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Whose Side Are You On, Roy?

It’s quite an incredible position to be in. English and European Champions, yet already being written off for the following season. What has happened? The fact we’ve ‘needed’ a new striker for the past two years, whilst we’ve been collecting the trophies, has been forgotten. Now, if we don’t sign a striker we’re screwed, apparently.

Today, United hero, Roy Keane, has joined in the criticism of United, believing Chelsea with a new manager and no African Cup of Nation will be too much for his former club.

“This year for me it’s Chelsea,” said Keane. “I always felt that United would do it last year, but I fancy Chelsea this time. There’s no African Nations Cup, they’ve got a new manager, they’ve bought one or two new players and for all the ups and downs last year at the club, they still nearly nicked it. If United get a top, top striker they’ve got a chance, but my gut feeling this year would be Chelsea.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Brian says:

    The papers are just loving this. Trying to drive a wedge between united fans and keano – no chance. The man is just offering his opinion. United Legend.

  2. Cal says:

    He is a twat. A great player and servant but an awful tosser.

    I would say he is sore cos Fergie wouldn’t sell him Evans and let Simpson go to Blackburn

  3. Niall says:

    What’s the point in this article?
    If Roy Keane was asked who he would LIKE to win the title then I’m sure he would say United.
    He is just giving his objective view as to who he THINKS will win the tiltle, and the fact that he said Chelsea sould not bother the most hardcore United fan.

  4. Jonny C says:

    He’s only giving his opinion on who will win the title. So he doesn’t think it will be United, big deal!I guarauntee he’d prefer tp see United win it, but thinks Chelsea will.

  5. Duncan says:

    Absolutely no ‘criticism’ of united by keano. Another lie from Scott. Like all sensationalist writers, you type faster than you read.

  6. Gary says:

    Keane has had a go at United several times now, he supported Ronaldo’s proposed move to Real Madrid saying that United dont show players any loyalty so Ronaldo shouldnt be made to feel that he owes the club (obviously in reference to Fergie outing him) He was also prepared to leave for Juventus unless United made him the highest paid player at the club so he couldnt loved us half as much as he said.

    At the end of the day Roy Keane will go down in United’s history as one of our all time great players and leaders and he will always get a good reception of me. He will never be seen in my eyes tho as a legend like Scholes, Giggs and Neville.

  7. moscow mik says:

    Keano, straight talking as ever and the reason why he will always remain a legend

  8. Oooodz says:

    People can think what they want lol, basically as good as a international manager Scolari can be. He hasn’t done club football for a loooooooooong time, then to come out of international football and get plonked smack bang into Chelsea, the premiership and have to answer to Abramovich…. good luck to him! lol

    They have a lighter squad this year, despite fat frank theyve sold Sidwell and Ben Haim whcih ok they didnt get many run outs at all last season but they do count for something when games add up.

    I think all this negativity has all come down to the Ronaldo ‘saga’ I think people forget he WILL be playing for us next season! :D

  9. Jimmybob says:

    Keane does have a lot to say about united, I doubt he would be hapy if SAF started picking holes in his squad.

    Yes he can have his say but if he wants to make his opinions known he and others can’t moan when guys like scott make their opinions on his views known.

    Yes he was a United legend but thats in the past now and I just hope we take 6 points of sunderland again this year
    ps still hope his team beats the dippers on the wknd though ;)

  10. rotimi oladipo says:

    Keano is entitled to his opinions but please check the records first.
    1)The African cup of nations did not affect Chelsea’s results at all.
    2)Man U HAVE NOT HAD A STRIKER since Mr Nisterooy left and we have been winning.

  11. nikelesh says:

    Nothing wrong in having an opinion.If i was a neutral,i can see where most of the people are coming from when they back chelsea.Thats why i desperately believe we need a new striker.Ronaldo wont score 42 goials again.

  12. DanS says:

    Take it with a pinch of salt – whatever Keano or anyone.

    We were written off last season and the season before. You’d think people would learn.


  13. Gary says:

    I dont mind it if we are not seen as favourites that suits me fine. I just notice that Keano keeps making comments about United, you dont catch Bruce or Hughes coming out and voicing there opinions on our season. It seems Keane cant help but sound off, he will never change. Imagine Fergie coming out and supporting one of Keano’s players in there desire to move away from the club, Keano would blow his top!

  14. Arsene wanker says:

    i like when we we are written off.
    in 2007 nobody mentioned us ,and the rest of the story is well known.

  15. Stephen says:

    I love Keano as a player but he has turned into one of those managers who you put a microphone in front of and they have to try and say something printable, I wish him luck especially with Diuof, Chimbonda, Richardson ect he will need it.

  16. bmac says:

    What did he say that was so wrong?
    Chelsea finished 2 points behind UTD, there will be no players leaving for african nations, they have recruited a manager who is better than the one they had, they have strengthened the squad? Utd have remained the same? It’s logical to think that Chelsea will improve. That doesn’t sound like criticism in my book. It is more likely to fire up the team from the very start.
    Keane wouldn’t give 2 flutes if anyone picked holes in his squad, he knows that already.

