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Why Does This Travel Company Have Our Tickets?

Why does this company have access to Manchester United away tickets?

I’m not going to publish the name because I have no intention of advertising them but it is scandalous that any one who fancies it can buy up to as many eight tickets at a time for our away matches.

Fans pay a fortune for their season tickets every season and to ensure they have even the chance of getting away tickets, must purchase the League Cup tickets too. So many fans get knocked back for every away allocation so the find out that companies have access to the limited number of away tickets on offer is fairly sickening.

How is this allowed to happen?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. bobkoh says:

    @Red Nation

    Manchester United is my team for 50years and no offense taken…



  2. smartalex says:

    bobkoh – Nice one mate!

    Did you see my pick-up line / pass at you at 21:30? I knew you weren’t being snide at all, and recognised your 21:29 as banter. Most people did, but as you know it’s easy to misread intentions when a few words are all one has to go on. Kudos to yo for being a reasonable and fun United fan!

  3. smartalex says:

    Kudos to yo man! Far out!

  4. bobkoh says:


    Ya, I do…walks on the beach I mean. Sorry for being a cluncker! Us Manchester United fans in Singapore live 99% of our lives following OUR team. The 1% is for walks on the beach between matches on the telly ….;>)

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    OK boys and girls. Going to be hearing about Giggies family problems all morning.


  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The real reason why Gibson is at Everton?

    Listen to Fergies press conference….Says Moyes is a good man who needs a bit of help???
    What does that mean then…….

    Take a look at EFCs fixtures in the next 2 months
    (H) ManCity (A) Chelsea (A) LFC (H) Spurs & (H) Arsenal

    Could almost make a true red think he was a (temporary) blue
    Comon U Toffees !

  7. kungfoocantona1 says:

    I mean this is getting boring and annoying now i must add… all this talk about ravel morrison and pogba..people are now starting to question the manager because they are not playing every week in the first team its his fault bla bla bla….well let me put it to those twats what my feelings are…firstly on pogba, the only people that have really mentioned him is the press and as often they are full of shit..i honestly believe this kid will stay…as for ravel to be honest i wouldnt lose any sleep if he left. they boy is showing little respect for the club that have had his back from day 1…if he wants to leave then good on u go son..u think ul have a better career at newcastle??he thinks he is gods gift and that the club owes him..he aint owed shit and as much as i would like him to shut his gob and sign another contract i wouldnt give a toss if he left…and finally for those so called plastic supporters going against the manager saying its his fault he isnt giving them a chance…if u actually supported the club then u would realise that u earn ur chance to play for the 1st team u just dont decide..if fergie feels they arnt ready then they arnt criticise the man who has brought more young players through than any1 is just a farce…how about getting behind ur football club instead of joining in with the media frenzy that is just laughable…

  8. kungfoocantona1 says:

    also good to see the press are doin a good job on getting all the top stories from around the world wen all they can report on is giggs AGAIN..incase they didnt realise nobody actually gives a shit about this story

  9. JC says:

    Fluck! no TV coverage tomorrow, here I come… yuck.

  10. kungfoocantona1 says:

    u no i would also just like to add somthing on the gibson sale…no surprises there…i was never a fan and i will tell u why b4 i get bombarded..its got nothing to do with united as i support fully any1 who pulls that shirt on it is to do with the national team he plays for..if u are wondering wat im referring to i will tell u in short words as its to complicated…simple answer is he is from northern ireland like me incase u didnt guess, he has no family from the republic of ireland but because of this bizarre rule we have he opted to play for the republic..thats like rooney playing for scotland…so i lost alot of respect for the guy wen he did that…but none the less i wish him all the very best and hope he gets his career back on track…ps cant wait to see him at the next northern ireland- republic match..stand by for some abuse my :)

  11. JC says:

    I mean today, stupid time difference/clocks/etc… grumble grumble

  12. Ash says:


    Gibson was sold because he was not good enough for us and not because SAF wanted him to help everton beat other teams.

  13. captaink9 says:

    Wesley Sneijder were are you

  14. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Evening guys, anyone on here going Ajax away?

