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Will Ronaldo Return To United?

In the weeks leading up to us buying Robin van Persie, I was reading the papers, speaking to journalists and following those claiming to be in the know to try and gauge what the likelihood was of us signing the best striker in the league. I had been repeatedly told that United was the club he wanted to go to and that we were prepared to pay Arsenal their asking price, but we’ve been disappointed in the transfer market regularly enough to know there’s often little point getting our hopes up. Van Persie had to know he was going to win the league last season. Whether he signed for us or them, a title winner’s medal was in the bag, with the impact of his goals and presence probably enough to even get Roberto Mancini’s City side to the top the league again. So I was anticipating City making the Dutchman an offer he wouldn’t refuse and whilst every now and again I’d allow myself to get excited about the prospect of him coming to United, for the most part, I tried to convince myself it wasn’t going to happen.

When it was confirmed that we had signed him I could hardly believe it. For me, it was comparable to hearing we’d managed to land Andy Cole, although that probably slightly edged it, given they’d managed to keep that story out of the press and I was just a lad when it happened. Still, despite having been told for weeks that we were favourites to sign Van Persie, the reality of it took a while to sink in.

The Dutchman’s first season at the club went as well as we could have imagined, with him winning the golden boot yet again, scoring goals against City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, before wrapping up the title for us with a hattrick against Aston Villa. It all feels a little too good to be true and I still get moments of “bloody hell, we’ve got Van Persie!” from time to time.

So, had Van Persie signed for City at the last minute, I would have been ready to dismiss all the talk that Cristiano Ronaldo could be on his way back to United. We don’t do dream signings. But Van Persie’s arrival has allowed me to have some belief, however small that might be, that we could bring in a player or two that would make a huge difference to our team.

It seems strange to think about now but I wanted Ronaldo to leave at the end of the 2008-2009 season. I’d had enough of him. When Fergie was talking about a cow in someone else’s field, he had it nailed, because I thought life post-Ronaldo would be great. No more of his temper tantrums, failure to track back and doubts over his future. Every week during Ronaldo’s last season we were chanting “champions of England! Champions of Europe!” and despite Ronaldo being the main catalyst behind that success, I was spoilt, and imagined we could replicate it again without him. We’ve come close, playing in the Champions League final again two years after he left, but we’re missing the magic he provided us with in 07-08.

Whilst we have come close to winning it again, Ronaldo hasn’t, with Real Madrid falling to reach a final in his time at the club. In the four years he’s been there, despite his ridiculous goalscoring record of 201 goals in 199 games, he’s won just one league title. Ronaldo will see that he is a much more effective player now than he was at United, scarily enough, but he’s had nothing like the silverware to match it. When you compare his last four years at Real Madrid to his last four years with us, he’s got to feel like the trophy cabinet is fairly empty. Three league titles and one European Cup (and another final) versus one league title and no European Cup. He’s also fallen short with the individual accolades, with his last Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year awards coming in 2008. Maybe the cow in the other field turned out not to be so great for him either.

The Independent yesterday reported that Ronaldo has been encouraged by his advisers to stay in Spain, despite apparently wanting to return to United, so that he can earn a larger signing on fee when he does leave Real Madrid. If a club can sign an £80m+ player for free, they’ll have some dosh hanging around that the player can pick up.

Ronaldo has repeatedly claimed over the past couple of years that he would not be signing a contract extension at Real Madrid. If he is to stay true to his word, that leaves the Spanish club in a difficult situation. Either they let him see out the next two years and leave for free, meaning they’ll make nothing back on the £80m investment they made in 2009, or they sell him. This summer, with two years remaining on his deal, they would be able to get a reasonable amount for him.

Monaco and PSG are prepared to pay £85m for him, reportedly, although that would suggest they have no intention of complying with FFP which kicks off next season. Ronaldo would still have to agree terms with them if he was going to sign though. As we saw with Nani last summer, who had an offer from Zenit St Petersburg accepted for him, a player can make wild and unmeetable demands, or simply refuse to go in to negotiations.

Without knowing the ins and outs of the money United have available, you would imagine we would only be able to afford Ronaldo’s salary if we were to sell Wayne Rooney. United were prepared to spend £30m on a totally unproven Brazilian lad last summer, so it appears as though money is available for a player the manager really wants, but the wage could be an issue. Rooney is earning £300k-a-week, according to The Guardian, so his sale would free up a large chunk of cash to spend on Ronaldo’s salary instead, a player who would apparently actually want to play for the club.

