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Work Permit Stopped Mamaev’s Dream Move

CSKA Moscow star Pavel Mamaev has revealed that Manchester United tried to sign him in the summer but the deal collapsed after we couldn’t get a work permit for him.

“I was in shock, it was such a dream transfer,” Mamaev said. “The deal was around 80% complete, but with my limited number of caps for Russia, I couldn’t get a work permit. Sir Alex Ferguson said he would try and solve it, but the contact never came again.”

Mamaev is a 24-year-old defensive midfielder and has played for CSKA Moscow since 2007. He has made just two appearances for his national team since making his debut in 2010.

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  1. Costas says:

    A midfielder? Damn!

  2. AJ says:

    The dude is just to increase his valuation !!

  3. RED SAM says:

    a defensive midfielder? I think carrick has something to do with this :-)

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Actually think it is complete crap the claims that we haven’t purchased in Midfield.
    What are Kagawa and Powell, chopped liver?

    Some lads just won’t happy unless we buy a bruiser like Keano…..

    With this Pavel Mamaev, we will wait and see. As pointed out elsewhere, he hasn’t really set the world a light since then, for country. Guess we should watch this space. Good luck to him.

  5. slim says:


    Yes its true. Powell and kagawa are not CM’s. They both play the rooney role. Behind the striker

  6. wayne says:

    lot been written about Utd making a late bid for Wanyama

    Giggs Utd 11

  7. wayne says:

    These thick cunts who commit crimes then post the pictures on Twitter

  8. Daniel88 says:

    @ FletchTHEMAN

    ” Actually think it is complete crap the claims that we haven’t purchased in Midfield. What are Kagawa and Powell, chopped liver? ”

    - Its like you are being intentionally obtuse. They may as well be chopped liver because they are not midfielders with the qualities we have been crying out for for years. This should be obvious.

    I think most of us here have seen that football has progressed beyond players like Roy Keane, well not the box to box Roy Keane of his youth but the older Roy Keane.

  9. wayne says:

    i’m really bored with Beckham coverage he’s obviously done well staying relevant long after past due date but he’s become like a boxer who doesn’t know when to quit.Pretty obvious the only offers he’s getting are from lower teams/leagues otherwise he’d be already signed

  10. andromeda says:

    We already have Anderson, Carrick, Cleverly, Kagawa, Powel, and the golden oldie Scholes.despite Carrick’s immense contribution both defensively and offensively we need a player of Fletcher’s quality that can press the ball wholeheartedly from the midfield, perhaps that Celtic kid Wanayama on the horizon!speaking about Fletcher, I hope the best for him, first of all our Medical staff should make sure his return to the normal life and after that we must think about getting him back into the game, until then we are really in desperate need for a strong defensive midfielder.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Kagawa is a midfielder, albeit more of an attacking one but he will have to adapt his game and be a more complete one, same goes for powell. The younger player is being touted to be a complete midfielder, he has the time to add to his game and become that player. So yes, manchester united have bought midfielders.

  12. Red4ever says:

    Well its good that atleast we are trying to sign midfield players ,,hope we try and sign victor wanyama coz it will solve our problom in midfield,,and people will stop talking about our midfield even if we are doing well

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Not being obtuse at all. I just see clear evidence that we have been interested in purchasing the “right” type of player for united. Pogba would have been another and Fletcher if he had ever recovered.

    Powell at 18 has loads of potential, 2 footed and you would have to be thick not to see the possibility that he could be molded, like Carrick was molded to a DM from an attack player, and Scholes himself molded from a Forward.

    Go on then, who would you go for then. Not foot manager, I mean really. And don’t give me a list of players who wouldn’t move in a million years…… yesterdays also ran Wes Sneijder. This post suggests we have been looking for the right mix. Not surprising that it really is quite difficult. Maybe imposible after what has happened to Heargreaves, Fletcher, Butt and Smith before (injured never recovered) and the yearly crucifixion of Carrick by ‘fans’ and the press.

    Do me a favor as well mate. United is a very difficult 3d puzzle that deserves more than knee jerk responses about how great it would be to have Iniesta or Xabi Alonzo. Both great players mind, but they will never play for Fergies United.

  14. Wakey says:


    Actually wrong. Powell is a midfielder who was pushed further forward by Crewe last season as they were flush with decent midfielders but weak up top.

    And the #10 role is traditionally a midfielder role anyway. Its rare that a team actually plays their Striker there as it suits a natural midfielder qualities more than a strikers natural qualities.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wakey, Cheers mate, completely agree. Powell is a midfielder and will be developed in the United way. Kagawa, only 23, has years to develop as well.

    We have loads of tallent and Fergie is quite right to be chuffed at the mix we have.
    Now if we could just sort all the niggling injuries.

    Hope we dismantle So’ton and do a revisit on Fulham! Future is bright lads. Think we got it about right on Pavel Mamaev. Would love to see him develop a bit more though…. then, who knows.

  16. Malik abiodun says:

    I wud luv 2 c wanyama @ united

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    FUCK. I have seen this lad play and trust me he is that good. He plays like he’s 28 years old abd experienced. Hopefully we try to work out this permit thing in the summer. Very happy that Fergie has identified our major need and is working on it. Excellent news. We’ll get our commanding midfielder very soon.

  18. berba's touch says:

    what about tunnincliffe?

    as much as i rate him, sadly, dun think he features in the gaffer’s plans


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