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Will Rooney Outscore Sir Bobby?

Wayne Rooney recently joined an elite group of players who have scored one hundred goals for Manchester United. He has since claimed that he wants to stay at the club forever, which has sparked comments from Gary Neville, who reckons Rooney could one day become our all time top scorer.

Rooney is currently on 102 club goals which is still some way behind Sir Bobby Charlton’s record of 249. Rooney’s strike rate is better than Charlton’s though, so if Rooney can stay fit and continue to thrive in his natural central position, who knows what he could achieve?

“There is a long time to go before he gets there but Wayne does have an opportunity to beat Bobby Charlton’s scoring record,” said Neville. “He will have to play a lot more games and stay clear of injury because that record has stood for many years and will be very difficult to break. But a player of his ability should score goals. He plays centre-forward for Manchester United. That points you in the right direction.”

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  1. Red Dave says:

    go for it rooney
    you only got one at the weekend, very dissapointing haul
    i expect at least a hat-trick a game

  2. Dilardo says:

    20 a season for the next 5 years takes him to 200 goals when he’ll be 28 years of age. It’s certainly possible …

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    5 seasons 25 goals a season rooney would be touching 30
    arise our new peno taker
    this can happen

  4. Wazza says:

    If he stays in this role, and (god forbid) any major injuries, he can definitely achieve it..

  5. TonyBee says:

    yeah GHTT if he keeps taking our penos he might be in with a chance

  6. Wayne Rooney's hair says:

    for sure he will get it, but will only hold the record for a few years as Macheda is destined to score at least 3000 goals for us!! haha

  7. dela says:

    He is only 23. Look at it this way- assuming he plays for us for another 8 seasons, he’ll have to score around 20 goals a season. Not much of an ask for a player of his quality, is it?

  8. Mopbucket says:

    Yes I believe a young chap with such talent could and should beat Sir Bobby

  9. theboogeyman says:

    Yes.Unless he leaves us.I don’t think he will,but as Ronaldo said,”Only God knows the future.”.

  10. KungFukick says:

    And then he will be Sir Wayne Rooney! Another Man UTD legend.

  11. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    can rooney score 138 goals this season???
    i think yes

  12. Sketch says:

    I think he can do it. He is going in the right direction of becoming a united Legend. When anything concerns Rooney NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
    Gotta hate tiny tears
    138 goals a season? A bit ambitious eh?

  13. Macheda is GOD says:

    GHTT that means rooney is 12 goals per

  14. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Macheda is GOD
    if he scores 15 in 4 games then they could leave him out of a game to rest

  15. King Eric says:

    Yes of course he can. The lad is “Special” .

  16. chimshira says:

    here is my number for him this season – 33 in all competitions…

  17. Myq says:

    Ghtt, u need 2 hv u brains checked by sir wayne rooney,lol.

  18. Gary says:

    I think it is touch and go whether he can do it. If I had to bet I would bet no.

    I disagree with Berbatov that Rooney will reach his peak at 28. This may have been true decades ago, but most players peak in their early 20′s now. The game has moved on since the 70′s and 80′s. What also worries me is Rooney’s body build. Ryan Giggs has been able to pro long his career because of his frame, their isnt as much strain on his body. Where as Rooney is built like a tank, it takes more toll on the body and I think he will become very injury prone when he hits his late 20′s.

  19. Wayne Rooney's hair says:

    if only he were 3 inches taller… hed be the best in the world

  20. jcolas says:

    When you say he only need 20 per season for 5 years it seems certainly attainable. There are only two ways he wouldn’t: new boss that is a tosser (prob wouldn’t happen) or injury (more likely… but still won’t happen)

  21. Red-Manc says:

    I cant bring myself to actually vote, He’s a great player one of my favourites of the current group of players but Sir Bobby has set such a great record its nearly impossible for him to break it, if anyone was to of broken the record i think it would of been Nistelrooy if he had stuck around for as long as say Rooney will.

  22. SteRDLK says:

    Barring major injury, or a severe loss of form over a long period of time, there should be no doubt in anybodys mind that he can break it. When his career is over, idealy we will be saying he was better than Charlton, better than Best, betetr than Edwards and better than Giggs. Only time will tell, but if anybody can do it, Rooney can.

  23. Datnana says:

    Go Rooooooooooooo! Should be allowed to play a part in all competitions, even the Carling cup. Mind you, he is still young. Should captain our Carling cup squad. I predict 45 in all competitions this season. Rooooo….o!

  24. elblanco says:

    thats a hell of a lota goals but i believe he can do it for united and england!

  25. Tre says:

    No one has mentioned that he stands a good chance of catching Charlton in goals for England. But then again, United > England.

  26. kel says:

    Rooney will break that record. However, after so many years Sir Bobby record is not beaten given that he plays in midfield. His record for England is not beaten. Amazing.

  27. red rossa says:

    michael owen to score 250 before january 2011 berbatov to make 7 billion assists :)

  28. urval87 says:

    He will reach 300 and will also captain England to the World Cup. He will be recognised as the greatest English player ever by the time he retires

  29. brooklynred says:

    All he needs is our continued support and we need to remember that we should not take him for granted!!!

  30. cantona7 says:

    I said “this lad will be our all-time top scorer” after he scored his first hatrick in that debut game. Fullstop.


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