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Who IS Ferguson Still Talking To? Upset With Liverpool and Arsenal Pundits

Reports today suggest that Sir Alex Ferguson will not be talking to Sky Sports following comments made about Wayne Rooney on Soccer Saturday. Mike Phelan will presumably take the limelight, as he does on Match of the Day, to answer the questions on our future games shown on Sky Sports.

In a heated studio discussion, it was argued by Phil Thompson and Paul Merson that Wayne Rooney should have been shown a straight red card against Everton for kissing his badge in front of the Goodison Park fans.

Ferguson subbed Rooney off moments later, for fear the referee was going to send our forward off, with the home crowd baying for blood.

Ferguson is angry with the treatment of his player from the media, so in protest, will not be talking to Sky Sports for the forseeable future. This will start tonight, with Sky Sports showing the Celtic vs United game.

No BBC, no newspaper interviews, now no Sky Sports. So, er, who is Ferguson still speaking to?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Adam says:

    Good old, controversial, MUTV!

  2. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I think that Gilette Soccer Saturday is a decent show to be fair, and the pundits are usually decent, but how the fuck do they think Rooney should be sent off for kissing his crest? And the abuse he was taking, Im surprised he didnt flip altogether. As for Fergie, the man can do what he wants. The media need Fergie and United more than we need the media. Fuck them all…

  3. theo says:

    who wants to fucking see ferguson speaking anyway…. so what if the pundits think rooney should have been sent off? thats their opinion. very childish

  4. Steve says:

    So very Man United

  5. Chase says:

    Good on him. Good to see he isn’t taking shit from the media.

  6. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Oh theo, wise words there, and you’re right everyone is entitled to their opinion….so heres mine – Fuck off you Gooner twats!
    Whether you admit it or not, ye are shitting yerselves that we’re coming for ye on Saturday. Ferguson can smell blood, and where as usually we’d take a draw at yer hole, we need the 3 points to keep up with Chelsea and El Scouserinos, so that means we’ll blow ye away!!!

  7. RedMist says:

    Typical Beaky Thompson, and Merson hasn’t got two grey cells to rub together. Used to enjoy Soccer Saturday when Best, Marsh etc were on it but now it’s that tosser Thompson and Le Tiss, Merson etc. it’s almost unwatchable. They took Beaky off the Liverpool games because he was too biased, so all he can do know is bitch about United.
    Straight red, my arse.
    More of the same from Sky unfortunately, verbally wanking over Chelsea and Liverpool, and doing what they can to undermine United’s achievements. Last summer was all about how Chelsea didn;t win the CL instead of the fact United did.
    C***s, the lot of them.

  8. nagraj says:

    Err…he went a period of time without speaking to MUTV remember?

    He is a legend…he does not have to speak to anyone he does want to..

  9. Oooodz says:

    What nagraj said he’s bigger than all those fuckers on Sky Sports. They’re clueless sometimes for instance Paul Merson said Sunderland Vs. Newcastle WASNT a big derby?!

    And them, along with the national news papers, bot every club from around London

  10. Manutd forever says:

    If Rooney is showing that he loves united then there is nothing wrong with that as since the time he left everton their fans jeered and booed at him . I really don’t see how the fuck they have made a big issue out of this.

  11. Terry - EFC says:

    Nothing wrong with Rooney kissing his badge…Fair response to teh s**t we were giving him

    He maybe shoudl have gone for the kicking out at the Hull player on Sat though as we all knew what was going to happen before it did….

  12. theo says:

    north stand bla bla bla whatever. im not the one who said alex ferguson was SENILE hehe, i honestly hate real madrid but thats properly the best thing theyve said in ages. very accurate word they used

  13. theo says:

    and you fucking idiot north stand i didnt say rooney should have been sent off i just said that pundits are paid money to say what they think, it doesnt mean theyre always right but no1 can stop them from saying what they think and what they want.

  14. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Theo, I didnt say you said Rooney should be sent off, can you not fucking read or what?
    and why did it take you 2 posts to say what you wanted to? you’re an idiot. Yeah everyone is entitled to their opinion, thats their right, as is it mine to be free to comment on their opinions, i.e. MY FUCKING OPINION, YOU PLANK!!!

  15. Drew Vader says:

    I agree with Terry….what the hell was he thinking on that drop ball? Seriously, he kicked the shit out of Boateng (fair play, I hate that fucker) but then went in like a maniac on the second challenge immediately after.