    Also disgusting news regarding away tickets availaable for £1k. Email the club or ring them Scott, if not let me do it.

  15. TonyBee says:

    For the last couple of weeks, my wife has been moaning about how we should “…spend more time together…”

    With her birthday coming up, I can take a hint……..

    I’m going to buy us season tickets to Old Trafford so we can spend Saturday afternoons together.

  16. sheppertonni says:

    Regarding morrison situation, I’ve heard a few people saying that its bad if newcastle can offera him a better contract than us but i dont think thats really an issue..
    It was’nt a problem for welbeck, cleverley, hernandaz, scholes .giggs before them. why?? because they love the club and its an honour to wear the famous red shirt.
    This cant be the case with him so let him walk! what about tunnicliffe or will keane? was it a problem for them.
    And also the club has stuck by him through all his stupidity, he should be biting there hand off for it!

    Also loved roy keanes comment in the derby last week when he said the utd boys will be wanting to smash the hinges off the dressing room door to get out! loved that.

  17. CedarsDevil says:


    Hi pal, funny as ever you old git! Looking forward to the match no doubt eh? Three points would of course do nicely however I am looking forward to a proper performance from the lads. A win today would certainly put pressure on the bitters especially after their stuttering form of late and I can see them dropping points at Wigan ……

    Morning all

    Come ON UNITED

  18. Mikekelly12 says:

    I’ve had a run in with that cunt Rhodri Giggs, wouldn’t trust a fucking word he says. He’s a thieving, cheating scum bag. Don’t know whether he still does but dabbled in all kinds of drugs back in the day and is obviously after some kind of pay day to pay off some debt or other that he has amassed with the wrong people!! Cunt!! He once stole the entire football kit from the team he played for to get a bit of cash for his drugs. Loser!! Anyway, morning all! Happy Match Day to one and all!!

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    Evening in your face pal, still on my second morning coffee here! haha

    Re Ajax away I believe James21 is looking into it but says the whole thing may be too expensive, anyway get in touch with him albeit via this blog and take it from there.

    Hiya Mike – Bet you cannot wait, neither can I…. The hours on match days pass by ever so slow!

  20. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Cedars cheers mate. I’m on my 2nd beer!!!! Mate messaged me saying tickets available to members so thought fuck it may as well go since I’ll be in England then. I’ll def get in touch with him, looked into flights from heathrow said about £100 although I’m sure they will go up.

  21. CedarsDevil says:


    Hope you do get to make the trip. Never been to Amsterdam personally but I hear that ‘cough’ a certain red light district ‘cough’ is worthy of a visit!

    Anyway keep us posted pal

  22. james21 says:

    NRD. Hi mate, yes certainly looking into it. It looks expensive and with the days off work it might not come off. I can request contact details from Str and go from there. It’d be nice to meet up with the basher of Stoke fans. Cedars. Bloody freezing here. I’ll gob on Leeds in your honour. :D . M19ke and King Eric. I’m getting thirsty, see u both at 1 ish. UTD UTD UTD.

  23. CedarsDevil says:


    Fucking freezing here as well, around 3 today. Forgot what sunshine is all about. Bodes well for the mountains though and my next trip to the cabin ahem ahem. 5 feet of snow up there already.

    Get stuck in lads and as ever do us proud

    Come ON you mighty REDS

  24. Dansproston says:

    Reds away has reported this company i think

  25. Mikekelly12 says:

    Cedars James NRD
    Unfortunately can’t swing away trips too often. Can’t book time off as a teacher ( can’t think why, our holidays are shit!) so unless they fall on a half term I’m screwed. Time certainly does tick by slowly on match day (none more so than 2-3 up away in a derby!!!!)
    James and King Eric. See you at 1 for a cold one or maybe 2????. You going upstairs again?

  26. Redlife says:

    Rhodri is just pissed Ryan got the talent and the better looks. All he got was the local bike and now he’s lost that. Although, Ryan has to be a cunt too, just for going for a ride on the bike, which belonged to his brother.