However, whilst it appeared certain at the end of the season that Rooney was on his way out, David Moyes is now looking at changing the player’s mind and Rooney is apparently happy to give it a go, with his camp claiming the issues he had were with Ferguson, not the club. It seems unlikely, although maybe not impossible, for United to afford the salaries of both Ronaldo and Rooney, but that’s before the other players come knocking on the door when they find out how much those two are earning.

Another possibility is that Ronaldo stays for another year, significantly lowering what Real Madrid can charge for him, but they get another year of trying to go for the Champions League with one of the best players in the world in their team. Recouping transfer fees obviously isn’t the be all and end all for them, so whilst they may be unprepared to allow Ronaldo follow the advice he has been given and leave on a free in two years time, they may be prepared to take a hit on the money they could get for him if it means keeping him for another year.

This would again put United in a good position to sign him, particularly if we are the club he wants to play for, and even more so if Rooney’s recent request to leave isn’t rewarded with a longer contract. He may see out the season with United but then leave next summer with a year remaining on his deal, just like Ronaldo.

I do get the feeling though, and not just because Van Persie’s signing gave me belief, that the Glazers will be keen to bring in a superstar this summer. Aside from the fact Chelsea are strengthened by the return of Jose Mourinho and that City have already bought two quality additions in Navas and Fernandinho, without Ferguson, the Glazers can’t afford to take the piss.

If you look over the past seven seasons, United have won the title five times, and in the other two years have missed out once by one point and once on goal difference. We have been ridiculously close to winning the league seven years in a row. Ferguson has assembled a squad every year that he thinks is good enough to win the league and more often than not, he’s been right. Imagine what we would have won if four or five years ago we’d splashed £40 odd million on a world class central midfielder and their top rate salary. Whilst it’s impossible to prove, it’s easy to imagine that the addition of one world class player would have made the difference to the title in 2010 and 2012, as well as, possibly, the Champions League finals in 2009 and 2011. But the Glazers could afford not to splash the cash to excess because they had the best manager in the world who they knew would drag out every last bead of sweat from his squad.

Next season, we have David Moyes, who has never won a trophy and who has never played in the Champions League. For all the things the Glazers are, they’re not stupid, and they know we need to maintain success to make them money, and they know that success is no longer guaranteed in the same way it was with Ferguson.

Will we sign Ronaldo this summer? Nobody knows, Ronaldo included, but the possibility of it happening this year or next probably isn’t as far-fetched as some people might think. I’m more than prepared to return to life pre-Van Persie, and expect disappointment from the transfer window, but whilst signing RvP was a huge shock last summer, if we landed someone like Ronaldo, Bale or Fabregas I wouldn’t be surprised. No other manager in the league would have bossed last season the way Ferguson did with that squad and if we’re expecting Moyes to do the same, he’s just being set up to fail. And failure for the Glazers, whilst trying to make as much money off us as they possibly can, is not an option.

Viva Ronaldo? Time will tell.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Rukky says:

    @Bred, u are not alone on that mate

  2. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    I completely agree with you mate. Man u has lost the top English club charm like previous era, players now want money, fame and city has both. City are comparable if not better than man u…. Only small fish players are man u caliber.. It’s sad they dint go after isco… Just accepted defeat against city

  3. WeAreUnited says:


    I think he’d the unique chance we should grab. Maybe I’m going over the top, but I see a brilliant talent and nobody’s enquiring him. He’ll go cheap.

    As for Nani, don’t get me wrong. If I were the manager, I would kept Nani and made him important, not sub him and not play in thr next game, just for the sake of making a point.
    But that being said, it seems he’s to be sold, so why not bring someone else in. Also we got Zaha, we would be amazing.

    We’ll see, it’s the summer. But next season we have to give a little gametime to Januzaj, Powell etc. Develope Henriquez and so on.


  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Glory trin – have a bath with a litre of petrol and spark yourself up you cunt, manchester united will never lose its charm, the beautiful club can’t be responsible for twats wanting more money

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Only a deluded fan would think one man could lead a nation, football can only be cultivated into success by all round quality in the team and NOT one individual, it relies heavily on its supposed best player because they arr struggling badly to produce players in such high level. Look at all tge nations that reach latter stages of competition or win it and they have abundance of choice, they have several match winners that no player is severly under pressure, not even messi has tbe same pressure as rooney, he is surrounded by tevez, higuain, aguero, lavezzi e.t.c, they win games with or without messi. Looking at england, they have a few decent players and that’s mainly the few that join up from united (excluding ashley young who is just not good enough), they haven’t got sufficient quality nor mentality hence why they fail, delusional fans can keep burning pictures of rooney but england’s stay in international wilderness has only just begun, keep blaming rooney.

