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Why Fergie Was Wrong To Blast Rio

Sir Alex Ferguson has changed my life. Some of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced are a result of the brilliant teams he has built and the success he has inspired. Whilst I’m not blinded to his mistakes or personal flaws, it is rare that I would publicly criticise him. However, I think the handling of Rio Ferdinand in response to him not wearing a “Kick It Out” t-shirt ahead of Saturday’s win over Stoke has been fairly embarrassing for the club.

The FA are founding and funding partners of Kick It Out which unfortunately means they have a conflict of interests. It is the FA that dish out punishments for racism so it is part of KIO’s responsibility to tackle them on this.  When you consider Joey Barton received a 12 match ban for going nuts on the last game of the season, which is equivalent to Luis Suarez and John Terry’s bans for racism added together, it highlights the issues of the FA’s handling of racism. KIO can’t dictate the length of the ban but they can react in a way that would put the FA under pressure to do something. Whilst I’m not suggesting KIO should take the same route as more radical charities like PETA to get their point across, surely there’s something they could do that would have a greater impact than releasing a statement or getting footballers to wear a t-shirt. But will they bite the hand that feeds them? Will they tear a strip off FA for their handling of racism? Possibly not if they want the FA to continue funding them.

Players are entitled to feel as though KIO aren’t doing enough though and in protesting against them, by not wearing the t-shirts, they are making this point known. I’ve seen some strange criticism of the players who didn’t wear the t-shirts, with some claiming they are working against KIO and that the only way to get rid of racism in football is to work together, but if KIO aren’t doing a good enough job, then what is the point in giving them unwavering support? Hopefully the decision of some players not to wear the t-shirt will put pressure on KIO to do a better job, which was obviously the goal of those players, which can only be a positive thing. The players weren’t trying to damage KIO, rather force them to be more active in the fight against racism. To think that the Ferdinands, Roberts, Joleon Lescott, every player at Swansea and Wigan, were in some way trying to fight against KIO is bizarre. What would they have to gain from doing this? They want racism out of the game as much as anyone but they don’t believe KIO are going about it in the right way. Why shouldn’t they be entitled to voice this?

“It seems like the authorities don’t have the stomach to take this on, and if the players don’t take it on then nobody will,” Jason Roberts said ahead of the weekend. “I find it hard to wear a T-shirt after what has happened in the last year. I won’t wear one. I’m totally committed to kicking racism out of football but when there’s a movement I feel represents the issue in the way that speaks for me and my colleagues, then I will happily support it. I think people feel let down by what used to be called ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football’. People don’t feel like they have been strong enough.”

Roberts would not be wearing the t-shirt during KIO’s campaign week and Ferguson was asked what he thought about this during the Friday press conference. Maybe he was being set up a little, with most papers having already reported that the Ferdinands wouldn’t be wearing the t-shirt, but the manager waded in to this unknown territory regardless.

“I have to disagree with Jason Roberts. I think he is making the wrong point,” he said. “Everyone should be united, with all the players in the country wearing the Kick It Out warm-up tops. I don’t know what point he is trying to make. I don’t know if he is trying to put himself on a different pedestal from everyone. But he really should be supporting all the rest of the players who are doing it. When you do something, and everyone believes in it, you should all do it together. There shouldn’t be sheep wandering off. I think he is making the wrong message. All the players are wearing it. I have only heard that Jason Roberts is different – but he is very different. He plays a game and is in the studio 20 minutes after it. That is a great privilege.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Ferguson is no exception to that, but you do have to wonder whether a white man who has never been racially abused before is in the best position to talk about the rights and wrongs of black players reacting to feeling let down by KIO. Regardless, we can all imagine what we would do if we were a professional footballer/black professional footballer and asked to wear that t-shirt. We aren’t in that position though so we aren’t the best qualified to give an opinion on what the players should have done. I think the fact Ferguson believed that Roberts was the only person to take issue with KIO shows his lack of understanding of the issue at hand though. He seems to suggest that Roberts is being a drama queen, an attention seeker, with nothing to gain from not wearing a t-shirt, which quite simply isn’t true.

The issue this weekend has arisen because Ferguson told the press that all of his players, including Rio, would be wearing a KIO t-shirt. The fact that Ferguson admitted he didn’t know what point Roberts was trying to make in not wearing a t-shirt suggests that he hadn’t had a conversation with Rio about it. Whilst Ferguson could still have disagreed with Roberts, if he had talked to Rio, he would have at least known the reasons why some players were not wearing the t-shirt.

