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Who’s That Man From Argentiiiiiiina?

Tevez LyonCarlos Tevez got us a crucial equaliser and away goal in tonight’s match against Lyon. After a frustrating match, it was looking as though we were set for a 1-0 defeat. Despite our great record of scoring late on, for some reason I always seem to let the doubt sink in.

There wasn’t much separating the teams and despite United dominating the possession, we struggled to get the break through. Benzema scored a great goal, squeezing the ball past several of our defenders, highlighting why Sir Alex Ferguson is interested in the lad.

Carlos Tevez replaced Paul Scholes with 25 minutes to go, giving United the needed formation. Most reds would be far happier to see Fergie go with 4-4-2 from the beginning, but he seems determined to get the 4-3-3 nailed for the Champions League.

Nani delivered a wicked cross which in the end found it’s way to Tevez to tap in. He grabbed a great late equaliser against Spurs just a few weeks ago and managed the same again for us tonight in the Champions League, proving to be a great signing for United.

United are now definite favourites to progress to the quarters, with the away goal taking the pressure off our lads. Lyon have to come out and play against us at Old Trafford. With our solid defence and our great ability on the counter attack things are looking good for United.

We failed to honour the Busby Babes on the memorial game against City. Can we do them justice by winning the European Cup?

Carlos Tevez Lyon

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  1. jsos says:

    YES! YES WE CAn! whooooooo’s that mannnnn we allll adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre???!!!! :D we love you carlito!!!!

  2. Tom F says:

    I hope so, every team will believe they can go all the way. We have the squad this year, Nani and Tevez really brightened things up for us and I do hope we play two up front in the home leg. First though I hope we can give Kevin Keegan something to moan about on Saturday!!


  3. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    What a special player. He’s scored so many crucial goals for United already this season and all of them were because he placed himself right in front of the goalie (Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Lyon)

    Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani can all make things happen, especially Nani. If anyone can win United the Champions League, these youngsters can.

  4. SpitFire says:

    Tevez has been a really good deal for us, but the one i’m most impressed is Nani. How much better has he got from the start of the season to just a couple of games back, primarily the arse-anal game.

    He has been stunning, no more silly skills, great passing and crossing vision and much better on the ball. plus he is not tryin to win a freekick easily nor cheaply. Even the Gallas challenged, he stayed up and looked eye-to-eye to that cheap bastard!

    We should whack Lyon like we did against the Gunners. Europe will then take notice!

  5. John says:

    what was his celebration about – holding up 7 fingers?

  6. Scott the Red says:

    John – it was a birthday tribute to one of his friends.

  7. Tom F says:

    haha- Tevez is friends with a 7 year old.. oh well at least he is a top quality United star!!!

  8. james f says:

    Was it a seven? I thought it was a two and a four!

  9. Tom F says:

    We are playing the ‘thumbs’ count as a ‘finger’ game…

  10. smarties says:

    Am I the only one slightly disappointed with the performace? I thought that once again this formation left Rooney isolated upfront as they closed down well Ronaldo and at the back there was some unusual lack of confidence. Still, I will take the result and hopefully continue to improve.

  11. Scott the Red says:

    Smarties – we didn’t set the World alight, but for an away day in Europe, I thought we were pretty good. We were the dominant team and got a vital, well deserved away goal. Chelsea got a 0-0 away at a lesser side and Arsenal got held at home. It was a good result and a good enough performance, I think.

  12. Tom F says:

    I was happy with a score draw, from kick-off my main priority was to get the away goal. We’ve been very solid at home this season and I hope we can continue that when Lyon make their trip over. We know they have to bring the game to us as right now we are going through, however it can still be dangerous if we try are too focussed on defending well and seeing the game out.

    I feel having Ronny, Rooney and Tevez all on, playing in their free roaming attacking style we’ll stand a very good chance of out scoring them on the night. Carrick is starting to creep back to his decent form, last seen last season and Nani and Anderson to me have justified their price tags, also sticking 2 fingers up at the press and rival fans who not only questioned the transfer but doubted Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Our club is very, very good right now and with these players we can be great for many years. Such an exciting time for us.

  13. denton davey says:

    I, too, would like to see a first-team line-up with Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Nani, Anderson, and Carrick. When SAF got these guys together TheLads bossed the game. Neither Scholes nor Giggs provided much attacking intent and it is quite clear that Hargreaves is not expected to. In the rematch, getting a goal ahead will be crucial and this collection seems more likely to provide that attacking thrust than the more conservative group with which SAF started the match on Wednesday.


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