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Will Tevez Really Get The Great Reception We Imagine?

Carlos Tevez will return to Upton Park tomorrow to face his former club. As I have already written about, there is an expectation for Tevez to get a good welcome, after fighting so hard and playing so well to keep West Ham in the Premiership last season. However, Sir Alex Ferguson has today questioned whether the West Ham fans will respond to him as warmly as it is imagined.

“When players leave a club and go back they don’t get the reception you think they should get,” said Fergie. “It will be interesting to see. But they must be thankful to him, deep down they must be thankful because he kept them up last year. His performances were fantastic for them and therefore there will be a grudging admiration for what he has achieved at West Ham even though it was a short period.”

Ferguson believes that it is a certainty, however, that former Hammers, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick, won’t be greeted kindly. “We’ve got Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick who will probably be involved too, so I don’t think they will get a great reception going back there,” Ferguson concluded.

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  1. Taron. says:

    I think they will show him good treatment. First West Ham always knew that they can’t keep him their and second he saved them. I mean they should have been in the Championship.

  2. craig mc says:

    Does it really matter?. Tevez, Rio and Michael are not going down to West Ham for the accolades of former supporters. If Tevez gets a hero’s welcome he might have his loyalties to both sets of fan’s cause him some conflict. Rio, Michael on the otherhand witt be pumped up for all the hatred and banter, just like Rooney who always triumphs with the Everton fans. Come on you reds – go on a football rampage – O yes!.


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