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Which Would You Prefer? Henry, Iniesta, Abidal, Alves or Fletcher?

With the Champions League final quickly approaching, there is plenty of talk about formations and available players. Darren Fletcher will get the news of his UEFA appeal sometime today, whilst Alves and Abidal are set to miss the final through suspension, whilst Henry and Iniesta and struggling to come back from injury.

Whilst we’re not very happy about the likelihood of going to Rome without Fletcher, surely we’re a better position than Barcelona…?

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  1. costas says:

    Barca’s problems are mounting up.Iniesta is a bigger blow than Fletcher and what’s funny is that this would have been one of the key clashes of the game.I may be in the minority but i would prefer it if everyone was playing.I just hope that we get to the final with no fresh injury worries.

  2. Sash Sylvarre says:

    I wish Fletch is available but our situation is far better than theirs.

  3. ajie says:

    to be fair enough,let Abidal & Fletch play in the final….Alves is clearly out…he get the 2nd yellow….Iniesta & Henry, both about their injury/fitness….missing them is an advantages for us….

  4. Redrose says:

    Rules is rules. If it is considered to be a wrong ruling, amend it for next season, ie. don’t move the goalposts.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    fletcher is very important for united but if he is unavailble then stick your hand in a nd pull out another world class midfielder united have to fill in,

    iniesta missing for barca is not as simple as that for barca themselves

    beat wigan

    try start against arsenal the way united did for the semis and get 3 points thou 1 will do

    and let ole gunnar solskjaers men have a game against hull while the lucky 16 players take a break

  6. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    a double freekin double

    sweet jesus it could really really be happenin #

  7. costas says:

    GHTT i want us to have our title celebration against Arsenal but at Hull we have to send some first team players.They are fighting to avoid relegation and we have to do the other teams justice.Whoever wins the Newcastle-Boro game,will have a bigger interest in our match against Hull.

  8. Mic says:

    I love Fletcher but i’d love United to win it even more and that’s why i’d have to vote for all five missing!

  9. Gman says:

    we need fletch to stop Xavi, Chelsea had Essien.. Who will stop him if Fletch doesnt play? Carrick? Anderson?

  10. wazza says:

    surely Alves’ yellow card can’t be rescinded.Fletch is deffo gonna be a miss as big as Iniesta or Henry for Barca.

  11. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    gman on both fronts yes

    also stick scholes on him

    costas i really hope united lift it against arsenal cause im going tomorrow to manchester for the wigan and arsenal games

    and if sending out ole gunnar solskjaers team means the kids show there stuff+shearer and southgate go down because of it,happy days

    but thats not given that fantastic united back up side solskjaer managers much credit
    i see them play and they are gooood

    best ive seen in my 27 years 16 of them a united fan apart from the giggs scholes bred,

  12. confoundedbridge says:

    I want both teams at full strength.

  13. Devilton says:

    From a football purists perspective you obviously want all the players fit and a classic game.

    From a United supporters perspective you want them to come in weak, get battered and go home unhappy. I feel for Fletcher. I want him to play. But if Fletcher plays you can bet your bottom dollar so will Abidal.

    And the rest of the world will complain there are different standards for united and barca. And I don’t want that. So fletcher has to deal with the disappointment. Perhaps next time we are 4-0 up and going to a final he will realize he doesn’t need to be a consumate proffesional and adopt a more selfish approach.

    I know. It’s not in his nature…but his tackle didn’t really help the team, or himself.

    Also. I don’t think Iniesta or Henry will miss the finals. Watch them make miraculously recoveries and play in Rome. It’s all just a ruse to lul us into a false sense of confidence.

  14. pypkmsrikanth says:

    Though I feel bad for Abidal & Fletcher to miss out because of somebody else’s fault, I for one would not want an exception be made for either of the team and set a precedent. With regard to Henry & Iniesta there is enough time for some decent recovery so in all probablity we could see both line up or Iniesta starting and Henry on the bench.

    With Fletcher ruled out of the finals, I think Anderson can be put on to shadow Xavi he would do a more than required job.

  15. Androo says:

    Although i feel very bad for fletcher had he to miss the final, I would prefer a weakened Barca.