As it is, it appears as though Ferguson has made a decision on Rio’s behalf without having spoken to him first. As we all know, Rio chose not to wear the t-shirt and this lead to an angry reaction from the manager after the game.

“I am disappointed,” he said. “I said on Friday that the players would be wearing it in support of the PFA and that every player should adhere to it. It is embarrassing for me. We are all wearing the badges and he goes and lets us down. We’ll deal with it, don’t worry.”

The only instance where I would believe Ferguson had some right to voice his frustration is if Ferdinand assured him before Friday’s press conference that he would wear the shirt. However, given Ferguson’s lack of understanding about why anyone wouldn’t wear the shirt and the unlikelihood that any player would set out to lie to and defy the manager, it is more probable that Ferguson assured the press Rio would be wearing the t-shirt without having a conversation with him about it first. I think any player should have the right to decide on where they stand on the KIO issue, but when you consider the fact it was Rio’s brother that was racially abused and the fact Rio missed out on the Euros because his brother was racially abused, he certainly should be shown the respect to make this decision by himself.

The telling part of Ferguson’s post-match comments are: “it is embarrassing for me.” Ferguson is embarrassed because it looks as though he can’t control his players. Some people might suggest that as the manager of the club he should have the right to dictate what the players do and don’t wear. But for me, it appears as though any arguments against wearing the shirt didn’t really cross Ferguson’s mind, so he made assurances he wasn’t in a position to give, and now looks silly as a result. Whilst I understand him wanting to look like top dog, like a manager who nobody undermines, he is the one that put himself in that position, not Rio. If the club want players to don t-shirts with the logo of DHL, Turkish Airlines or Mr Potato, then fair enough, but I don’t think the club are in a position to tell players they have to support an organisation that on principle they disagree with.

Essentially, it’s just a bloody t-shirt, and if Rio doesn’t want to wear it, he should be allowed to make that choice. The only reason why this has become an issue is because the manager said he would. It is to do with his personal pride more than anything to do with KIO, the club or Rio. As Ferguson has repeatedly said in reference to players, no one person is bigger than this club. That includes Ferguson.

Some newspapers reported that Rio would be fined £220k, the equivalent of two weeks wages (and the fine Terry was given by the FA for racially abusing Rio’s brother), which would be outrageous.

PFA chairman and Kick It Out ambassador Clarke Carlisle hopes the decision of some players not to wear anti-racism t-shirts will prompt discussions rather than punishments.

“Sir Alex Ferguson is trying to reaffirm his unwavering support of the Kick It Out campaign and that’s fantastic,” Carlisle said. “But this should not be seen as player versus club or dissension from a player against their employer. This is about a group of players and some wider issues that transcend that relationship. We would not want to see Rio Ferdinand punished. As I said of the handshake saga, you cannot coerce any man against his will and to do so would be the complete opposite of what the campaign is for. (Reading manager) Brian McDermott and (Newcastle manager) Alan Pardew said they had good conversations with their players to understand why (they did not wear the t-shirt) and they respect them in that. Sir Alex Ferguson pointed out in his own interview he did not know why Jason Roberts or any other player would not want to wear the t-shirt, so I hope that conversation takes place in the next couple of days.”

Manchester United have been so successful for more than two decades under Ferguson’s leadership because he commands and demands respect. I would never support a player publicly disrespecting the manager because I think it’s important that he is allowed to carry out his job the way he wants to. However, in this situation, I do not believe Rio showed the manager up, Ferguson sadly did that all by himself, and whilst he may want to dictate to the players what they do in all walks of life, unfortunately for him, he is not in a position to do that. Ferguson cannot tell our players to back an organisation they have taken issue with and if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed, he should try talking with them before speaking on their behalf. The likely explanation is that it didn’t even cross Ferguson’s mind that Rio wouldn’t wear a t-shirt because, for him personally, he doesn’t see what KIO have done wrong. Just because he can’t see it or because he doesn’t agree, that doesn’t mean he can make the decision on behalf of everyone though, particularly over an issue which is clearly so personal to Rio.

With Rio’s contract set to expire in the summer, you do wonder where this incident will leave his Manchester United career though.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. eddieTheRed says:

    SAF and MUFC have no right to tell players what to think and how to feel; nobody should ever be coerced into expressing a political view that they don’t agree with just to keep in with the boss; Fergie has got this one wrong!

