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Word On The Street… Anderson, Owen, Hublot Clock etc.

- Following the media reports during the week that Anderson and Sir Alex Ferguson had a big bust up ahead of the Community Shield because he wasn’t picked, I can reveal that there is an element in truth to it. On the Friday before the Chelsea game Anderson kicked off massively with Federico Macheda on the training ground. The manager was not at all impressed and told Anderson he wouldn’t be playing at the weekend – something the player wasn’t happy about but did back down, contrary to reports in the press.

- Michael Owen is loving life at Manchester United and is ever so polite to all the staff – the admin ladies, the people who work at the canteen and those at the MU Foundation. He is friendly and professional with all those he comes in to contact with and still can’t quite believe we snapped him up.

- The players were not happy at having to attend the launch of the “incredible” Hublot clock in the carpark outside Old Trafford. Having to get in the gear and pose in front of some tacky clock was not high up on their list of things to do on Friday tea-time ahead of a big game. For those of you at the game yesterday, you will have noticed that one of the lights lining the stand had blown, adding to the shoddy look.

- Dimitar Berbatov is always very straight faced and doesn’t have many mates. When told to ‘cheer up’ and ‘look like he wanted to be here’ he responded by claiming that in his heart he was very happy and loved being here. He was told he was a very good actor then which did get him smiling!

- Whilst reports keep insisting Nemanja Vidic’s wife is unhappy in Manchester, it’s news to anyone at the club who has dealings with her. She’s always at the charity events with a smile on her face (something some of the other wives and girlfriends have a problem with – Gabby Heinze’s wife was a right bitch apparently!) and doesn’t appear to be at all unhappy.

- Nani isn’t sad about Ronaldo’s departure and like he said in the press, sees it as his chance to shine.

- New signing Obertan speaks perfect English, whilst Valencia really struggles to communicate and his only mate so far is Anderson.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Michael Owens favoured horse says:

    Lol, Berbatov is a legend!

  2. Jessie says:

    Where did you find/hear this stuff?

  3. Bebeto says:

    On the street.

  4. FailsworthDevil says:

    This is the sort of stuff i love to hear/read about… keep it up mucker.

  5. keeganforengland says:

    That street up to no good again!

  6. Don Pablo says:

    More of such articles Scott. Its nice to know of such details and take a break from the usual discussions.

  7. Mic says:

    Awww Valencia bless him, I love Ando too i’m glad they’re mates, how does he struggle to communicate? He’s been in England for a good few years!

  8. lidija says:

    more of this stuff Scott, pls

  9. kony says:


    Ando needed in top form asap enough teenage crap

    Burn the Hublot “Information Center”

  10. Drew Vader says:

    Can we make this a weekly thing Scott?

  11. wazza (Bazza) says:

    afterall Berba is Mark Strong

  12. cincin says:

    Scott, do you think Anderson has an attitude problem, or the spat he had with Macheda in training is the usual small fight that happen in training?

  13. cantona7 says:

    I think Ando either has an attitude problem, or he just cannot adjust to life in Manchester. I mean, look at other South Americans here before – Kleberson, Veron, Forlan. I was a big fan of Ando, and i really still hope that he will buck up.

    Anyway the MUFC Hublot watch looks very beautiful to me, i’ve been looking for it for about 2 months here since I first saw it in Inside United.

    Berba looks a sulker, but he is happy-go-lucky inside! lol

  14. fuzzy says:

    Scott, are you into gossip now ? lol

  15. invertedquestionmark says:

    Half the Bulgarians are like this. We prefer to express our emotions only in front of our close friends and not just anyone, so Berbatov’s attitude is not strange at all. And trust me, as time passes by he’ll be smiling more and more.

  16. toby says:

    Theres nothing wrong with Ando, he’s fine in manchester and we’ve all seen he can give it his all on the pitch. Dont forget he is only 21! The way people have been talking about him on here and stuff makes it look like he’s 27 and his career is over. Not everyone is going to improve at the rate CR and Cesc Flabbergast have done.

  17. fze123 says:

    that was very enjoyable to read, i hope scott provides gossip for us every week or so. good to know vidic’s wife is happy.

    ps. berbatov is currently the coolest footballer on earth.

  18. Red Dave says:

    i have such a utopian view of united
    i wish all the lads would hang out and have a beer behind closed doors
    naive, but i wish it was that way
    get ‘em together for a shot of scotlands finest whiskey Fergie!

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    I can tell you that Valencia is extremely happy at United. One of my neices is married to a friend of his from Ecuador (who used to play for Quito till injury ended his career) and he says Valencia feels very much at home, although he knows he has a lot to learn.

    Regarding Berba, it’s common among Slavic peoples not to smile too easily, as to do so is regarded as a mark of insincerity.

  20. jimmy bob says:

    As someone who played sport at a semi pro level (not football) I can relate to the team dynamic.

    Not everyone is a laugh a minute charcter, not everyone responds to a boot up the backside or a arm round the shoulder.