    As for all this negativity about Keane – you lads have short memories…. or maybe you are all part of the prawn sandwich brigade?

  17. Craig Mc says:

    Keane NEVER stops talking about United. He talks about us more than he talks about Sunderland, and if I was a Sunderland fan, that would piss me off.

    Errr Duncan, where do you gat off calling Scott a liar, he is only repeating what the media are reporting. Keane did day Chelsea are his choice for the PL. He has just followed this up, by saying how he admires L’Pool. He wanted Ronaldo out of United, but then talked about admiring Chelsea and Arsenal for not selling Drogba, Lampard and Adebayor. Since he left us, he has become the mouthpiece for the other top 4 teams, and I truly believe he has a grievance against Fergie, and wants to see him topple. He bolloxed the young stars at OT before he left, saying they were dedicated pro’s, but we went on to win PL twice and CL. And Keane then took as many Man Utd players on loan as he could – hypocrite. Keano is bitter. He burned his bridges at Old Trafford, and he regrets that he will not be the one following in Fergie’s managerial footsteps when he retires. As someone said already, great player, a master in the midfield, but an UGLY personality. All Ireland will testify to this after he left them at the world cup. That demon inside of him, has left many with a distaste in their mouths for some of his antics. I love United, but when Keane openly admitted intenionally MAIMING Alfe Hyland, I lost all respect for him. Sorry to all you Keane fans, I’m not trying to goad you, that’s just how I feel towards Keane.

  18. Ecantona77 says:

    HEY Cal, dont u dare calling the captain a twat, u a..hole… He is expressing his opinion… We wont be performing worse just because he uses his freedom of speech…. Maybe its even a tactic for united to want to prove him wrong, in the end, whoch team do u think he has in his heart, united or the rentboys?

    In any case, dont dare calling Keane those names… Jerk…

  19. denton davey says:

    Craig McC – you got it exactly right. Keane-o burned his bridges at OldTrafford and is now on the outside looking in because Fergy wouldn’t be too happy to see himself succeeded by this guy.

    His comments are off-the-wall, too. What’s to admire about L’pool ? a two-man attack, a fidgety manager, and an ownership situation that almost make Thaksin Shinawatra look like a reasonable choice at the Council House.

    Through the sheer force of his will, Keane-o might just get Sunderland into the top ten this year but he has a team filled with retreads and wannabes. And it’s Middlesborough who have the best youth-team set-up in the north-east so it’s hard to envisage that Sunderland’s collections of misfits and marginal talents can do much better in the foreseeable future. The bile in his throat must be really burning him up.

  20. anakin says:

    That is funny. We have one of the strongest squad in Europe. But one thing is sure , we cannot afford to repeat the dreadful start like last year.
    We must start with 3 points against the BarCodes.

  21. Stephen says:

    I was in Turin and he was emmense that night, so lay off him a bit, he is just a rent a quote merchant, and in my view was lucky to keep his job last season.
    He has not burnt his bridges, because of a couple of quotes fuck me! not as if he is Ince, he has just too much to say for himself
    I don’t give a shit about Ireland, and the quotes on MUTV, he was probably right on both points. If he gets off to a bad start he could be the first to go, and that will probably bring down a peg or two.

  22. Tevra says:

    Bitter about Evans me thinks…..

  23. Wiggsman says:

    Denton & Craig – ur spouting verbal dhioreah. Keano burnt bridges at United, thats why we sold and loaned our players to him, cox Fergie has been known for his forgiveness if someone fucks bullshit about offloading crap players, coz Johnny Evans aint crap!

    So what – he fanccies Chelsea if we dont get a striker, you know what I think we got problems if we dont get a striker.

    So what if he wanted Ronaldo out – I do now. The guy wants to move on, we’ve had the best. Lets not forget that Ronnie has had 3 great seasons and is off the back of a European Champs – ahhh anyone thinks he does the smae again….see Ronaldo, Ronaldinio, Henry = burn out.


  24. Drew Vader says:

    Well said Wiggsman….

    Keano, the LEGEND, is in a no win situation here. If he says “i think United will win it…” then every person in the world will talk shit and say he just has an obvious united bias and blah blah blah just like we all do on here when alan hansen or some such say shit about our team.

    Then if he gives his honest opinion and doesnt support United 100% in everything, he gets ripped by his own former fans. He’s fucked from both ends.

    Fuck the haters Keano, just take some points off the dippers and we’ll call it even!!

  25. Gary says:

    Drew Vader whos having a go at hime for tipping Chelsea? I couldnt care less who he tips for the title that doesnt bother me. When he comes out and supports Ronaldo tho in his bid to move when it has nothing to do with him is bang out of order. Keane cant ever complain when a player gets too big for Sunderland then and he should know all about player power because he himself seemed to think he was above the club and he took his outbursts to far. Theres nothing wrong with a captain giving criticism but when you publicly slate the team like he did he took it too far. He obviously isnt the brightest fella after publicly printing that he delibritely injured Haland, how thick can you get! So in future I think he should keep his mouth shut in matters that dont concern him.