    I hate their idea of ‘we have a moral right to win everything because we play beautiful football’ and I want to beat them so bad! Xavi still dreams that the Liga is better than the Premier League even though they went through by a last gasp shot on target.

  16. Anant says:

    would much rather they all played n we beat them fair and square…no excuses for them then

  17. King Eric says:

    Ando will have that greasy cunt Xavi in his arse pocket.

  18. Van Damme says:

    Fletch could just take all 4 of them down. They’d be praying that fletch is ruled out.

  19. confoundedbridge says:

    King Eric , “that greasy cunt Xavi”? Come on, he’s an absolutely brilliant player. No need for immature comments like that.

  20. Shreyas says:

    I think Fergie will use the Arsenal game as dress rehearsal for he Barca game and field the exact same line-up he plans to field against Barca. After all, Arsenal are the poor man’s Barca.

    According to me this line-up would be:

    Keeping this in mind and to rest some players who played against Citeh, the Wigan line-up should be:

  21. tiger4 says:

    All available so that we can beat them outright and no one can accuse us that we won because we faced a weakened team.

  22. Jack says:

    I was just watching Sky Sports News and Inestia will be fit for the final.

  23. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    inestia is fit

  24. costas says:

    Yup,he says he will play.

  25. suhayl says:

    Fletcher would be most missed…blimey he’s become a monster holding midfielder. Yesterday he was dictating the whole midfield…ushering people, cajoling people, barking out orders, marshalling the midfield, protecting the back 4. They guy’s become first choice and becoming world class quality. We will miss him enormously. ANOTHER SUPREME MAN OF THE MATCH PERFORMANCE……and not forgetting how he created tevez goal with great long ball….plus created another chance late on for tevez…he can play this lad.

    Abidal eratic and for me justice was done cos he should have been sent off in the first half for bringing doggy down.

    Alves hyped up……god knows why barca have the cheek to appeal his yellow…when he deserved more retribution for his histrionics and diving and dirty play. Deservedly shouldnt play. If he got off….the conspiracy theorists would be proved right.

    Henry..injured????? all a facade….ploy. He’s fit. Barca tactics

    Iniesta..injured?????? all a facad….ploy. He’s fit. Barca tactics

  26. King Eric says:

    confoundedbridge – “Immature comments” who do you think you are my old man? As I have repeatedly been saying I am sick of everybody drooling over Barca. What has he done against English clubs? Thats right, just like Messi fuck all. You patronising twat.

  27. King Eric says:

    Ps Why is it immature? It is fact he is a greaser with his back combed hair! Just my opinion.

  28. clj7 says:

    I’d rather have everyone fit. No excuses for the loosing team. Have a dream final!! But I’d still rather have Henry injured :D

  29. denton davey says:

    To be the best, you should be able to beat the best.

  30. Eleven says:

    Here what XI i fink is likely to turn up …hope am right :D

    Sub; Foster, Evans, Carrick, Nani, Giggs, Berbatov
    Out: Neville, Hargreaves, Brown, Fletcher

    O’Shea – Vida – Rio – Evra
    Park – Scholes – Anderson
    Tevez – Ronaldo – Rooney


    Inesta – Eto – Messi
    Keita – Xavi – Busquets
    Sylvinho – Pique – Touré – Puyol

    Subs: Pinto, Caceres, Hleb, Pedrito, Bojan, Gudjohnsen
    Out; Márquez, Henry, Dani Alves, Abidal

    this is the likey XI for barce from what i can understand due to the injury and what player have used in last couple of matchs, Puyol is likely to play RB hes know to do that in the past, Toure will fill in CB and Sylvinho at LB …If Inesta is out then they’ll either use Bojan or Gudjohnsen.. from this we’ll defo win we got the better team :D


  31. invertedquestionmark says:

    Apart from Abidal, all other Barcelona players shouldn’t be present in the poll question.

  32. invertedquestionmark says:

    And yes, I would prefer if both he and Fletcher were available for the final because both of them were sent of by mistake.

  33. suhayl says:



  34. King Eric says:

    Eleven – I am pretty sure Carrick will play mate.