  2. DEVILisRED says:

    Fergie fergie, it’s embarassing for the fans what u have got urself into.

  3. bRed says:

    SAF didn’t have to wade into this. I just hope he has a good talk with Rio and that’s all. Hopefully it doesn’t get blown out of proportion.

    Separately, I read that Pogba sought Vieira’s advice on leaving United. Vieira apparently told him to go to Juve. What a pig!

  4. Spence says:

    Excellent article on a very sensitive subject

  5. United Till I Die says:

    Well said Scott.

    My comments on the other page are probably the first time I’ve ever criticised Ferguson for being bang out of order. But there is no other way to react to his “threats” towards Rio.

    Fergie was bang out of order.

    I didn’t even know the whole Swansea and Wigan team didn’t wear the t-shirt. That just makes the manager look more stupid and out of touch.

    Still, I personally think its a mistake on his behalf rather than anything more damning.

    I just hope the manager can show his class by performing a complete 180 and stating that his position on the issue has changed since speaking to Rio.

    Simple as that.

    Its the only way to heal this latest headache, and lets face it, we wouldn’t be in this position in Fergie used his (considerable) brain last week.

    Slagging off Jason Roberts was arrogance and ignorance.

    Threatening Rio was madness.

    Hopefully the Scotsman shows his class and nips this in the bud, before the press completely batter him to death with his own words.

    Imagine if Mancini or Rogers or that funny looking fella at Chelsea made the same remarks about their own black players who received BULLETS in the post?

    People abuse black players because there are no repercussions.

    Likewise, these same players, when they are 10 deep on a night out, don’t hear a fucking PEEP from the racists because there WOULD be immediate repercussions.

    The FA have let black players down by having a piss poor response to racism.

    The media and the police would react differently if the FA started banning racist supporters for life and players who use racist language for 6 months.

    Until then Jason Roberts has a fucking point, so does Rio, and so does every other player who took a stand this weekend.

    Fergie is way off on this one, which is bizarre for a man of his background.

    Hopefully common sense prevails.

  6. Cadelin says:

    I think SAF was right to say that he would deal with this and that it was an embarrassment.
    HE decides the clubs response to various campaigns and issues and would hopefully have spoken to everyone in the team ahead of the weekend as (having read Nevs book and Waynes) he is a stickler for details.

    IF Rio felt what was being instructed was against his principles well he should have informed SAF at this point and then SAF wouldnt have gone public to state the entire team would be wearing the T-shirt.

    Rio electing to do this has made SAF look stupid and better players than him have left the club as a result of crossing SAF.

    Gone are the days when Rio was an instant name on the 1st team sheet and in SAFs words anyway, he is no longer guaranteed a start when we have everyone to pick from.

    I am only talking on the defiance perspective here and not on the racial issues surrounding it.
    On the one hand you can take whatever stance you feel appropriate on this issue but you do not ever try and make SAF look stupid as that only ever ends one way.
    Just ask Keano, or Jaap, or Becks, or RVN. No doubt that list will grow and maybe Rio’s name will be the latest to add to it.
    Smalling and Jones are close to playing returns and there has been talk of Rio going abroad for a final big payday, possibly in China so it wouldnt surprise me if this spelled the end for him with us.

  7. Soccerisfootbal says:

    I beg people not to be to hasty here. Sure it seems a harsh thing for rio to be fined for not wearing the shirt, but did he let the club know his plans before protesting?

    What i mean is, im sure there was some sort of protocol. The club announces the official kio day and tells players o wear the shirt. If a player has a problem and wants to sit out, why not just let the club and manager know beforehand? Fergie said in the press all our players would participate, surely rio didnt tell him he would be protesting against the photo-op? Or was there some sort of broken agreement?

    I think rio is well within his rights to protest, but as an employee im sure there is a proper way to warn the club and manager of your intentions without embarrasing the manager.

    Im not sure the issue is rios opinion but rather a break down in communication. Either way i hope this doesnt sour the dressingroom or any relationships!

  8. Gentle says:

    I don’t like d way fergie is treating Rio. He told hogdson that Rio can’t play 3 times a week that was one of d factor that cost Rio is place in euro. Fergie came out publicly that Rio has lost his pace he needs to adjust his game. Must it b a public opinion? Now another embarrassment to Rio.