  27. CedarsDevil says:

    Its in my blood

    Where on earth are you? Get yourself posting here again pal

  28. james21 says:

    Leeds well and truly spat on Cedars. Sun is blazing now probably still cold outside.

  29. MG says:

    I have to pop in and just say that I miss you all well nearly all ;) – but I do have something to do regardless of how I finished up here last time and it’s important I do it and it will take time and ultimately I need that time.

    For the first time in a long time I have to sacrifice a lot of things to get myself going where I need to go – I will not ever forget my friends I promise you that – and from the bottom of my heart I have to thank you all for all your words – they do not come through anything other than mutual friendship and respect and maybe one day we will all get to meet…

    Many of us and One United standing with us together

    Others cannot see what some of us just do. It is born out of a great love and understanding of what we have and at times what we fall short of. Nevertheless some bonds cannot be broken – well for most of us anyway.

    It is a privilege a complete intensity and heartbreak to follow Manchester United and long may it continue.

    Through the good times and especially the bad.

    I will be back but for now you’ll have to soldier on and you can do that.

    Thanks Costas and you too Cedars my good friend, smartalex, Watson – never to be forgotten ;) DM Willie and everyone else especially soren – thank you all for not forgetting a friend.

    For United


  30. smartalex says:

    MG, may your sacrifices enhance your focus and enable your dreams.

    We will miss you until your return. Be well, my friend!

  31. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good evening Lovely Red Devils around the world,

    match day!!!


    Matchday Facts :
    Manchester United are looking to avoid losing three league fixtures in succession for the first time since December 2001
    • Bolton have won only one of their last 18 top-flight meetings with United
    • Wayne Rooney has scored nine goals in his last 10 games against the visitors
    • Martin Petrov has provided more crosses than any other Bolton player this season (46)
    • Peter Walton, the referee for this game, is the only Premier League official not to have awarded a penalty so far this campaign.


    600: Man Utd’s next clean sheet will be their 600th (in all competitions) under Sir Alex Ferguson. Amazing.

    ON THIS DAY: In 1969, almost 24 years after taking charge of ManUtd, Sir Matt Busby announced his retirement from football.

  32. TonyBee says:

    sorry couldn’t answer earlier ….MrsBee took me shopping…..well I took her so could follow her round the fucking shops……

    dont you just love freezing your bollocks off waiting….and waiting….and fucking waiting…..


  33. Costas says:

    Do what you have to do MG. The Mr Motivator throne will remain empty until you return. :)

  34. zelh says:

    Lindegaard, Evra, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Scholes, Valencia, Nani, Carrick, Rooney, Welbeck

    looks like this is the team to play.
    Scholes to start? Don’t know about that..

  35. zelh says:

    not happy with Big Dave on the bench :(

  36. CedarsDevil says:


    Huge smile on my face seeing you post here, albeit as a quick cameo…

    Fellow RED and true friend

  37. TonyBee says:

    Holmes….buddy….. see you soon fella……whenever you are down just think that your blogging mates on RoM will still be here….

  38. TonyBee says:

    ……..and I shan’t be Watson till you are back

  39. TonyBee says:

    in honour of me mate ;-

    MG Holmes, the great detective, and his faithful companion, TonyBee Watson, go on holiday in the South of France, camping. On the first night, Holmes nudges Watson in his sleeping bag, and wakes him.

    “Tell me, Watson, when you look up at the stars, what do you see? What does the night sky tell you?”

    Thinking it to be some kind of riddle, or personality test, Watson thinks for a moment, before answering.

    “Meteorologically, the sky tells me it is a clear, cloudless night, and the weather will be fine for the next day. Astronomically, Venus has entered the House of the Moon, while Astrologically, it appears that Capricorns should not attempt any personal upheaval this month, but Sagittariuses can expect a windfall to come their way. Religiously, it tells me that the Lord has worked long and hard to create the best world he can, and philosophically it makes me feel very small in a massive universe.” At this, he turned to Holmes and smiled, saying “What does it tell you?”

    “It tells me, my dear Watson, that some fucker has pinched our tent!”


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