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Which Players Did Fergie Think Weren’t Up To It?

“One or two players were a little bit short today in terms of what we expect of them but I do know the football was good, we kept driving on and they showed good energy, even though we only had two and a half days to prepare for the match,” said Ferguson.

So, who wasn’t up to it?

Michael Carrick

I’m not one of those tossers who’s ever kept berating Carrick. In the summer of 2006, there were plenty of players reds had on their shopping lists to fill Roy Keane’s boots. Given we were spending close to £20 million, players like Gattuso seemed like realistic targets for our fans. But when we’re honest, players didn’t really want to sign for us back then. We hadn’t won the league for three years and we were short on the trophy front. So, we had to ‘settle’ for Carrick and a lot of us, including mysel, weren’t too excited about it.

But the lad is quality. He’s never going to be a superstar, but he’s quality, and I like his unassuming nature.

However, he was shit against Liverpool. There were a couple of quality balls, but by and large, he didn’t look up to it. He wasn’t putting everything in to the challenge and there were far too many wayward passes.

Nemanja Vidic

Arguably our player of the season but he was just off yesterday. His mistake for their first goal was absolutely dreadful. I can’t recall him making such a school boy error like that all season. Whilst Torres was definitely up for it, after going AWOL on the other occasions he’s played against us, the Vidic fuck up was his only attempt on goal, on or off target (aside from his attempt from around the half way line, which sailed high over the bar). He wasn’t in the game, he didn’t threaten the keeper, but Vidic let him in. He gifted a great player an opportunity to score, and he took it.

I can understand his thinking with the Gerrard foul. He saw Rio was the last man, thought it was worth taking a yellow card for. Unfortunately, the referee didn’t see it the same way and gave him a red. I don’t disagree with sending him off, it’s the risk you take when you intentionally bring a player down outside the area. Sadly, he won’t get this decision reversed like Terry did for his rugby tackle.

Cristiano Ronaldo

I know I have made my feelings on this Ronaldo very clear before now. I understand his desire to go to Real Madrid, I do not abide by him showing the club up the way he did in the summer. Liverpool fans may forgive one of their own embarrassing them that way, I will not allow someone, even if it’s someone who doesn’t owe us their childhood loyalty, showing us up in the same way.

Whilst not playing to the best of his ability and missing a month because his operation, and a further month getting match fit, he is still the second highest scorer in the league. It’s ridiculous. He is a quality player always has the potential to be a threat.

But every match he infuriates me. I’m not one of these wankers who gets on the back of certain individuals during a match, but he annoys the fuck out of me. He will run at players, lose the ball, then sits down on the ground holding his ankle, irrespective of whether any contact was made. Play continues, because it wasn’t a foul, and then United win the ball back. Ronaldo is our furthest forward player, he leaps to his feet, but he’s three yards offside. This happens every game. Had he got off his arse earlier, he’d be onside and ready to attack.

Ronaldo picks up the ball, sprints down the field, carrying the ball with him, then runs in to a defender. Sometimes he will take them on, other times he loses possession. Today, out of the several times he attempted this, I can only remember one or two occasions where he was successful. That’s fine, players have bad days at the office. However, when he loses possesion because he’s tried to take it too far instead of passing, it is up to him to chase it down. He doesn’t. He watches his opponent run off with the ball and let’s someone else worry about it.

I’m not judging him on yesterday’s game alone. It’s not his performance that bothers me. Over half our team weren’t good enough yesterday and we had players on the park who were worse than him. But his laziness drives me bonkers. When you’re losing to your hated rivals, you cannot afford to have a player who can’t be bothered to stay on side or try and win back possession after he’s lost it.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Didsbury_king says:

    Problem with Anderson is, he plays his fair share of games but not often so when he does play you expect him to be fresh and raring to go and its just not happening. do you think we overrated him last season?

  2. Didsbury_king says:

    one thing that infuriates me about anderson is his finishing. how can any one player be so woeful at finishing?

