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You Couldn’t Make This Up… Another Liverpool Player Burgled

First it was Jerzey Dudek. Then it was Peter Crouch and Daniel Agger in the same month. Florent Sinama-Pongolle then had his name added to the list. Then it was Pepe Rene. Then Steven Gerrard, followed by Dirk Kuyt.

Welcome to Merseyside, Robbie Keane!

Oh yes, it’s ‘lifelong Liverpool fan’ Keane, who turned down a move to join his ‘boyhood club’ when he was just a teenager (you know, like all teenage fans do!), that has seen his home broken in to.

Robbie Keane’s penthouse apartment in the centre of Liverpool was burgled whilst he was away on international duty. Jewellery and an expensive watch are the items reported to be missing.

The extent of the situation with Liverpool players when they are known to be away on football duty has become so dire the club have even offered them a house-sitting service! Clearly Robbie Keane will wish he had taken them up on their offer…



  1. Tevratov (get it?) says:

    I understand the irony, but wuldn’t wish it on anybody……we get robbed in manchester too.

  2. Mic says:

    Carling Cup medal is safe though, you can’t get rid of them things!

  3. wiuru says:

    It will be blamed on the Everton crim element and swept under the carpet if they can find one not nailed down …

  4. Checkpoint says:

    Well, it’s not easy to burgle any man utd players in Manchester as they all live in other cities. Even THEY wouldn’t want to live there. Good call, as there is only City fans living in Manchester, so they’d get robbed just for fun if they did.

  5. john terry's penalty says:

    ha ha ha stupid bastard obviously doesn’t know too much about his scruffy new home city, maybe the thieving scouse twats were looking for robbie’s goal scoring boots?!

  6. Checkpoint You Charlie! says:

    Are you calling our Blue bretheren thieves Checkpoint? Gotta say coming on here and slagging blue’s won’t do you any harm! Any way I saw a big spider half way up a tower block on the local news last week? Could blame it on the thieveing arachnid!

  7. Joe says:

    Seems pretty clear that we are not in the Mancs League when it comes to breaking and entering.

    We are not even in the top 10 yet Manchester sits there proudly. Well done.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Lol Joe, post up any link you want. We could be top of the poll for all I care. Doesn’t stop it being fucking hilarious that 8 Liverpool players have been burgled by their own in the past couple of years.

  9. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    imagine if they won anything worth robbin

    theyd be fecked

  10. Joe says:

    Scott the Red, you say they were ‘burgled by their own’.

    Have you any proof of this because nobody has been caught?

  11. Joe Schmo says:

    So Joe did they bus in the Burglars from Manchester?

    So they didn’t catch em so what? They where from the area clearly! Protest all you want but 8 (EIGHT) Liverpool players have been burgled! That is fact and what this article is about!

  12. socamad689908 says:

    No joe the mancs travel in and rob them doh

  13. Fuglis says:

    Actually, I think it´s elves from beneath the rainbow…

  14. OTRed says:

    @Joe: Manchester might be up there, but i don’t think I’ve ever heard of players from Citeh and Manchester being robbed at least in the last year…

  15. Chris Ant says:

    haha dirty robbing scousers…they need go get a job!!!

  16. unbelievable says:

    OTRed – Thats cos players from city an utd don’t even live in Manchester. Most of them live in Cheshire, either Wilmslow, Prestbury, Alderley Edge etc. They wouldn’t dream of living in one of the most deprived cities in England…They play for your teams but can’t bear to live anywhere near the city. I mean who would want to live near Ordsall, Hulme, longsight, moss side, if they did they would never go out. As for man city the surrounding area around their ground is devoid of life, dont forget your roots, maine road was in one of the scum areas of Manchester, tucked away just behind the Claremont pub……

  17. suhayl says:

    unbelievable…you are just that arent you????

    Liverpool is one the most deprived cities in europe..toxteth etc are no go war zones.

    Latest government stats show that the highest abortion rates, benefit seekers, drug users, alky abusers, single mums, worst health records come from the areas of liverpool. Infact liverpool is so run down. The government decided that it should and would need 10 billion over the next 10 years to get it anywhere near 1st world habitabul rate.

    Yes mancs and some areas aint westminster or notting hill. but liverpool in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many records and stats comes bottom of the pile. These are the facts. Infact i remember not so long ago a liverpool councillor on northwest tonight stating that if liverpool didnt get the capital of culture gig and all that funding. Scouseland would resemble a city in afghanistan.

