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Yorke: Ole Wasn’t Happy On The Bench Either

Reports in this morning’s papers suggest that Carlos Tevez is on his way to Liverpool, eyeing a reunion with his Argie team-mate, Javier Mascherano.

This idea is flawed for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the asking price is around £30 million, a price tag Liverpool are unlikely to play. Secondly, Tevez is happy at the club and was telling the directors to listen to the ‘sign him up’ chants on Sunday. His unhappiness, if with anything, is how his future is undecided and how he doesn’t start as often as he would like. Tevez isn’t foolish enough to believe he would play more for Liverpool than he has done for United this season, starting 17 of our 35 league games this season.

Still, if he wants to go, he wants to go, but former United striker and part of the great team 10 years ago, Dwight Yorke, thinks Tevez should follow the example of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“The problem is that Carlos has arrived at a time when Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are flying,” said Yorke. “Ole Solskjaer used to come in and score goals and when crunch games came he could be back on the bench. Ole was not happy but he accepted it and, when he was called up, he was ready to go. The boss doesn’t think, ‘Poor lad, let’s give him a game’. It has to be justified and fit into his planning. The club is always going to be bigger than one individual — Ronaldo and Tevez need to understand that.”

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  1. Erik says:

    Some statistics regarding Tevez vs. Berbatov (PL-matches only):


    Berbatov 28+2

    Tevez 17+10


    Berbatov 2478

    Tevez 1760


    Berbatov 9

    Tevez 4


    Berbatov 10

    Tevez 3

    Key Passes:

    Berbatov 58

    Tevez 28

    Shoots (On goal):

    Berbatov 43 (24)

    Tevez 45 (20)

    Passes (Sucsessfull):

    Berbatov 1213 (77 %)

    Tevez 775 (83%)


    Berbatov 23

    Tevez 13

  2. ae80 says:

    well said by Yorke..

  3. costas says:

    More of the same shit:

    Why can’t they shut up until May 31st?Is it that hard?

  4. rooney_thebestest says:

    Off topic:Does anyone know why we keep getting linked with Luis Valencia of Wigan….Seems like a decent winger but the kind of price(20-25mil) being bandied about is a bit over the top….also papers claim that we could replace Ronaldo with him…Now I know Ronnie aint going anywhere but even in a hypothetical scenario that seems pretty far fetched to me.

  5. 10-Wazza-UTD says:

    All over sky sports news all day. This English reporter who lives in Spain is very confident about big transfers happening at old trafford like tevez and ronny to Real with united almost guaranteed Ribery and Kaka. The guy covers Barcelona and Real and says that Ribery would prefer us then a Spanish team. He is the 1 player I want to see at United.

  6. rooney_thebestest says:

    Exactly my point 10-wazza-united…even if Ronnie does leave Ribery is the only available(Messi isnt) player who could go some way in filling his massive boots..Valencia is not United material of what I’ve seen of him.

  7. Quinton_Fortune says:

    jeez sky sport must be having a slow day if all they want to do is talk about Ronaldo… Fucking Idiots

  8. keanesmagichat says:

    10 wazza UTD

    that was graham hunter, do not believe a word he says.. he is as bad as Marca and those spainish rags.. every week he comes out with some transfer waffle, saying his “sources” told him so and so is going here.. never turns out to be true… and he didnt say a deal with ribery and kaka was guarenteed… he said there would be a transfer merry go round, all around europe and just threw their names out.. hunter is an ok pundit, but a compulsive liar

  9. john ferry says:

    denton davey has for the trillionth time hit the nail on the head, when stating,”is he willing to be the odd-man out.” But I don’t see Villa, or Benzema, or whomever star be willing to be the odd man out either. So this leaves us with quite a dilemma. Ferguson knows this, so, we can forget about buying another big name (unless Ronaldo goes to Madrid).

  10. wazza says:

    off topic : has anybody got the link to tonight’s reserve cup final ?

  11. rooney_thebestest says:….Hers the best I can do…coudnt find a sopcast link…but you can stream MUTV using FLV player…pretty quick and good quality.Details on

  12. rooney_thebestest says: correction….this is the link.

  13. rooney_thebestest says:

    Tosic gets his first goal!!!!

  14. wazza says:

    thanks a lot rooney_thebestest.just couldn’t find it

  15. costas says:

    Today his agent and Joorabchian have come out with more comments.For a player who is wanted by the best teams in the world,he is sure pimping himself a lot isn’t he?

  16. keanesmagichat says:

    what was tosic’s goal like

  17. rooney_thebestest says:

    Free kick 25 yards out…got a deflection and went in…considering how many times he had been hitting the woodwork in the previous games he sure deserved it…btw Welbeck is playing brilliantly…Bolton cant get close to us at the moment

  18. wazza says:

    dude that link has gone now. you got the new one ?

  19. rooney_thebestest says:

    Sorry mate…Cant do anything now.

  20. wazza says:

    never mind.hope the boys win the cup.Welbeck was really good on the ball.

  21. corea says:

    these days are gone.
    if SAF will keep buying strikers and swap players like Campbell in order to get players it won’t happen.
    do you honestly think that Macheda will sit on the bench in 3-4 years time ?

  22. Duncan says:

    Tevez will be at Liverpool for the following reasons:

    1) They are a top english side who are playing at the ighest level on all fronts.

    2) There are plenty of fellow spanish speaking players as well as a spanish speaking manager.

    4) There is Mascherano

    5) Rafa is obviously keen to add another striker after making the Robbi Keane mistake. When asked directly about Tevez, he smiled and declined to comment.

    6) He would link up so well with Torres and Gerrard.

    7) He wants to contunue playing in England.

    7) Unlike the Hienze scenario, Utd will be powerless to stop Tevez from moving to their rivals since they do not own him.

    I’m a United fan but I’m not blind to the obvious choice for Tevez and Liverpool.

  23. Marq says:

    1) Yea, they went out on all fronts
    2) Did Argentina start using spanish as 2nd language?
    3) Mascherano said recently he will consider leaving Liverpool if the right offer comes
    4) Tevez & Keane are similar players, I doubt Tevez is so stupid to do a Keane. Benitez smiled because that is the only remote way he can disturb us
    5) Keane, with more pace couldn’t, what makes you think Tevez can?
    6) There are hundreds of other teams in England
    7) Yea, we are powerless. But if Tevez would try a Heinze, he will go down as a traitor in our history, especially after so much talk about loving us. Its up to him now

    btw, try counting correct first

  24. Drabik says:

    Marq, spanish is Argentina’s official language. And as for the counting that Duncan did, he gave eight points, you responded to them all, yet you still only labelled 7 :P . 5 should have been benitez smiled because…

    Does Tevez have much say in the matter? Surely it will be decided by kia, and whichever clubs are stupid enough to pay the obscene amounts of money?!?


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