  3. costas says:

    Well sometimes didsbury,new players are like having a one night stand while you are drunk.You don’t how ugly or pretty she is until the next morning.It’s the same with new players.The second season clears things up a bit.That doesn’t mean that he won’t come up good.After all,Ole Solskjaer had a mediocre second season.I don’t think he is overrated.It’s what you said.He needs consecutive games.Last season he was bad in his first 2 but after a good cameo against Wigan at OT his confidence started building.United need that Anderson for the remaining games.

  4. corea says:

    Paul Scholes will prove you all wrong.
    I believe he will help us a lot till the end of the season.

  5. Jamal Yousuf Jaffer says:

    Yesterday was not United day, Liverpool won on 2 counter attack, one free kick and penalty all 4 goals are gifted from United players, If you see the match United played better football, but it was not there day and Liverpool were lucky day for all 4 gifted goals.

  6. costas says:

    Jamal is right.My god i don’t think that even when we conceded 11 in 2 weeks at Newcastle and Southampton did we gift as many goals as we have gifted the dippers this season.One was a Vida blunder,on was a careless penalty,one was a free kick and one was a goal from a long ball.At Anfield one was an own goal and the other was a Giggs blunder.When you consider that the last time they scored against us at O.T. that was an O’Shea own goal,you will see how much of an attacking threat Benitez had made them.

  7. THEMRFOX says:

    There was one main problem yesterday, and Fergie knows it, it was the starting 11. We have glided by for too long without actually being tested (properly). Liverpool wanted (and needed) a result more than we did.

    Tevez starting up front was a mistake, as he added little to any attacking moves we were making because he (and Rooney) was (were) lingering around in midfield areas for most of the time. When he did contribute it was too far back and then undermined his positional value. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the guy’s great, but what did we get Berbatov for? It was to stand up front and meander about and wait for the ball, slow things down and add the rythym that Carrick does so well in midfield. We knew Liverpool were going to play 5 accross the middlle, they do most times they play away … but we got sucked into that hole (all rushing back) leaving no options up the top. This nullified Carrick’s ability to pick a ball (hence poor game from the lad), he simply didn’t want the ball as he had no idea what he was going to do with it once he got it.

    We lacked a composed target figure in their half (and that includes Rooney).

    Add to this the choosing of Anderson. Again, great player, but … picking him on the nostalgia of last season? I didn’t understand that at all. Fletcher should have started. After all, he’s a big game player. Win it, give it. Win it, give it. That’s what we needed.

    Couple our lack of composure in the middle to the eratic nature of our flank play – another tireless headless chicken performance from Park (the guy’s brilliant, but needs cool heads around him) and Ronaldo being forced into errors all afternoon … and we lacked anything in the middle.

    Ronaldo wasn’t too bad. Too believing in his own hype, yes, but there were 2 players on him everytime he had the ball and he couldn’t beat an egg, let alone his man yesterday … because he was shown too tight to the line everytime.

    Fairplay Liverpool, tactically sound. We got done in the way that I always sit back and wonder how they get their results out of truly good teams. Wipe the last 2 goals off as they were irrelivent (after Vidic’s red) but it’s a simple fact that we didn’t look comforatable at any point over that 90 minutes. The fact we weren’t comfortable led to the individual errors.

    It’s a squad game but balance in a starting 11 is the most important thing. Yesterday, we picked the wrong 11 and it went wrong. One of the beauties of the recent Ferguson era, is picking the right team and yeasterday it was slightly off and we got badly punished for it.

    We’ll still win the league, but this was a warning to everyone … starting 11 not exclusively included.

  8. Marq says:

    Let’s lay off critising our players. Yes, some, if not all of them played horrible, but what’s done is done. Sir Alex will sort them out like Sir Bobby said. Also, I know some of us don’t like certain players, Ronaldo, Nani, etc. But wouldnt supporting them instead make things better? You get nothing out of hating your own players, only more poor performances & buring ur own fuse. So lets leave the hatred & booing to all the dippers & our friends in madrid. Show the world what is proper support

  9. DublinRed says:

    I agree, but think Fergie got it fucken arseways and the complacency mooted by Ferdinand has come from him but this defeat will give them a reality check they need.

