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Who Is Leaving This Summer?

David Gill has told Manchester United fans to expect an “interesting time” this summer ahead of the transfer window opening.

“The work goes on all year round but obviously intensifies as we come to the end of the season in terms of players,” Gill said. “There’s various contracts we’ve got to do, we’ll look at some acquisitions and there will be some players who will leave. It’s an interesting time.”

Whilst Dimitar Berbatov’s contract was automatically extended for a year in March, it is unlikely he will be offered a new deal, so will be sold in the summer. Last season’s Premier League top scorer has only played in 11 games this season but has still managed to score 7 goals.

Michael Owen is another player that could leave after doing little to dispel the injury prone tag in his time at the club. After a relatively successful first season, scoring a last minute winner against City, scoring in the League Cup final and bagging a hattrick in the Champions League, Owen has hardly played over the past two season. This year he has featured in just four games in all competitions, scoring three goals.

Paul Pogba may also leave, having yet to decide whether he wants to continue at the club or sign for Juventus. Pogba suffered ankle ligament damage in the Reserve game on Monday and has been ruled out for the rest of the season, so may have played his last game for the club.

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  1. Lee Martins Winner says:

    I think Ando still has a future. Owen I would keep as people have said before to welbz, chicho etc. Kuzack and Berba will go.

    Eandom shout regarding Rio, he said recently that as you come towards the end of your career, winning the title becomes more important as you dont want to finish on a low….

    For the record, I dont want Rio to leave, but with Vida, Evans (showing great form) and jones / smalling developing, could we use this oppotunity to lower the wage bill?

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    I think we should keep Sir Alex Ferguson. But only on a probationary basis, mind, just to give him a chance to prove himself. I means, for fucks sake, he’s only won the Chmapions Cup twice in, what, 25 years of trying? What sort of piss-poor return is that? After all the money United have lavished on him — virtually unlimited funds in the transfer kitty, spend what he likes whenever he likes — and he hasn’t been shy of using it, either. And that’s our reward? Two pissy Champions Leagues in 25 years?

    Oh sure, you can rabbit on about a dozen Premier League titles, a handful of FA Cups and a smattering of other silverware, but so what? No one cares about them. Not like they’re “real” titles, like winning La Liga, for example. Everyone with half a brain knows those “trophies” don’t count for shit. I mean, no one could seriously expect a club like United, with its constant, massive spending, not to win a piss-poor competition like the Premier League, could they? Not when you take into account how “lucky” United have been (that being a polite term for the benefits of bribing officials, you understand).

    Nah, I reckon give him another year — but only if we make it quite clear that he can’t palm off us with “cheap currency” like a 20th or 21st Premier League. Got enough of those, thanks very much.

  3. Ruudboy says:

    Read that an agreement has been reached with Pogba agent and that the rest is left with the lad.
    I hate to see Park and Ando go as both gives us a different options. And as for Berbatov, Ferguson should be fair to him
    and allow him go and play regular football else where.
    Time is up for Mickey Owen IMO, and we Shld still give fletcher time to recuperate.
    As for those that will be coming in….lets leave that to Fergie, as our choices are most time not his choice.
    On the other hand, if Pogba doesn’t want to stay, he Shld go instead of holding the club to ransom.. We’ve lost a far better player in Arjen Robben & yet Utd is still Utd.

  4. CedarsDevil says:


    Talk about coming back with a bang mate, that was fucking hilarious!!

    Hope all is well buddy, we have missed you

  5. You Just Gotta Love This Team says:

    Glad Nani’s getting the love he deserves. Ashley Young does not ….did not dive PERIOD!!!!! A Chelsea fan says Essien ‘s lost it since his injuries and in fact was hardly any good before them…..the mind boggles.

  6. Keyser Soze says:

    Mehmet Scholl….how do you beat that…?!

    Thanks Cedars and King Eric, sarcasm is a bliss on a Saturday morning

    Saw an interview with Oliver Kahn this week,… the humanity…, would somebody please think of the children….

  7. says:

    Dont listen to gill he said same last year and look what happened he says it so we renew season tickets we dont have any money .We get stuffed by barca and fuck all happens

  8. StatesideAussie says:

    Cedars … cheers mate. Yeag, I am getting settled in nicely and getting my life back on track. Still haven’t got my satellite TV service installed (useless pricks), but the high-speed internet is up and running, and I found a subscription service with the PL games on, so now I can finally watch us play. Man, I have missed so much of the action this season! Watched the rent boys and arseholes yesterday. I can’t believe how cunts still crap on Wenger’s “commitment to quality football”. They’ve got to be kidding, right? On last night’s evidence, the only thing that’s funnier than watching arsenal pass the ball around in the penalty box without actually scoring, is watching them deploy their latest tactical innovation: the long ball upfield to RVP. I see the press today describe it as a match that had everything. Er, no it fucking didn’t. For one thing, it didn’t have a single goal. And the team tactics and individual execution on both sides were piss-poor. And cunts say we’re ordinary?


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