  9. utd_fc says:

    Agree with pretty much everything Scott said. And great write up on it too. But an incident like this to threaten Rio’s career with us?

    Surely more than a bit harsh dont you think

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I think you are completely wrong Scott. Rio gets paid to be a United player. The manager was trying to get the pressure off his players and look professional going into this game. If you are going to go on “reports” well then you must be first in line to think that Wes Sneijder is on his way, because that is exactly the quality of the rags that are rumoring that Rio will be fined.
    Much better sources say Rio met with manager yesterday. Do you have any quotes from that meeting? No, your quotes are from what was made up hours before that meeting.

    Even if he is to be fined, equating it with a fine for JT is really outrageous. This would be for indiscipline at UNITED, not with any idea about a bunch of lossers down at Chelsea.
    In particular, a fine if it were given, would be for the type of indiscipline where a player gives the manager his word and then does something that the manager thinks damages the club.

    Every rag in the country is making up content to fit their ABU ideology. Glad to see it all reprinted line for line on these pages. This is just political rumoring and you are falling right in it. Enjoy your bath Scott.

    As for me, makes me sick.

  11. dingothered says:

    Fergie’s handling of players it feels of late can be damn right ridiculous

    First this, where basically his ego has been hit by Rio’s decision to back his belief

    His mistreatment of Berbatov was awful too, telling him he’d play and then barely ever selecting him. The recent news where Kusczcak said he was treated similar is telling too.

    Top manager and all and a fucking legend, but this mistreatment is distasteful.

  12. samriley9 says:

    Completely agree, Fergys upset because this has made HIM look silly, well it isnt about him, and if my brother was a victim of racism i would also choose family over anything else… team rio for me!

    Players need to be hit with lenthy bans, not fines, 200k is fuck all to these multi-millionaires… hitting them with minium 3-6 month bans will hurt them alot more. How can rio’s get a massive ban for the drug fiasco and terry and squarez get shitty ones for racism?

  13. parryheid says:

    Pretty simple,just ask him face on if he took the decision to speak for Rio or not.Would be pretty damaging if in fact he had knowledge Rio intended not too but overuled him.

  14. Peter Henderson says:

    Whilst I agree with most of what you say, SAF was informed, when he signed for Rangers, that he had little future at the club with his wife being catholic, so he has some firsthand experience of discrimination.Or is this like the England supporters, say what you like about the fenians but don’t abuse the black guy.

  15. parryheid says:

    And I might add he has a press conference coming up for the Braga game and for sure that is guaranteed to be asked.If it is then I assume they have information which will have him wriggling and wont they just love that.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Scott in lock step with Piers Morgan. Says it all for me

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
    Disgraceful attack on @rioferdy5 by Alex Ferguson – total betrayal of his player. Rio’s bang on, the FA have been useless re racism.

    Both missing the point of any indicipline that Fergie would be worried about.

  17. AK47 says:

    Rio’s crossed Fergie. It’s left SAF looking like a right twat over that last couple days leaving him incredibly embarassed. I think it’s safe to say Fergie will not be taking this lying down.

    I now fully expect Rio NOT to be given a contract extension. It’s the FA who is at fault and not KIO. They’ve done tremendous work across all levels to help reduce racism – whilst we’ll never be rid of it, they’ve certainly made huge strides in minimalising it.

    Speaking as a coloured person myself i think it’s a massive slap in the face of KIO and totally undermines all their work. I know they’re funded by the FA – but they are not in charge of handing out the bans. It is the FA – perhaps they should put more pressure on the FA to hand out heavier punishments but Rio and co are fundamentally targeting the wrong organisation. The PFA should also be doing more to ensure that their players are fully supported by the FA.

    If anything this whole episode is actually detracting away from the ineptitude of the Football Association of England in punishing the perpatrators of racism.

  18. SHINJI THE NINJA says:

    Fergie has a track record of not being able to manage some single-minded, intelligent players.
    Giving “The Hairdrier” and making threats to boot them out is about as blunt a management tool as there is. Perhaps this was a sign of his inability to adapt to a more complex relationship between players, agents and owners.
    I cannot imagine this happening under any of the modern more accomplished managers like Guardiola or Mourinho. By “accomplished” before I am pounced on by the usual reactionaries, I mean those with a broader set of skills like being multi-lingual and a broader set of experiences in terms of countries they have lived and worked in.
    Fergie “Comes fi Govan” and sometimes it really shows.