  6. safichan says:


    i’m also with you…

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    NBI – If england international set up had any long term vision, they would get those spanish, german, french and south american coaches into their youth development, they will teach technical skill but arrogance and the idea that the “english way” works will never desert them. I wonder if wenger really wants to do it anyway but if you don’t ask then you don’t get. Problem with some of the english managers is they have no innovative imagination, they are not prepared to learn new things so therefore are passing on the same unsuccessful.ideas to younger players, the coaches simply are tactically inept, managers like allardyce who isn’t willing to try new methods is exactly the problem, too much is placed on how to dominate opponents physically rather than manipulating the ball with guile. England national team have a lot of deep rooted problems that we can’t see, it is a circus.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The one – it didn’t cross the line, did it? Ha.. You’re right though, I cannot believe people stll reminisce over paul gascoigne, living in the past rather than getting up to do something about now, pathetic really.

  9. King Eric says:

    Ha the bitter holy trim on again. Go do your homework you childish cunt.

    Samuel. Quality posts on Ingerlund. Finally those doubting Kagawa can shut up. The shirt seller. Yeah right. He’s top drawer. Great feet and glides across the pitch with such grace.

  10. enzophonics says:

    The England dilemma can’t be solely down to ‘poor’ players though – I actually think England do not give themselves a chance because of the FA and English media.

    Looking at previous tournaments England put themselves under immense pressure by picking flavour of the moment players, over reliance and a fixation on ‘solving that immediate problem’ – whether its who will partner Wayne Rooney or who will play on the left, why pick Rio etc. Media driven problems when you really look at the problem – its usually a non-problem. This is the same nonsense that had Sven playing Scholes out left to accommodate the so-called dilemma of Stevie G and Frankie Lampard in the middle.

    Its seems a bit pathetic that a nation which has some of the best football played cannot take a leaf from successful managers such as our SAF, Wenger and even Mourinho and play the game to their strength. There’s non problem that always seems to be brought up pre-big tournaments I.e the Lampard/Gerard/Scholes dilemma when at club level SAF was able to effortless evolve the Ginger Ninja into his team, no matter the options. Can you imagine if Giggs had played for England – he would’ve been dropped off into LB in favour of accommodating ‘industrious Gareth Barry’ or that other muppet at Mancity/ Downing ‘oh-because-he-crosses-like-Becks.’

    If England are going to be successful, let them stick to their guns – identify a forward strategy of how the want to play, if its the lump-it-to a big man game, so be it; but they have to have a game the entire nation identifies with – from grassroots to the national team. Right now the look like a cross-dressing boxer who thinks he’s a ballerina.

    France went back to its roots in the early 90s with the Clairefontaine academies, guys like Wenger were part of that project to drastically tear up the youth setup and start from scratch, and even the Spanish-nearly-men have remodelled their game and have an identity – pass the shit out of the opponent, bore as it may, you know Spain’s style and any young kid knows exactly what areas to develop and importantly any youth level coach will do so to. Can England claim the same? Now young English players want to be hybrid Xavis, Ronaldos or Thierry Henrys – which is not bad but at team level means nought. Identify with a bloody style and stick to it. Thereafter you can call on individual brilliance of Rooneys, Wilshires to give you that bit extra.

  11. Ash says:


    Rooney cant do well with the likes of Barry, Parker . I am still shocked that R Johnson is still selected to play for england. I cant forget his awful performance against Germany in WC. Him and Barry were lazy fuckers. Didnt track the ball. They didnt give a fuck about their country and yet get selected,
    Then you have the likes of gerrard and lampard who think they are Zidane or Xavi for their country. Fucking joke. England had their Zidane in Scholes but they didnt knew how to use him. What do you expect from England then?
    If anything goes wrong just blame Rooney. You know its a joke. Rooney would have done wonders if he was playing for Spain or Brazil. Stop calling him fat cunt. Suddenly he becomes Shit. 2 seasons ago he was carrying our team. Just because RVP comes and becomes our top performer that doesnt make Rooney shit.

  12. enzophonics says:

    Shit long post!sorry.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Tope99 Brad. There were rumors we were looking at Muniain. Think it was about a year ago. I can dig up the pile. But it was just a rumor that we were watching him that was going around the press.

    Don’t know if Moyes rates him.

