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Will Rooney Listen To Rio?

Today’s papers have been reporting on “Rio’s advice for Rooney” but the reality is the quotes attributed to Rio Ferdinand are all about his own relationship with the club, and nothing to do with Wayne Rooney.

Whilst Ferdinand isn’t the most popular player amongst some United fans, but for any of his flaws, he cannot be faulted on the way he speaks about the club. Whilst some players, like Rooney, take the honour of playing for United for granted, Rio is very appreciative of the position he’s in.

“I don’t see where you go better from here,” said Rio. “For instance, Cristiano has been ridiculous as a football player individually but has he won more trophies since leaving than what we’ve won? It was his dream to go there, so you have to respect that. But I just look at things in a black and white way — I want to win trophies so why would I leave here? It’s the history. I think I said on my first day that I want to be able to walk out of this club with my head held high and etched in some way in the club’s history. You only do that by being successful. There are only a few clubs in the world that set the demands that this club sets, and I think the top players want that on their shoulders. If you get asked to come to Manchester United, I see it as a no-brainer. I wanted to come because of that history. I’ve had loads of offers over the years to go to other football clubs but I’ve never really wanted to go anywhere. I came to Man United for one simple reason — that was to win trophies. I’m sure most players, when they’re asked to come to Manchester United, that should be the question they ask themselves: Have I got a chance to win? Do you want to be part of that history of the club? Normally the answers to those questions is yes. I certainly wouldn’t play for anyone else in England. I wouldn’t want to come to Old Trafford as an away player, it just wouldn’t feel right.”

Now, if this was advice for Rooney, would he take it on board? The fact that Rooney has asked to leave twice in less than three years suggests that he doesn’t view the club the same way Rio does. Also, you have to wonder how close the two players are these days.

Rooney’s closest friend in football in Ashley Cole, who the FA deemed lied in his defence of John Terry when he racially abused Rio’s brother, Anton.

Piers Morgan interviewed Rooney last summer and his strong feelings for Cole were more than apparent.

‘Who’s your best friend in the game?’ I asked.
He smiled. ‘You’re not going to like this…’
‘Try me…’
‘Which Ash?’
‘Ashley Cole.’
‘Are you serious?’
‘Yes. He’s nothing like what you guys think. Ash is a really sound guy and has been a proper friend to me.’
As I mulled over this shocking revelation, he added: ‘I’d take a bullet for him.’
Coleen nearly choked on her wine.
‘Do behave, Wayne! You wouldn’t take a bullet for him.’
‘I would! And he would for me, too. We’d die for each other!’

You imagine Rooney would be happiest if Chelsea put a bid in for him so he could cosy up with Cole at Stamford Bridge. You also imagine Chelsea is the last club United would sell him to.

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  1. denton davey says:

    Marq @ 07:22: “The only logical reason I can think of, is Rooney waiting for that offer from one of the rich club to come, but it hasnt”

    Barcelona got Neymar;

    PSG got Cavani;

    he won’t be sold to TheRentBoyz so his only possible destination is TheVirus.

  2. MombasaRed says:

    there is no replacement for him in the market unless a different strategy is used

  3. Marq says:


    True that. Monaco got Falcao too

    Interesting theory could be that, if Real sold Higuian to Arsenal, and if they fail to land Bale, Rooney could be a good option for them considering he has played with Ronaldo before. And Real is probably the inly club Rooney can keep his reputation intact.

    Then again, there are the Russian clubs. Zenit & Anzhi

  4. samme says:

    Moyes saying he is not for sale, been to his house and stuff and have a great relationship with him. Hmmmm

  5. Proverb says:

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    Nineteen players are flying from Manchester to Bangkok for Tour 2013 presented by Aon:

  6. Proverb says:

    The mother of copy paste jeez

  7. Squeaky says:

    im guessing that keeping him here for 2 seasons means he’ll have to perform if he wants to either A) secure a lucrative new UTD contract, or B) get a lucrative contract elsewhere.

    United don’t have to worry about getting money back on big players. We’re only worried about performances and trophies.

    If we don’t cash in now, he can’t afford to muck about if he wants to still be the big I AM in 3 years time can he? Fergie saying he’s going no where might just be another stroke of genius.

  8. vivaronaldoooo says:

    Can anyone actually imagine Rooney in RUSSIA of all places… Fuck me! Him walking around the kremlin with that furry hat..

    What i’ve noticed is that evryone just shouts every possibility so that when the decision has arrived.. you can’t be wrong.

    Lets be real here… No cunt knows whether he is staying or going etc etc..

    Nobody on here is ITK

    Do something constructive and watch pornography, or stop trying to be mystic megs!

  9. MombasaRed says:

    No one is in the know but people are looking at possibilities and effects thereof. The club has said he isnt for sale we can only discuss how good or bad that is from personal points of view

  10. Canada says:

    Cashley………….demands more money and/or a transfer
    Shrek……………..demands more money and/or a transfer

    Two peas in a frikken pod them lot.

    I really wonder how much of the lack of a midfielder signing is a result of Utd thinking Rooney will play in the middle, or as a really, really, really deep lying striker?

  11. TonyBee says:

    Proverb says:
    No we aren’t caressing the fuck
    He either want to stay or go. There will be no extra attention to his bollocks we aren’t kissing his scouse as either. He’s just like any other player we have. Fuck his ego…
    What baffles me is the tendency of people with double standards

    Double Standards……or multi usernames….or copying others posts from elsewhere … or holding conversations on here all by ‘its’ self

    or from having a a serious transvestite man /woman crush for a certain guy from the Lebanon who sussed the trannie out….

    you sad sad thing…… hee hee love winding you up you bastard muppet

  12. Proverb says:

    Do you realize you’re being an utter bitter here. Get off your high horses! You skimpy wanker

  13. Proverb says:

    “you sad sad thing…… hee hee love winding you
    up you bastard muppet”

    Read this @tony
    I have a gorgeous girlfriend, I have a good sex life. My future looks bright. I love manchester united!!!!! so who are you to fuck my confidence up.
    Enough with your bollocks if its senility well.. Go to the ER they might be able to deal better with your ailment.

  14. vivaronaldoooo says:

    I think the fact that you have brought up how good your own life is (in your opinion) shows you’re quite insecure..

    Ride the wave!

  15. TonyBee says:

    Proverb says:
    “you sad sad thing…… hee hee love winding you
    up you bastard muppet”

    Read this @tony
    I have a gorgeous girlfriend, I have a good sex life. My future looks bright. I love manchester united!!!!! so who are you to fuck my confidence up.


    @vivaronaldoooo …. methinks ‘it’ protests too much….. and the only wave ‘IT’ rides is his palm….
    sad thing ‘it’ thinks all that ‘it’ writes is true……

    so sad….it is laughable…

    and ‘it’ doesn’t realise that ‘it’ is the main reason that RoM is no longer the great site it used to be…..

    still if RoM wanted to stop certain pretentious plums from multi posting ….it could…but RoM chooses not to……..


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