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WINNER: Sing A Song For The Unsung

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the announcement of who’s won the RoM competition for inventing a chant. Cheers to all of you that entered. I have sent the winning chant Pete Boyle’s way to see what he makes of it.

The winner receives any t-shirt design they wish from


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  1. jockewe says:


  2. mannyutd says:

    Excellent! just cant see it catchin on, but who knows!

  3. Sam says:

    must have been close with left back pat. Both brilliant

  4. Haakon says:

    Left back pat was imo miles above this one. As mannyutd says, cant see this one catching on but no doubt about left back pat…

  5. JIM says:

    good stuff

    still hoping for a fletcher one

  6. unitedgirl15 says:

    This is brillant! So is left back pat.
    Maybe a little to slow? It’s worth a try though! :)

  7. Scott the Red says:

    A “Left Back Pat” chant to the tune of Postman Pat has been making its rounds for over a year, yet it’s never broken in to Old Trafford. That’s why it didn’t win, because it’s already been tried, and didn’t work.

  8. spencer says:

    I love the ‘so fuck of Gabby’ bit

  9. SRAB says:

    I think this is fantastic, and though it may be difficult to catch on initially, I can see it becoming a classic, with scarves swaying from side to side……

    Scott, I think the whole competition is a wonderful idea, and perhaps not only this but all the ‘finalists’ should be sent to Mr. Boyle? There are some really good ones there, and they deserve to be given air time, which will also keep United well ahead in terms of original chants.

  10. SteRDLK says:

    Isnt this the song used in the Halifax ad?!

  11. Wiggsman says:

    This will never break in at OT

  12. suhayl says:

    Great song..great tune to rod stewarts song ( i think). But even though great it wont catch on at OT. Too slow and too complicated for some fans…lol

    Chants needs to be a bit quicker and at a higher tempo. Hence even though the best song for me out of the 4. Left back pat and manucho chant are most likely to stick and succeed.

    Ofcourse id love to be prooved wrong and all 4 sang sometime soon at OT. No doubt our atmosphere isnt always the greatest…so leaving a list of chants on a sheet and given to every fan at OT…would make the place a bit raucous. Cos the facts are there are thousands of fans who just come 1 game here and there..or 1 game every season or even less. As a worldwide club……the hardcore element is reduced and you do get the more glory hunter brigade. Hence these chappies dont know the chants and tunes..hence vast areas cant and dont sing.

    Anyway congrats to all 4 entrants…brill effort

  13. Jas Rai says:

    Brilliant!!! Lets get it going at the Emirates if anyone’s going???? Will be a good place to start it with our away supportt…….

  14. danny murphy says:

    so inventive and witty were do we get them ?


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