  16. suhayl says:

    Let me correct some of this crap…i heard what was said on gillette soccer saturday. And NO it wasnt about the red card at all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Infact the drunk merson, the incoherent le tiss, the big nosed twat thompson and champagne charlie nicholas all backed rooney kissing the badge. It was Jeff stelling who was making a big deal off it all on inciting the crowd etc etc etc….the pundits laughed stelling away and said can the boy not show passion and he was right to kiss his badge. Pinnochio even compared to be nothing compared to what gazza nevo did v the dips. It was Stelling who was acting a prick….pundits backed roona nad even mentioned the crazy crowd.

    The issue that has pissed fergie off was the YELLOW he got…where all of them agreed and were harsh saying it was a stick on yellow and how the ref was right blah blah blah. Glad thats cleared up now.

    Lastly may i say sum1 who said the pundits are crap IS TOTALLY RIGHT…THESE ARE A BUNCH OF NOBODIES. Unlike when gillette soc sat started with mclintock, mullery, marsh AND OFCOURSE NUMBER 1 SEAT GEORGY BEST.

    Anyway getting back on the topic. SAF can do what he likes….he should be immune of all criticism. Long live the DON

    PS. Theo F off..thanks

  17. Red-Manc says:

    how was that a sending off offence FFS, if that gets a player sent off then that would mean fans should be chucked out of stadiums when they sing stuff that winds up players, fucking hell people moan players dont show passion and have abit of banter with the fans (which is rare in football these days unfortunatly) but then people call for him to be sent off? what a load of bollocks. football is loosing its soul because of people that have stupid oppinions like that. I wish players did do more stuff like that get involved with the banter its abit of entertainment and lifts the atmosphere of the crowd. FUCK THE MEDIA, AND FUCK ABU’S

  18. Tevratov says:

    I must digress from the oiginal topic one minute to comment on the unsightly active partisipation of an Arsenal fan on a Man Utd Blog:

    Fuck of you cockney twat.

    Now back to the matter in hand,

    Feruson can do what he jolly well likes because he’s seen more silverware than any pundit on Sky, BBC MOTD or any other idiot media production (just wait till he sees setanta, he’ll be livid). If Merson & that Scouse Prick Thompson can say what they like on a massively influential (to fools) channel, why can’t Fergie?

  19. Tevratov says:

    Note* Participation and off have been noted as spelling mistakes.

    NOw FuCK OFf GoONer Scum

  20. Arsenal#1 Fan says:

    Sir Alex is right. I was watching the game and you could see the shit Evertonians were giving Rooney. He took off Rooney b/c he was becoming volatile. I have all the time in the world for Sir Alex. The man has the nuts of a lion. He single handedly fought off R.E.A.L (Retarded Emotional Amusing Losers) Madrid and kept Ronnie boy. Ronnie boy is the business and lets hope he can pledge his loyalty to United.

  21. Ste says:

    Good on Slur Alex. After seeing one drunk (Merson) give his opinion at least now the Sky viewers dont get to see another.

  22. Danny says:

    suhayl, I hardly think you can call Merson a drunk in a derogatory fashion and then verbally fellate George Best…. typical Manc double standards.

    For the record I don’t like Merson as much as the next man – the man has all the intelligence and wit of Bez from the Happy Mondays, with even less dancing skill. I’m just pointing out the irony. Enjoy!

  23. stevie says:

    It’s about time the media kicked back at this imbecilic dementee.

    Stop showing Man utd matches and we’ll see who queues up to replace AIG.

  24. RedSarg99 says:

    Ah Fergie is just getting ready for retirement :)
    Soon he won’t even be in the dug outs, just the next step of his master plan.

  25. OTRed says:

    Sentata??? Its not as if we REALLY need to see him talk.

  26. olusanjo says:

    now they will have to show replays of his previous interviews since he is not likely to play any new team that he has not played before.(unless newcomers like hull city useless media people. bunch of jobless people saying whatever they like. i really beleive they will need fergie much more than he will ever need them. and to you saying they should stop showing man united matches, just try and find out how much they make for showing our matches then you know they need us more than we ever needed them.

  27. suhayl says:

    Danny….thanks for that. Thing is merson still talks drunk. and id rather listen to a drunk that was probably one of the greatest footballers EVER…THAN someone who lets face it…. who will go down as in the millions of mediocre footballers to play the game…average nobody who isnt even known outside of england….infact in alot of parts in england

    Thanks for pointing it out though lad

  28. Kings says:

    Phil Thompson is a big nose cunt, who displays total lack of professionalism when Liverpool score – at least the late great Bestie had a bit of dignity when United scored – perhaps that’s why Philnoccio doesn’t get to commentate on dipper games on Gillette Soccer Saturday now. As for Merson, he’s a coke snorting cunt.

  29. AJ says:

    Thank God for ITV

  30. HuSsAiN says:

    I don’t get it?

    did both merson and thompson agree that rooney should’ve been sent off?
    and are you sure he will not speak to skysports no more? seems surprising..


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