season.

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @King Eric.

    Haha it certainly was. Was laughing so hard at some of the colourful references he made. It was a brilliant read.

  18. Fletch™ says:

    From Holland:

    Giggs (Assistant manager)
    Max Reckers (video analyst)
    Franz Hoek (GK coach)
    van Gaal Manager

    via DeTelegraaf

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Much of the same of what Fletch just shared ^

    Touch and go who wins it here. Chelsea are looking the more likely in all honesty. Hope I’m wrong.

  20. reddevil says:

    bad performance from us in under 21.
    injured wilson hobbles off.

  21. Mike Fibes says:

    Don’t think the lads did bad at all tonight. Janko really looked the part, won every aerial dual. Aside from edging to get himself sent off Scholesy style, Ben Pearson had a great second half too. We just got pushed too deep for the most part, relying on the ball over the top to Wilson/Janko/Lawrence to bail us out. Should have had a penalty first half, that was nailed on. And a few nasty challenges from Chelsea which were by and large let off the hook. Think if we’d have got that penalty we’d have been off and away.

    Still, good season considering the numbers we had out on loan all year, in some ways it’s helped some of the younger lads come through – particularly James Wilson.

    Hopefully we’ll get to see a few in the tour bearing in mind just how many players we’ll have leaving and how many will be at the World Cup. Definitely expect LVG to want a good look at Charni, Pearson, Wilson, Janko, Lawrence, Henriquez & Lingard with a view to filling out the first team squad for a Europe-less season. Maybe even Varela & Reece James. Tyler Blackett should get one more year, I think it’s a case of him either staying and banging on the door, or getting a better loan and nailing a first-team spot with a Championship side around the playoff places. Was really unlucky to end up with Birmingham considering the bother they were in, Lee Clark had to go with the local lad in the end, you can kind of understand that I guess.

    It’s not quite class of ’92 but I do think the position United are in and reputation LVG has for bringing on talented youngsters gives some of these lads the best chance they’ve had in years. I hope they realise that and take the opportunity.

  22. Sparkz says:

    Spurs aren’t a massive club but they are one of the biggest clubs in the country though. Sort of at the Everton level. Good history and fanbase (if they moved from WHL to a bigger stadium they’d fill it up). Do have very very annoying supporters though lol.

    As for our young guns, they’ve done really well with a patched up team this season but never really turned up tonight IMO. Keane and Weir looked good, and great finish by Lawrence. Wanna see how many of these guys go on the tour. Said it before but this is why it’s crucial LVG has Giggsy on board, to provide that knowledge of our youth.

  23. Tommy says:


    Spot on mate about Spurs, Baldini signs his mate Lamala and that spanish striker who cant hit a barn door and AVB gets sacked when he never even wanted those players but Baldini remains lol you couldnt make that up, and people on here want a director of football lol

  24. Tommy says:

    On the 21s, I was at OT tonight, a really good turn out over 13k cheering on the reds, top support for a 21 game, Was not really surprised chelsea won, we were big underdogs going in, we did not really test their keeper that often which was a shame, still been a top season for Warren Joyce side, a makeshift defence most of the season and a lack of striker options for most of the season as well, so a great effort just to be in the final, shame we couldnt win it. Im a massive Wilson fan as people know but ive mentioned it before, the lad never seems to finish many games and goes off around the 65minute mark on a regualr basis, can anyone shed any light on this as to the reason for this?

  25. Tommy says:

    @Mike Fibes

    Stootman is going to miss the start of next season, hes been injured for quite a while I cant see LVG taking a chance on an injured played so I would be surprised if he was signed mate

  26. EC7 says:


    I don’t think the amount of players selected from each league is a reflection of how strong the actual league is. It’s just that the Premier League has more representatives from other countries than most leagues, therefore the likelyhood of more players playing in the World Cup is increased.

    The Spainish league has more home grown players playing in it so obviously not all of them can be picked for the national side.

  27. Mike Fibes says:


    The last couple of times I’ve seen him for U21′s at OT (Norwich and tonight) Wilson’s gone off injured as the result of heavy challenges. I’ve no doubt he’s got 90 in him, unfortunately on both these occasions (and a few previous) he seems to get targeted.

  28. Neil Moore says:

    Just heard from a pal Van Gaal may be bringing the “Dutch Xavi” ( I know, I know!) with him. I could look good on YouTube but he looks a tough little cunt. Says a fans favourite due to his tenacity. Personally never heard of him but got 7 Dutch caps.

  29. kevk24 says:

    @Neil, what is his name and if you havent been around, welcome back.

  30. Gav Brooker says:

    Jordy Clasie?

  31. Dev says:

    Looks like it’s all but confirmed to be van Gaal.

  32. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yep I don’t think it’s been in doubt for a while now. Once it became clear Giggs wasn’t being considered for the mangers job that realistically only left Van Gaal. Looks this move was decided as far back as March/April and Moyes was infact a dead man walking for the last 6/8 weeks of his job.

  33. oohahhrom says:


    La Liga teams are contesting the CL final and a La Liga team just won the Europa league. Read somewhere that only Spanish teams have knocked other teams out of Europe this season – no foreign team has managed it.

    This is despite the financial difficulties hitting the clubs, which means they are even weaker than they might usually be but they’re still stronger than anyone else. A mediocre Barcelona dispatched Man City comfortably and Atletico cost lest than Torres but were vastly superior to chelsea.

    Methinks La Liga will have more players than the other leagues when it comes to the semi-finals, too.

  34. Chris says:

    Rumours are going round that Shaw has told his Southampton team mates that he is coming to United…should they be believed?

  35. Moseley Scholes says:

    Clasie is some player, quick, dynamic, tenacious and likes to take on a player. Reminds me of Scholesy in some respects… but better in the tackle. One thing he needs to improve on is his goal return though. He’d be a great buy.

  36. Neil Moore says:

    Fuck, sorry didn’t name him. Yes Jordy Clasie.

  37. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Van Gaal announcement delayed until next week apparently. I’m sure there are reasons for this, but I don’t understand the complications to be honest.

  38. cr says:

    Jordy Clasie looks like just what we need. Stock him next to Fernando/Ramsey/Martinez/Carvalho and we’d be set in central midfield.

  39. cr says:

    *Stick him

  40. Tommy says:

    @Mike Fibes

    Ive heard Wilson been carrying a knock for 6 weeks so maybe thats why he keeps going off around the hour mark

  41. Tommy says:


    Its not that Mascarons size is a determent to Barca, It was Peps style to play a load of midfilders, on the team sheet mascarno was a defender but in fact they play with a high line and about 9 midfielders so hes not your typical defender

  42. Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina says:

    If we do sign Clasie, whoever plays the AM position (hopefully not Rooney) will enjoy the lad. He’s always looking forward for the pass even when people are in his face.


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