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Who put the ball in the Germans’ net? Albert Quixall!

Everyone who’s ever seen a Manchester United ‘golden moments’ showreel from the 1990s will know all about David Beckham’s astonishing strike from the halfway line against Wimbledon in ’96, summed up in Eric Cantona’s immortal words: ‘Good goal, David.’

Well, a similar goal has been scored once before in United’s history. Against Bayern Munich.

On the eve of the Champions League Quarter Finals against Bayern it’s a good moment to recall that illustrious ‘Beckham-esque’ fore-runner, from over 50 years ago.

With rather too much glee for my liking it’s repeatedly claimed that United don’t have a great record against Bayern Munich. Apart from beating them in the Champions League Final in 1999, that is. Actually the record so far in the Champions League isn’t that bad, with one win, four draws and only two defeats, but here I want to go back a little further and cheer us all up with a reminder that history isn’t entirely against us.

Munich – Remembering the Ties of Friendship

Of course the word Munich is indelibly inscribed in the hearts of all true United supporters, in more than one way. It’s right that we never forget the tragic Air Crash at Munich airport on 6 February 1958, which killed 23 people, including eight United players. But out of that tragedy a relationship of enduring friendship was forged with the city and with Bayern, which is worth celebrating again now, before the tackles go flying in…

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  1. irishredmufc says:

    Great post Scott. I’ve a very good feeling about tonight’s game, I can see a repeat of the San Siro. Bayern are a poor side at best. We need to play Valencia wide right and get the ball to him as much as possible.

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Wow a 58 Yard Wonder Goal
    and another amazing history lesson

    only 2 days ago i was on the website of dreams to find out a paul scholes fact and i clicked on to Q and Z to see what players started with these names(there was no Z) and i came across Albert Quixall 184 games and 56 goals i felt i should know more, so i read a bit up on him but this was a great read. also this history of our game tonight was another fantastic read and lesson that it goes alot further than a 2 all drawin the 1999 champions league.

    thank you very much Giles

  3. cork says:

    which better 2008 viva john terry missing the plenty 1999 ole scoring the winner for me it had to be john terry missing the pelnty cos i was there 1999 was good but him silping was brilant

  4. spacemanspiff says:

    Great post once again, Giles. Cheers!

  5. Che Guevarist says:

    @Giles Oakley

    It’s always a pleasure to read your pieces. I love United so much I’m keen to know everything about them,but I don’t think I could read the things you write anywhere else, or through this perspective. So thank you for sharing this and educating me about United’s history even more.

  6. ajopaul says:

    I know its too much to ask, BUT, is there any chance that ‘wonder goal’ was ever recorded on video ??

  7. eleventh heaven says:

    bring on ze germansss !!!

  8. maci says:

    VAMOS!! (-: :-)

  9. theboogeyman says:

    GHTT- Here’s something else: Quixall was a transfer record signing, at 45,000 pounds.

    Great read, Giles! How’s the health?

  10. Red Devil says:

    @ Sir Giles

    Great read…..fantastic piece of history…..looking forward to more such articles…

  11. huzi says:

    great post scott. enlightening us with some great history. . .no wonder youre number 1!
    RoM> every other blog

  12. Sayyid says:

    Worst case scenario today would be a 1-0 or 2-0 loss

    1-1 would be great

    1-2 or 1-3 would be amazing, and perhaps allow us to rest a couple of players in the return leg

    Come on Utd, do yourseleves justice. The final is within our grasp. I would hate to see Bayern vs Lyon/Bordeaux in the semis

  13. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    money on a 3-0 win for united to tell the truth

  14. jespermoses says:

    im starting to get butterflys about tonight already…….

  15. Drabik says:

    I would take a 2-1 defeat to be honest, but I feel we will win. We could break the record for away wins in the CL tonight!

  16. McQueen says:

    Thanks Giles once again, great post. Y’know I always look back at your posts think ‘wow, did I just read all that? seemed to take no time at all!’ Credit to the writer I guess.

  17. Mes says:

    I hate making score predictions so I’m not going to but I really feel we will have a good one tonight. I can say one thing for certain, I’m seriously hyped. I’ll be sprinting out the office at 5:30 brushing aside kids and old women to get to Quinns as fast as possible to get a few bottles of Orval down me in an attempt to calm the nerves. Then Adam will turn up with some comment like “it’s in the bag mate” with his lovable blind faith and I’ll feel better. Then Kenny will turn up and either be equally confident and I’ll relax fully, or he’ll be a total bag of nerves and then I’ll be all over the place.