    Before you lads get all trigger happy, I think there is something to contemplate.
    United historically don’t bring in a pile of tallent at any particular position. They bring in one, maybe per year.

    Last year, we went out and got one of the top mf’s in europe in Kagawa (last night he cut Italy apart)
    Last year, we also bought the best striker in England, to partner the best English striker of his generation in Rooney.
    The year before, we went out and got THE best young keeper in europe in DeGea.

    This year we have rumors of some additional good business and will just have to wait and see what deals are struck.

    Mind the gap lads. Few years ago people were salivating over Nasri and Tevez (character flaws that just won’t heal).
    Yesterday I watched Neymar and Balotelli in Confed cup action. Both incredibly gifted. But both are deeply flawed characters. Neymar diving and whinging? has a way to go for me? Neymar and brazil in general looked very suspect on defense and Neymar could easily have been sent off for vindictive pithy mistimed fouls. Gifted player, but Barca will have a task on their hands bringing him up to their game. 50M? bit pricy for a spoiled trick pony.

    Moyes doesn’t need those kind of “look at me” players. He needs players like Kags and RvP who will give their eye tooth for their mates and the team.

    Lots of players come and go mates. Some (Neymar, Torres, Carrol) come with insane price tags and loads of hype. I trusted Fergie and will do so with Moyes, to look past the chav hype and find us some United caliber players (mind AND body).

    After that, it is up to the Manager to make them play United football.

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Sushi – exactly. The expectation doesn’r match reality, they are selling false hopes, they.need to rip the entire system up and start again. As you put it, success will only arrive when one man isn’t made out as the talisman, the entire first team has to have quality and those coming through have to be pushing towards the same high levels. Anyway, on a posittive note, I’m still admiring shinji kagawa’s performance vs italy, he faced a true test against players in de rossi and pirlo who are world class players and have true grit but he dominated the game. The lad doesn’t run, he floats and glides effortlessly. His movement and ability to pop into space is fantastic, his first touch is of the highest quality, his passing is superb and has a great knack of scoring goals which I feel united can develop further. He’s just an all round technician of a footballer, I think if united are to get the very best out of him, the team must be flexible and interchangeable, kagawa along with the other players need to move around unpredictably and then united can baffle opponents, kagawa will become world class and i’m glad he is at united.

  15. AlphaRS says:

    Hello mate. That should have said
    “And that is exactly why we have no need for Rooney anymore.
    Kags even does it at international level while Roo is blowing out his arse after the first 20 mins.”

    It was tongue in cheek to say it but he has never performed at international level. I don’t blame Roo but England are shite anyway but they werent a while back with Lampard, Gerrard, Cole, Rio, Terry, and Red Nev all in their prime. An example of an individual would be Maradonna. When Argentina won the World Cup he performed on the international stage. Without him Argentina would have been nothing more than a useful team.

    I think that Kags performs better in that position than Roo. As I’ve said before he doesn’t look after himself properly and their is no way someone on his salary should be unfit at the start of the season or be overweight. He never quite lived up to his potential and he isn’t going to get any better. Kags on the other hand is younger and fitter. He is a clever little player and if we can surround him with better supporting players who understand his game he will become an even better player. Currently only Carrick seems to play balls to his feet and links up well with him.

    Anyone who thinks it’s acceptable for Roo to be unfit because he hasn’t looked after himself with the salary he is earning is deluded. Add that to the fact he handed x2 transfer requests in does anyone really want him to become United’s all time top scorer? I’d rather he didn’t and went elsewhere. Let players who want to play for United play instead of getting upset when better players are signed in his position to match his ambition.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    enzophonics Nice post mate.

    There is another issue that might be as important. Number of games the FA sanction is a killer. Has to be sorted.

    But there is now talk of a Summer league for the top clubs. If that happens, you can kiss Natl team commitments goodbye.

  17. enzophonics says:

    @FletchTHEMAN – exactly! We do not usually go for the media-driven hyped players.

    I recall reading the news that we had signed a duo from the Portuguese league (Ando and Nani) and at the time we were linked with other players throughout.

    R.I.P James Gandolfini. Tony Soprano, Boss!

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    King Eric – it’s ignorant and simple minded to even contemplate kagawa arrived to sell shirts, he was the best midfielder in the bundesliga that season (a league that consist of shweinsteiger and many more), he’s always had potential to be world class and I think he may be pushing towards that level quick. He’s a majestic player, one of those classy players that play the game effortlessly, he just floats and glides around. I said a couple of times that in order for him tokick on, he must take more iniative and be authoritative on the pitch, he must demand.the ball and be a key player. The lad may seem quiet but he has huge ambition and wants to be ranked amongst the best players, united must make sure he’s involved far more in games, we must utilise his quality far more, he will hopefully be a huge hit next season for united along with the new signings I hope.