    Ronaldo was a disgrace looked like a guy being asked to play some bullshit 3rd division team in the FA Cup – had no interest. Carrick is a joke, no forward gears, sideways and backwards r his only passin directions, WHY OH WHY did Fergie wail til 15mins to go for Berb Giggs & Scholes to come on. Rooney spent the entire game out of position behind the front 2 tryin to play balls thru to Tevez & others in a position and role that Carrick should’ve filled but didnt and one that Scholes WOULD have filled . . . . .

    Carrick was up against possibly one of the worst midfielders in the league in Lucas who maintained his role as worst player on the pitch yet carrick still did nothing

    Complacency aside onwards and upwards

  10. Z-Man says:

    last time we lost in the league was back in november. we cant win every game, to bad we had to lose against Liverpool.

    i agree with you on vidic, carrick and ronaldo. i was suprissed that SAF took out park, should have taken Ronaldo of insted. vidic had his worst game ever for united, had he played up to vidic-standards liverpool would never had a goal. were still on for the quintuple, by being the first team to defend the CL and equallying liverpools record of 18 in the league.

    does ennyone remember the last time we let inn four goals? the last team to put two behind uss were arsnal, and three was Hull at home.

  11. costas says:

    Tha last team to put 4 behind us was Boro.

  12. ManU says:

    Overconfident by backline moving too far forward has been the caused of the defeat of MU. Where was Anderson,Oshea and Evera to mark Gerard and Torres. Carrick was off form and should be replaced by Fletcher. Giggs should start the match instead of Rooney (angry man). Johny Evans should be playing instead of John Oshea the worst player of all season who should be put on sale. Evera is only good in supporting forward but clumsy in defence. Vidic trying to outsmart Torres has himself to blame what an embarressing moment to watch.The clumcyness of Evera gave advantage to Gerard (the jail bird) to dive and got a penalty.Just take a look at Liverpool defence whenever Ronaldo or Teves got the ball at least three defenders go after them but not the case of MU.

  13. jamos9 says:

    What i dont get with Ronaldo is as he was doubled up on why did he not play some one touch football to move his markers around and create space for his team mates? I believe it’s because he has such an ego that he thinks he can do it all himself, which unfortunately he cant as he doesn’t beat the full-back at all anymore, he never beats them to the by-line to produce a cross- which in my eyes is his main duty, he just cuts inside time after time and runs into opponents because he wants all the glory himself.

    As for his Fucking Free Kicks there’s no no Science to them, he just runs up to it and whacks it, i’m sure if Rooney did the same thing he’s have nearly the same ratio 1in 20 i think it is…..why no variation?.. can he not curl the ball?… chip it in? where’s the invention….element of surprise? I really hope Tosic can put on some weight and relieve Ronaldo of his Free-kick duties or at least share them. The lads got great dead-ball ability!!

    The amount of abuse Nani gets is unreal compared to what Ronaldo gets away with, it’s a joke he’s played out of position time after time and rarely gets a run in the side, it seem’s as though he’s been made the scape-goat of late and not trusted, i agree his last performance was shite but even if he does well he’s castigated. Ronnie’s Lionised for to much for my liking i expect alot more from him from here on in maybe he should give Usain Bolt a bell now to come and give him his Sprinting training before it’s too late.

    It’s time we kick on and show some back-bone from here on in as we’re gonna need it chaps. The Sharks will be circling scenting blood, it’s time to fight for our Season!!

  14. jamos9 says:

    Forgot something: I Fucking hate Bin Dippers!!

  15. Didsbury_king says:

    ‘fight for our season’

    I am crying with laughter

    we are top of the league, in the last eight of the champions league, won two trophies already, in the fa cup semis

    we had ONE bad game and result

    stop being such drama queens.