    Giles, a fantastic read as always sir. The Albert Quixall (what a great name) goal was well before my time, but it was great to be reminded of Giggsy’s Soccer AM Crossbar Challenge eat your heart out moment and Ole’s great follow up. There’s footage of it on YouTube for anyone who wants to see it. Can’t link it as I’m blocked out of YouTube at work.

    Can’t wait for tonight.

    Get stuck in lads.

  18. jdgriffin says:

    I was at the first post-crash Munich match and saw Quixall’s goal. What incensed the crowd was that in its view the goalkeeper was still running back to the goal when the ref blew the whistle for the start of the second half and I , though cheering like mad, have to agree with them – the ref didn’t look to check on anything and the goalie was still running back when the ball sailed over his head into the net. After that things got a bit rugged! Quixall was a boy wonder with Sheffield Wednesday – it was said that he could run the length of the pitch balancing the ball on his forehead – not something he had many opportunities to do in those days.

  19. Muggaz says:

    Thanks for that Giles, your sense of perspective is appreciated by all and sundry I am sure.

  20. Paul says:

    seriously…who the fk is giles? it’s scott isn’t it?

  21. cork says:

    3 nil rooney hatrick

  22. theboogeyman says:

    Paul- Giles is Giles Oakley, a commenter on this blog. He’s the experienced head here. And probably the most respected.

  23. willierednut says:

    @Giles Oakley

    Captivating read as always. I think it’s important for our younger fans to know our history, that makes the club great.

  24. lawman10 says:

    fantastic read……………………………………………………….and thats why we all log on to this site.

  25. cork says:

    reports for the midlans toinght suggest that james millner is on the verge of sing for man united the reason why martin o neil was on the verge of resing cos man united have agreed a fee for james millner martin o neil is set to stay until the end of season thats very strong stort.

  26. huzi says:

    of topic but did anyone see fsw’s comments about jamie redknapp? lmao simply hilarious. love him or hate him youve gotta admire his press conferences

  27. Long John O'Shea says:

    Mr. Giles Oakley, I really hope some publishing house has read some of your articles and sign you up to wright a book. I for one would be top of the Q at my local book shop.

  28. Giles Oakley says:

    Right now as last night’s horrible defeat sinks in it doesn’t feel like a good moment to dwell on the past, but thanks for the nice comments on what I wrote about those dim and distant times. In answer to Long John O’Shea I would happily write a book if anyone wants, but I’d give first refusal to Scott and RoM as without his invitation I would probably never have thought of digging up my past memories like this. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to plough through long articles about things that happened 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago so I appreciate those that do so and make nice comments, not just for myself, nice though that is, but because I want United fans of all ages to understand what the club’s history and heritage means. We need an educated support to ensure the traditions of fearless attacking play are maintained, but also to help the Green & Gold campaign.

    I had to laugh at Paul’s question, ‘who the fk is Giles?’ ( and I appreciate Boogeyman’s reply). I would be very flattered to be though to be ‘Scott the Red In Disguise’, although he might not be so keen! In answer to your kind question boogeyman, I see the consultant tomorrow for latest test results, but generally I feel OK at present.

    In answer to ajopaul’s question, I don’t know if TV pictures of Quixall’s goal survive. I never saw anything at the time but it’s interesting that the match was considered interesting enough to merit TV coverage in Germany (hence the ‘TV snoop’ story in the Sketch), which makes one wonder, did they ‘Only Come To See United’??

    Finally, I was absolutely thrilled to see jdgriffin’s post, with his eye-witness account of seeing Quixall’s ‘Wonder Goal’ in Munich in 1959. His description of what happened is fascinating and something I’d never heard before, and explains much of the aggro that ensued later in the match. Of course I wonder how JD came to be in Munich. Were you doing national service (probably just too late for that)? Perhaps you were in the RAF or with the BAOR, or maybe your Dad was. I’d love to know. Whatever, it was great to read your version of events.

    That reminds me. Some of you may remember my account of Harry Gregg’s punch up at Luton in 1960, which I witnessed, just as I was close to King Eric’s kung-fu kick at Palace in 1995. When I wrote that up I appealed to anyone else who happened to be at either match for their memories. Amazingly I have now got two more eye-witnesses who have come forward, both Luton fans. I will be writing up what they remember to mark the 50th anniversary in the next week or so. Just to give you a taster, both say that the hatred directed at Gregg and United that day was more extreme than anything they have ever witnessed at Luton in 50 years….

  29. Moscow Delight says:

    Priceless article! Awesome!


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