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Fergie completely professional. Only thing that he is bothered by is anything that will distract from United.

    Rio seems to have gotten over it. Everybody else just feeding from Piers Morgans butter cup.

  20. Costas says:

    Very well said.

  21. d_arblay says:

    People are forgetting that, in this scenario, it is not about individuals. It is about football clubs and their staff showing a unified message. Rio is an employee of MUFC and MUFC, as a football club, wish to promote support of the KIO campaign. Its that simple. When Rio walks out onto the pitch he represents the football club, not himself. Everything that happens out there is a club effort and no platform for individual promotion. If Rio does not share his employers desires and wishes not to tow the party line, he’s perfectly entitled to seek employment elsewhere, just as he would if he had a fundamental problem with wearing a shirt that promotes AON. Unfortunately, he wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to work for this particular employer but not back said employer’s desire to show unity and back a particular campaign. Unwittingly, his message is that MUFC, as a football club, are not 100% behind an effort they wish to be seen to collectively support. Like it or not, in principle this does embarrass the club and Ferguson, his boss, who made it quite clear he expected his employees to show unity and back the campaign.

    Lets hypothesise KIO badges had been stiched on to the United shirts for the game and Rio refused to play for that reason. Lets hypothesise that United then went on to drop points. Would he have generated the same support from United fans? Would he have actually chosen not to play? Rio and his fellow professionals who have a problem with the work being done by KIO’s seven staff can voice their concerns and protest in a number of ways that would not be contradictory to their support of the overall KIO message itself. I assume Rio does support the KIO message. If thats the case, it should not be a problem or any controversy stating support for the campaign while also highlighting concerns that not enough is being done. Its interesting to note that when Ferguson dropped Rooney and Evans last year for disobeying direct commands and going against club policy, fans thought he’d made the correct call. I thought no individual was bigger than the club?

    This idea that the ends justifies the means here and that the attention garnered as a response to Rio’s protest makes it justified is tragic. Supporting the campaign and thinking more should be done by the campaign are exclusive entities (who says Ferguson himself doesn’t have problems with the work being done?). All United asked their staff and players to do is show support of the campaign and message itself. Regardless of anything else, what Rio and some of his other fellow professionals has done fails to convey such a support. That is fundementally wrong in my opinion, but even more so when you consider his employer have publically requested him to do so. As a result, Ferguson, as Rio’s boss, is perfectly entitled to discipline him for that. I would back the manager 100% on ANY measure he now takes – even should he choose to sell Rio as a result (and I’m sure he will if Rio fails to apologise). Better players (Paul Ince and Jaap Stam spring to mind) have been kicked out of the club for far less at he peak of their careers.

  22. ChrisW says:

    If Rio supports the aims of KIO then he should wear the T-Shirt. It’s that simple. He has ample opportunity to separately voice his opinion that they aren’t doing enough.

  23. jay says:

    Ferdinand must feel strongly about the situation to go against his managers wishes .he knew their could be major consequences from not wearing it. But he still went through with it. Fergie might have his own opinion on this but he should have kept quiet. He’s not black so he won’t understand how players feel about the situation. Even so all the other managers supported their players and fergie should have done likewise. But he backed himself into a hole on Friday when he said all players would wear the shirt, probly without even consulting them.

  24. Grand mekzy says:

    Nice article on dis embarrasin issue dat exhibits a senseless self pride abt a decision dt speaks less volune of racism in football..I expected saf to b slide into d shoes of his black players nd other affected players and analyse this issue like a professional..Rio is a man like him nd can decide to quit any time he chooses.He was really affected in this issue nd I see no qualms in him expressing his disatisfaction in the way racism has bn judged in d past years..saf is jst showing off his control too much nd should give dis issue a re-think before he blows up in d hands of the press..Not a good word said to Roberts and should re-address it..Up United!

  25. DirtyDevil says:

    I am a black man living in the American south, Louisiana to be exact and I can tell that some of you over in England just don’t get this racism thing and I’m so glad the US has a civil rights amendment written into our constitution. SAF can be mad all he wants but his concerns of being undermined don’t hold water to the greater issue here…I love English culture and hope to make it to OT one day on a sort of pilgrimage, but it seems to me that racism is part and parcel with the class society that is left over from the days of empire…not to say that racism isn’t an issue here in America but at least we take it head on and deal with the ugly truth instead of dressing up a pig and calling it Cindarella…ferdy and co didn’t wear the shirts bc all the xenophobia and intolerance frankly evident are not being mitigated, if at all…we all know that SAF is a strong no nonsense gaffer and can be miffed abt not being informed of ferdy’s plans (if that really happened) but pick and choose your battles please, no one will think SAF has lost his touch with the players behind this unfortunate situation.

