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Why Ronaldo Won’t Ever Be The Next David Beckham

Beckham brylcreamEvery time the transfer window opens, United are linked to “the next *insert great player’s name here*“, with youngsters tipped to fill boots they probably never will come close to filling.

Since David Beckham left United at the end of our Championship winning season in 2003, there have been several people hailed as “the next David Beckham”. Darren Fletcher was predicted to do just that following a bright youth career, but clearly has fallen some way short.

Cristiano Ronaldo, aged just 18 and costing £12 million, was given the number seven shirt that Beckham had vacated a month previously. Ronaldo has since reflected on this moment, saying, “After I joined, the manager asked me what number I’d like. I said 28. But Ferguson said ‘no, you’re going to have No. 7′ and the famous shirt was an extra source of motivation. I was forced to live up to such an honour.”

With Ronaldo tipped to win the awards for the best player in England, Europe and the World this year, awards Becks himself never won, it appears as though Ronaldo has superseded the expectations put on him to fill the gap left by Beckham. However, news has broken today which suggests Ronaldo won’t actually ever become “the next David Beckham.”

David Beckham celebsBeckham’s career at United was cut short as his love for United and football seemingly diminished, and his face began appearing on more and more products. Had somebody told us in 2003 that in a few years time Beckham would count the likes of Tom Cruise and Will Smith amongst his list of pals, we wouldn’t have been too surprised. Beckham became a celebrity, a brand, and his football career took a back seat to that success.

Beckham has been a face for Gillet, Disney, Motorola, Armani, Pepsi and Adidas, to name a few, he’s had a minor role in a film, as well as having his own branded aftershave. He was described as “the ultimate metrosexual” by the fella who coined the term, which denotes a heterosexual man who has a strong concern for his appearance, and he has become a style icon with his ever changing haircuts.

RonaldoWith Ronaldo being put in the media spotlight, as the best footballer around, representing arguably the biggest club around, and let’s be honest, the fella ain’t bad looking, there were fears Ronaldo’s footballing career might decline in the same way. After all, Ronaldo is now the age Beckham was when he appeared in his first Brylcream advertising campaign.

However, these fears should subside today with news that Ronaldo has turned down a massive sponsorship deal with a hair product company, believed to be Brylcreem. The People reported that he has turned down a massive £1.5 million to be the new face of their product range, with Ronaldo citing his focus on club football as the reason for declining. He’s too busy concentrating on performing and improving for Manchester United to have his eye taken away from the game and on to the large scale advertising scene.

And United fans everywhere breathe a huge sigh of relief…

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  1. boyz says:

    good good lad.its abt da football ,not da pretyboy adverts and al dat nonsense.dnt fal in da same path as beckham.concentrate on da futbal.

  2. Taron says:

    If this is correct and no bias info, my respect for him just tripled.

  3. jsos says:

    well done ronnie. doesnt need an ad for everyone to know the lad’s got the best hair around anyways. all rumours aside, ronaldo produces on the pitch and seems to find new strengths all the time. i’m not surprised he turned down an offer which might compromise that focus bc its the most solid thing about him – his love and desire for nothing over the beautiful game (not even gemma)

  4. RedAddict says:

    I knew he was no Beckham. You’ll not be getting the Hello magazine weddings or the Vogue photoshoots either. Football is his number one priority.

  5. UnitedBlogger says:

    Do you have a source for this?

  6. Tre says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. When you read about Cristiano’s home life you find a very humble person; He even lives with his family, mother and all. On the field I think we’ve all witnessed his maturity from a flashy, un-refined player into a flashy player that can pass, dribble, cross and score. He oozes professionalism, I don’t think Becks did it like this, I think it was quite the opposite. He was good, but then he became materialistic and wasn’t all about football. I think Beckham regrets leaving United, regrets leaving Madrid and has become a victim of his superficiality.

    Viva Ronaldo!

  7. Raisnhell says:

    I am not too sure if that is actually as true as it is portrayed to be. But if true then it is good news, though I wont be surprised if he does sign a big deal as money is always good to have around. I just hope that even if he does sign a big advertising deal, he keeps his head level.

  8. fuzzy says:

    I keep telling people again & again. That woman Victoria destroyed David Beckham the player & David Beckham the man.

  9. UnitedRay says:

    When i read about ronaldo shunning the advert, becks came to my mind too. Yes victoria definitely ruined his football life. He became so obsessed with his branding. He became a spice boy. It good that he left :)

  10. CHRISPUS says:

    hats off for the madeira magician. he’s got intellect brains too. i cant wait to hear that he’s got a charity.

  11. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Well Sir Alex always talks about how Ronaldo is the last one to leave the training ground and that says it all about him. Although it looks like he doesn’t try and that he’s arrogant, you don’t just naturally get that ability. He has the talent but his persistence is what makes him the best player in the world today. I heard that he’d put weights on his ankles and then practice stepovers so when he’d take the weights off, he’s be even quicker. That’s a boy that cares about his football


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