  16. Didsbury_king says:

    oh and jamos9, the reason why Nani gets abused is because he hasn’t shown he is good enough. at all. and he has nearly been here for 2 years. if he had been in good form and was a off form, then fair enough and the fans would understand but he hasn’t has he? he has shown sweet fuck all since he joined except for a few goals. you must be in the minority if you think otherwise

    personally, my complaint is (and i love the guy) is how tevez constantly escapes criticism and yet berbatov always gets it.

  17. Red-Manc says:

    ‘fight for our season’ is very dramatic, We’re top of the league 4points clear and a game in hand.

    didsbury_king, thick twat award definatly goes to you if you slate Paul Scholes then you are definatly a thick twat. Carrick has been great of late and i like him but he isnt strong enough on the ball and isnt right for a match like liverpool-United even Fletcher would of been better playing as his workrate would of put pressure on the liverpool midfield. How was Scholes meant to come on and make a difference when we were already loosing and everyone was playing shite?

    you see no purpose of Scholes at our club? you ungrateful prick you will be sorry when the likes of Scholes/Giggs/Neville retire you will see how much we miss them on and off the pitch. It wont be the end of us because no players are bigger than the club but we will miss them.

  18. Didsbury_king says:

    Red-manc, out of those three the only one who we would miss at the present time is ryan giggs. that man is still damn good
    neville has barely played this season and scholes has played a few matches here and been poor. we don’t rely on them nearly as much as we used to. we will not miss them on the pitch because even now we don’t. stop living in the past with them both. legends but past it. end of. giggs is a legend and not past it.
    and i am greatful for what they all did for us but nobody can stay at united for their whole life can they?!
    pin point three good paul scholes performances this season? and i mean excellent. fulham………erm

    and SAF knows it. thats why he opts for fletcher, carrick and giggs all ahead of him most of the time

  19. costas says:

    We are in a fight didsbury.We are in a fight with the complacency that has been creeping into our camp over the last 2 weeks or so.Do you want to go down to the wire like we did last season?I don’t.If some things aren’t addressed now while it’s early,we could get into a comfort zone.This team deserves to have the league title wrapped up by the end of April.Such was the case in the last 2 seasons as well,but for some reason we were letting Chelsea back into the fight.I know we always like to do it the hard way but sometimes you are going to fall off the horse.I agree about Tevez.People forget that Berbatov played against Inter with a knock from the warm up.And whetehr we like it or not,the team might be more used to Berba than Tevez right now.

  20. Red-Manc says:

    Your right we dont rely on them as much this season so we wont miss them that much on the pitch, but there will be big games where we could use there experience and ability, they will be missed the most in the dressing room many of the new boys come in and say ‘to be in a team with Giggs’ and ‘these players have been here there whole career so i want to aswel’ they set the standards and they carry on the United tradition when they finally have to go things will change, im not saying we will stop winning but things will change.

    And Costas i agree, i love Tevez i think he’s class but we seem to play better with Berbatov-Rooney combination, even though when Berbatov has an off game its alot worse because he does fuck all where as if Tevez has a off game at least his work rate helps the team. Our strikers have been a let down this season they might just need time to get used to each other i dunno.

  21. costas says:

    I don’t know what it is Red Manc.They are the same as last season(Berba in for Saha) but yet we have the third goal tally United have had in the last 15 years.It’s not the strikers.It’s the systems.It is more defence oriented.Ronaldo,Rooney,Berba and Tev have had 18,16,13 and 12 goals respectively.When you see it rationally,you will see that Ronalso’s tally at this stage of the season is more normal than last season’s,Rooney has more,Tevez has less but Berba makes up for that.I think the negative thing is that ever since Scholesy started backtracking,we don’t have a goalscoring midfielder.

  22. costas says:

    I agree about the veterans.They do have a place in the locker room.Especially Ryan.