  26. wayne says:

    DirtyDevil mate America is one of the most racist countries in the world,take it head on you must be having a laugh when you’re black president gets daily abuse and innuendos from the right wing to fire up their racist base in order to get votes and all the id laws is nothing more than voter suppression of minorities,seriously mate save the sermon America is a racial mess.

  27. Proverb says:

    Great article I absolutely agree with every detail of the article, cheers SCOTT

  28. Bishopville Red says:

    From what I’ve seen today, this has blown over. The last lines of the article remain somewhat relevant: It does remain to be seen what remains of Rio’s United career, but that’s for football reasons.

    Please note that’s footballing reasons, not “footballing reasons”.


  29. Soccerisfootbal says:

    Wayne you completely missed the point havent you. In america we dont claim racism is dead or doesnt exist. Theres no question we have bigger issues with discrimination, partly because we have such a diverse nation but the spread of wealth and power isnt as representative of national demographics. However, we are not in denail as the english seem to be concerning the issue and how effectively we are dealing with it. In america we know it is a big problem and have laws and groups actively trying to ‘fix’ the issue (not saying we are doing a good job or not). From england im hearing stuff like racisms doesnt exist here or things like ‘we are 30 years ahead of the rest of the world in regards to racism’ and thats just not true in my opinion, more work needs to be done.

  30. wayne says:

    Haven’t missed the point at all mate to suggest racism is left over from the empire is complete nonsense and certainly has nothing to do with the class structure which deals with aristocracy vs working class a completely different subject.
    My point was America should never come into a conversation as a beacon of light for the fight on racism when one of the major parties and its PR m/c rely on racism and innuendos against the current president to drum up support.As a western country America has a terrible racism problem which starts at the very top and don’t talk about diversity as a reason its no more diverse than Canada or even just London.You have politicians and major TV networks that encourage it can’t think of any other western country that has that

  31. United Till I Die says:


    @dirty devil

    haha, I pray you really are a wum and not a real person. Fair enough US has a black president but half the country think he’s a terrorist or spy and want him DEAD. We got problems over here in Blighty but a black PM would not have half of Britain spending extra hours at the shooting range preparing for the armageddon described by FOX news “contributors” like Pat Bucannon. A cunt like Paddy couldn’t get air time in the UK because a (mostly white) anti-fascist mob would beat a path to his doorway to lynch him, and rightly so.

    Britain is no picnic but America is one big fuck up mate, and i’ve visited many times.

    Wayne is spot on.

  32. orez says:

    This is BS, Rio messed it up by not waring the shirt. He is a united player and should think of the team first thing over anything. Also anyone claiming that the FA isn’t doing smth is full of shit. The bans are much higher then anything in the history. The racism is present but it’s not as big of a problem as people claim it to be and not suppporting kick it out is just stupid. All of those players have been behaving like spoiled children. It will take a lot of time to remove hate and ignorance from people and unity is the important part of it

  33. diablored says:

    Orez are u high?? Did u see what happend in Poland with Rose? Lazio 3wks ago? And you still think its not a big issue?
    The bans/fines are good enough in your eyes??
    Terry and Suarez’ bans are shorter than Barton’s and u think that’s fine??
    Terry’s fine is the same as Rio’s for not wearing a stupid shirt and its fine??
    You telling me, u’d go to work in nothing but a thong if your boss told you to, for the sake of your work-team? Dude even employees have rights!
    Don’t make me sick man, the FA has and still remains a joke, its more sad than anythng!

  34. orez says:

    @Diablored Poland has nothing to do with FA.
    I am so fed up with people comparing the bans with Barton. Barton is a thug and bustard with a long history of violence so his ban was more because of his constant issues. 8 match was fine for repeated abuses and 4 was ok for one insult. People should look into context here. Being a racist isn’t acceptable and players pay much more then the bans are. Both Suarez and terry will be boo-ed in every away match and that says a lot of culture of football in England. Racism is being fought in England there is no doubt about that. Rio-s behavior was pathetic. I am acctually fed up with him and I want him out.


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