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Will Vidic’s Red Card Be Rescinded?

When John Terry rugby tackled Jo, the referee sent him off for serious foul play. It didn’t matter than Terry wasn’t the last man, the fact was rugby tackles weren’t a part of the game and Jo was denied a chance at a goalscoring opportunity.

Today, Nemanja Vidic rugby tackled Steven Gerrard. Rio Ferdinand was the last man but rugby tackles aren’t allowed in football and Gerrard was denied a goalscoring opportunity.

Both offences were red cards. Whilst you could argue that Rio Ferdinand should have stopped Vidic from being sent off, given his positioning, I would expect one of our opponents to be sent off for doing the same thing. I have no complaints. 

However, England captain Terry had his card rescinded, meaning not even a yellow card was awarded for him dragging down Jo, whilst making no attempt to win the ball. Will Vidic?

I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. MattyB says:

    Firstly, enough of this “we have never appealed a red card” shat, you appealed Ronaldo’s red after being sent of against city for a foul on Andy Cole (2006). You lost the appeal, becuase you should have, and enough crying.

    The reason SAF won’t appeal this card is because there is no grounds to do so, it was a blatant card. Furthermore, it’s hard to appeal red cards when you are never given them, how many did you receive in the league last year? I assure you if you do the research you will find many more red cards are shown to your opponents then have ever been shown to you….

    However you get your fair share in Europe where they aren’t intimidated by SAF and his BS.

    Terry’s card was rescinded because the ref recorded it wrong in the match report. It was recorded as a SFP in stead of a DOGSO. Had it been recorded as a DOGSO he would have served a 1 match ban. If you want to blame someone, blame the ref who wrote it up wrong but I doubt you lot will get much sympthy with this “The FA is out to get us” vile you are spitting.

    Vidic deserved the red now shut up and take it.

  2. MattyB says:

    Near as I can tell, in the two seasons previous to this one Manchester United received 3 red cards, 1 to Scholes in 06/07 for trying to punch a Liverpool player (Alonso), 1 each to Ronaldo and Nani in 07/08 for headbutts. Tell me how any of those could be appealed?

    Stop trying to act as if you are above appealing, the simple fact is you have to basically headbutt someone or throw a punch at someone to get red carded at United (short of ripping down an open run on goal of course lol).

    In a matter of fairness though, Chelsea appeal red cards as much as all other teams combined appeal red cards, and have been somewhat successful with Terry having one and Lampard having two overturned in the last couple years


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