  35. Par says:

    suhayl, the fact is that there were no real grounds to appeal the Fletcher red card. He probably shouldn’t have been sent off, but for some reason FIFA don’t see that as legitimate grounds for an appeal. Same with Abidal. The system is fucked up and hopefully this will help bring about the change that is needed, but realistically no-one should have got their hopes up. To rescind those reds would have been as ridiculous as the decision to let JT off the hook for his sending-off earlier this year. Abidal’s probably a bigger loss overall, since the suspended Alves and the injured Marquez and Milito mean that the Barca back 4 is going to be severely limited.

    Also, Henry’s missed their last 2 games — he is actually injured. Iniesta has been an outstanding player, a leader, an academy graduate and a hero to the fans, as well as being a friend of Pep Guardiola. Do you really think they’d rob him of the chance to play in a title-winning game as some kind of tactic against you?

    Being an asshole and insulting the sportsmanship of other teams based on absolutely fuck all is the reason everyone hates united fans. Don’t be bastards.

  36. Kings says:

    We’ve been fucked over with the red card appeal, as expected, it has been rejected.

  37. confoundedbridge says:

    King Eric, your defensiveness says it all. I like to think that level headed United fans recognise a great player when they see one, and not to resort to the usual cunt this, cunt that rubbish, or crap about English teams being the be all and end all.

    What has Xavi done? Well he’s won La Liga 4 times, and the Champions League, and could well win another one if SAF and the team think he’s as overrated as you do. He was also player of the tournament in euro 2008. He’s supremely talented and skillful, and if you’re a fan of Paul Scholes like I am, there’s no way you wouldn’t think Xaxi was a great player.

  38. confoundedbridge says:

    That should say “wasn’t a great player”.

  39. corea says:

    i’m disgusted when i imagine the serious look on their faces when they announce the decision of denying Fletch a chance to play in the well deserved final. But life isn’t always fair, the most important thing is that Fletch made his name and we will play for him in the final. We are a team and Fletch will win the final (if we win) as much as the other players.

  40. King Eric says:

    Confoundedbridge – Where in my original post did I say Xavi was over rated? You made that up. As it goes though I happen to think he is. As for Scholesey he is one of my favourite players of all time, but don,t see what that has to do with it. Who are you to take the moral high ground? For your information I do rate him but not as highly as you seem to. La Liga? So what, mickey mouse league pal.

    I certainly do not think that “English teams are the be all and end all” . Again something else you made up and insinuated. Best to agree to disagree. We are all United fans aren’t we?

  41. confoundedbridge says:

    Well, I won’t take this this argument any further (I’m just using this to put off revision haha) except to say I’m not making anything up, all I have to go by is the comments you post.
    When you say stuff like “Xavi is a greasy haired cunt” and “what’s he ever done against English teams” then of course I’m going to infer that you think Xavi’s overrated or that you can only be good if you play well against english teams.
    As for La Liga being a mickey mouse league, as far as I know, we’ve failed to score past Villareal in 360 minutes of football the past few years, and they’re 6th in La Liga right now. Sure the Premier League is the strongest, but let’s not pretend there aren’t any other good leagues around, eh?
    One last thing, the Scholes mention was because I belive Xavi plays in a very similar style to Scholes, at the least the Scholes of the past 5 years or so (Scholes obviously started off as a second striker) – deep lying playmakers who control the game with a wide range of passing, who rarely if ever give the ball away. Their styles are similar, hence the comparison.

  42. suhayl says:


    My comments were deliberate…my comments were made with a little irony…with a little sarcasm and a little bit of ” take it with a pinch of salt”. A sort of humourous deliberate bias…wishing those players of theres were out…..wishing it was a conspiracy…but knowing OFCOURSE INIESTA AND HENRY ARE INJURED.

    It was a quick bias ( seeing that we are on a man utd site) comment. YES a TONGUE IN CHEEK comment deceitfully on my part insinuating underhand tactics.

    Dickhead…dont take everything literally professor. If you knew me or you were a utd fan you would have known what i really meant.

    By the way who the fuck are you…to come on here anyway and tell me what and what not to say…when you’re not even a utd fan. Mr interent police coming on here all high and mighty whats right and wrong with utd fans.

    Just fuckin jog on you fuckin prick. And dont be such an arsehole and a bastard and dont come on here. Muppet


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