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Will New York Cosmos Make Me A Loser?

Every now and again you’ll see some prat wearing an LA Galaxy shirt with ‘Beckham 23′ on the back and I just wonder what on earth they were thinking about when they bought it.

Chances are, they hadn’t even heard of LA Galaxy before David Beckham signed for them so why on earth would you want to pay £40 for a shirt of a team you probably never have and probably never will watch play.

But then Eric Cantona goes and gets the ‘Director of Soccer’ job at New York Cosmos and I’m left a horrible position. This shirt, green and gold, is what Cantona’s team will be wearing. I don’t need to go in to how much Cantona means to me, because it’s exactly the same for you, so having anything related to him certainly becomes a temptation. Could I?

The answer is no, I’m not actually going to go out and buy a New York Cosmos shirt. Even if I couldn’t resist the temptation, there’s no way I’d actually walk around anywhere (apart from maybe abroad where nobody knew me!) in that shirt, particularly after all the grief (in my head) I’ve given people wearing LA Galaxy, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. shirts in Manchester.

Ooh ahh Cantona.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. thesavage says:

    For those who haven’t seen it, here’s Cantona reintroducing the Cosmos:

  2. mahadev says:

    Scott your Ooh Aah Cantona at the end didnt sound like it came from your heart. put more effort (exclamation points!) in it :D

  3. Wednesdayx says:

    C’mon Scott, do it!! lol

    Since Cantona is your favorite Football legend… why not buy the shirt and support him? I don’t see why you would feel like a loser? it’s just a shirt lol

  4. Saad says:

    The man is trying to bring back a football club and infuse them with his cool style of football…joga bonito. We should all support him. He is, after all, not a man…he is Cantona!

  5. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Only one shirt I would ever wear and thats United (or the team jersey I’m playing for).

  6. phildo79 says:

    L O Fucking L my arse – I have to agree with you Scott. What is the point in spending 40 quid for a shirt of a team that you don’t care about and will probably never see (even though it is rather nice). Now, if you were to pick up a bum version in Thailand, Malaysia etc for £1 then knock yourself out, go wild, buy two.

  7. Monguno says:

    Only one jersey scott, and it better have our badge on it!!!!

  8. manc_sam says:

    I dont like wearing any football shirts standard. I think you just look a tool walking round the streets in one.

  9. napstar says:

    Come on Scott..give the heart what it wants!!!

  10. Little Red Ant says:

    - it is quite under stated so you can easily get away with it as a normal white summer t – bit of a Rocha JR or Redherring !!!!

  11. smartalex says:

    There’s plenty of Eric the RED shirts available. Buy a cosmos mug, or a scarf for the missus.

    Alternatively a tattoo… just kidding.

  12. gerkeo says:

    The Cosmos shirt needs a collar

  13. Bishopville Red says:

    Since a team doesn’t really exist other than on paper, it’s like buying a Melchester Rovers or a Harchester United kit.

    That might be worse than wearing the kit of a foreign club you don’t respect.


  14. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Added it to Cart yesterday

    but just didnt go through with it

    - seen spurs fan with Beckham 77 on there back the weekend , head scratcher

  15. Lovely.United says:

    Well You could buy the jersey, get cantona imprinted on it. Find a way he can autograph it, frame it and place the jersey facing backwards with cantona on ur wall.

    You dont need to wear it..

  16. TK says:

    For me Eric Cantona the KING is the best player who ever graced a football pitch.Seeing him wears our shirt again back in 1995 on October the first and scores against dippers and then celebrates with the fans and his team Mates ,made almost feel like i’m in heaven.
    Great Player and a great legend by all means…But i won’t wear any other Shirt but Man United’s shirt till i die .

  17. Ryan90MUFC says:

    I wear my black M.U.S.T shirt!

    i really like the new shirt but i’m not buying a shirt whilst the glazers are in charge!

    i’ll still try and get to the big games if i’m successful. but thats it!

  18. Dizzy says:

    I don’t see the problem with it, I buy foreign clubs’ shirts. Usually in support of a player I love, so I can understand why people do the same, especially with ex-United players.

    You may see me around Manchester with my Iniesta Barca shirt later on in the year when it’s not fucking freezing.