    But everyone in any team responds to courteos well mannered polite people

    M owen is a v good example of this , and good to see he is still the level headed guy he was when he started

  21. NickOGS20 says:

    Irritating that someone would tell Berbatov to ‘look like you want to be here’, partly because anyone who saw him celebrate his goal vs Wigan shouldn’t need to say it but mainly because it’s fucking rude and would merit a slap. I assume it was a fan? Doesn’t surprise me these days sadly.

  22. MUFC the Religion says:

    Owen’s always came across as a goody-two-shoes.

    Who isn’t mates with Ando, except Kiko obviously lol.

  23. Merrill says:


    As someone who grew up in Soviet Russia I second what you’ve said about smiling – smiling a lot is a sign of
    a) weakness, you are weak and trying to please everyone around you
    b) being dumb
    c) sign of insincerity

    However, once Slavs get to know you (read: get really wasted with you once or twice) if they like you they become your friend forever, and are always by your side. The fact that he doesn’t have many buddies is puzzling.

    In the end, we can guess all we want – as long as he performs, we shouldn’t really care, right?

  24. manchuchu says:

    Berbatov better start dazzling on the pitch to justify his off-ground mystique.

    Or else we’ll send the Ocean boys to rob his casinos

  25. Kings says:

    Peado bastard is accusing United of ‘anti-football’ tactics. Cunt.

  26. Kings says:

    Going back to the win over Arsenal on Saturday, I cannot help but think we are lacking a creative midfielder, someone who can unlock a defence like Scholes did in his pomp, well he still can at times, but his legs are no longer up to the high tempo big games anymore. Now this comment may sound like a pop at Carrick, but let me assure you it definitely is not the case as I am a huge fan of his. But after seeing what Inter Milan shelled out on Wesley Sneider, I feel that he would have been a useful acquisition, someone who can offer us something different going forward, especially at the price that Inter paid for him. Just a thought.

  27. javac says:

    @ kings – less of the ‘Paedo’ chanting. Anyway, he is right to say Fletch made about 20 fouls without a card. Sky sports showed it before with Dermot Gallagher (the ref) talking about it. sometimes, yo have to hold your hand up and accept the opposition were right. Also, look at it this way, Arsene’s now saying, “Pity us, poor lil arsenal, we cheat but so does everyone else…”

    I hate siding with Arsene over a United fan, but Fletch made around 10 fouls including the penalty which was a pen and I’ve seen players get a red for it. I’d expect a red if my Rooney had it done to him.

  28. javac says:

    kings- re: the midfield, it’s hard to judge. Carrick, Ando, Scholes, Valencia, and Park are off-form. Only Giggs, Nani and Fletch are on form. Fletch in particular was incredible against Arsenal. Ever since he scored vs chelsea a while back, he’s been keane-like it big games.

  29. King Eric says:

    Now then Kings mate.

    Morning Javac. Whilst I agree that the majority of our midfield are off form at the minute I can’t agree that Scholes is. He was excellent at Wigan. He doesn’t give players time on the ball and that was a problem on Saturday. Anderson and especially Carrick need to find their confidence. It was only last Jan or Feb that “Carrick is the most under rated midfielder in the Premier league” was regularly posted on here. Needs to get back to that form. (Just ask Rooney how good he is)!

    Also not being awkward but I didn’t think Fletch WAS continuously fouling on Saturday. Many times he got the ball. Its just the way he scraps for it that makes it look worse than it is. Never mind the “big games” he is immense in all the games he plays.

  30. javac says:

    Morning King Eric – Fair point on Scholes. Great against Wigan, but his pre-season and the game sup till now he’s seems a little off pace. That may be his age catching up to him, but he sometimes gets caught on the ball, a lot more now than before. Maybe, I’m expecting the younger Paul Scholes.

    Fletch has a habit of grabbing at players, and although he is clever and keeps the time of the pull short, it’s consistent, and normally around the shoulder. Part and parcel of the game, however it is all about slowing the game down, stopping a break away, which is the point Wenger has raised. Not that any self-respecting DM wouldn’t do it as it’s their role, to some degree to break up play, i.e be “‘anti-football’.

  31. javac says:

    This last point is probably why DM’s and defenders get the most cards for persistent fouling.

  32. red rossa says:

    oh fuck off it wasnt a penalty fletch made a proper tackle just because it was physical doesnt mean it was a foul, bitch…..

  33. Rax says:

    Multi-culturalism? Language barriers and Eastern European social habits? Gossip about spats? All mixed in with United talk? What have you started Scott?

    I know I’m a massive geek but more of the same please. Massive kudos for the article :)

    Love to hear what (and how) Ando, Valencia, Evra and Park talk about when their down the pub.

  34. Rax says:

    PS: that clock really is a bag of shit. Do not know anyone who likes it.

  35. gospel according to Fergie says:

    it looks unfinished that clock! and you really didnt wanna be at the unvailing in our normal wet weather


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