  23. Didsbury_king says:

    OK fair enough red-manc

    the problem with our strikers is tevez. berbatov and rooney have done OK most of the time but tevez just looks so uncomposed in front of goal at times, its scary

  24. Jake says:

    Didsbury, you are the biggest hypocrite, one minute it’s ‘one bad result and all you plastics get on the team’s back’, then it’s ‘rooney is awful, shouldn’t play, MOTD crew was right about him’…you’re about as consistent as Michael Barrymore mate

  25. thelick says:

    I have read some of the comments in this thread and didsbury King, you must be deluded mate. there is no way you can tell me that Rooney does not give 100% when he puts on that red jersey even if he is overrated, say what you like but Rooney is a one in a million player, he plays with his heart on his sleeve every match he plays and that cant be said for the vast majority of premier league footballers in this day and age. As for the other night we played badly while Liverpool took advantage of a poor display from us. The most disappointing thing is we got beat by four at OT, but considering the Liverfools were gifted two goals in the first half and scored the other two when we were ten men down, it is not as bad as it seems. Dont get me wrong it was a bad performance but the Liverfools better hope that we don’t meet them in the champions league because the team and the fans are baying for Liverpools downfall and I for one would love to see them against us in the champions league, because fergie amazingly got outsmarted by FSW on saturday and got it wrong with his tactics but next FSW wont get that lucky!

    One more thing is why the hell did we play so narrow!!! We played right into FSW European style tactics and paid the price because we did not stretch them all game. Even when it was obvious, Fergie still did not do anything and we paid the price…..

  26. Red-Manc says:

    I think our strikers are putting the effort in and the workrate is there but this finishing isnt, and like you said Costas we seem to be more defensive this season for some reason and ronaldo hasn’t been terrorising teams like last year so it leaves us with a midfield thats rather easy to deal with when teams suss us out.

    We deserve to win the league this year, but by our own high standards there just been something missing, im still under the impression that its Carlos Queiroz.

  27. costas says:

    Maybe Red Manc.Carlos was more defensive minded but we never went on a run of clean sheets like that.The difference with Carlos was in these types of matches.With Carlos we never lost to Liverpool in the league.And we always seemed to do well against both them and Arsenal.We will never know if he is missed.One thing matters now.That we win 8 out of 10.

  28. TonyBee says:

    I got slated on here by saying get rid of Ronaldo and Nani…… even got called a racist by some twat….. however yesterday proved what I have been saying about CR7, class tho he may well be …. he is one lazy cunt when he wants to be ……and by fuck he was against the dippers. Anderson was shit an all, Vidic had a bad one, not going to diss him as he always tries but Carrick Evra Ronaldo and Anderson need a fucking nuclear missile fired up their collective asses from SAF for the way they let us down yesterday.

  29. costas says:

    Red Manc mentioned Carlos.What if Carlos could get through CR7,Nani and Anderson better than SAF?I am not talking about the language of course.It just seems like all 3 of them were feeling more at home last season.Anyway,i say let’s end it here.If this continues on at Craven Cottage then we will have a debate on our hands about where the season is going.But at the moment,we have to support these players who have played their guts out for the last 3 months.

  30. Didsbury_king says:

    RE:TonyBee. you probably got slated because you are a twat

  31. catonaldo says:

    DONT PANIC !!!
    We were due a defeat. Its been the worst possible defeat but of course we will have the last laugh by winning the title again. The scousers dont get any silver ware for a couple of unconvincing wins against us.The way in which we lost will be the kick up the arse we started to look like we needed. Just maybe we started to believe all the media hype , well we dont now!
    Time to concentrate and push on again. Another 8 or 9 unbeaten run should see us through
    Evra has not looked his self since coming back from injury. Oshea ,bloody hell any one but him at right back, even Fletcher. Love Anderson but not sure he was ready for this game.Rooney and Tevez were like 2 headless chickens ,should have taken Rooney off for Berbatov after an hour to calm things down

  32. King Eric says:

    Come on lads, after one , well two poor games you are now saying (again) that we are missing CQ. I don’t believe that for one minute. SAF and his crew are more than capable of getting the coaching, tactics etc spot on (well most of the time)!

    I honestly do think though that with the absence of Owen Hargreaves, and I have said this a few times now, we are missing a tough no nonsense midfielder in the mould of Robbo or Keano who when the going gets tough they get fucking stuck in, put themselves about and grab a hold of the game. Fletch at this moment is the nearest we have got but ain’t been picked for Inter and dippers game. Our midfield this past 2 or 3 games has been nothing short of shocking.

