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Which Mug Would Pay £15k For This?? Munich Freebies On eBay


The press are having a field day. After the huge fuss that has been kicked up over the potential for Manchester City fans to ruin the minute’s silence for the Busby Babes, which was then greeted by complete silence from the bitters, the press needed something to get their hooks in to.

So, when the scarves that United handed out at the match yesterday popped up on eBay, the press got their wish. Disgraceful City fans? That one didn’t work out, so now let’s slate the United fans. eBay has several of the mementos from the game up for grabs, all of them reaching well in to the £1000s. Reports suggest the top selling package is going for as much as £15,000.

Where did they come from? Day trippers who were at Old Trafford for the occasion rather than any feeling for the club?  Die hard United fans who couldn’t care less about a scarf made in China and in need of a few bob? City fans who’d got their hands on an unused season ticket from someone they knew?

I’ll be keeping my my scarf and replica programme forever, no doubt, as the memories of the game don’t do anything to  help me remember the Babes’ honour. We could always all do with an extra few bob, but I’m a soft and sentimental old sod, and I fancy clinging on to the  freebies.  Some people aren’t as sentimental, is that so terrible? Or is making money from anything associated with Munich entirely unacceptable?

What do you think of the people who sold their stuff on eBay?

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  1. RonnieD says:

    i know i will be holding on to my scarf and programme as long as im alive! I hope in another 50 yars on the 100th anniversary I will still be alive and I can show my grandchildren the scarf from that day.
    However, 15k’s a hell of alot of money and i challenge anyone to turn that down, but putting the items on ebay to begin with was an act that lacked a hell of alot of class!!!
    These people aren’t real fans and i bet they left before a chorus of ‘We’ll never die’ rang throughout the strefford end!!!

  2. Tom F says:

    I cannot afford to even go to most games, even yesterdays. I thought I’d like ti get hold of one of the scarves and when I looked at your link to ebay for the city scarf, I thought £70 pounds isn’t much to sell it for, I’d rather keep it for the memory.. but 15k!?!? you would’ve thought you would be able to buy Ryan Giggs shirt from the day for that price. If I had a programme and scarf from yesterday and somebody offered me 15k I would hand it over and spend the money on lots of things, such as a season ticket (waiting list not included), A Car!, A Manchester United Opus (which I want so badly!!) Woo, it sounds like the Generation Game.

  3. JF says:

    thats probably my scarf, because some absolute twat stole mine off my seat – while i was standing there. lucky for whoever pinched it i was watching the team warmup, not thinking anyone would stoop so low as to steal from their own fans – on such an emotional day for the club too. really am disgusted by this revelation, ive spent all day fuming.

  4. URA says:

    A bit like selling your soul, if the people responsible for selling genuinely needed the money to keep them going, ie paying the bills getting food etc, then I wouldnt be bothered by this but you can bet your ass that aint the case, its just profiteering at its very best or worst in this case.
    One day in the future this will come back to haunt them, it usually does.

  5. hattrick says:

    Sad, but inevitable in the technology age we live in, The internet has alot to answer for.
    Wish I could have got to the game (my boss has alot ot answer for). Agree with URA comment about selling your soul.

  6. AladdinSane says:

    Nobody is getting that kind of money. There’s another famous Red supporter site driving the prices up and then not paying to ruin any attempt by these scumbags to profit off our tragedy. Some people are probably getting 20-50 quid but those higher priced ones are just people being punished for being self serving.

  7. spiritof1983 says:

    9,999,999 pounds going once, going twice…..

    I think AlladdinSane is right. Sounds like a retaliation move to push up the prices without intention to buy. Frankly I can’t see why they are selling now, other that quick profit. The amount they can realistically get is low. There were almost 76,000 commemorative packages (red and blue) left so currently with the event while fresh in mind and having the publicity advantage, there is also a glut of these items, driving prices down. If they wanted to sell say before the next anniversary or the following one or five years later, depending on it being in pristine condition, they would get more money.

    I won’t judge the motives of those selling it other than to say they obviously don’t value it as much as those wanting (sincere offers that is) to buy it and more likely the new owners would treasure it more, having to pay for it than the ones who got it free. The people choosing to retain it in this environment also are likely to be the ones treasuring it, which is heartening to hear as these mementoes will serve good memories in the future.

    This doesn’t offend me. If say pieces of the aircraft, clothes worn or personal effects of the passengers who died that day were sold, then that I would find offensive. This doesn’t offend, though the media coverage is distasteful.

  8. jiddly says:

    Disgraceful that anybody would think of profiting from the victims of Munich ’58.


  9. Sam says:

    Ebay have now agreed to disallow the sale of the scarves!

    Whilst I am keeping it forever, and it’s on display in my bedroom already, I think this is a slight overreaction by ebay, jumping on a bandwagon to make them look good, because:
    a) those huge bids were just attempts by more die hard united fans to sabotage the sale
    b) we really don’t know the situation of some of these sellers. they could be one of the many city fans in united seats on sunday- there were quite a few around me. they could be someone who is such a die hard fan that they weren’t going to miss the match for the world, so they paid all their savings to get a ticket, and this is just a way to get some back.

    you just don’t know, and it’s not for us, and definitely not for ebay, to judge them.

  10. Salford red. says:

    The sales do not surprise me. The guy who sits in front of me was on holiday and gave his season ticket to a mate. This guy had absolutely no interest in United. This was evident by his cheery disposition throughout the game as perhaps the most traumatic ninety minutes of football since anfield ’92 unfolded. I found it all a bit depressing but i am not one to pass judgement on “day trippers.” As a collection of fans did outside the megastore post game : lambasting a group of fans post-game for not knowing the words to the 2nd/3rd verses of the calpyso. A hell of a lot of people, such as Tom F above, and myself no doubt soon, genuinely cannot afford to go to matches anymore. However all of the gang which i first started going to the match, say the same thing, but watch the game in the pub and spend twice what they would at the match on ale and chang. The issue of priced out fans is part myth, part reality. So called “day trippers” should not be judged for paying to go to the game. Other fans, certainly not all, could go if they made certain sacrifices. What was annoying however was to be told, with jocular chirpyness, as i screamed for hargeaves to play the ball long in the final seconds of the game, that “it’s only a game, mate.” Day trippers i can handle. Neutrals are a bit much.

  11. MalcyC says:

    I wanted to make a comment about day trippers. Just because you are not a season ticket holder and you sit in a different seat each match doesn’t mean you dont go to most games. I am a member and have to go through the ballot to get a ticket. If that fails I get one from Viagogo (those robbing bastards can make a £44 ticket into £62.78!) which I have had to do a few times this season. I probably spend more than a season ticket over a season. Being a working class lad I can’t afford a lump sum at the start of the season. I have had many a row with fans thinking I am a day tripper when I have missed two home games all season in all competitions. Some of these season ticket holders are then pissing off with ten minutes to go (and more) and not supporting the team. Probably the same fans who booed the team off at half time against City. Which got me into another row with someone spitting a bit of his prawn sarnie at me! If your going to boo don’t come and give your ticket to the many members who would shout there heads off to get behind there team.


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