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Why Is An Arsenal Player Giving Us Transfer Tips?

Last summer I was hoping Sir Alex Ferguson was going to show interest in Andrei Arshavin. It never happened. It was fairly disappointing when Arsene Wenger snapped the talented Russian up during the January transfer window.

I imagine most reds are a fan of his because aside from his great talent alone, he did put four goals past the dippers as time starting running out for them towards the end of last season. What a match.

It seems like Arshavin is keen to feature more heavily in our good books though, passing on a good transfer tip to our manager.

Arshavin reckons that we should look at replacing Edwin Van der Sar with Russia’s number one, Igor Akinfeev. He has been linked with the other clubs in the top four and no doubt Guus Hiddink has let the Chelsea camp know about him.

“Given that Van der Sar will not be around forever, Ferguson is most in need of a goalkeeper,” said Arshavin. “I therefore advise him to sign Akinfeev.”

It does beg the question of why he would want to strengthen the squad of a supposed rival though? Arshavin, shhhhhhhhush.

See the 23-year-old keeper in action…

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  1. Suprah says:

    I remember seeing him as an 18 year old for CSKA Moskow in 2005 UEFA Cup final vs Sporting CP in Lisbon and he was immense for his age, and he will only get better and is still VERY young.

    But I have faith in Foster though.

  2. Colin says:

    Because that’s just the sort of thing a dress designing, english food hating Russian does

  3. toby says:

    Akinfeev is a quality keeper, especially for his age I think we sign him before anyone else realises this!

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    what a peno save
    i never heard of him
    but where’d the buffon rumors go

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    p.s. scott great photo

  6. Macheda is GOD says:

    Got the old footy game fifa09 out yesterday bought a player named dominguez he’s a legend keeper :D wish it was in real life.This lad looks fine to me.Winning a UEFA cup final is no joke everyone takes it as a joke but it isn’t.It’s great.Just imagine if we buy him and in the group stage hes against CSKA Moscow

  7. Macheda is GOD says:

    I love transfers I want one now!

  8. senderos' mum says:


  9. What says:

    PIG isn’t good enough, VDS is old and not sure if Foster is ready.
    Sign him up, he and Foster competing for the nr.1 shirt next season would give me a 9-month long boner

  10. Costas says:

    Lol,Arshavin is pimping his friends to clubs.Lets hope Foster will be the adequate replacement to Van Der Sar that we will need at some point next season.

  11. Timus (gooner) says:

    Come in, its the closed season, consider it a gift. Come the end of August he will texting Igor Stepanovs number SAF ;)

  12. brdgunner says:

    Because he got asked which players from the Russian squad could play in England. He also suggested Liverpool buy the right back. He can hardly say I think Arsenal should sign X, y, and Z. It would upset his new team mates.

  13. dom says:

    you’ve gotta love the arsh man

  14. Matthew Wade says:

    If you’ve seen anything about Arshavin being interviewed, he seems pathalogically blunt totally honest.

    - has admitted that Barcelona were his first choice
    - has talked about women’s clothes and what figures women should have
    - says women need special roads cos they can’t drive
    - wonders why he’s playing out of position, and is pleasantly surprised how well its gone
    - admitted hes had trouble settling into uk, and isn’t sure about the food
    - supposedly is the only player to directly contradict wenger in a team talk
    - Cesc and Bendtner are his favourite players, though he takes the piss out of bendtner’s blackberry…

    He’s nothing if not good value! And he’s right, Akinfeev would be a great signing for utd as would the right back he recommended to liverpool. And if arshavin played for your lot you’d have the most skillful and least disciplined wingers in the world!

  15. terry08anelka says:

    judging from the video he only saves penos!

    Hes been great on football manager for years

  16. invertedquestionmark says:

    Haha, nice one, it seems that Arshavin’s not only a good player but a real character as well.

  17. OTRed says:

    Is it me, or does he talk to the press a lot, just in six 5 months, he has opened his gob about female drivers, boring Chelsea and then taken a sly dig at Flamini or was it Hleb?

    Good tip from him though

  18. goonerB says:

    Arshhhh! needs to learn not to open his mouth, once he told the ref it wasn`t a penalty I was afraid he`ll take it and miss on purpose. His honesty is not welcome so arsshhh shut it and follow sheep. I miss Arsenal vs Utd title runs :(

  19. corea says:

    Definitely a very good goalkeeper. He is a capitan of his side CSKA Moscow for a couple of years aтв he is only 23. Real character but i hope Foster will be ready. I know the russian people who support Manchester but some of them are gloryhunters. I don’t want anymore of that.

    After we lost the CL Final i hoped the number of so-called fans would be reduced.

  20. Scott the Red says:

    Brdgunner – Fabregas said that Wenger should buy Alonso the other day. Did you think he was wrong for ‘upsetting his team mates’?

    Generally, players recommend their talented compatriots to their own manager… not the manager of the team who just won the league again!

  21. Kings says:

    Good keeper, seen him play a few times. I’d prefer to see Foster play more next season though.

  22. Marq says:

    Have him under watch, let Foster get some more game time next season. But than again, Foster is injured again isn’t he? Hope he is not the next Kirkland!