  19. bRed says:

    Didnt watch Kagawa’s performance against Italy, but reading about how he played really warms my heart. I hope he gets a bigger role in the hole (and not on the flanks) in the coming season.

  20. enzophonics says:

    Hidetoshi Nakata – playing for Parma in the mid 90s against some of the best players to grace the Big Italian teams. Another fantastic ‘World class’ Japanese midfielder.

    Shinji will hit those heights and more, we need to give him the platform or he needs to grab the proverbial bull by the balls and hit the ground for United as he does for the Nippon.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Alphars – Individual quality is good but players have to supply you and argentina have always possesed that as do other successful nations. You mention all these players but have you ever thought that filling the team with the suppsed best players doesn’t necessarily mean efficiency? England national team has a “nearly man” mentality and I don’t see that changing.

    On rooney, I’m not goinh to get into a tittle tattle about anything personal about him, the manager and he will decide if he stays, I doubt he actually handed in a transfer request, just rooney’s inability to express himself without digging himself into a hole. I agree on the fact that kagawa is better as a playmaker and i’m all for the japanese being more integral and a key player in that position but then again, rooney is actually a centre forward. You have your viee as do others and so have I, you won’t get me claiming rooney’s quality has deserted him, he is still a top player who perhaps has lost himself at the moment, if he stays then I won’t flinch, if he goes just after fergie retiring, a couple of world class players must fill that gap, people underestimate that rooney may not have great games constantly but he is still banging them in regularly at all levels.

    Regarding his fitness, this is an issue. I think rooney has genetics susceptible to weight gain, he probably wants to relax at the end of a season but he piles on more than most, he has to work harder to keep it off, rooney should be aware of this. Anyway, this rooney issue drags on, let’s wait and see what happens.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    De gea is dropping hints everywhere, is something huge about to be announced? I really hope so. I’m just imaging the technical qualities and skills a midfield consisting of kagawa and thiago alcantara would bring..

  23. enzophonics says:

    Don’t know what’s more boring – the Rooney issue or lack of proper fball. Bah….time to find a hobby.

  24. TheCANTONA says:

    No player ever singlehandedly lead a nation at international level?
    Garrincha did that, Maradona did that, Platini did that, Roberto Baggio did that. Sure we’re now different era but football always have a place for special player no?
    ever think United set up in 12/13 isnt so different with the englands? shit wingers, midfields which often got overrun? Thank god we have Carrick & RvP with his class touch who can hold the ball better than any other strikers (bar suarez). Now could unfit Rooney with piss poor first touch do that? (Lead our front-line as main striker while having shit wingers & only one solid centre midfielders)

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Those single handedly lead their nation to success? Yeah right. Garrincha had pele, carlos alberto, jairzinho, rivelino.. True world class players. Baggio had baresi, paolo maldini, vialli, donadoni, mancini. I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Looking at wayne rooney, I don’t even think he’s as good as the above legends of the game, wayne is a top player that does his best work being a supporting cast, he thrives bettet with several quality around him and england do not have and probably never will. Fans need to Wake up and quit tagging unnecessary expectations on players. I think rooney’s flaws,are vastly exaggerated, you do not play at tbe highest level for so long and have a “shit” touch, that’s as basic as it gets really, he may not always be in great form but trying to make him out as a pub player is as delusional as expecting him to carry a nation with failures at international level. Dream on

  26. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Robin van persie has one good season at united and people want to rip it all up, people forget thst wayne has out-perforned and out-scored van persie for several seasons and the dutchman is actually 2 years older. A lot of people are on too much whisky if they think vanpersie’s current form is sustainable and I hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon, he’ll hit a dip at some point and united must have players around ready to take the iniative. I want to see hernandez staying, welbeck improving,henriquez stepping up and still not giving up will keane, united can’t,afford to sit by and marvel at van persie,must have players,around looking to take his place.

  27. Little che says:

    After watching last nights Japan V Italy game (WHAT a game by the way!)’ Kagawa showed how he can lead United to glory. Whoever we buy, and whatever system we use, it surely has to be one in which Kagawa plays in his best position. At times last night, the Italians just didn’t know what to do with him, though, and it must be said, the whole Japanese team were immense, and didn’t in any way deserve to lose.