    Thats your own councillors…mayors….people in power stating this. And if you want goverment stats i’ll happily provide them along with the countless documentary’s on the run down no go war zone areas of liverpooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

    And we dont care if our players live in wilmslow etc etc etc. And Im sure scouse players dont live in council flats in toxteth and live in decent ahem areas. Yet facts dont lie…you’ll never be able to shake of the shellsuit, dole dossing, perm, hubcap nicking tag.

    8 players lad….8 players…not 1 or 2 or 3….but 8…

    Scousers want everything for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol lol

  18. suhayl says:

    oh yeh one other thing.

    Park park wherever you may be
    You eat dogs in your own country
    could be worse…could be scouse

    incredulous isnt it lol

  19. unbelievable says:

    there are also stats that put Manchester as the most deprived city. these are also produced by government. Stats are easily manipulated, just look at the NHS stats for waiting lists, they will show waiting lists as under control but we all know thats a lie too.

    Manchester had the highest number of robberies per 1,000 population, followed by London and Nottingham. Rotherham and Poole had the lowest.

    Nottingham had the highest rate of vehicle crime per 1,000 population, followed by Manchester. Ashford and Colchester had the lowest.
    Maybe its mancs nicking all the hub caps then lol.

    As for serious crime – Liverpool had 132.6 reported crimes per 1000 population whilst Manchester had 179.25 reported crimes per 1000 population.
    Violent crime against persons – well Im afraid Manchester comes ahead of Liverpool again with 28.8 per 1000 population whilst Liverpool has 22.8 per 1000
    The list goes on and on and Manchesters figures are worse than Liverpools. I bet you read the sun and believe its contents too…

    “The three most deprived areas in the United Kingdom are all in Scotland’s largest city, according to a new study carried out by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). The other worst poverty areas in the UK are Birmingham Ladywood, Manchester Central, and Liverpool Riverside. ”
    Now you will notice Manchester is above Liverpool again

  20. unbelievable says:

    Heres the facts
    The 10 poorest British parliamentary constituencies
    1) Glasgow Shettleston
    2) Glasgow Springburn
    3) Glasgow Maryhill
    4) Birmingham Ladywood
    5) Manchester Central
    6) Camberwell and Peckham
    7) Glasgow Baillieston
    8) Liverpool Riverside
    9) Hackney South/Shoreditch
    10) Bethnal Green and Bow
    Hope you still feel proud of where you live,,lol, or maybe you don’t even live in Manchester, now that would be funny.

  21. Scott the Red says:

    Mancunians are the happiest bunch of people in England. We came 2nd in the UK, whilst you bindippers were all the way down in 246th.

    Damn right we feel proud of where we live, clearly scousers don’t know.


    Regardless, this is all getting a bit political for my liking. It was just a bit of a piss take because so many Liverpool players have been robbed. No need to get so serious. Calm down.

  22. unbelievable says:

    Weve been unhappy for 18yrs lol so theres no surprise in what your saying. We won’t cheer up till we win the Prem lol….

  23. Jemima says:

    It’s yet another example of preferential treatment by the FA toward any of the other pereived “big clubs.” How many times have Manchester United players been burgled, and now it’s even more than FIVE TIMES for Liverpool? Scandalous and disgusting, once again proving that the authorities well and truly have it in for Manchester United Football Club- overlooked yet again in favour of one of our rivals.

  24. suhayl says:

    Unbelievable…the stats you show are good..but there’s exactly the same amount of column inches and facts and figures for liverpooool..infact more.

    Anyroad..i think mancs is the best place on the sure you would say the same about scouseland.

    PS. The area i live in manchester is GREAT…and im very proud…no crime no trouble…brilliant. Thanks

  25. suhayl says:

    PS. i do not and have NOT the sun newspaper…

    Daily telegraph and the odd splashing of the Guardian and The Mirror man meself

  26. unbelievable says:

    suhayl _ thats my point,,statistics can be manipulated to show whatever you want and because of this they don’t provide a true reflection of society as a whole. They should’nt really be called statistics,,a better term would be selective data.
    I am pleased you don’t read that sad excuse for a newspaper, good on ya..
    I know Manchester well, so what part you from?

  27. unbelievable says:

    Hows the curry mile nowadays,,,it used to have the best curry houses in the country, hope it still is,,I spent many an evening in Shere Khans..


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