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Who Is Richard Arnold And Why Does He Keep Saying Ridiculous Things?

Richard Arnold has been Manchester United’s Commercial Director for five years and is responsible for the commercial operations at the club, including media relationships, merchandising, sponsorship, marketing and sales.

With United drawing in ridiculous sums of money in this time it is clear that Arnold is good at his job. Out of interest, did you know we had an official savoury snack partner? “With a history of success and not compromising on quality, Mister Potato shares Manchester United’s commitment to excellence.” Seriously. We also have an official office equipment partner, an official responsible drinking partner and an official automotive partner, amongst others.

May 29th 2012: “This year, we finished our season in first place and City finished winning on goal difference.”

June 6th 2012: “We are reliant on 25 players and they are all massive stars. We have 25 George Clooneys.”

I have a suggestion. Let Arnold deal with bringing in the money and let someone else deal with talking to the press, k?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. cubs says:

    Corperate sell out CUNTS!!

  2. Costas says:


    I don’t have a type. If you ask Cedars, I hail from 50 different countries. ;) In regards to women, curves over bones any day. 8)

  3. cubs says:

    Wolfie right back at YOU!!

  4. CedarsDevil says:


    You never fail to bring a smile to the face pal

  5. MG says:

    Theirs only one Cedars!


    New thread in record time!

  6. TonyBee says:

    certainly hop[e we dont have 25 Clooneys….cos the film star one is bent as fuck….. a mates sister works in a New York lawyers office…. where they keep bailing him out of ‘ex boyfriend gay revelation story’s'……

  7. WillieRedNut says:

    There’s only 2 MG’s! Or so I hear…. ;)

  8. United Till I Die says:

    Lol @ Wayne 14:07

  9. Redbilly says:

    Yes . And the advantage on goal difference means they came first we , second. That’s an embarrassing slip of the Tongue .

  10. Fred says:

    Redbilly – it was no slip, this cunt was honestly trying claim we finished “joint first”. What an embarrassment. Someone at OT needs to have a word with this clown.

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    Arnold seems to be a salesman/ businessman at his core. That is exactly what his position needs. Yes he is given to making ill considered statements at times.

    The 25 George Clooneys does make sense to a point. I recall Evra talking about going to Korea and seeing how Park was treated there. He is enjoys rock star status in his native land. Most non UK United players do as well.

    Most of us had no idea who Mr.Arnold was before. With the commercial success we have enjoyed , I would say he does a great job. If only he would be more media savvy.

  12. brett1985 says:

    Lighten up

  13. StatesideAussie says:

    Arnold’s a finance and marketing guy. So yeah, in the eyes of most fans, that makes him a dick, or at least a nonentity. But I don’t think we should sneer at his job. We might like, respect or even understand the work he does – but it is still important work that helps the club. Despite all of the criticism we can hurl at the Glazers and their commercial managers, like Gill and this Arnold fella, there are two positive things that we can say too: one is that to our knowledge, they have never directly interfered in the running of the team/squad itself; and two, they have done a bloody good job of bringing in the dough. And as MG pointed out, Arnold’s Clooney comment was in response to claims that we only bought Kagawa in order to sell shirts in Japan. That accusation is both stupid and bitter. I doubt very much that the club purposely decided to appoint Arnold to answer it. More likely he was buttonholed by a journalist somewhere and has responded off-the-cuff, and what he said was a whole lot better than “no comment”.

    As for him being our Gary Cook, that’s plain insulting. Cook was a cocksucker who made a habit out of debasing himself, and his rotten stinking club, in public. Arnold hasn’t come anywhere close to that. If he does develop that way, then sure, let’s rip. In the meantime, he may be doing a job we don’t appreciate, but still he’s doing his bit for the club, and it is an important bit. And that makes him one of our own.

  14. Jigpig says:

    Well said I concur with everything you said. Mr. Arnold is a very important part of MUFC and brings in probably more dough than all the season ticket holders at OT

  15. WillieRedNut says:

    Only question I want answered is, where’s Willis?

  16. Red Indian says:

    I think that’s a little harsh. The man brings in a lot of dough for the club. Given the context of those quotes, I thought what he said was quite sensible.

    So long as he keeps bringing in the dough, I don’t care whether we have an Official Laundry Partner.

  17. ji sung says:

    Is Jones 1 of those Clooneys…hmm
    Will the lad even start a game @ the Euros.
    Great experience for him though

  18. AK47 says:

    Playing devils advocate,

    If it wasn’t for this guys excellence at his job, we’d have the transfer budget of everton! I think he’s earned the right to talk. Besides he’sade a statement that’ll stand out n no doubt he’ll use it it as some marketing slogan?

    On the flipside it sounds ridiculous but the sentiments were right. We want a strong squad of 25 and not have to carry any players

  19. redsmiley says:

    I thought Richard Arnold was that camp fella who use to do
    the showbiz on GMTV

  20. vt5060 says:

    We did finish our season in first place, about 2-3 mins before city finished theirs.

  21. LoneStarRed says:

    Unfortunately too many here are ignorant or derisive of how crucial Mr. Arnold’s job is to to our continued success.

    Business and Sport are intertwined or else it would all be free. It isn’t. He has done a superlative job. His continued success is almost as important to us as what we do on the pitch.

  22. LoneStarRed says:

    @Red Indian

    Clever name. And I totally agree.

  23. cl1981 says:

    Richard Arnold is a sales and marketing genius, and any premiership team would kill to have him boosting their balance sheet. Maybe Scott (The alleged Red) should take some of his own advice and leave the journalism to those that actually know what they are talking about! Any true Manchester United fan can see the geniune value Richard Arnold offers their team.

  24. Scott the Red says:

    cl1981 – There has obviously been some misunderstanding. Where did I say he wasn’t good at his job?

    In fact, I said the opposite: “With United drawing in ridiculous sums of money in this time it is clear that Arnold is good at his job.”

    Being good at bringing in money doesn’t mean you are good at talking to the press, as the examples mentioned above prove.

    Take some advice from me – read what has been written before having a little rant. You’ll let less idiotic that way.

  25. cl1981 says:

    A couple of loose statements in a 5 year career is hardly case proven is it?


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