  28. dazbomber says:

    samuel – united WE stand-The difference is RVP loves playing For United and Rooney wants to leave .If a player does not want to be here its best for every one that he leaves.As for Welbeck and Hernandez lets hope they keep on improving.

  29. Ash says:


    Lol so you are comparing england set up with ours. God bless your intelligence. That same unfit rooney was our star player when he scored 30+ goals two times. Even last season in his unfit season he scored 16 goals. More than 15 assists. He proves he is not shit,

    You know what problem people like you have is we want rooney to perform like Messi or ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo are on different level. Rooney is atop player whether you love him or not that wont change the fact. Tell me how did messi perform for Argentiena in major competitions. He didnt win them trophies. Ronaldo didnt win Portugal any trophies. Put this in your head that Football is not a one man game. If you have to play well whole team have to perform. Messi is incomplete without Iniesta and Xavi. Ronaldo was incomplete without Rooney and tevez here. Robben and Ribery are incomplete without Schweinstiger and Muller. Its a fact. You can keep on calling Rooney shit but that wont make him one.

  30. WeAreUnited says:


    That’s my point, is Muniain hyped? Last season a little hen he teared us, barca and madrid apart, but that’s it. I hope for this to happen.

    But won’t bring him up anymore.

    We’ll see what happens, cannot say anything else -about Moyes’s plans


  31. Jorge Curioso says:

    “Whilst it’s impossible to prove, it’s easy to imagine that the addition of one world class player would have made the difference to the title in 2010 and 2012, as well as, possibly, the Champions League finals in 2009 and 2011. But the Glazers could afford not to splash the cash to excess because they had the best manager in the world who they knew would drag out every last bead of sweat from his squad.”

    What drivel. Ferguson was very clear: the money was there if he wanted to spend it. Nothing to do with the Glazer’s supposed lack of funds. Can we please put this lie to rest?

    I’d argue that it’s more likely that the right player wasn’t available, and Ferguson wasn’t about to go spend just to spend, and risk upsetting the balance in the side, harmony in the dressing room, and spirit on the pitch, which under him were the single most important reasons for the club’s dominance over the past seven years — in addition to the Glazer’s *excellent* stewardship of the club.

  32. Rukky says:

    Ash Rooney will and cannot be judged on the international level at all. International football today is just another feather to the hat in football terms and hardly carries any pride. He will never b shit but lacks of professional atlethism has let him down.In 2010 rooney was given a ridiculous contract because of his potentials.If he aint in messi and cr7 class, why does he earn similar or more wage. Som1 wrote about natural tendecy to be fat; please give me somethingelse!!! In the 90s players like steve bruce obviously chukd up players and had worse night life than present day players, but this is where athletism comes in even with modern science to his advantage in roos case. The real problem with wazza is that he got comfortable with is level and lost his hunger. Cr7 and Messi are both same age group with roo but the professional drive has been the difference. In 05/06 messi could have been another injury prone prodigy but had to change his diet, so unless wayne boy drops d brew he wönt get back on track professionally.

  33. Rukky says:

    Mouth watering prospect of thiago, carrick, rvp and shinji… Top stuff

  34. LoneStarRed says:

    As Jorge Curioso 17:10 , SAF and others have said: Fergie had the money spend if he so wished !!

    A general disdain for the Glazers would seem to have clouded many people’s objectivity. Indeed , this whole piece in addition to being about about CR7, our EPL success and how excellent a manger SAF was, was a back handed complement to the Glazers for making funds available when requested and with proper justification.

  35. LoneStarRed says:

    @ kanchelskis 13:03

    You are very right about RVP missing chances in the Madrid games. Had those chances been taken who knows.

  36. LoneStarRed says:

    What must be emphasized is the closing point of STR’s piece. The Glazer’s are in MUFC to first and foremost make money. And unlike Arsenal’s ownership they go about it by putting winners on the pitch thus boosting the merchandising power of the brand. They invest in a winner on the pitch. They are very aware that silverware equals a very robust revenue stream. Everybody wants to be associated with a winner, especially multinational corporations.

    And they do have “skin in the game” . Their preferred shares of the team on the NYSE represent significant wealth. So for now , the not so happy but very profitable(on and off the pitch) marriage continues.

  37. Louis says:

    Contrafy to what you’ve said in the article, Ronaldo has repeatedly said that he WILL sign a ck tract extension with Madrid. He even said he would sign a ten year extension ‘today’


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