  23. Dave Mack says:

    Penalty and reaction saves are nice but I want to see us sign someone who can dominate the 6 yard box like Schmicheal did.

  24. mo says:

    ben foster or diego lopez

  25. GoonerChef says:

    Arshavin’s a classy guy haha

  26. brdgunner says:

    His ‘new’ team mates. Cesc is captain. HA ha. Well spotted,

  27. Bould says:

    He’s has a bit of Mourinho about him, but more loveable. Sure to get under some people’s skins some of the time.

  28. Scott the Red says:

    Brd – so the captain can upset his team mates by suggesting an International team-mate, but a new player can’t? Why does suggesting an extra edition to the squad ‘upset’ the current players anyway? I’m sure when Rooney said he’d like us to buy Ribery the other day the other United players didn’t get upset.

    What an odd argument.

  29. Anon says:

    we better sign him up. for all Foster’s talents, he seems to get injured after every appearance! We need a sturdy keeper.

  30. Sash Sylvarre says:

    I love the irony! But I’m placing my faith in Foster.

  31. corea says:

    @ Anon
    i’m starting to bother about our medical staff.
    Ole, Saha, Rooney, Rio, now Foster. Maybe Hargo ? Not sure.
    I’m not judging CL Final. 66 games is the answer :(

  32. Gooner77 says:

    He just want to see his mates get a payday by moving to a big English club…..footballers think differently to fans. Remember Tony Adams admitting that at one stage, when Ferguson wanted him, he was considering leaving Arsenal for United…..unthinkable for both sets of fans but it could of happened.

  33. Anon says:

    lol yeah. maybe the 66 game season was the cause, but Hargo? and Foster barely started for us, so thats no excuse for him either. Though for guys like Evra, Rio, Berba Carrick, it is understandable.
    And yeah, if we are to have a season like the last one again, we need to be investing our money in the medical staff, not in the playing one! :P

  34. corea says:

    @ Anon

    Rio keeps getting the same injuries, Rooney also.
    Saha played much more football at Everton. I don’t know.
    again we don’t know much about all of this. so end of the issue.

  35. arsene wenger says:

    arshavins a character,i think he was promoting these players towards clubs they support and who theyd like to play for rather than who the clubs would really need, obviously all his team mates from russia are curious about this league now and those ones he’d recomend to the teams they like watching

  36. arsene wenger says:

    obviously he dont want his international collegues being eye’d up simply by shyte like bolton and man shitty,im suprised he would reccomend a left back to play near a thug like jamie (smack foriegn team mates) carragher

  37. AlphaRS says:

    How about we already have Ben Foster who was supposed to be the next big English goalkeeper?

    Have we ruined this guys career?!

  38. gunners88 says:

    “The diminutive playmaker was asked by the Russian media which of his international teammates would he recommend to the rest of the big Premier League teams. And the former Zenit St Petersburg playmaker says Rafael Benitez and Sir Alex Ferguson should ensure more Russian internationals are playing in the Premier League.”

    Arshavin’s a very open and talks-ALOT, kindda guy. He likes to give his opinion on everything from a Blackberry to which arsenal player is the fastest in bluetooth games. Listen to his live interviews and you’ll know, he’s the most honest player you’ll find.

    So are you trying to suggest that Arshavin wants to join Manchester united? he did recommend a fullback to Liverpool. Maybe he wants to join Liverpool too.. Oh no!… Oh and he did recommend Yuri Zhirkov to Arsene, but he is joining Chelsea instead.. I think he is just trying to ‘market’ Russian players to the best league in the world and show that russians players are good enough. Nothing controversial whatsoever.

  39. goon says:

    umm… cuz a russian journalist asked him who though United and Liverpool should sign in the transfer window. So he answered.

  40. King Eric says:

    gunners88 – “So are you trying to suggest that Arshavin wants to join Manchester united?”

    No why who said that?

    Got to admit I quite like the bloke, not least for smashing four past the dippers.

  41. Oooodz says:

    I’m not disappointed by missing out on Arse shavin, not at all. He’s a good player, getting on a bit, too old for us :)

  42. Serag says:

    Thanks for the article,
    I think Arsh just want his fellow russian player to move to england..

  43. wazza says:

    Arsh has talked about women’s clothes and what figures women should have, lol
    we don’t need a new GK atleast for one more season.

  44. MICHELDU9 says:

    he realised we are a good team,we are certainly not a great team,even barca are not great.very good at most.henry great in his day.eto great in his day puyol great in his ageing team.

  45. Zalee says:

    Good recommendations there from Arshavin, Manchester Utd should take this seriously. Akinfeev styles on the penalty saving much like van der Saar.

  46. JonyB-) says:

    Also would of loved us of gone for Arshavin…. wouldof freed Rooney for his best role…. STRIKER!
    The vid shows he’s a brilliant shot stopper, but to be fair Kit-Kat is a great shotstopper. His problem and what the vid doesn’t show is his ability to comand and area and his distribution, especially kicking…
    He’s rated highly so suspect that wouldn’t be a big problem, but vid’s can be deceptive – Vid’s showed Dudek was a great penalty saver but would you want him!!??


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