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Who Would Have Thought… Farewell To Hargreaves and Tevez

It’s a sad week for Manchester United fans, learning that both Owen Hargreaves and Carlos Tevez are on their way out of the club. Who’d have thought, just over a year after joining United, Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to ship them out.

You’ve got to love the British press…

The News of the World ran an ‘exclusive’ which informed us that Fergie had lost patience with Hargreaves because of his reoccurring injury problems. After chasing the midfielder for a couple of years, then finally landing him for £17 million, NOTW writer Aidan Magee reckons Hargreaves will be sold in January.

SIR ALEX FERGUSON is prepared to off-load Owen Hargreaves after becoming fed up with his inconsistency and constant injuries. The midfielder’s 16-month spell at United has also been blighted by knee problems.

Fergie has now lost patience and would sell in January if the offer was right. But he does very little business during the winter transfer window so a £15m summer move looks certain. He could find a home at Manchester City and there is likely to be interest from Barcelona.

It was nice whilst it lasted Hargreaves, but now it is certain that you’re leaving. For City? Well, that’s a shame isn’t it.

But it’s going from bad to worse for us, as on the same day that Fergie confirmed he had no worries over agreeing a deal for Tevez, reports that we’ll get rid of him when the loan deal is up, as Ferguson wants a player who will score at least 20 goals a season. Obviously the 19 goals Tevez scored in his first season with us just wasn’t enough. Shame.

Manchester United are ready to axe Argentine starlet Carlos Tevez in favour of a striker that can score at least 20 goals a season. Tevez will cost Man Utd around £34m, and it has been reported that Ferguson is not willing to meet that price tag set by the player’s owner Kia Joorabchian.

This could mean that Ferguson is ready to axe Tevez and find himself a striker that can score 20 plus goals a season. The rumoured, big-name candidates are David Villa, Karim Benzema and Klaas Jan Huntelaar.

Just as they were really starting to grow on us and all. Oh well.

Cesc Fabregas has already refuted the claim that he has rejected a new Arsenal contract from the other NOTW exclusive from the same day as the Hargreaves story, also written by Magee, but I won’t hold my breath for Ferguson to do the same. He has enough bullshit to deal with without dignifying stories like ‘Hargreaves to Citeh’ with a response!

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  1. Penguin says:

    I obviously can’t stand lazy, stirring-the-pot journalism like the example you quote.

    On the other hand, there is an argument to be made the £34m is too much for a striker who has suddenly become a sub, and that recouping £15m on a player who rarely manages three games in a row would be good business……..

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate.

  2. Stephen says:

    Fergie stood by Saha for a long time, so I really can’t seeing him giving up so soon, but with Carlos I can see why we are put off with spending 30 odd million on a player who does not seem to be a first team regular, but maybe Gill should try something new with a transfer, negotiate!

  3. TK 99 says:

    ” the English press is a fucking joke.”
    Sad but true.

  4. Ste says:

    Damn, cant believe two of our best players, two massive fan favourites, who are accustomed to the Premiership, are going to be shipped out just like that. What a crap manager Fergie is…

    Obviously that is sarcasm…

    But where has this £34m price tag come from? You guessed it, a newspaper.

    They should just rename themselves “The Daily Bullshit”, as none of the stories they create ever come true.

  5. Red Rupert says:

    why are you even responding to this shyte?

  6. bruce thomas says:

    If Hargreaves is really Saha-greaves and we can get £15m from Barca then we should take it.

    And now we have a focussed front two in Rooney and Berbatov do we need four intechangebale strikers tearing around any more? It’s also as plain as day that Ronaldo is going in summer, if not before. The money that would be spent on Tevez and the money from the sale of Ronaldo and Hargreaves would be better spent on Villa, Benzema, Valencia, Palacios, Schweinsteiger, Costa, and whoever.

    I don’t believe the suggestions of Hargreaves and Tevez’s departure are as wide of the mark as you think.


    I think we should leave it upto Fergie… not very often does he get it wrong with letting players go…

    Yes, he give Saha as long as possible… 2 seasons too long in my eyes… but i just think if we persevere with Hargreaves, then he will get over this tendinitis…

    With regards to Tevez… United will sign him for about £20m and will be money well spent..

    And CR7 will go… but i can see us getting a hefty amount of money for him, especially if Citeh try n have a bid… will pump the price up.. and there is also a possibility that Inter might come in for him…

    If thats the case… £70-80m could come in very handy…

    Means we can buy 3 or 4 £25m players in exchange for Ronaldo… it aint all bad is it..

  8. Anant says:

    i would take 15m for hargreaves . n if its barca maybe we could do a swap deal n get yaya toure in exch .
    tevez – i wouldnt sell him for all the money in the world . n who says ronaldo’s leaving next summer?! he hasnt indicated anything for the last couple of months , if anything , he’s started sucking up to us again .

  9. Tom F says:

    The thing that makes me laugh the most about this is not the fact that the press are obviously preying on the fact that Tevez doesn’t have a full contract signed, something which was always going to happen, he always was on loan for 2 years with the option of a full contract “AT THE END OF THOSE TWO YEARS”.

    The really amusing thing is the way the story about Owen Hargreaves was all over the papers THE DAY AFTER Sir Alex stated in his press conference that Owen Hargreaves will get his games and play a great part in the season.

    The jounalists who are invited to these weekly Press Conferences have really got some nerve or no shame at all to return week after week, listen to Fergies answers and then twist, pull and tear them apart to create some controversy and sell a few of their garbage ridden toilet paper.