  26. Wiggsman says:

    Well Gary, not sure if the actual blog article just skipped past you like Playgirl model naked and with a shaven bush would skip past David Blunket….but this article is all about Roy Keane tipping Chelsea for the title….Good job there Gaz!!!

  27. denton davey says:

    Wiggsman/Drew Vader – loaning Sunderland Jonny Evans is not exactly a direct refutation to the point that Keane-o has “burned his bridges” at OT. He also sold him Kieran Richardson and a few others and is supposedly dickering with Sunderland to off-load LouisLouisHaHa on them because they pay good money for guys who are surplus-to-UTD’s-requirements. Ferguson has said on many occasions that Roy was his most influential player but that doesn’t mean that he trusts the guy, it means that he respects his will to win. So, to speak to the point, I think that Keane-o has burned his bridges because he has – on several occasions – slagged team-mates or undermined SAF in other ways. Business is business – when someone spits in your eye you say “it’s raining”. But that doesn’t mean you trust the guy.

  28. Wiggsman says:


    If Fergie didnt trust the guy, and bombed him out of OT on such bad terms – he wouldnt do business with Keano flat/end of/fine/done – in case you didnt get the point not on your fcukin nelly!

    To better explain the point – see Liverpool and Heinz situation

  29. Wiggsman says:

    Oh yea – when some spits in my eye, I slam the ead in them!

  30. Craig Mc says:

    Wiggsman, what some of us are trying to point out, is that there is a pattern with Keane spouting things about United since he left. We obviously see Keane different to you, so what?. It’s our opinion, and blogs are all about opinions. You may not agree with ours, and I certainly don’t agree with yours. If you think Keane will EVER be involved in anything United again, then we shall wait and see who is right!. By the way, learn to spell the word Diarrhoea, before you start telling us about it!. Keane may be a legend in your eyes, he isn’t in mine. Every fan has his likes and dislikes of players in their team – so LIVE with it.

  31. Craig Mc says:

    Wiggsmann – said “Oh yes, when some spits in my eye, I slam the ead in them.” Don’t get too near Roy Keane then!. Because like you, his response to anyone who doesn’t agree with him is AGGRESSION.

  32. Gary says:

    Well said Craig Mc. Like I said Roy Keane was absolutely fantastic for United, a great leader and a fantastic player. His best moment in a United shirt of course being in Turin when we were 2-0 down to Juventus and he pulled us back from the brink of elimination even tho he knew he was going to miss the final. He was a great servant to United, as a player he gave nothing but 100 per cent. I just think as a person he is a bit of twat to be honest and he cant keep his mouth shut. I will always give him a good reception for his service to the club but I dont hold him with the same fondness that I do say with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Neville, Giggs and Scholes. These players make me proud to be a United fan.

  33. Craig Mc says:

    Lol Gary, I agree with you. As a player Keane gave 100% and served the United cause well, that I will always concede to. As a person though, like you say, he wasn’t so nice. He was never a favourite player of mine. As I said, I lost all respect for him when he DELIBERATELY maimed Alfe HYland. Thing is Gary, every United fan have their favourite players, and the odd one or two they really don’t like. That’s life. Keane though a very good player, is nevertheless a person I don’t like. And people getting tetchy and annoyed on this board will not change that.

  34. Wiggsman says:

    Craig – no problem with opinons mate – just pointing out the bollux in some of the arguments. I just believe that the quting of Roy Keane in this instance related to his conection with Man U is being blown out of proportion – u know what I half expect him to do an Ian Wright and shit all over us, but untill that day – he;s still a legend. I said never said he’s manage Utd but I dont believe this burnt bridges bollux.

    Some peeps have said here he should shut his mouth – why? He speaks his mind and that’s refreshing (to a point) plus when your being interviewd and are asked who will win the league – what do you say, erm cant say mate!! I love it when Fergie give his forthright opinon, especially of Chelsea being like 90′s Liverpool

  35. Craig Mc says:

    Wiggsman, fair enough mate, I didn’t say Keane should shut his mouth, but he is honestly obsessed with always talking about United. The trickle of our good youth players to Sunderland seems to have stopped of late, and we will have to see if it continues to be the case. Keane can support who he wants, but when he denounces United for keeping Ronnie, and then commends Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs for keeping their players, I’d call that HYPOCRISY Wiggsman. He can tip who he likes for the title, I hope Fergie enjoys ramming his words down his throat, I know I will. I truly do believe that he has no chance of returning to United to follow Fergie as manager, and that is what I mean by burning his bridges. But lets wait and see if I am proved wrong mate – lol. So hope that clarifies things Wiggsman, Come on the Red Devils.

  36. Wiggsman says:

    Well clarified – btw Keano wont be manager of Utd, i agree


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