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With New Improved Deal Is Foster Ready To Replace VDS?

Reports this morning suggest than Manchester United goalkeeper, Ben Foster, has signed a new and improved deal with the club, doubling his wages from £25,000-a-week to £50,000.

Whilst the highlight of his United career is the winning performance he put in during the League Cup final, he has had plenty of lows, going from one injury to the next.

However, with a four year deal to his name, are you expecting to see Foster as our number one for next season? Or do you think the injuries will put a stop to his United career?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    its been along time since united number 1 was englands number 1 but if foster keeps fit he’ll do it

  2. CURTIS says:

    I really hope he becomes our new number one he has the makings of a great goalkeeper but his damn injuries:-( so for that i think not

  3. Costas says:

    I also hope he becomes out number 1. I have had a soft spot for him ever since he saved our necks at Derby.

  4. bealsy says:

    I hope so, apart from that Sunderland gaff he’s looked pure quality, and very confident. If he gets a run of games I can’t see VDS getting his place back.

  5. Stephen says:

    I ideally would like to give the lad next season to state his claim, we should say to Fozzy, we will give you next season to prove your fitness and ability while EVDS is still at the club so he can mentor him.
    I believe he has the ability, but the real issue is his fitness, it really is down to Fergie if he trusts him enough because for me next season could be one too far for EVDS, if Fergie does not fancy him then he really missed a trick not signing Given in Jan.

  6. steve says:

    He definitely has the ability, if he can keep up his fitness I see no reason why not.

  7. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Stephen as an irish man all i can say is when it comes to given he’s a small fish. he can pull off wonderful saves which gets a lot of air time on match of the day but makes alot of balls ups
    the reason no one takes note is cause if van der sar fecked up last season it would be wrote about but whenever given messed up it was newcastle where crap, ireland aren’t brazil….

  8. FailsworthDevil says:

    I think Foster will get about half the games next season along with VDS, which will integrate him as the number 1 for the following season..

    If this lad can stay fit, then we will have a GK that could become one of europes finest as he has all the attributes…

  9. Stephen says:

    Not bad is it, £2,600,000 pounds a year, basic for a player who has only started 3 league games in 4 years, nice work if you can get it!

  10. Stephen says:

    GHHT, I agree mate especially as Andy Gray seemed to have some sort of vendetta out against VDS over the last two seasons.

  11. Mezza says:

    To be completely honest, i consider Kuszczak to be a better goalie then Foster. So heres hoping he can take over the #1, but hes future at the club is not really certain atm.

  12. CURTIS says:

    anyone heard of chelsea offloading drogba to ac in exchange for pato?

  13. Stephen says:

    Sorry mate I meant GHTT!!!

  14. king-rooney says:

    Ben Foster: Future United’s, England’s and World’s Number 1 Goalkeeper.

  15. Gudjohnsen says:

    I hope Foster stays fit, he’s a good goalkeeper with lots of potential. But I fear his prone to injury may see his future at United at risk in the long run. It’s very annoying to have a injury prone goalkeeper, that’s a position you don’t want to meddle with before every game.

  16. Oooodz says:

    I don’t think he’s good enough in the air to be honest, and I’m mostly of the opinion that the next Man Utd number 1 will be someone over 30.

  17. Mad says:

    SAF was wrong in Taibi,Bosnich,Barthez,Howard….case and I fear he’s wrong again in Foster case.

  18. zunaid ally says:


  19. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    mad i dont think he was wrong with Bosnich,Barthez and Howard
    Bosnich was in a bad place personally
    Barthez was and is a world class keeper he just taught he was playing up front sometimes and in
    Howard i loved the guy and think he could of played at old trafford for years
    its just like life

    something better came along

  20. willierednut says:

    foster deserves his chance 2 be uniteds no1 this season he’s a great shot stopper and he commands 18 yard area. Id rather foster be no1 than paying top dollar 4 another keeper.

  21. Howie says:

    Foster is good. But he’s just so prone to injuries… Maybe he needs to eat more vitamins and calcium for stronger bones and muscles.. lol

  22. Corea says:

    So funny. Didn’t he play 2 full years at Watford ?

    I hope he become our number 1. Considering his wages Fergie wants it to happen.

  23. King Eric says:

    Excellent keeper, his distribution is superb and not bad at crosses. The way he gets the ball and throws it 60 or 70 yards to get an attack going is reminissant of the Great Dane.

  24. Adrian says:

    he’s really decent so far from his limited performance last season. looking forward to seeing him play week in week out and i am sure VDS wont really mind that much losing the spot to him as he too knows his days are limited.

    I especially appreciate Foster’s goal kicks, which are dead straight and almost getting to the box almost every time. With this, we are having another mean of lethal attack and this is surely gonna help.

    I really hope that he will be free of injuries from now on and he will have a great future and I really hope that a good next season can get him his starting berth in South Africa.

  25. Chris says:

    I really really hope Foster makes it, its important with English players

  26. smithy99 says:

    Ben won’t replace VDS instantly next season but will be drafted in gradually in readiness for the 2010-11 season.

    I definitely think the lad has got what it takes to be our number one.