  33. costas says:

    King Eric i agree there.I thought for a while that Anderson would become thaat energetic robust midfielder but it wasn’t to be.Let me make it clear.I am not saying CQ i missed from a tactical standpoint.I just think that the Portuguese and Brazilian players had a better understanding with him.

  34. Its in my blood says:

    Been reading the comments and am somewhat stunned to see how much arguements seem to be going on between our own! Good valid analysis sprinkled about but only Marq seemed to have mentiond the importance of supporting our players regardless of other issues. We’re possibly two months off making history. SAF will sort it. We need to shelve our anger/hatred re Ronaldo till the end of the season. If/when he does go, slag him as much as you want. Whilst he’s wearing our shirt out there, he IS one of ours. Some excellent points made by costas, King Eric,THEMRFOX amongst others. Personally,re our defeat yesterday, i think it will prove to be a blessing in disguise. We’re going to meet those dippers again in the CL. Does anyone out there seriously believe we’ll gift them those goals again? No chance. Ultimately, yesterdays game wont matter. It’ll re-focus us and we’ll win the league. When we meet them in Europe, it will matter. One indifferent performance followed by one shocker does not change the previously held agreement by most pundits and fans that this is an exceptional team, exceptional squad. SAF spoke about a response, we’ll get it.

  35. African red says:

    i think we should remember that we are chasing trophies on all fronts, but that is no excuse for fielding a team that is already feeling its effects, i felt that we shud have used a midfield of Fletcher and scholes. then berba ahead of Tevez. Since liverpool were sitting deep and using long balls, fletcher cud have been used to sit in front of defence and provide cover needed for the back four. as for vidic, fatigue was set to kick in sooner than later, he has been ever present in defence and has been rested a few times so he was bound to error against torres. united shud start killing of games in the first half so that some players can be taken off early after the break. but am hopping that this will be a blessing in disguise(i say this with a huge lump in my throat), the players will respond and play their hearts out. I cant wait for the Fulham game.
    lets all hope that we draw them in the champs league

  36. Glad SAfr says:

    I think its time to give O Shea a break. where wer you Evans.

  37. Dennis from Malta says:

    For me the defeat was written.
    The thing i can’t understand is how the media is responding because United lost a game. Ok it’s against Liverpool, but reports have gone haywire. United are still in the driving seat with 4 points ahead and a game in hand. To lose the cup united have to lose 2 more games or mostly 3. This with the opponents winning all matches.
    So, for me the league is done and dead….it’s United Champions.
    As rtegards the game i think that on saturday i would have played Fletcher and maybe Anderson or instead of Anderson risked Giggs at least for the first half. Carrick wasn’t up to it, this was showing also against Inter.
    Also, it was one of those bad days for Vidic, as how many times we’ve seen him clear those ball with his head instead of letting them pass. Against Torres you have to be sure and don’t take risks.
    Allso to put matters worse, up to the red card United were on top and i could see the draw coming, but then Liverpool scored immediatley from the freekick and it was game over.
    For me the fourth goal was just like that as united were like an open door at the back, as to make matters worse Ferguson changed 3 players at the same time. We haven’t seen him doing that during the campaign.
    So for me the defeat was written
    Come on guys cheer up and our oppents will see who United are against Fulham.

  38. Ella says:

    It was a game too far. Everyone was mentally tired and I suppose it is not surprising. The season is not yet over. if someone had said to me on the day the team flew back from Tokyo “Let Liverpool do the double and on the day after you play them at OT we’ll give you a 4 point lead and a game in hand” I think I’d have taken it. Most had a bad day. let’s hope that a week’s rest and a couple of internationals away from the tension that is there all trophies will reinvigorate them. There are still many important matches but I don’t believe that anyone will win all their remaining matches. We just have to match the others and we are there. Don’t despair – all is not yet lost!