  10. Deering Tornados says:

    one thing that especially pisses me off (and do this ALL the time – i expect the english press do too) is they always interchange euros and pounds for hyperbole.

    €35m (which, i’m pretty sure is what the tevez story said) is £27m – but oh noes! £35m is being demanded for tevez!

    we’ll sign tevez, and fergie loves hargo. i guess that doesn’t sell papers though.

  11. jim says:

    Can someone flush and put the lid down, thanks!

  12. PeeJay says:

    So this is bullshit; ?

    … I remember Gill giving an interview saying that the price for Tevez was relatively low, I was thinking more or less £10 mil. which seemed reasonable. If we have to pay the reported £32 mil. for Tevez then we should just tell them to fuck off.

  13. denton davey says:

    Money isn’t the important issue with Tevez – rather, he’s insurance for the front three: Rooney has proven to be rather “fragile” and I can see that Ronaldo might (or might not) be a permanent fixture with TheLads.

    With Hargreaves, you have to ask yourself this question: what is it worth to have him fit and ready for games in the key, spring-time match-ups ? Both ThreeLungPark and Fletcherinho can do the job in the interim so the issue with Hargreaves is that he is never going to be a full-time contributor but, nevertheless, his contributions at the sharp end of the season might still justify his role with the team.

    Even after the financial meltdown of the past few weeks, UTD are still big business and it’s pretty apparent that, in the business of footie, you have to have the money and money-men to compete at the very highest level. So. don’t get your shorts in a knot about how much Gill/SAF pay for these guys, trust their judgement that these guys are the ones they have identified as filling useful squad roles.


    Denton Davey, i gotta go with what ya say mate… 100%

  15. unitedgirl15 says:

    How come everyone knows Tevez will cost £32M??
    Is that actually the right amount?


    Unitedgirl its what the press have speculated… a lot of us on think its $32m which is the accurate figure and if thats the case, then its about £16m on top of the £5m we splashed out for the 2 year loan

  17. RedMist says:

    Whats all this about Tevez not being worth £30 million ‘cos he doesn’t start?
    Him not starting has nowt to do with what he is worth. He is worth the money being talked about. He shouldn’t be warming the bench he should be playing. I feel for him, he was amazing last year, 19 goals great all round performances, and got us the title and CL. One of the best players i’ve ever seen. Think its bad to have Ronaldo starting when he doesn’t even want to be here, shows absolutely no pride in the shirt and can’t wait to get out, and you’ve got Tevez who gives his all every time and FIGHTS for his shirt sitting on his arse spectating. I trust Fergie completely, but i hope he gets this one right, because if we lose Ronaldo and Tevez at the end of the season that would be a big blow, Tevez in particular. Regardless of who we might buy.

  18. john ferry says:

    We got off to a bit of a slow start this season (with the exception of the 4-0 win at the weekend). What has been missing this season is the partnership between Rooney and Tevez. When those two are on their game there isn’t a team on the planet that can stop Manchester United. I appreciate Berva and understand that he is needed, but dare I say we are better off building on the Rooney-Tevez partnership and then adding the Berva dimension. As it stands, the Rooney-Tevez aspect of our attack is being neglected in favor of a Rooney-Berva attack. Understood, teams can only dream of Roonatov partnership, but I say Buy Tevez and build on Rooney-Tevez. Then continue to build and unleash Roonatovez. or better yet Roonaltovez. YA, i know i’m not SAG, but I feel for Carlitos on the bench (or on the bench and not in the line up).

  19. derek says:

    What are u talking about. Are u trying to saying that hargreaves and tevez surely going to leave? I’m quite confuse by your post. Are u saying u agree with the news or what? Tevez has already claimed that news is fake. And owen one is more fake, why will fergie said people who contribute a lot THose stupid fake news will not convince fergie to sell them. owen and carlos= legend!

  20. Malino Ubah says:

    Two of our players uhat hate Arsenal and Chelsea leaving,you must be joking.

  21. Malino Ubah says:

    Two of our players that hate Arsenal and Chelsea leaving,you must be joking.

  22. Mahesh says:

    Derek: Sarcasm seems lost on you mate!

  23. OTRed says:

    @John Ferry: I disagree and i think the Berbatov-Rooney partnership will be a lot more productive than Rooney-Tevez.

  24. klauq says:

    Lol.. I hope no one will be fooled by those made-up news.
    But I think 34m is way too much for Tevez.. Even 30m was way too high for Berba..

  25. john ferry says:

    To OTRed : It is a wonderful disagreement, in that we are fortunate to have so many world class strikers.

  26. suhayl says:

    Redmist and John ferry..SPOT ON….100% AGREE

    Tevez is awesome….top striker…doent desrve to be on the bench.
    And Hargo….name a player we could get who’s english…is so versatile…can play right wing, right back, left back, centre mid or left wing. A player brilliant at free kicks and pens.

    Tevo deserves some slack…as he’s been treated a bit harshly being dropped to the benhc after such a top start to the pre season and season with the goal v the dips. And hargreaves is our best holding midfielder..end off.

    give em slack…give Hargo the time to get rid of his tendidnitis as SAF has said and docs who ve said it will clear in time. And you will see 50 mill worth of talent KICK ASS FOR UTD FOR YEARS TO COME.

    sell em…get this and that…get money…fuckin bullshit comments.

    Why do some fans always jump to conclusions ala ronaldo saga…and just give value and credence to gutter gutter gutter journalism..ey i dont know



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