  27. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    not good enough for united.we should sign real valladolid goalkeeper sergio asenjo.he is just 20 and a great talent.he will be available for 7-8 million.foster will have to be 2nd choice

  28. Colbert says:

    He’s a good shot-stopper but doesn’t command the penalty area the way any decent keeper should. Any cock-ups on his part have been down to a simple lack of communication with defenders. This can be worked on.

    Time will tell whether he’ll replace Edwin, but his injuries are holding him back. Can we really rely on an injury-prone keeper?

    What is it with United and injury curses?

  29. Irfan87 says:

    Im not exactly and England fan, but i hate it when people say the only reason why Foster is in contention for England’s number is becos there isn’t much competition for the jersey, not for his talent.

  30. Douglas Costa says:

    Foster is definetely good enough. I feel VDS will have 1 more season then it will be Fosters turn. It’s clear that Kusczack isn’t good enough.

    If Fergie wanted our next keeper to be guaranteed quality, I think he would sign Gigi Buffon. Buffon is the best keeper in the world by a distance and we could have 6-8 years from him seems he is only 30 now.

  31. Marq says:

    He needs to work with his kicking first. Who else to learn from than the best kicker of the ball in my opinion, Van der Sar

  32. Marq says:

    Oh, btw, off topic. Remember we were linked to Van Persie a while ago? He just signed a new deal. Meaning it was all news leaked by his agent to push up his pay for a new contract. Goes to show how much you can trust so called news

  33. Devilton says:

    Not sure about Foster to be honest. Just don’t look world class to me.Besides being injury prone i’m not sure he will cut it in the big games. Hope to be proven wrong, but i have a feeling we will have to look at someone else to take the #1 spot once EDV retires.

  34. cdonyi says:

    He’ll be our #1 as soon as he improves his distribution out of the back (not just a monstor punt or monstor throw), learns how to use both feet like VDS under pressure and becomes more commanding on crosses!

  35. sanj says:

    costas, exactly my thoughts. he saved our arses TWICE in that derby game that we scraped out 1-0. without those saves, we could have lost to one of the worst teams to ever play in the premiership!

  36. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    didnt he get man of the match in that game

  37. sanj says:

    not sure, ghtt… he deserved it. ronnie might have got it, scored the game winner and had a ton of other chances… hence my favorite celebration of his of all time… the count to 5 and then the strange dance with his hand on his head, hilarious.

  38. whiteknight03 says:

    The backup keeper is on £50K a week???? Can I go back in time and tell my 6 year old self to work his ass off and learn to play goal?

  39. Corea says:

    @ whiteknight03

    yes, but are you really trying to argue with Fergie ?
    I’m not that convinced but i hope it will come good because the english nr.1 goalkeeper would be awesome.

  40. Drew Vader says:

    I agree with Costas and Sanj… I’ve liked Foster and been pulling for him to be given the number 1 shirt ever since his two WONDER saves against Derby… So heres hoping that he stays fit and gets a few more games under his belt this year.

    Oh yeah, same for Hargo!!

  41. clj7 says:

    I dont even think he’s that good, he thinks he’s better than he is actually

  42. smithy99 says:

    How do you work that one out clj7???

  43. davetian says:

    I’d get him out on oan next season to see how he copes. He did well at Watford, but he was a bit of an unknown quantity to most of us then. If he has next season on loan and does well, he’ll go to the world cup as englands number 1 and come back to us to take over from Edwin. If he doesnt perform to the level we’d expect and need, then Diego Lopez from Villareal should be brought in. He’s 27, 6’5″, and an incredible shot stopper. He’s definitely the man to replace Van Der Sar if Foster isnt. Anyone who is a fan of La Liga will know how outstanding he is, and if the spanish national goalkeeper wasnt picked on name alone, he’d be spains number 1.

    By the way, if we truly are interested in Victor Valdes then there may be trouble ahead…..

  44. vishnu1729 says:

    this is the only place where utd can lets do that bravely by allowing FOSTER to play big matches this season..dont waste money on a gk …lets build a red fort..

  45. FusilliJerry says:

    He might be the real thing so it would have been mad to never find out, let him prove it playing for someone else, Pique-style. His speed of anticipation concerns me – witness Celtic Park last season – but he has to have a run at United and a chance to force his way into Capello’s World Cup starting XI, which would only be to our advantage.

    At the time last season when VDS agreed to another year, the Dutchman said it was on the understanding he would stay first choice. Two into one won’t go, except it easily could with some lateral thinking: I would give BF the 38 league games, and VDS the Champions League and domestic cup games.

  46. jcolas says:

    I believe that it is hard for even the most knowledgeable of fans ( I love you guys) to always accurately rate goalkeepers. Honestly I don’t know for sure whether Kussie or Fossie is the better goalkeeper, mostly because neither has really had his chance to shine on the 1st team for stretches of games in a row. I like Foster, but as all have stated before he has had fitness problems. There is nothing anyone can do to determine how injuries will play out in the future. Some get injured to a point where a brilliant career was shortened ( 20 Legend) and some seem to be luckier than most (Giggs). I guess the point I was trying to make is that when given the opportunity I am comfortable that both could do a good job as a permanent first team goalie.

    P.S. Support “the yanks” tomorrow vs. Spain we will need all the prayers we can get.

  47. Axeman says:

    I think Foster is going to get a good amount of games next year including the Premier League games. VDS will be first choice for the big 4 games, but Foster will likely get the games against teams in the lower half.


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