    Of course, I’ll only buy a club’s shirt if it’s a club I have respect for in the first place. You won’t see me with a Real Madrid or a Lazio shirt on.

  19. hammons says:

    I have only worn one other club shirt besides Manchester United – A Pele shirt from his days with FC Santos – it was a replica but still amazing … I can see why Scott will not buy it, but being an American and knowing the history of the NASL, I might have to pick one up – and make sure CANTONA 7 is on the back, of course.

    … I think that the NY Cosmos have done a wonderful job of designing this shirt, but they will not be able to use it in the MLS because the league has a long-term contract with adidas.

  20. TheJackal says:

    I understand your point of view Scott.

    But I am a kit collector. I have nearly 100 kits in my closet and I must admit that about 60% of them are Manchester United. Rest of them are kits from historic moments in football, for example, when Zidane steamrolled through the World Cup in Germany and ended it all by headbutting that Twat I knew I had to buy that exact kit with his name one it. And when Ronaldo got topscorer in WC 2002, or Villa topscorer EC 2008, Sneijder WC 2010 played stunning! I have also kits from other teams like Real Madrid when they bought Becks, and Barcelona (when they were easy to like with Figo and Rivaldo).

    The thing is my Man Utd kits are like my cross. Its holy to me. I only use them on matchdays. I wear them with Pride!
    The other kits I can wear in the gym or on football practice where they will get dirty and worn out!

    So go on, buy your New York Cosmos shirt with Cantona! But swear to not wear it with as much pride as our red shirt!

  21. Big Red M says:

    That shirt with ‘Cantona 7′ on the back.. Oh so tempting!

  22. mo says:

    nah iwould only do somethig like that cantona played for them but he’s not

  23. willierednut says:

    Nothing will ever beat the iconic black shirt Cantona wore in 93. I had the top with Cantona on the back in gold letters and the famous number 7. I’m not a man, I’m Cantona.

  24. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Why would you buy this shirt and put Cantona 7 on the back when there are so many places out there to buy an old school early to mid 90s united jersey and put cantona 7 on the back

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Oh Ah, Cantona. His new project, not my new project. Still
    I like the banter about how you lads where your shirts. I wear Giggs on game days.
    Don’t get to worked up about why others wear one shirt or the other, but I do respect
    a one team man more than the lot who have a different kit/team for each day of the month. But to each their own I say.

  26. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Scott, dont question the King. haha

  27. Gaffer says:

    It would make you a looser, yeah. Even if we loved the king as a player.
    Have you bought his movies too?

  28. willierednut says:

    Looking for Eric was mint.

  29. smartalex says:

    RoM should bring out a french recipe book, call it Cooking for Eric.
    StR you’d make a fortune. Cookery books are gold!

  30. Mitko Berbatov says:

    I live in NJ just outside of NYC so I feel like I can wear it without betraying my United ties.

  31. Leetguy101 says:

    I have two issues with this article: -
    - I live faaaaaaaaaaaar away from Manchester, and far away from the church of Old Trafford, and with ticket prices the way they are, and Glazers the way they are, I might never see United play.
    - The Cosmos shirt is green and gold. Imagine a Cosmos shirt with the green and gold trim, Cantona 7 on the back, walk into Old Trafford, waving your green and gold MUST scarf. Or buying Giggs or Scholes with the NY Cosmos shirt. It’s a two-in-one deal. Support [name on back], King Eric, and down with the Glazer!

  32. Irish Red says:

    I wear a sao paulo jersey! Is that a problem?

  33. smartalex says:

    Irish Red
    I guess red, black and white is good! Is the vertical stripes the home kit? Looks good.
    Also it’s can’t be confused with any rivals shirt, not even sunderland really.

  34. willierednut says:

    My girlfriend wears the pants in my house, Is that ok?

  35. smartalex says:

    The knees usually wear out first.

  36. willierednut says:

    Not in my house they don’t.

  37. smartalex says:

    A man’s joint is his castle.

  38. Roberto Mancini says:

    Get a Cosmos shirt with Henry’s name on the back

  39. red_army7 says:

    what about molde 20 solskjaer?

  40. chuffer says:

    Talking of Eric & the Cosmos…………check out this from BBC News last night!! Whats he trying to say??

  41. Raizzen says:

    Ooh Ahh Cantona indeed!


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