  39. costas says:

    It’s funny you mention Tokyo.Tokyo was 86 days ago and ever since we have played 23 games.That’s one game every 3 and a half days.The FA should have at least protected us with the Liverpool game.After all we didn’t go to Tokyo for vacation.In no other European country did a team that play in the ch.League on Wednesday play again Saturday at noon.That’s ludicrous.

  40. jimm_y96 says:

    I completely echo Scott’s comments on Ronaldo. I can put up with players like O’Shea who lack the same ability. He and people like Fletcher are singled out as easy targets by some of ourmore ignorant fans. They have a job to do in our squad and they fulfil it well. They know how the team works and slot in as and when is required, with minimum disruption. Ronaldo on the other hand has ability in abundance, but wastes countless promising opportunities by neglecting team mates hoping for something to develop for himself. As Scott says, his giggs style falls and long looks at the referee from his knees are infuriating and indicative of his selfishness. He would be twice the player if he appreciated his team mates.

    He clearly spends hours practising his very hit and miss free kicks, but ultimately he is in the spotlight when they do fly in. I doubt very much if he practices his crossing to the same extent, whichis still woeful. But, hey, one doesn’t get the same attention for a good cross unless your name is David Beckham.

  41. Jitters says:

    Too many big players having an off day – Ronaldo, Carrick, Anderson, Berba, Evra and of course Vidic. Lots of excuses but I think they need some tuff love from SAF applying boot to arse.

    And of course we may get em again in the Champions League..

  42. ManU says:

    MU must get rid of John Oshea, retire Gary and Scholes. They all are the weakest in the team. Lack of pace is the main concern especially more and more younger players are replacing the older players. John Oshea has no ball skill and no pace at all eventhough he has the height. He has given away too many free kicks near the goal mouth and cannot cope up with the pace.Its time for Sir Alex give the younger players their chance to gell with the seniors.There are enough midfield and strikers and MU do not need to buy players except only one ie Karim Benzema. With the present squad MU can easily have two teams to play in the EPL,Carling,FA and CL.

  43. Jake says:

    It’s United, Manchester United or Man United, not Man U

  44. costas says:

    I don’t think Benzema wants to come.No use in having more players in our squad who “one day want to play in Spain”.

  45. Bob says:

    Bob Said,March 17th, 2009 @1:26 The Ministry of defence have issued a statment that they consider a mass alien abduction in the Manchester area on saturday is down to non military or non national and non national security matters…news just in…. Greater Manchester police deny reports of a large number of locals disapearing on saturday afternoon and that they are just drunk or high as kites, but more subdude than usual, the say it was like a day of a postal stike and the dicks did not recieve their giros.. Frank Gallagher a local man” said Im gutted so fuck knows how Mr Fergusons feels, but never mind Ive got a bag of coke that Rio can share it with the lads”…. breaking news…….cornwall and devon constabualary have just issued a statment that the reports of missing people are exagerated and they have all turned up in corwall just in time for last orders, they say it as been the quietest saturday night since sheepshagging in public was banned in 1732. But Liverpool fans think you just disapeard up your arseholes, the last statment is not in anyway attrributed to Merseyside Police who have had not involvment in the investigation to thousands of people going missing at THE THEATRE OF DREAMzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. suhayl says:

    bob your mums calling you….she ‘s just been pounded

  47. suhayl says:

    and oh yeh bob….you murdering dipper scum!!!!

    yes how you murdered the 39 bianconeri..the 6 bulgarians..the 96 of your own at hillsborough. Thats what you call scum.

    blimey the capital of crime and iliteracy, capital of abortions, single parents, council houses, premature deaths, diseases, unemployment, lack of qualifications, highest rates of rape, domestic abuse, murder, gangland crime, shellsuit wearers, knifings, robbery, armed robberies, muggings, drugs, car jackings.

    Yet the murdering scum who you cant even understand some on here ranting and raving…

  48. suhayl says: fat bastard yep you you fuckin dole dosser…why dont you fuck off you inbred.

    what you say has as much substance as what youve got floating about in you ickle brain…absolute naata.

    fat dirty dipper cunt


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